PaidVerts Review and Strategy Guide

Greetings! In this PaidVerts review and strategy guide we’ll cover the program details, the payplan as well as tips on how to earn big money in the shortest amount of time.  PaidVerts is the only PTC program that issues ads worth DOLLARS and not Pennies.

PaidVerts Update December 6 2014 – Just brought in a new system admin as well as a ton of hardware to help scale this program to truly huge heights!  PaidVerts continues to be the best PTC online. Just buy ads or click your way to whatever income level you choose. Still very much a MUST-Join Program. Read on below for the original review and strategy guide plus all updates I’ve made along the way:

Welcome to PaidVerts

PV is also a 100% passive program – No sponsoring necessary to earn. If you do choose to promote to others you are well-rewarded in addition to earning from viewing paid ads.  Free Members can earn as well.

Best of all, PaidVerts is a subsidiary of MyTrafficValue – online and paying for over 3 years now so you can come to expect a program run by a fully transparent,  experienced admin team. Funding to build PaidVerts came via crowd funding by MTV investors.


Program Highlights:

  • PaidVerts is Part Revenue share, part PTC (Paid to Click) program. Earn by viewing and interacting with ads
  • Responsive advertising. I’ve gotten quite a few leads for my list and other programs using PV!
  • Prove your value to advertisers and get ads worth $1, $5, $10 etc The biggest users receive ads worth $20 – $100 DAILY
  • Purchase $1 Ad Packs – 3100 BAP ( Bonus Ad Points) 50 website visits, banner views
  • Each $1 ad pack purchased sends to your account $1.55 worth of ads (Total ROI – 155%) asap
  • FREE members can start out earning .20 day and grow their accounts
  • Huge Payment Processor Selection
  • Withdraw to any processor you like (whether or not you deposited using that processor)
  • Easy to navigate, custom script

Take a Look Around at PaidVerts Here

Payment Processors:

PayPal, STP, Payza, Perfectmoney, Egopay, Bitcoin, Bank Wire, Western Union with more on the way

Referral Bonuses:

Earn 10% of every Ad Pack your referrals buy and 5% of every click they make

How it Works (Free members can earn as well, instructions in the Strategy section below)

Buy ad packs for $1. in return you get 3100 BAP  (Bonus Ad Points, see below), 50 website visits of your choice, 125 x 125 and 760 x 90 banner views. If you don’t have any URLs to advertise you can just use your PaidVerts link, your favorite charity or whatever.  In addition, you will also earn back $1.55 (minus 5% referral commission) for every $1 adpack purchased.

Then each day, depending on how much BAP you have, you will receive ads to interact with. Some days will have ads worth more than others. When you click on each ad you are taken to a page where you copy three lines of text (one of which is a capcha) and then hit “enter”. You are then taken to the advertiser’s URL where you must view that page for 30 seconds. Hit “Confirm” and you are paid for that ad interaction. I usually get between 4 to 10 ads daily and even viewing the full 10 ads, I am finished in 15 minutes tops.  Dollars not pennies

So as you can see from an earning perspective – great money can be made. And from an advertiser’s perspective – You get great results from whatever it is you are advertising since not only are the viewers entering the three lines of text, they also then need to view the page itself for 30 seconds. I have personally gotten great results advertising a capture page that builds my list. Take advantage of the advertising at PaidVerts, it works!!

Understanding Bonus Ad Points (BAP).

This is probably the most important part of PaidVerts. In order to get the higher paying ads, you need to have a high enough amount of BAP. As a general rule of thumb, in order to start receiving $1+ ads, you need to have roughly 100,000 BAP (Right around $32 worth of adpacks if you were to buy them outright).

As you get new ads to view each day your BAP will decrease so you will want to start reinvesting a portion of your earnings in order to keep your BAP levels wherever you choose- $1 adpack gets you 3100 more BAP. If you reinvest just over 2/3 of your earnings you will keep your BAP at the same level.

BAP Distribution Levels

As stated above, the higher amount of BAP you have, the higher the price of the ads you receive daily will be. The ads are distributed according to your BAP level as shown below. The “$ Per User” represents an actual daily payout from the past month. This amount varies by day, but close to these below so you can get an idea. Some days are less, and some days pay much, much more.

Admin Jo usually posts the daily results in MTV’s forum, or you can log in to your PaidVerts back office to check.

BAP Group                 $ Per User

1600 to 6400 ……… $0.1324514039
6400 to 12000 ………$0.2514092446
12000 to 24000 ……..$0.466744186
24k to 48k …………..$0.5592476489
48k to 96k …………..$0.8745098039
96k to 180k …………$1.5118644068
180k to 360k ……… $2.0427480916
360k to 720k ……….$4.3512195122
720k to 1.5m ……….$9.2566037736
1.5m to 3m ……….. .$15.61
3m to 6m …………….$27.875
6m to 20m ………… .$33.45
20m + ………………..$120

Example : Say you currently have 780,000 BAP (Bonus Ad Points), so on this day you see that you fall in the 720k to 1.5million group. On this particular day you would have received ads worth $9.25 (3.7%). Nice return when you take into consideration that 780k worth of BAP only costs $252 or so (780,000/3100= $251.61).

How to get more BAP (Bonus Ad Points):

In order to keep on getting ads each day you must have BAP. If your BAP is showing 0, you will not get any ads until you have some.

There are 2 ways you can acquire Bonus Ad Points:

1) Activation Ads

  • You can view up to five Activation Ads per day. Click on “View Paid Ads” when you first log into your PaidVerts account:\

2) Buy Advertising.

  • Each $1 spent buying Bulk Ads get you 50 visits to the website of your choice as well as receiving 3100 Bonus Ad Points to your account. You well also receive ads worth $1.55 to your account as soon as possible so check back every 18 hours or so. I usually receive the main distribution ads around 12pm New York time, and any bonus ads right around server change (8pm NY time).

PaidVerts Review and Strategy Guide: How to Get Started Earning:

1) Sign up, log in and head on over to “View Paid Ads and then view 1 or more Activation Ad. Click on one of the ad buttons you will be taken to a page where you need to copy 2 lines of text and then fill one captcha and then view that ad for the duration of the 30 second timer.

Each activation ad confirmed will give you 50 BAP and keep your account active for 7 days. You can view all 8 or 10 available activation ads

2) Click on “Buy Ads”, and on the next page click “Create Campaign”.

3) Follow instructions on the next page to set up your ad and then choose a payment method and then hit the “Purchase Ads” button.

3) Check back each day for paid ads. (I check twice each day because the ads will only be available for 18 hrs. Once 18 hours is up they are recycled and you lose them).

Other PaidVerts Features:

  • Ad Filter – You can block the super low ads for a one-time $10 (until you decide to change the setting of your filter). This is great for people that don’t want to spend their time clicking .005 penny ads. Some people don’t mind clicking ads, but I would rather spend my time clicking on ads $,25 and up. I set mine at 25 cents and I seldom get any ads less than 50 cents.
  • Super User Upgrade -10% of each new ad bought goes to upgraded super users. Get more info here:
  • Vacation Mode – For $1.99 you can freeze your account if you will be away from the computer for any significant amount of time. Prevents you from losing your BAP if you have un-clicked ads in your account.

Getting Started at PaidVerts Video:

Full PaidVerts Review and Strategy Guide Video:

PaidVerts Strategy Guide:

Each $1 ad pack returns ads worth $1.55 ($1.47 when you factor in referral commissions). So that means that in order to keep our BAP at whatever level we are currently earning at we must re-purchase another $1 ad pack for every $.47 we withdraw. Withdraw any more than 47 cents for every $1 you repurchase with and your account will start to diminish. Less than that and your account will start to grow.

Another method you can use to withdraw while slowly increasing your BAP would be to use a weekly method: repurchase using all your daily earnings for the first 5 days of the week and then withdrawing your earnings on day 6 and 7. This is quite a popular strategy in programs earning to 150% because it is easy to implement and then use since it works on a weekly basis – Mon thru Fri re-purchase, Sat and Sun withdraw.

Probably the easiest strategy is to simply get to a BAP level you choose (using the BAP distribution chart above) and make sure you always have enough BAP to stay at that level and withdraw the rest. For example: You are happy being in the 3m – 6m BAP group, earning on average $27 per day. All you need to do to make this strategy work is make sure you always have at least 3m BAP in your account and withdraw the rest. You don’t need to have any more than that unless you are building your BAP to the next level. It doesn’t matter whether you have 3m or 5,999,99999 BAP – you get the same amount daily either way.

PaidVerts Strategy Guide for FREE Users:

I got this strategy from a user on a money forum, thanks to whomever put this one up, this will work great!

1)Click the activation Bonus Ad Point ads until you have earned 5 cents.

2) Go to the “My Account” page, scroll down and buy the $.05 upgrade to get the extra recycled ads.

3) Every day, click the free 50 BAP ads. When you reach $1 you buy a new $1 ad pack. Renew the $.05 recycle upgrade each week.

4) Rinse and repeat. Over time you will earn quite a bit for ZERO out of pocket cost, not too shabby!

Tips to earn more with PaidVerts:

  • You want BAP. As much as possible. The higher the BAP level you are, the higher the dollar amount of ads you will receive. On average, in order to get ads worth $1+, you should have around 50k to 100K of BAP ($16 – $32 worth of ad packs).
  • Purchase Ads. Each dollar’s worth earns you $1.55 in addition to 50 visits to your website.
  • Buy the $.05 recycler pro upgrade from the “My Account” page. This will give you priority recycled ads totaling $1 very quickly – approx 1 – 3 days.\

Conclusion – Why I Feel PaidVerts will be Massive in 2014 and Beyond:

1) Quality Traffic. Let’s face it, most PTC traffic is made up of fee users who aren’t really gonna be buying anything from the advertiser’s website. PaidVerts attracts bigger spending advertisers by virtue of bigger paying ads – and the only way to receive the bigger paying ads is by having as much BAP as possible. And you guessed it, having BAP requires money. Once the “Targeted Advertising” part of the program is fully functional advertisers will be able to target their ads to any level user they like.

2) Free members can earn: Paidverts offers a unique opportunity for free members to start with little to zero money and work their way up to substantial earnings. This can be achieved by interacting with ads, referring others or a combination of both. BAP distribution levels and account milestone bonuses bring even more punch to the party.

3) Reasonable Daily Returns: Daily payouts are dependent on daily revenues so they can and will fluctuate. There isn’t the huge burden of paying out something crazy like 5% daily or similar if sales from the day before cannot support paying out that much.

4) Outside Income Sources: 50% of every ad pack purchased is invested into MyTrafficValue’s 250% Fast Track plan – or – is used to purchase shares that are immediately listed at 2.5x the cost. Once these investments or shares mature they are then paid out to PaidVerts users in the daily returns. This always keeps a nice flow of fresh funds coming back into the program.

5) Last but not least, we have the experienced admin and programming team of MyTrafficValue. Stay tuned for more updates as the site and program evolve into what I think will be one of the absolute industry giants this year.

Check out all PaidVerts has to offer HERE

There you have it, I hope you have enjoyed, and gained some valuable insights from reading my PaidVerts Review and Strategy Guide.


PaidVerts and MTV are back online

PaidVerts and MTV are back online

Greetings, I just wanted to put up a quick update regarding the earlier ddos attack at both PV and MTV. As of the time of this writing both sites are fully up and running again, hopefully for good this time 🙂

The downtime didn’t really affect MyTrafficValue users all that much beside being annoying, but PaidVerts users might have had ads issued to their accounts that they couldn’t click since the site was down and lost the corresponding Bonus Ad Points (BAP). If this is you, the best course of action is to send in a support ticket telling them how much BAP you are short. Jo said via the MTV forum that he would either even your account with extra ads or BAP for the points you lost. Stay tuned

Also, the BIG PaidVerts ad distribution that we were supposed to get Tuesday will be instead issued just as soon as they are 100% certain the sites are up for good. No sense giving out the huge ads if everyone ends up losing them because they couldn’t log on.

Last but not least: Stay tuned for an in-depth Paidverts review and strategies for earning guide I am currently working on. I hope to have that up within the next day or so. So until then, happy clicking and investing. PaidVerts and MTV are back online.

MyTrafficValue – Share Split

Greetings, here’s the latest regarding the promised MyTrafficValue share split as well as the latest from another program in our passive income portfolio.

MyTrafficValue- The programmers finished up what they needed to do in order to make the share swap a reality and if early indicators continue to play out we should all be sitting quite nicely- the price is already up around 10%. When the split occurred, shares were selling at .49, and now they split 10 fold and are selling at 5.5 cents. I agree with the admin’s thinking that there will be much more action on the marketplace now that shares are much more affordable. More volume equates to higher income for the program via seller fees.

Here’s what Jo had to say about it today as well as the overall, general vibe at MTV these days::


Check out the share price:
It’s jumped up another 10% in the last 72hours, since splitting the shares
10 fold.

That brings our total increase to 2750% in just 3-4months.
And I think within the coming few months the share price will jump from
$0.055 up to at least $0.20 again ($2/share on the pre-split values).

My Traffic Value is ripe for investment, our revenues are through the roof.
PaidVerts is growing very quickly, and as soon as we sort out the bulk
payments issue with PayPal. There’ll be no stopping us! We’ve got some great
products queued up in the development queue; as fast as the funding arrives;
the portfolio will continue to expand.

Shares are what you’re going to want to be holding as PaidVerts/MyTraffic
Value explodes! And I think that’s inevitable now; our daily revenues have
jumped from ~$200/day at the beginning of the year; to $1000+ per day all
last week, and this week is all $1500-$2000+ per day. 10fold increase in
portfolio revenues in a matter of months. Amazing stuff. But shares hold
unlimited earning potential; everything else will cycle 1x around and you’ll
make a nice profit as we rocket… But shares are the opportunity to
actually turn a small amount of money, into potentially riches.

Sounds good to me, great job MTV!

Private Profit Plus: On a less than stellar note – Still awaiting word when PPP will go back to full-time earnings after announcing program-wide cutbacks of couple of weeks ago. It seems that income expected from other biz ops have as of yet failed to materialize and that times would need to stay lean for the program to continue. The program would close down new memberships while in this lean mode. The program is still paying, however, earnings are temporarily lowered – though still credited every business day.

While that isn’t the greatest news, it certainly beats the alternative – no more program. Earnings might be lower for now but payments are still made in a quick manner. The admin did the right thing by shutting down new signups as well.

Fingers crossed for some good news soon to get things back on track at PPP!

The latest regarding the promised MyTrafficValue share split as well as the latest from another program in our passive income portfolio.

Passive Money Making Sites Updates

Greetings, today I have the latest from a couple passive money making sites in our portfolio – MyTrafficValue and Private Profit Plus. These two programs have been literally earning us cash in our sleep, passively, and as we move into summer that is precisely what I love – earning while we snooze!

Private Profit Plus has recently crossed the 100% return plateau for VIP shares in just under 50 days. In fact, VIP shares bought on day one have returned a total thus far of just under 116% after 55 cycles.  We’re still waiting to hear when full-on launch will be but cannot complain about how this program continues to roll in the meantime. Earnings far for VIP shares have averaged at just over 10% per week. Earnings are credited Monday through Friday and have averaged just over 2% daily. Keep it up, admin. Great job so far in this passive money making site.

MyTrafficValue has hit a home run with its sister site – PaidVerts and I am looking forward to seeing this homer transform into a grand slam in the coming days. Shares are over .30 now and continues to climb now that PaidVerts has had a heavy hand in purchasing them.  A good chunk of PaidVerts ad-pack sales are used to buy up MTV shares and then those shares are MyTrafficValueimmediately re-listed at 2.5X the price they paid.., win win for all! The latest talk on the forums is to do a 10x split on the shares, meaning that for each share you own, you would now own 10. These 10 shares would then be worth 1/10th as much as your original share was, at least in the beginning. This will allow even more people to jump on board with buying them at 1/10 the current price.

Here’s a bit about Jo’s thought on MTV shares taken from the forum:

Make 50% ROI in one month via Shares:

1) Fund your account
2) Buy shares:
3) List those shares for sale at 1.5-1.6x (or more) the price you bought them for. And wait for them to sell! (You’ll get weekly cash dividends as a mini bonus in the mean time!)

Why it’ll work:

1) PaidVerts re-invests 50% of every ad pack purchased into MTV, primarily by buying shares.

2) This constant demand causes the price to climb! As there’s only a limited supply of shares; but a snowballing demand.

3) People see this price rising, and they too buy shares; causing it to rise even more quickly!

4) The rising share price; then matures PV’s investments (as it sells its shares at the higher price). This then creates loads of money to issue super high value ads at PaidVerts. Making everyone happy there; and allowing that business to keep exploding in size!

This then results in more ad packs being sold… More shares being purchased. And everything goes around and around; and the share price goes up and up!

And in the process of doing this; PaidVerts is becoming a huge and super attractive business. Causing it to grow and grow; thereby justifying the new higher share price. And forming the foundation to send the price even higher!

And as PV gets bigger and bigger; there are more revenues for the MTV portfolio, more share transfer revenues, cashier revenues. More users are exposed to our games & investment plans; this makes our entire economy go through the roof & provides the funding for unlimited expansion of our portfolio products & businesses. Adding even more value to the business; sending the share price higher again!

Simple! Transparent! Give it a go.
You’ll make a fortune; and you’ll help MTV + PV to grow in the process.


That’s all for now, and be on the lookout for an upcoming post where I will share one of the ways I have been making a nice income with MTV’s sister site- PaidVerts. The latest from a couple passive money making sites in our portfolio – MyTrafficValue and Private Profit Plus.

MyTrafficValue – Legit Growth

Greetings, today I have a bit on the latest from MyTrafficValue and their legit growth of late. Its sister site PaidVerts appears to have done the trick as this doesn’t look to be a fluke (for example, due to someone losing a bunch of money playing games in the MTV casino). This is a nice upward trend we can follow along with at home via the “Daily Results” page on the site.

How to make money at MTV:My Traffic Value

Shares: At the time of this writing, share prices have doubled in the past couple of weeks. PaidVerts have been buying up a bunch of MTV shares with earnings from that site, and then immediately putting them up for sale once they reach 2.5 X what they were purchased for. I can’t say for sure how long this rate of growth can be kept up, but even half that amount would be hugely profitable for MTV investors in a short period of time. And this doesn’t take into consideration the weekly dividend payments, only the latest trends for buying and selling.

186/250% Plans:   Get back either $1.86 for every dollar invested up to $2.50 (minimum $100). How is works is you invest money into one of the plans and then simply wait.  100% of every day’s revenues (earned from products in the portfolio) goes towards paying the oldest investor. As daily revenues go up, more time-saving will take place since there will be more money to pay out each day.

Each investment goes into the queue, and once it is your turn to be “fast tracked”, you will be paid the full 186% or 250%. If you can swing the 250% plan I would definitely go for that since you earn the 250% in the same amount of time as it would take a 186% investment to mature. It will most likely take a good couple of months before you are fasted tracked for the first time, so a good strategy might be to start off with a fresh investment each day or possibly each week. Once you get the first payment, you will have your newer spends coming in right behind the older and you will always have money coming in as your spends mature.

There you have it, a couple ideas on how to make money at MTV.

Check out MTV here:

A bit on the latest from MyTrafficValue and their legit growth of late



Passive Program Updates

Greetings, today I have a few passive income program updates to share now mid way through April. I must say it’s been a pretty quiet, drama free ride for the portfolio the past week and I’m not complaining.  Drama free is always a welcome treat. I had hoped to be sharing a review for a new program, but after further due-d and few back and forth’s with the admin I have decided to pass for now. So without further ado, on to our passive earning programs:

Save the drama for yo mama

Private Profit Plus: Continues to do exactly what we signed on for. VIP shares earn on average 2.01% or so and all withdrawals have been paid within hours – sometimes within minutes. Can’t ask for much more than that. We’re still waiting to hear from the admin when all the final kinks are worked out and full-on launch commences. It’s been awhile since I’ve gotten one of his giant emails 😉 No hurry I guess, so long as he keeps on with what we’ve seen so far.

Paidverts This one keeps getting bigger and better too, with little tweaks each day to make the site more user friendly. The latest addition is an upgrade where you pay a one-time $10.  In return, you get ad ad filter that allows you to decide the minimum dollar amount per ad  you will accept. For example: You purchase the filter and set it at say .50, and you won’t get any ads priced below 50 cents. Of course you wont get as many ads each day, but the ones you do get will be worth much more.

This way, you wont be getting a bunch of penny ads if you don’t want to. This is excellent as this very thing was a big turn off for me from the whole “pay to click” scene. Now we can decide how low we are willing to go to earn at PaidVerts.

 MyTrafficValue   It’s starting to look more and more like PaidVerts is having it’s intended affect on MTV’s daily results. What follows is quoted from the MTV forum which goes into the nitty-gritty of the latest dare he say – snowball effect:

And as I posted on Facebook last night, PaidVerts is definitely snowballing;



# 1700+ users earning within the last 48hours. 
# Growing at about 10% per day for the last 2 weeks.
# Daily net profit (ad sale commissions & upgrades) over $150/day at the moment. Triple what it was 2 weeks ago.
# Over 200,000 BAP game plays, in their first week (with only 3 games so far)
# Over 550,000 paid website visits delivered, totalling over $10k+ in value (~$0.018/average)
# $8000+ re-invested at MTV to supplement future ad interaction rates
# 1.9million member page views logged
# Website ranking in the top 7k most trafficed websites in the world. Climbing as fast as the 3month average calculations will allow, considering we’re only 3weeks old.

That’s going to do it for now for our passive program updates. Until next time!

Private Profit Plus – Monthly Subs Due

Greetings – Private Profit Plus continues on its pre-launch  in fine fashion while the admin team clean up the last few bugs and work in a few improvements before the official launch. He didn’t give any time frame for the launch, only that it was to be “soon”.

Just a quick heads-up for PrivateProfitPlus members that joined on the first day last month (the 9th). Subscription payments are due one day in advance so that will be tomorrow. In the latest update the admin says there is still something buggy with the “autorenew” function and for at least this first month he will have to add funds from our account manually, so long as we have our back offices set up to do so correctly.Private Profit Plus PrivateProfitPlus

You will want to make sure you have $10 in your accounts and then set your back office up for “auto renew”. To do this you want to go to the main menu on the left and click:

Account >>> Account Setting. On the center of that page click the “Subscription” tab and then choose “Yes” from the drop down. Easy peasy.

That’s all for now, except that I’m looking forward to seeing exactly how the 5×5 matrix will go down after collecting dues from all VIP members,

Private Profit Plus – Monthly Subs Due

PaidVerts – Easy How To Get Started

Greetings all, Paidverts has gotten off to a great start from all reviews I have read, with very few glitches other than a few people have had trouble viewing ads after running into trouble on the “Interaction” page. This is where you need to fill out the three lines of text describing the site on the page before the ads. If this is you, try a different browser. That’s what others have found success with.

I’ve also been asked if you need to click the ads in order to earn back the full 155% on your money, and the answer is yes. If you decide to recycle some of your ads you will forfeit however much those ads were worth, you don’t get new ones so make sure you are aware of this before recycling any yourself.

Now, as promised, are easy instructions to help get you started!

Step 1 – click on an “Activation Ad” … this will give you 100 Bonus Ad Points.

Step 2: Later in the day; click on the “Paid Ads” page: and you’ll start receiving paid ads. With each paid ad you receive your Bonus Ad Points will reduce… And you’ll keep receiving paid ads until you run out of BAP.

Step 3: Click on another activation ad again, to get more BAP. And receive more paid ads!
Step 4: Buy an ad campaign: – every dollar you spend will give you 50 visits to your website, and also add 3100 BAP to your account! Which will deliver $1.55 worth of paid ads to your account ASAP.


Hopefully this helps out until the coming days when I will do a much more in-depth PaidVerts review

PaidVerts launch

Greetings, we finally have our PaidVerts launch! After being in the works for for over a year now, MyTrafficValue has launched its first subsidiary site –

PaidVerts. This is a “Pay to Click” that has more to offer than most PTC sites, and not least of which, it pays out quite a bit more than most. Free members can earn as well as those that buy adpacks.  I will do a more complete write up on it in the coming days but for right now I just go over the basics.

How it works In a nutshell:PaidVerts

Free members – click on an activation ad in their back office and they will be issued 100 “Bonus Ad Points” or “BAP” that can be put towards paid ads.

Paid Members – For every $1 you spend you get back $1.55 in Paid to Click ads as soon as possible. You also receive 50 visits to whatever website you are advertising for 30 seconds, as well as banner impressions. I’m not sure how long it will take to get ads assigned to you for the entire $1.55, when I do the review in a few days we should have a much better feel for how things are progressing at PaidVerts.

PaidVerts will be using all the major hyip processors in addition to BitCoin and PayPal. PayPal will no doubt attract a whole new dimension to the member base. No recruiting in order to earn, however recruiters will be rewarded up to 17% in ref coms.

Private Profit Plus: Cruising right along, with VIP shares averaging just over 2% daily. First off while I am thinking of it, I need to make a correction to my last update. As it turns out, Pro shares pay a little less than VIP shares do. I only have VIP shares and assumed they both paid the same amount since earnings on both those are credited daily. The daily variable for VIP shares includes a portion of Starter and Pro shares, while Pro shares only include a portion of Starter sales for that day.

In another week or so our monthly dues are due for VIP shares and we will also get to experience the maiden voyage of the 5×5 matrix so we will be looking forward to that! So until then, enjoy the PaidVerts launch as well as daily earnings from PPP

Passive Income Opportunity Updates

Greetings, not too much news today other than the latest on a couple programs found in our portfolio – Passive Income Opportunity Updates.

Private Profit Plus: Starting off with the latest addition to the portfolio we have PPP, now two weeks into the program and looking fine. As we settle into the daily returns, it is currently working out to 2+%/day. These would be the for the Pro and VIP plan, and I cannot say with 100% certainty that regarding the Pro plan as I only bought VIP shares. The starter plan pays weekly and so far I have not heard how much that has been averaging.

I have withdrawn three times now and all have been paid within an hour or two. Not sure if this is just coincidence as I request them in the evening on the East Coast or possible that the admin happened to be sitting next to his computer and paid me. Either way, Private Profit Plus has been prompt with the payments.h

MyTrafficValue – Jo says there is a chance PaidVerts could be ready to go in 36 hours now that their coders have finalized the last bits of code. I am keeping my fingers crossed that this new program is ready to rev up MTV’s investors. I’m not all that familiar with how “Paid to Click” programs work, I just know there are some massive ones out there and people love them. MTV has spent a ton of investor funds, so fingers crossed for some massive turnover here.

Passive Income Opportunity Updates


Earn Without Recruiting: A strategy guide for Passive Profits Online