Passive Program Updates


Greetings, today I have a few passive income program updates to share now mid way through April. I must say it’s been a pretty quiet, drama free ride for the portfolio the past week and I’m not complaining.  Drama free is always a welcome treat. I had hoped to be sharing a review for a new program, but after further due-d and few back and forth’s with the admin I have decided to pass for now. So without further ado, on to our passive earning programs:

Save the drama for yo mama

Private Profit Plus: Continues to do exactly what we signed on for. VIP shares earn on average 2.01% or so and all withdrawals have been paid within hours – sometimes within minutes. Can’t ask for much more than that. We’re still waiting to hear from the admin when all the final kinks are worked out and full-on launch commences. It’s been awhile since I’ve gotten one of his giant emails ;) No hurry I guess, so long as he keeps on with what we’ve seen so far.

Paidverts This one keeps getting bigger and better to, with little tweaks each day to make the site more user friendly. The latest addition is an upgrade where you pay a one-time $10 for an ad filter that allows you to decide the minimum amount of ad  you will accept. This way, you wont be getting a bunch of penny ads if you don’t want to. This is excellent as this very thing was a big turn off for me from the whole “pay to click” scene. Now we can decide how low we are willing to go to earn at PaidVerts.

 MyTrafficValue   It’s starting to look more and more like PaidVerts is having it’s intended affect on MTV’s daily results. What follows is quoted from the MTV forum which goes into the nitty-gritty of the latest dare he say – snowball effect:

And as I posted on Facebook last night, PaidVerts is definitely snowballing;



# 1700+ users earning within the last 48hours. 
# Growing at about 10% per day for the last 2 weeks.
# Daily net profit (ad sale commissions & upgrades) over $150/day at the moment. Triple what it was 2 weeks ago.
# Over 200,000 BAP game plays, in their first week (with only 3 games so far)
# Over 550,000 paid website visits delivered, totalling over $10k+ in value (~$0.018/average)
# $8000+ re-invested at MTV to supplement future ad interaction rates
# 1.9million member page views logged
# Website ranking in the top 7k most trafficed websites in the world. Climbing as fast as the 3month average calculations will allow, considering we’re only 3weeks old.

That’s going to do it for now for our passive program updates. Until next time!

Private Profit Plus – Monthly Subs Due


Greetings – Private Profit Plus continues on its pre-launch  in fine fashion while the admin team clean up the last few bugs and work in a few improvements before the official launch. He didn’t give any time frame for the launch, only that it was to be “soon”.

Just a quick heads-up for PrivateProfitPlus members that joined on the first day last month (the 9th). Subscription payments are due one day in advance so that will be tomorrow. In the latest update the admin says there is still something buggy with the “autorenew” function and for at least this first month he will have to add funds from our account manually, so long as we have our back offices set up to do so correctly.Private Profit Plus PrivateProfitPlus

You will want to make sure you have $10 in your accounts and then set your back office up for “auto renew”. To do this you want to go to the main menu on the left and click:

Account >>> Account Setting. On the center of that page click the “Subscription” tab and then choose “Yes” from the drop down. Easy peasy.

That’s all for now, except that I’m looking forward to seeing exactly how the 5×5 matrix will go down after collecting dues from all VIP members,

Private Profit Plus - Monthly Subs Due

PaidVerts – Easy How To Get Started


Greetings all, Paidverts has gotten off to a great start from all reviews I have read, with very few glitches other than a few people have had trouble viewing ads after running into trouble on the “Interaction” page. This is where you need to fill out the three lines of text describing the site on the page before the ads. If this is you, try a different browser. That’s what others have found success with.

I’ve also been asked if you need to click the ads in order to earn back the full 155% on your money, and the answer is yes. If you decide to recycle some of your ads you will forfeit however much those ads were worth, you don’t get new ones so make sure you are aware of this before recycling any yourself.

Now, as promised, are easy instructions to help get you started!

Step 1 - click on an “Activation Ad” … this will give you 100 Bonus Ad Points.

Step 2: Later in the day; click on the “Paid Ads” page: and you’ll start receiving paid ads. With each paid ad you receive your Bonus Ad Points will reduce… And you’ll keep receiving paid ads until you run out of BAP.

Step 3: Click on another activation ad again, to get more BAP. And receive more paid ads!
Step 4: Buy an ad campaign: - every dollar you spend will give you 50 visits to your website, and also add 3100 BAP to your account! Which will deliver $1.55 worth of paid ads to your account ASAP.


Hopefully this helps out until the coming days when I will do a much more in-depth PaidVerts review

PaidVerts launch


Greetings, we finally have our PaidVerts launch! After being in the works for for over a year now, MyTrafficValue has launched its first subsidiary site -

PaidVerts. This is a “Pay to Click” that has more to offer than most PTC sites, and not least of which, it pays out quite a bit more than most. Free members can earn as well as those that buy adpacks.  I will do a more complete write up on it in the coming days but for right now I just go over the basics.

How it works In a nutshell:PaidVerts

Free members – click on an activation ad in their back office and they will be issued 100 “Bonus Ad Points” or “BAP” that can be put towards paid ads.

Paid Members – For every $1 you spend you get back $1.55 in Paid to Click ads as soon as possible. You also receive 50 visits to whatever website you are advertising for 30 seconds, as well as banner impressions. I’m not sure how long it will take to get ads assigned to you for the entire $1.55, when I do the review in a few days we should have a much better feel for how things are progressing at PaidVerts.

PaidVerts will be using all the major hyip processors in addition to BitCoin and PayPal. PayPal will no doubt attract a whole new dimension to the member base. No recruiting in order to earn, however recruiters will be rewarded up to 17% in ref coms.

Private Profit Plus: Cruising right along, with VIP shares averaging just over 2% daily. First off while I am thinking of it, I need to make a correction to my last update. As it turns out, Pro shares pay a little less than VIP shares do. I only have VIP shares and assumed they both paid the same amount since earnings on both those are credited daily. The daily variable for VIP shares includes a portion of Starter and Pro shares, while Pro shares only include a portion of Starter sales for that day.

In another week or so our monthly dues are due for VIP shares and we will also get to experience the maiden voyage of the 5×5 matrix so we will be looking forward to that! So until then, enjoy the PaidVerts launch as well as daily earnings from PPP

Passive Income Opportunity Updates


Greetings, not too much news today other than the latest on a couple programs found in our portfolio – Passive Income Opportunity Updates.

Private Profit Plus: Starting off with the latest addition to the portfolio we have PPP, now two weeks into the program and looking fine. As we settle into the daily returns, it is currently working out to 2+%/day. These would be the for the Pro and VIP plan, and I cannot say with 100% certainty that regarding the Pro plan as I only bought VIP shares. The starter plan pays weekly and so far I have not heard how much that has been averaging.

I have withdrawn three times now and all have been paid within an hour or two. Not sure if this is just coincidence as I request them in the evening on the East Coast or possible that the admin happened to be sitting next to his computer and paid me. Either way, Private Profit Plus has been prompt with the payments.h

MyTrafficValue – Jo says there is a chance PaidVerts could be ready to go in 36 hours now that their coders have finalized the last bits of code. I am keeping my fingers crossed that this new program is ready to rev up MTV’s investors. I’m not all that familiar with how “Paid to Click” programs work, I just know there are some massive ones out there and people love them. MTV has spent a ton of investor funds, so fingers crossed for some massive turnover here.

Passive Income Opportunity Updates


Private Profit Plus Review


Greetings! As promised, a Private Profit Plus review where we’ll go over the program, it’s pay plan and also a safe strategy to help make the most of it . PrivateProfitPlus comes to us from the experienced admin team from MegaMoneyHybrid and FastCashMega, two HUGE programs from a couple years ago.

PPP offers three long-term, realistic plans (150%, 160% and 180% respectively) with with an optional 5×5 matrix. There is a link to an in-depth explanation of the payplan at the end of this review.

Check Out Private Profit Plus Here



3 PAY PLANS – No Sponsoring Necessary! 

- Starter
($25 Shares – Pays variably weekly until 150%): minimum 2.5% and maximum 10% per week

- Pro:
($50 Shares, Pays variably BUS. DAYS, until 160%)
minimum 0.5% and maximum 2.5% per day (5 days per week)

- 500 Banner impressions + Share of 10% of the Starter and Pro share sales

- VIP:
($100 Shares and Up, Pays variably BUS. DAYS, until 180%) minimum 0.5% and maximum 3% per day (5 days per week)

VIP shares require a $10/mo subscription which buys you a spot in a forced matrix in addition to the ability to buy shares returning 180%

- 500 Banner impressions + Share of 10% of the Starter and Pro share sales

Optional Bonuses for referring others to Private Profit Plus:

Private Profit Plus review does not pay out commissions on the shares, instead entering you into a forced matrix for the $10/mo VIP subscription. Again, this is optional.

In-depth explanation of the Private Profit Plus review can be found HERE

private profit plus review

Payment Processors Accepted:
Solid Trust Pay, Egopay and Perfect Money

Program Highlights: 

  • 100% Passive – Buy shares and you are earning. No viewing ads or referring others in order to earn
  • Safety system built in (Daily Variable Results)
  • Sensible Payplan – No outlandish returns that cannot be sustained
  • No referral commissions paid out on shares, however, referrers can take part in an optional 5×5 matrix for $10/mo
  • Free Bonus – Reward Points on all purchases that you can convert into credits toward more shares
  • Targeted audience to whom we can promote our other sites/programs via banner/text ads


I love these types of pay plans where the daily pay is on the low end (1-2% daily or so) and shares expire after seeing a good profit, yet they don’t earn indefinitely. I’ve seen this very type have GREAT runs in the past. It’s always easier on a program’s financial state if the real-time movement of deposits coming in are able to keep up with payouts – We’ve all seen how hard this is to keep up in programs that try to payout huge amounts- 5% -10% a day, so needless to say PrivateProfitPlus will have a much easier time of it.

Also, since Private Profit Plus pays out a variable amount each day/week, there is an even bigger buffer – or safety net built in. Add to that the matrix to help make the program more desirable to the promoters, as well as the very experienced admin team and we have what might be one of the first huge hits of the Spring.

That being said, you just never know what can happen in anything found online, or even offline. I will still recommend following the “Golden rules” of investing in online biz ops: Only risk what you can safely afford, make sure you withdraw until at least breaking even before compounding, etc. Check out my 5 Step Strategy Guide if you are new to these programs

Once I at least break even I will always re-invest a portion of my profits and withdraw the rest. For the shares expiring at 150% you need to re-invest $4 for every $2 you withdraw in order to keep your account at the same level. For shares expiring at 180%, you need to keep reinvesting 5$ for every $4 you withdraw. Otherwise your shares will expire faster than you are buying new ones, and your account will eventually run dry. Conversely, if you reinvest at a rate of more than those, your account will continue to grow. I will most likely go on this fashion so long as Private Profit Plus shall live.


Hope this Private Profit Plus review serves you well. Until next time, take care!


It’s been a while, but I’m finally back


Wow, long time no posts. I really must apologize for neglecting this blog for so long, I feel guilty.  Therefore, from here on out, I promise to make a much more concerted effort to keep things updated here.

I will have a  review up in a couple days for a promising new program, and we are all eagerly waiting for MyTrafficValue to launch a sister-site called Paid Adverts in a week or two. This should give the daily results a nice shot in the arm.

So until next time….

My Traffic Value – New Plans and Other News


Greetings, My Traffic Value ‘s new investment plans should be going live tonight so long as there are no other glitches run into once they move things over from the testing server and open up!

MyTrafficValue Program Review Page Heres the latest taken from the forum regarding the latest changes in the program:

The new My Traffic Value plans:               My Traffic Value

No change. Just 2,800,000 in total now. Each share still pays the same $0.00000005 per $1 invested.

No change. Still pays 110% or 125%. The only difference is now 54.54% of deposits will earn 110% (rather than 60% previously)

194% Power Plan:
This plan will be closed to new investments. Existing investments will continue to be paid and fast tracked like normal.

186% Power Plan:
This replaces the old Power Plan, paying you daily payments + fast tracks until you earn your money back +86% profit.

Key new feature of this plan is the referrals:
Level 1 earn 9%
Level 2 earn 1%

250% Fast Track Only Plan:
This is a new plan we’re introducing. You don’t receive any daily payments (so you don’t dilute the daily results at all). And instead, all your waiting for is a fast track (that works the same as the Power Plan fast tracks – same ordering system, by round)… So when it’s your turn to be fast tracked, you’ll get all 250% in one go (or a few days of fast tracks!)

Minimum Investment = $100
Referral Level 1 = 5%
Referral Level 2 = 1%

Anyway, the above is just a quick preview of what’s to come. The new plans explain themselves really nicely, and have a little investment calculator built into the explanation – to give you specific values for what to expect. And we’ve made an effort to predict fast track times based on current revenues. So we’ll see how that goes!

So there you have it, looking forward to the new My Traffic Value investment plans!

Passive Income Program Updates


Greetings, There hasn’t been much to report in our passive income programs lately as we are in the middle of summer. It seems as though the only programs coming out lately are doomed rev share after rev share. There is literally a new one of these programs popping up per day that last anywhere from hours to a couple of days, no thanks.

Other than that, people are just less apt to be in front of their computers, myself included. Still, I had hoped to have some better news regarding promised comebacks for a couple of our older earners, but continue to be blown away by the latest happenings from the oldest in our passive income program portfolio: MyTrafficValue.

Let’s get right into things here: (more…)

MyTrafficValue – Easy Explaination


Greetings, MTV isn’t the easiest to understand right off the bat, especially for new members. Luckily, admin Jo took the time to write up a MyTrafficValue easy explanation in bare-boned fashion, so I thought I would put it up here since it does make things quite a bit easier to understand after reading.

Let’s jump right into it… (more…)

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