T2MoneyKlub Update:

T2MoneyKlub.comThere is going to be a slight delay, no biggie though.

I just got the email. Here is the scoop from Dave:

Sorry to burst everyone’s beach ball, but there is going to be a slight delay.

I just had it brought to my attention that we now have to re-apply to AP for the new domain name to be accepted so we can set up the IPN. (instant payment notification) coding. At the moment it will only return to the T2 website, and alertpay are making me submit the new domain name again for acceptance. Red tape always gets in the way.

So what we have decided is to keep the delay to a minimum, we will move all the new coding over to the T2 domain and stay on that for the reset. This will probably take Mark another 12 hours to do, as he needs to have some sleep before doing all the setting up again on T2.

Sorry, it isn’t popular, but at least its only 12 hours and not a week. We will still trigger the first 2% at the same time, and we will suspend the referral contest till we roll over to the new domain name.

When we move over fully, then the new member task system will be ready. So it will be all systems go.




T2MoneyKlub Updates:

T2MoneyKlub.com – Well, it’s been a long time a-comin’, but the re-launch is finally upon us. Bring on the MoneyKlub! Re-set is set for 12AM tonight over to the new domain and the T2:Redo!  So long JSSTripler2, can’t say as I will miss you, but it definitely has been interesting.

Keep in mind, there are a few changes for this go-around; Depending on how many DP’s we own, we pay monthly fees on a graduated scale. These will be paid from our back office’s on the first of the month. There is also a withdrawal fee on a similar scale depending on how much we wish to withdraw.

Dave has also introduced a monthly “chore” requirement which he assures us will not be difficult or take up very much time. From what I can gather, I think it entails commenting on forums or setting up back-links on other sites or blogs. Flipping these sites is what will generate outside income.

I’ve been asked how our “re-deposits” should appear in our back offices for re-set now that there is the monthly fee in place.

1 The system will first see how much is in our accounts.

2 It will then see how many DP’s we can buy from that.

3 It then takes out the monthly fee which corresponds with the amount of DP’s you buy.

4 Finally it buys the DP’s with the remainder.

Here is the run-down of the actual costs:

  • DPs……………Fee
    0 – 3………….$0.00
    4 – 10…………$5.00
    11 – 20………..$10.00
    21 – 40………..$15.00
    41 – 70………..$20.00
    71 – 100……….$30.00
    101 – 150………$40.00
    151 – 200………$50.00
    201 – 300………$60.00
    301 – 400………$70.00
    401 – 500………$80.00
    500 – 1000……..$100.00
    1000 – 2000…….$200.00
    2000 – 2400…….$250.00

You have 4 DPs… we are paying you $24 a month, you are paying us $5 = $19 profit.
You have 45 DPs… we are paying you $270 a month, you are paying $20 = $250 profit.
You have 410 DPs we are paying you $2460 a month, you are paying us $80 = $2380 profit.
You have 1200 DPs we are paying you $7200 a month, you are paying us $200 = $7000 profit.

Run-down of withdrawal fees:

  • Withdraw Request ($)…….Fee20 – 50…………..$1
    51 – 100………….$2
    101 – 200…………$3
    201 – 350…………$5
    351 – 500…………$7
    Above 500…………$10

(There will be a limit of one withdrawal per 24 hours for each member.)

Passive Profits Online: Program Updates

Wealth4AllTeam – Cycling officially started started this week, and as far as I can tell, everything has gone without a hitch. There are still a few kinks here and there that need to be worked out, but I can see they are definitely making progress. Each day I log-in, it seems they are getting more content up on the site. The new video for recruiting purposes is a vast improvement over the old one.

I had a few people contact me wondering why they have not cycled yet. As it turns out, they had funds sitting in their E-wallet balance earning nothing – No good. They didn’t realize that after funding their e-wallet they then needed to click the “Make Payment” button in order to purchase TAP units. This can be found on the sidebar under “Finances”. So please: Make sure this does not happen to you!

T2MoneyKlub – I guess it’s time to quit calling it Tripler2 and time to Partaaay with the new Klub theme Dave has chosen for the site. It never ceases to amaze me how people will bitch and moan about anything and everything. I mean, he’s basically brought this whole deal back from the brink of certain disaster, and now people complain about the new look. Hell, I’m in my 40’s and it doesn’t bother me any. Turn down the volume if you hate it so much.

On a more important note: if your back office still is not showing your deposits correctly, there is now a support address for questions. This is the ONLY reason you should be sending support tickets to this address. Here is the email address: t2reset@live.co.uk You MUST include your T2 username and T2 email address with a full explanation of your balance problem. Please also include any transaction IDs of any payments you think may be missing and we will check it for you.

Also, there are a couple good contests happening. The first one is giving $1000 in cash for the highest number of referrals gained in the month of February. The referrals need to buy at least 4 DP’s (are they still going to be called that? lol). The other contest is giving away $100 for the best banner for the new site.

aDailyCash – Still earning our 3% daily and getting paid on time – No complaints there. That being said, this program has been running now for over two weeks, and as sad as it may sound, I would be leery of either upgrading or putting in fresh spends at this point. While it might run for many months, I still think I would err on the side of caution.

Please don’t get me wrong; There is nothing wrong with ADC. Everything is working just as it should. I just feel there are quite a few similar programs out there to fight over a finite amount of cash. That, and other past program’s similar to this one have struggled to last longer than two months. Again, that is only my opinion. I wouldn’t mind being wrong in the least.

CooperativeAchievementPlan – What can anyone say about CAP? This one just keeps on keepin’ on. They did announce a new feeder coming out in the next few days for the ASPs. It sounds as though it will work the same way the Mini feeder does – Buy 3$ spots that need to cycle 4 times to become full-grown ASPs. Each 3$ baby gets you 300 banner points. They will also be doing weekly compressions in the same manner the other feeder does.

Take care,



Wealth4AllTeam.com News

Wealth4AllTeam – The first round of cycling has officially started as I logged in this morning to find that I had more in my e-wallet balance than I did yesterday. This comes as a pleasant surprise since I wasn’t expecting cycling to start until Feb 4 as the video stated. Fine with me … Serendipity Baby!

Keep in mind that withdrawals of e-wallet balances resulting from this cycling will NOT be available for another 10 days. I guess they built in this 10 day hold as an additional security blanket helping the program’s longevity.

Also, the “Transfer Funds” button has been temporarily disabled as of this morning, so if anyone besides the two people I have already spoken with are missing my $5 cash back let me know. Again, this is only supposed to be temporary, but if it drags on into next week, contact me and I can send the funds to you via AlertPay.

JssTripler2.com News

Tripler2 – I’ve been getting emails from people wondering why after clicking the red ‘reset’ button in their back office, their accounts seem short. The total you see there is ONLY for deposits originating from your payment processors. Compare these numbers with the deposits made with your processor. If that number is still off, you need to wait until support opens back up – I am still waiting to hear back from them when that will be.

Referral commissions have NOT been factored into this number yet, so if you referred people, this will number will eventually change to reflect this.

My account is spot-on, right down to the first month’s subscription fee. I paid for it via AP before the change-over to the in-house sub. system. Thought I might need to write that one off, but lo and behold, there it was.


Tripler2 News

Tripler2 – Admin Dave has officially gotten the AlertPay situation straightened out putting everything right on schedule for the Feb 1 “reset”. Most excellent news! I really need to hand it to Dave. Most admins would have turned tail and ran and all would have been lost. Dave didn’t, even while facing some pretty heavy criticisms. So my hat goes off to Mr. Dave. I look forward to a very healthy and prosperous future with T2MoneyKlub.

The following is an excerpt posted by him on the moneynetworkforum:

Hi T2 Members.

Well… here is the news that you have all been waiting for (myself included).

I have secured the AlertPay funds into my possession, giving me pretty much full control over the T2 finances at last.

it has not been an easy fight, and I have had to work hard and get pretty aggressive along the way, which is something I don’t like, but ‘where needs…must’.

This puts us 100% on schedule for the full reset which will commence on the 1st Feb.

The new website is coming along fine, and we are currently also working on the development of the new plugin that will manage all of the member tasks which will allow us to pursue our new outside income streams of flipping websites on a grand scale.

I would like to introduce the man who will be in charge of the blog development side of things. His name is Kevin Burpee, and he is highly experienced in this sort of thing. he will be overseeing the buying, creation and reselling of the websites and he has brought some great ‘new thinking’ to the table.

I am also going to be working with David Tung, my acclaimed database expert who will be helping in the rolling out of the task management system (among other things). I am also looking into some neat ‘offline’ investment opportunities. I will also be looking to start up ‘The Dragon’s Den’ very soon. This will enable our members to put forward any great ideas via video pitch which could be considered as being viable assets for the project…. It’s all about income streams.

We have also been offered a very good package from one of the active members, who runs a traffic exchange, whereas he is offering us a referral link that will give us a commission of 90%. There is a structuring involved which will include the members, and he is also offering a free month top pro level subscription to all T2 members for their first month. Something that we really can’t ignore… Thanks ken for your generosity.

I have to say that I am flabbergasted at the positive response from 99.9% of the T2 members over this inglorious past month or so. I feel so humbled at your understanding and support. Without which i doubt I would be sat here typing this update. So a huge thank you goes out to all you fantastic members. I seriously believe that no other program admin is a s lucky as i am to have such a wonderful crown around me. You make everything worth doing.

I will be sending another update in a couple of days detailing the structure of things a little more clearly. Until then.. thank you and god bless you all.



Passive Profits Online: Program Updates

aDailyCash.com – This 3% daily program is moving along nicely, everything up to snuff. I’ve read about people cycling matrices with no personal referrals which is a nice surprise. I couldn’t tell you though if the spillover is coming from the company or their individual upline. I didn’t pay the $20 upgrade from the start, instead concentrating on the 3% daily portion of the program.

I have read of no complaints anywhere, and payments are paid promptly.

Wealth4AllTeam.com – Everything is up and running here, we can now buy TAPs. I just want to wait to fully start promoting this until they have a couple more things up on the website, and they edit the part of the “How it Works” video pertaining to the pay plan.

I am very excited about this program. I think it just might become one of the top programs for 2012.

Tripler2 – I was hoping to hear something from Dave today regarding the AlertPay situation but I doubt we will now – AlertPay offices are closed weekends. In his defense, he did say he wouldn’t give updates unless he had legit reasons to do so. Hoping to hear something on Monday.

CooperativeAchievementPlan.com – I never really have anything to say about this program. It just continues to chug along doing its thing. It’s been running since May with nary a complaint other than some people’s misunderstandings of how the program is intended to function. Still though, the admins are continuing to add new things and I can’t wait to hear what they have planned next. Great program.

Wealth4AllTeam.com Update

I’ve gotten a few emails the last couple of days informing me that people have funded their e-wallets but still don’t show up as a Wealth4AllTeam founder. I spoke with one of their board people and he said that this has happened with others too and he assured me that everyone will be taken care of and to just give them a couple more days.

I also saw this on their video page: PLEASE NOTE: The expiration of positions has changed. The expiration now occurs 50% after the 6th Cycle and 50% after the 12th Cycle!!

Well, that is certainly news to me, but it does check out as legit. The old plan had them completely expiring after 60 days, so now they only half-expire then and the remaining half expires after 120 days. Extremely good news, but somewhat puzzling. How do we know which plan the numbers reflect in their latest “how it works” video?

In any event, hang in there peoples. We’re getting there, slowly but surely.



Wealth4AllTeam News wealth4allteam.com

The admin of Wealth4allteam.com has extended the time to become founders until Tues. Jan 17 at 9pm eastern. This essentially means that for every dollar that gets deposited into your e wallet you will earn one point “founders” bonus. The minimum necessary is $26, and the maximum you can put towards your founders points is $750. Again, this will equate to a monthly bonus all founders will split a percentage of Wealth4allteam profits.

DO NOT PURCHASE ANY TAP UNITS YET! The system will automatically purchase TAPs for you directly from your e wallet balance.

Admin has also said they should have more how-to videos as well as instructions on how to quickly increase the value of your account.