InnoMoneyBlast: Passive Profits Like Greased Lightning– InnoMoneyBlast: If you want to earn great passive profits in a hurry you do not want to miss this.  This passive income program’s 150% return cycler returns again this Saturday at 12 PM EST for another blast.

I have been loving the first three InnoMoneyBlasts, and am looking forward to this Sat. Thus far it has been money in the bank. Just watch the countdown timer and the second it hits zero, click on “Buy Cycler Spots”. You will then be directed to purchase page and then to your payment processor to finalize your purchase.

Shares are $7 and you can buy in lots of up to 10 at a time.

I usually cycle in minutes and then I buy either more spots (using fresh money from AlertPay) or I withdraw my initial spend along with a portion of the profits. I then use the remainder in my account to buy more spots in the 2% paid daily portion of the program. The extremely cool part about this all is that if your spots in the cycler do not cycle, they ultimately end up in the 2% plan! No need to buy spots in the lower paying plans as part of InnoCashAds “Bolster Ratio”, as uncycled spots end up in the Platinum Plan. This truly is the first “no loss” cycler

Payments go out quickly too, so once InnoMoneyBlast 4 starts, you can be all said, done and cashed out within 30 minutes or less. Definitely lots to like here!

Anyone wishing to have new spends entered into the Platinum plan right away may want to consider buying cycler spots in the currently running InnoMoneyBlast #3, as this will wind down at 9PM EST tonight and you will be earning 2% Daily on your spends resulting from that.

T2MoneyKlub – New Processor Added and Monthly Dues PerfectMoney has been added as a new processor to this passive income program – Very cool!

Just a reminder that our dues are due on March 1st. We need to make sure we have funds in our “Main Accounts”. If you do not have enough in your Main Account on Mar 1st, it is not a big deal. Your account will just go into negative and you will not be able to withdraw until you even up. There is no penalty for having an account go negative  though, which is great.

Here is the breakdown of the fees:

0 – 3………….$0.00
4 – 10…………$5.00
11 – 20………..$10.00
21 – 40………..$15.00
41 – 70………..$20.00
71 – 100……….$30.00
101 – 150………$40.00
151 – 200………$50.00
201 – 300………$60.00
301 – 400………$70.00
401 – 500………$80.00
500 – 1000……..$100.00
1000 – 2000…….$200.00
2000 – 2400…….$250.00


T2MoneyKlub: Move to New Domain in Progress – The site will be down for a few hours while the change over is completed. Also, there is a new addition to the website family, a travel search site for another source of outside income for our passive income program. Here is the email:

Hi members.

We will be hopefully completing the move to the new domain name this evening and BOTH websites will be going down for a few hours just to make sure that nobody adds data entries while we are moving.

The websites may already be down by the time you read this update. We will keep the blackout to a minimum. I will send out another update once we are open.

Also, once we have officially moved over, all you existing advertising and T2 referral links will redirect to the new site and will be logged as normal, so no need to worry about your paid campaigns being washed out by the domain change.

Also, we have added the ability to see all your level 1 referral’s emails in the referrals page. I also asked Mark to code it up so that you can view up to 500 results on the same page. This will give the bigger sponsors the ability to sort by email (bringing all emails to the top of the list and hold down their keyboard CTRL key and highlight the columns they want, then drag the mouse down to capture all the data they need for their list.

So can all sponsors please send out a link to the update to all refs to make sure everyone gets the update.

I have not yet completed all the content for the T2MK site, because I don’t want to add it yet until we have the new tasking system in place, this will cause confusion and a load of support tickets asking where the task stuff is on the site. We are set to have that started on 1st March. Please stay tuned.

Also we have a new addition to the family… This is a cool travel search tool that taps into over 230,000 hotels, 600 airlines and many car hire firms… It also has Free discount coupons to use on you visit.. Its a great site and has 5 separate income streams..

Please check it out here. (Please read the full description).


Thats it for now…. enjoy the new travel site and have a nice dream about your next 2 weeks in the sun.

Bye for now.


Passive Profits Online: Program Updates 2/25/2012

Here are updates regarding a few of the programs in our Passive Profits Portfolio: T2MoneyKlub, InnoCashAds and InnoMoneyBlast, CooperativeAchievementPlan and Wealth4AllTeam. – InnoMoneyBlast, the 150% return cycler, runs again this Sunday at 7pm EST. I personally love the money blast because you really cannot lose! In fact, all spots that do not cycle end up being placed in the Platinum Plan (2% paid Daily!).

This is awesome because it gets around innocashads’ Bolster Ratio, explained here:  Our exclusive Bolster Ratio provides strength in our plans. You must first purchase one Silver share to unlock Golden. You must then purchase one Golden share to unlock Platinum. The Bolster Ratio for our system is 2:5:50. For example: In order to own 50 Platinum positions, you must purchase 2 Silver and 5 Golden positions. The maximum number of Platinum positions is currently 2000.

So you see, any spots that do not cycle in the InnoMoneyBlast go directly into the Innocashads Platinum (2% daily) plan! No need to buy spots in the lower paying plans in order to “unlock” the higher paying ones

Here is how I personally do it: I watch the countdown clock on the site, and the second it reaches zero, I click on “Buy Cycler Spots”. (You can buy up to 10 spots ($70) at a time… You can buy more than 10 if you like but you will need to do another transaction. You can buy fewer if you like as well, minimum of 1). The spots cycle usually in 15 minutes or less. If you buy $70 worth, you get back $105. I then withdraw some of the profits and buy more cycler spots with profits! Then, even if the spots I bought out of profit do not cycle, I still smile knowing they will soon be converted into the Platinum Plan earning me 2% Daily.

I have been loving this cycler and I am sure you will too. Just make sure to watch the countdown timer on the site and buy them as soon as the clock reaches zero.

You can take a look at InnoCashAds as well as InnoMoneyBlast here, and as always, I offer 100% referral cash back (sent via AlertPay) on all my refs’ first deposits: – We have reached the 10,000 member milestone so free members may want to buy at the very least one share as inactive referrals are going to be deleted from the system in two weeks. You can have up to three Dream Positions before you need start paying the monthly fee. The following is a portion of the update:

Hi Members.
We have reached 10,000 members of which a large number are ‘inactive’. This is a reminder that any member not active will be removed in 14 days from now. Registrations will continue until we reach 5000 ‘active’ members, then the registrations will be closed and not reopened during 2012.

New outside income source: Dave is also adding a new E-Currency exchange service in addition to the websites he bought to add some SEO Mojo and then flip for a profit. Actually, I believe he is planning to keep the sites that earn good profits from Adsense and flip the rest. You can take a sneak peak at the new exchange site below:

Also we are proud to announce our new website KlubExchange that will be providing very competitive exchange rates on e-currencies and processors. It is currently not active, but we will make an announcement over the next 48 hours when it will be open for business. Check it out here:


If you haven’t seen the website list yet, you can take a gander here:

Definitely exciting things on the horizon for T2MoneyKlub/Tripler2!

Sign up for free and take a look around at all the things this program has to offer, and as always, I offer 100% referral cash back (sent via AlertPay) on all my refs’ first deposits: – This one is really starting to take off, it’s growth has definitely surprised me. I noticed almost 8000 people have joined, so I asked Admin Mike Clark last week the number of members that have upgraded. He told me 1/3 of them had which is an awesome stat. Way above the industry norm as a matter of fact!

I guess that is what happens when a program does what it says it is going to do! People seem to really like being paid on time, lol. Fees are still on the high side, but the new processor should ready to go early March. That will cut down on them greatly.  I did notice the deposit fees were down to 7% after starting off at 10%, so that is definitely a step in the right direction.

A few of you have asked me about a Wealth4all strategy, and I really don’t have one since this pay plan is so different from anything I have seen in the past. Once they get the calculator on the site it will be much easier for us to see exactly how to best maximize our accounts. What I am doing in the meantime is this: I am simply compounding all my earnings for the first two months and then starting to withdraw.

I just bought all my TAP units all at once when I joined. Some people like to buy one each day for 10 days so they can cycle each day but I didn’t bother. I figured I would start earning quicker that way than to have money just sitting in my E-Wallet earning nothing. I guess it all just boils down to personal preference as to when you want to cycle.

You can read more about Wealth4AllTeam on the Passive Programs page or you can sign up to take a closer look here, and as always, I offer 100% referral cash back (sent via AlertPay) on all my refs’ first deposits:

Cooperative Achievement Plan – For those still interested in joining, now might be the perfect time. A new cycler called “The Bus” is set to launch March 10. This looks to be almost a stand-alone program but it will still feed all the other matrices at cap, so as you cycle the various levels, you will then be entered into higher ones.

Here is how the cycling for this matrix will work:

$15 per spot plus processing fees

Level One (2×2)
$15.00 Reentry Into Level One
$45.00 Entry in to Level 2

Level Two (2×2)
$15.00 Reentry Into Level One
$25.00 To Member
$140.00 Entry into Level 3

Level Three (1×2)
$45.00 Reentry Into Level One (3 Spots)
Set up a $17.50 Subscription to receive $125.00
$110.00 entered in to ASP (10 Ad Spots)

This program will help keep main moving by only purchasing smaller ad packs instead of $42.50. This keeps ASP moving as well.

There is much to learn about CAP, you can do so by reading the “How it works” section of the website. Cap doesn’t offer any referral incentives so I can’t offer any cash back, but you can take a look around here:

Until next time, Happy Earning,




T2MoneyKlub Update:

T2MoneyKlub – This passive income program reached the 10,000 member milestone and now it’s time to cut back on inactive referrals – I know I have more than a few lol. Dave put out the reminder today that in two weeks inactive refs will be purged from the system, and membership will be cut off for the remainder of 2012 once the number of the upgraded members reach 5000.

Another source of outside income will be the addition of a new website, KlubExchange, that will be providing very competitive exchange rates on e-currencies and processors.

You can read the full announcement here:




T2MoneyKlub – Exciting Update: – Dave has a great update posted on the Money Network Forum so I will copy and paste his post with the news for part of our Passive Income Portfolio:

Hello members (and soon to be members)

Here is the latest update hot off the presses.

We will be looking to migrate to the new domain name by the end of the week. Mark is currently working with the software developer for the member tasking tool, and we hope it will be fully integrated and operational by the move.

We already have a simple setup for monitoring tasks and hopefully within a day or so, i will issue an update asking members to perform random tasks such as blog commenting. For those members who do not speak English as their first language, it is OK to use the level of English that you possess so long as any specified keywords are used in the comment or post.

There are still a few cosmetic adjustments needed also on the new site but that will follow and is not really so important at this stage.

The existing domain name will be used for a T2 monitor site to showcase currently paying programs and to offer an up to the minute overview of any listed program which will not be confined to HYIPs only as traditionally expected of a monitor, but to also provide the user with an insight into current auto/manual surfs, matrix/cyclers, doublers, GPTs and other random bizops.

With our current member base, it won’t be long before we can be viewed as the No1 monitor site on the internet.


I have up till now added 70 websites to the T2 family. These will be worked on as part of member tasking and we will monitor the performance of each of them… Any website exceeding income expectations will be kept as ongoing income providers for the program while the others will be flipped for a profit. So far, all the sites are blog/info sites and are filled with several income streams each with all income being channeled into the T2 fund. Each site contains many articles which are auto-updated and we are having a specialist plugin developed so that visitors can add comments which will be paginated to 10 per page, so if the members add a total of 1000 comments, this will increase the site by 100 pages of relevant unique content. This is what Google likes. This is what sells.

Here is the link to the current list… Please be supportive and spend some time going around the sites, and I will be able to monitor each visit as a way of testing our monitoring and reporting software.



I have set up a voting thread for the T2MK banner contest. Can all members please vote on the best banner in each category. Each member can only cast one vote per category… The voting is at the top of the thread page.

Voting will end Wednesday at midnight (EST) so please get your votes in before then.

Winners to be announced on Thursday morning.

Good luck to all who entered.

Link Here for voting….


I will be sending out another update in the coming days. If by popular demand from the members to make the website list public, then I will make a public thread for it.




InnoMoneyBlast #2 -Get ready Passive Profiteers, Innocashads’ cycler InnoMoneyBlast is ready to take off again this coming Tuesday at 8pm EST. I earned 150% on my money on the first blast in literally two minutes, but I bought my cycler spots the first minute of launch. You can purchase up to 10 $7 units at a time, but in order to buy more than that you need to buy in separate transactions.

I even stole their countdown box because I thought it was kinda cool. However, that’s not the only reason I “stole” it – I am recommending that anyone wishing to participate in the Blast use this timer to buy cycler spots at the earliest possible time (The second it reaches zero) since this will be how to have the best possible odds of cycling your cash back to you at a rate of 150%.

If you do NOT end up cycling, no worries since you will still end up making 150% on your spend because all un-cycled spots get transferred into the Platinum 2%-Daily plan. It will only cost you some extra time.

So get ready, it outta be fun!

T2MoneyKlub: – Good news in this passive income earner for those experiencing problems logging in to T2’s site. Dave has posted on the MNF that his hosting company finally admitted a mistake with their DNS settings for the site. It should be no longer than 24 hours from now that the entire globe will be able to log in without issue.

Just a reminder: I am still getting reports from people that once logged in, they cannot access their main or dream accounts. I am willing to bet these people are trying to log in using Internet Explorer. That browser does not work with T2 – The only browsers that work are either Firefox or Chrome.

Here are download links for both, you only need to use one or the other:



Passive Profits Online: Program Updates – Feb 12

Today I have the rundown of the following programs currently in our Passive Profits Portfolio: T2MoneyKlub, InnoCashAds and InnoMoneyBlast, aDailyCash, CooperativeAchievementPlan and Wealth4AllTeam.

T2MoneyKlub – This 2% daily payer  is now fully dialed in, and payments are going out fast. In another 2 months or so the first Dream Positions will be expiring and will be converted to the $60 matrices – Exciting!

Dave has started purchasing the websites he intends to flip to make the program indefinitely sustainable. Last I read he had over 70 he and his SEO guy were working on optimizing them for the search engines. He also plans on offering cheap hosting on the T2 servers for the buyers – very smart idea.

Some people are still experiencing DNS issues when accessing the site. He is fully aware of this and has a DNS expert looking at the configs, please be patient or use the instructions found here to manually change them yourself.

I think what has me so optimistic for T2 is the fact that the original JSS has been able to run this long strictly operating as a Ponzi. Can you imagine the impact on this arena T2 will have utilizing actual outside sources of income? Definitely first of its kind and that gets me very excited for the future with T2MoneyKlub.

aDailyCash – This 3% Daily program has been running without a hitch for the past month now and anyone beneath me should be close to being in profit now. Payments are being issued without delay and those that have paid $20 for the upgrade are still cycling the matrices.

That being said, if you are considering joining at this point or upgrading additional funds, I would NOT. Please don’t take this the wrong way – there is absolutely nothing with ADC. No red flags. For everyone in now, there should be no problem getting into profit here. I’m just not sure of the likelihood of a profitable run resulting from a spend made today. Unfortunately, many of these types of programs don’t last more than two months. Call me a wuss, but the last thing I would want is for anyone to lose money on anything I share.

Wealth4AllTeam – The withdrawal button is now live here, though you need to make sure you have your W-9’s filled out in order to get paid (Members outside the US need to fill out W-8 forms).

I am still getting emails from people concerned about the necessity of the forms. Here is my take on the subject: Nobody is concerned with the amount of money you make from W4AT. These forms are ONLY to protect W4AT. They need to be able to show the US tax man that they paid out X amount of dollars so they do not get hit with a huge tax bill at the end of the year. This will help to ensure that the IRS will NOT shut down W4AT for tax evasion. That is the reason we need to submit these forms!

I like that we need to submit them. It shows that W4AT is doing everything to be compliant as a legal entity here in the states. Your personal income is between YOU and whomever you pay YOUR taxes to.

Growth this past month has definitely exceeded my expectations since the pay-plan is so different from anything else out there. I was speaking with one of the admins on Skype yesterday and he told me that so far, out of the 7000 members that have joined, almost half of them have upgraded. This is truly remarkable. One of my top programs for 2012 for sure.

Let me know if you want to be added to the Skype room as there is almost always an admin there you can speak with directly. My Skype Id: mr. moggle

Innocashads – Our last 2% Daily payer is still in pre-launch, although you can still upgrade and be earning in the daily plan. They have just completed a revamping of the site, giving it a much cooler, modern look.

For those liking fast profits, their new cycler, InnoMoneyBlast launches this Monday, Feb 13 at 10Pm EST. The following description is taken from the site:

We are getting closer to InnoMoneyBlast. For all you thrill seekers looking for the fast lane, you’ll be obsessed with our periodic cycler. Fasten your seatbelt, because it moves at lightning speed to 150% ROI. If our line gets too long and you don’t have a chance to cycle, no worries, you will never lose here! We guarantee it. We move all non-cycled positions to our popular daily payer plans. This occurs when there is non-action for over 48 hours. Grab a front row seat every time this launches!

Sounds exiting, I will definitely be there for that! We might want to use our heads though, this is Admin’s first site after all, there are bound to be some hiccups here and there, especially for its maiden voyage.

I have high hopes for the future of Innocashads as well as InnoMoneyBlast. I see lots of payments going out too and that always makes me smile.

Cooperative Achievement Plan – I Still get asked about CAP all the time, and the answer is YES!; They are still going strong. When I joined Cap back in May of 2011 I wouldn’t have thought it would last this long, but it gets stronger with every passing month. The admin duo of Vicki and James are top-notch in my book, and they are continually bringing new tweaks to the party.

The only issue that arises now is, unfortunately, the amount of time it will take to cycle. My best strategy to consider would be to possibly buy 1 ASP per week or something similar, and wait most likely 3 months for them to cycle. Once they cycle all the way through the matrix they pay $85 plus a Main Cap unit worth $42.50 as well as three ASP re-entries. Excellent deal so long as you are the patient type.

Well, that’s about all for now, so until next time..

Happy earning!



T2MoneyKlub Update:

T2MoneyKlub – It’s great to see so many payments going out, and they are getting paid fast. I believe there is still a glitch with LibertyReserves’s API so they are handling  these payments manually, but still within 24 hrs.

I know of at least two of you still unable to log in to the site. I’m not sure why it is taking this long for Tripler2 to propagate the airwaves or whatever it propagates . To be honest, I really know very little about how that all works so I won’t even venture a guess why. I do know that other people are having the same problem, especially people in Asia.

If you don’t want to wait it out you can change your DNS settings manually. I did it this way and worked like a charm. It actually took longer to read than go in and change them myself, and I am no computer genius by any stretch. Here’s how, taken from MMG.

QUOTE (Peakr8 @ Feb 5 2012, 11:12 AM) *

If you can’t access the website yet… You can use your DNS settings and you should be able to resolve it. This will NOT affect anything on your PC.

1. Click ‘Start.’
2. Click ‘Control Panel’.
3. Click ‘network Connections’.
4. Right Click on ‘Local Area Connections’ and select ‘properties’..
5. Highlight ‘Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)’, and click ‘properties’.
6. If ‘Obtain DNS server address automatically’ is already selected… Then select the one under it.. ‘Use the following DNS server addresses’.
7. in the top box put ‘’ and in the box under put ‘’… Then Click OK.

then POOF!! You are done.. you should be able to open it.


If when you open up the Internet Protocol box, and the ‘Use the following DNS server addresses’, is already selected… then try just selecting ‘Obtain DNS server address automatically’ and click OK.

This works 90% of the time… Do the same for the support site if you have to. Or do the same for any site you are having problems opening. It usually always helps me.

Sorry… I don’t know the configs for MAC.