Compound150 – 100% Ref – Com Rebate Offer – Purchasing Dream Positions in this passive income program (from our friends over at T2MoneyKlub,) goes live tonight at 8PM EST. Anyone familiar with JustBeenPaid’s SynergySurf knows full well the importance of having the lowest possible expiring unit number. Compound 150 will work the same way as Jbp/Jss – The DP’s expiring first will have the lowest number in the Dream Matrices. The lower the number, the quicker you cylcle.

For any of my referrals, I am offering 100% ref – back on first deposits to my personally sponsored referrals. I will pay you with AlertPay money, no matter which processor you used.

There is also a C150 banner contest to win $100 going on now at the MoneyNetworkForum. This will run until April 6, and you can find them here: C150 Banner Contest

Here are instructions on how to fund your account and purchase Dream Positions:


How To Fund Your Compound150 Account

1 – Login to

2 – Click on “My Accounts” on the left menu then on “Main Account”.

3 – Where it says “Amount” put your purchase $ amount (ex. 500)

4 – “Method”, You can choose from (Withdrawal, Deposit & Internal Transfer)
In this case ‘Deposit’

5 – “From Which Account” your payment processor of choice, (ex. Alertpay)

6 – “To Which Account” choose ‘Main Account’.

7 – Click on ‘Deposit / Withdraw’

DP Sale Begin Tomorrow

We will be able to purchase DPs tomorrow, Saturday, at 8 PM EST.

How To Purchase Dream Positions

1 – Login to

2 – Fund your Main Account (Explained Above).

3 – Click on “My Accounts” and then “Dream Positions Account”.

4 – Where it says “Buy More Positions Unit” put the number of DPs (ex. 100)

5 – “Fund From” put Main Account.

6 – Click on “Submit”

Here is the sign-up link: Compound150

12DailyProfit – On Hold

Looks like this one has run its course, I have a payment pending for over 48 hours now. I have also received an email from this admin pimping another site; 13DailyDoubler. I have read of other people waiting for payments as well, so I am not the only one.

I will be taking those banners down as well as that page here on the blog so do not put any more cash into this one, or into I have a feeling this new site will be a quick scam.

I’m pretty sure anyone under me should at least be in profit at this point, however if you aren’t yet, you might want to send a dispute in to whichever payment processor you upgraded with.

Update 3/30 – I was paid for my withdrawal that was pending over 48 hrs, and I have read of other people getting paid for theirs as well! Looks like this one is still kicking however I would be very hesitant to pony up fresh funds… They are still obviously struggling to make payments.

Compound150 – New Passive Income Program:
 –  I just got wind of a brand new long-term passive income program for our portfolio called Compound150, part of the T2MK family of programs. The admin at T2moneyKlub just announced it at the MNF forum, pre-launch should be sometime this week.

This ought to be a nice long-term earner, one that should especially appealing to completely passive types. The payplan is as follows:

  • 1% Paid Daily for 150 days for a total return on investment of 150%
  • Free $25 Matrix (2X2) after 150 days
  • 3 levels of referral commissions

For the more passive types among us, C150 will also offer the following

  • No monthly tasks
  • No withdrawal fees
  • No monthly fees

Dream Positions are $10 and the Dream Matrices pay $25 when they cycle.

Payment processors available are: AlertPay, Solid Trust Pay, Perfect Money and Liberty Reserve.

The following is the introduction of Compound150 taken from the website:

Compound150 has been formulated to give the very best of two worlds. Firstly it is perfect for the passive member who just wants to sit back and watch their money grow. Secondly for the more active, it has a comp plan that reaches out and brings a huge compensation plan and places it within easy reach. What’s more… NO monthly fees, NO withdrawal fees, and NO dreaded tasks. We will be asking for volunteer members to help run and promote multiple websites to be used towards external income. there is also a program for members to earn extra money performing certain tasks on a total revenue share basis… Onwards & Upwards.

The Best Opportunity In The Industry For Potential Earning.

Compound150 is not only about stuffing money in a program and the promoting it or sitting back and compounding your account. It is also an opportunity for those of us who want to have many avenues of income. The team at C150 will be embarking on a brand new concept in online service provisions, which will earn members credits in a network profit share. The payouts will smash the current offerings of surf sites and the like. T2MK and C150 are the programs to be in if you want to have an active hand in changing the industry forever.

Your ultimate success is in YOUR hands. But you are not alone!

So there you have it, once I get more info on Compound150 I will let everyone know.

This just in, sign up link:

Passive Profits Online – Program updates 03/27/12

Today I have a few quick updates for our Passive Income Portfolio: T2MoneyKlub, 12DailyProfit and Wealth4AllTeam.

T2MoneyKlub – Just a friendly reminder -If you have been on the fence about joining or upgrading, you have until the end of this month before membership will be capped until at least until the end of the year. It’s now or never peoples.

We also have until the end of the month to complete our monthly tasks or else, depending on how many we finish, we will be earning below 2% daily for our dream positions.

Also, or monthly dues are coming up, Here is the breakdown of the fees:

0 – 3………….$0.00
4 – 10…………$5.00
11 – 20………..$10.00
21 – 40………..$15.00
41 – 70………..$20.00
71 – 100……….$30.00
101 – 150………$40.00
151 – 200………$50.00
201 – 300………$60.00
301 – 400………$70.00
401 – 500………$80.00
501 – 1000……..$150.00
1001 – 2000……$350.00
2001 – 2400……$500.00

Take a long look at T2MoneyKlub here:

12DailyProfit – Changed servers over the weekend giving some members troubles logging in, but all should be well now. I am pretty sure everything is now fully propagated so if you are still having trouble you should clear your cache and cookies and then you should be able to log in. When I first read they would be changing servers and were turning off withdrawals for the weekend my eyebrow immediately went up, but lo and behold, payments started going out immediately on Monday. Withdrawals are currently taking around 24 hours to process.

For smaller players, I probably wouldn’t upgrade in this one because of the 60/40 repurchase rule. Someone purchasing only one share would end up with around $6 stuck in their repurchase balance, but wouldn’t be able to do anything with it unless they bought more shares and then waited again until they had enough in repurchase to buy more.

Wealth4AllTeam – What can I say for these guys other than “Passive Profits a-plenty!”. Everyone cycles every 10 days, guaranteed. I’m still not sure if I will be participating in the new “Mega Marketing System” matrix, but I cannot say enough great things about this program so far.

I was a little concerned about the drop off I would experience this past cycle since it was number 7, and all Taps then earn at a rate 50% for 6 cycles, but I hardly felt it. With the new earnings of the Taps just purchased, my balance made nary a peep. All is looking great for the future of W4a.

See for yourself why this one is a must join:

T2MoneyKlub – New Additions to T2 and Member Tasks – Dave sent out an important update regarding member tasks as well as a sneak preview of the new additions to the T2 family of Passive Income Programs. It’s a long one so I will paste it below.

Also, if you cannot read the updates because you still don’t show up as a “Full” member on the forum (you still show up as  “Guest”), send Dave (Foradmin on the forum) a PM letting him know your T2MoneyKlub username and you will then be able to view all the updates. Remember, if you do not finish your tasks by March 31st, you will only be earning 1% daily on your DPs throughout the month of April, so you better get a move on.

Sign-up link:

And here, in its entirely, is the latest update for those of you that were having trouble finding it:

Hi T2MK Members.
This is going to be quite a good update which will highlight some very near projects that are designed to add power to the sustainability of the main T2MK program. It also adds extra dimensions to the overall club logistical layout and adds flexibility and strength for our member base.
First of all, I am going to issue some ‘catch-up’ info on past and present state of the business.


Ultimately there were 57 opt outs which represents just under 2% of the members which is a massive vote of confidence from the membership, thank you all for your help here.

Anyway. I have been a bit unwell this past few days (dengue fever) and have been a bit limited in the amount of time I have been able to spend online, however, I have managed to issue the work that needs to be done, so the clock never stops here.

I will start processing the opt out refunds next week after I have been able to set up an alternative for these members (more below).


I know it has been a tough few weeks for those who initially found the tasks a bit over-whelming. But have managed to perform very well on the face of it. I knew people would find it simpler as times wore on. Please understand that this is only the beginning and I will be looking to trim the tasks in the future, although I am unable to specify when that will be at this time.

There are still 1400 members who have yet to perform their first task. I need them to understand that this can have a very negative impact on their earnings. So I will be emailing them personally. however, there will soon be an alternative avenue for them to pursue. It is not my intention to short-change any member, so we have to work to accommodate everyone in the club.

Also… to clarify a point… Any member joining mid month, will need to do an average of 3.33 tasks per day of their membership. It is totally pro-rata to the payout scale.

I have just secured 40 hot domains and will be applying them to our website stock and adding these to the task system tomorrow.


The current accounts are quite healthy, but as you all know by now.. Our software constantly monitors available system cash. Obviously with the latest announcement that we are closing memberships on 1st April and the recent incorporation of the tasks system. We have noticed that withdrawals have almost trebled. We can totally understand this behaviour. Obviously every announcement that does not fit the narrative of a ponzi scheme, can raise red flags, and cause members to become nervous and go into withdrawal mode.

I can assure you all, that there is no reason to do this. The object of the project is for members to be able to build up their status here from whatever situation they arise, into one of a stable but high daily income. This is why we are working hard to bolster income revenue to cater for this. WE ARE NOT A PONZI… Please do not react as though we are. This sort of mindset can kill the program fast and undo all the work we are doing to help you be in the top program of the century. Get nervous, go into withdrawal mode and all you do is kill us before we can help you attain a great position in the industry.

Also, we are trying to avoid any and every form of restart possible… Although, we do have these measures… If we all pull together, we can avoid them.


If I was to be totally honest with the members, I would have to say that the most unpopular decision we have made since launching this program, is membership capping.

The people that made T2MK what it is, are the top tier sponsors. There is no doubt that these people are the life-blood of any successful program. They work hard, they work long and they look after their downline with precision. Yet these are not the members who have stood against capping. As a matter of fact (and surprisingly) I have been inundated with emails and PMs from members on the verge of joining the program, who are a bit upset at not being able to sponsor other members to get the fullest advantage of being part of the club.

This I am aware of, but was not prepared for, and I can totally see their point.
So after a lot of ‘soul-searching’ and deliberation. We have decided to launch a ‘spin-off’ of the main program. (The name yet to be announced). But it will be a mirror image of T2MK and will be in the region of 1% Daily earnings for 150 days, free $25 matrix for 3 DPs, No monthly subs, No withdrawal fees, No membership cap and NO TASKS.

I am hoping this will sit better with those 1400 members yet to place a comment, and will also enable new members to start pulling in referrals.

I am yet deciding whether to make it $10 or $5 DPs. (If $5 then $12.50 matrix).
But anyway… all details to be announced very soon, and a very exciting pre-launch on the way where you ALL can be in with the first word, not just those honoured ‘top sponsors’.


T2MK will be launching another annex program in the form of a very HOT HOT HOT matrix cycler!!
This matrix concept has been a product of years of study of the finest past matrix systems, and from a very highly reputed member.

This design has been kept from view for a few years, but the designer has decided to allow the club to launch it. Why??? Because he has 100% faith that this is the place to let it go.

As a bit of a teaser without giving too much away.

* Affordable to everyone (One-off Entry)
* Global (STP, AP & LR)
* The only SELF FILLING matrix ever seen
* Stable as Active & Easy as Passive
That’s all I can say, but Mark is coding it right now. Should be ready within a week.

So that is where we are at the moment. Things are good, things are getting better.
Hope you are as excited as I am at the moment. I may be ill but I never stop thinking for you.

Having A Hand In Your Future.

Wealth4AllTeam – Mega Marketing System Details – The first installment of Wealth4Alls new Mega Marketing System conferences is up on the site. For those of you that want to take less of a passive stance profiting in our online ventures and learn how to market effectively, Vivienne’s new baby looks to have all the bells and whistles any marketer would want.  Learn about email extracting and the new “Smash Bar”, as well as her thoughts on video email marketing, and how everything gets tied together via social networking into one big viral mass of online marketing goodness.

There is also an option to join an additional matrix, but I most likely play the old “wait and see” before making any further decisions regarding that. There isn’t much along the lines of a formal write-up yet on the site, and there is much to digest so I have put up the video below. Feel free to skip over the first three minutes of Rocky however, lol.

Watch the video and then take a long look at W4at for free here: Wealth4AllTeam

Don’t hesitate to contact me anytime should you have any questions, below the video I have put the schedule for the upcoming webinars.

032212-W4A-Mega Event from Wealth4all on Vimeo.

Here is the schedule for the upcoming conferences:

The training will be conducted through the W4A conference room just click the “conference” website tab
then click banner and on next page click the link “Enter Opportunity”
then Enter your name & click ok

Norm Williams Special Training
Saturday 1 pm EST Video Emails Creation
Monday 6 pm EST Video Emails Creation

Be sure to come early in case we fill to capacity. See you there

The training will be conducted through the W4A conference room just click the “conference” website tab
then click banner and on next page click the link “Enter Opportunity”
then Enter your name & click ok

Saturday 2 pm EST Opportunity Meeting
Saturday 2:30 pm EST Lesson #2 of 9 LEARN2BUILD4WEALTH4ALL

Saturday 3 pm EST W4A Website Navigation
Saturday 3:15 Q & A Session
Join Vivienne Sunday night at 5PM EST for a Special Announcement Webinar. You will learn details about the soon-to-be released New Wealth4All Mega Marketing system. There are some amazing components that are time sensitive so you do NOT want to miss this webinar. The webinar will be conducted through the W4A conference room just click the “conference” website tab
then click banner and on next page click the link “Meet With Vivienne Mega Marketing”
Be sure to come early in case we fill to capacity. See you there!

Danny Cianciulli, CEO

Wealth4AllTeam – New Marketing System – Just a quick head’s up for today regarding this passive income program: Tonight at 8PM EST Wealth4All will be conducting a special announcement webinar to release the details of the new marketing system aptly titled “The Mega Marketing System”. This will be held by Vivienne in a room other than the usual “opportunity” room.

To access it, click on the “Conference” room tab and then click on “Meet With Vivienne Mega Marketing” to take you to the right room. You may want to get there a little early as there is quite a bit of buzz going around about this new marketing system and I’m not sure how many people this room holds. I know there is room for 300 people in their other rooms, I can only assume this will be the case for this webinar as well.

Speaking of marketing, I just noticed that the membership has now officially gone over 10000 members. Not only that, but the website is almost down to 10000 on Alexa as well. The Alexa ranking represents an almost 300% jump in three months. Steady, but not so big that it ends up flooding the program and ending up thinning the money out too much. Overall vibe: niiice. All is tiptop over at W4a.

See for yourself at no cost what all the W4a buzz is about here:

AlertPay – Credit Cards and Disputes

Rest assured, Alertpay is definitely not doing away with their dispute system. It still remains the same as ever, and that is you have 30 days to file any disputes should you have any. The confusion seems to have come from how they are now re-implementing the use of credit cards for depositing. You no longer deposit funds directly into whatever program, goods or services to purchase like you did in the past. Now you just deposit the funds directly into your AlertPay account and then use those funds to send wherever you are sending them. This protects AlertPay because they no longer have to deal with charge-backs from the credit card companies. Plus, it lowers deposit fees for us consumers to a paltry 3.5%. That’s almost like stealing from AP! Everything is usually so expensive with them.

I took the following from their blog:

To make any purchases online using Alert Pay you will need to use your Alert Pay account balance. If you do not have sufficient funds in your Alert Pay account balance for that purchase, you will be able to fund your Alert Pay account using your credit card. Then you will be able to make your purchase using your Alert Pay account balance.

This system is in place right now! To fund your Alert Pay account using your credit card, login to Alert Pay and click on “Deposit”.

Here s how to deposit money into your AP account in the stand-out bullet format (I know – lame… but I just figured out how to use the bullets 🙂 ):

  • Login to your Alertpay.
  • Click on Deposit.
  • Click on the new Credit Card option.

The rest is simple and instant!
A 3.5% charge will be applied.

(that’s only 35 cents per $10)

Wealth4AllTeam – Passive Profit Strategy – Lately I’ve had quite a few people ask me about what strategies are best used in order to maximize profits in this passive income program. Truth be told, I have yet to come across any, especially since Weath4all has yet to program a calculator for members to be able to plug in their numbers to employ any such strategy yet. I just know that so far, I am more than pleased with the progress my account has made.

Keith, the programmer for W4a is still working on a calculator, but he’s the only coder they have, and I know they have other things they are trying to finish up first (Shore up security, new processor etc.). A couple of the Admins have spreadsheets but don’t want to give them out so people don’t use them for making income claims in their promotion efforts. I guess that’s no biggie for me since I have never been any good with spreadsheets anyways. I usually either screw them up somehow and they no longer work or I have no idea how to read the data even if I do manage to plug everything in correctly.

What I have decided to do in the meantime is what Vivienne used in one of her examples in the bi-weekly conference calls, only with a couple added twists. That is, repurchase with all but 75% ( I will be going with more of a 50-50 split) of whatever you end up with in your Cycle Bucket Balance each cycle after compounding all of my earnings the first six cycles. I figured that for my account, my Total Account Balance will then be at over 300% of what I started with.  I will also get my seed back in less than 5 cycles yet still continue to grow my account (from the same total balance amount) with every upcoming cycle. This does NOT take into account any additional funds I receive due to any referral fees or Founder bonuses for those that qualify. This ONLY accounts for passive profits earned.

Again, this is only what I am personally doing. I’m not even sure if it qualifies as a strategy but I was asked what I was using so that’s how I’m playing it. lol

Feel free to sign up at NO cost and see why the calculator will make forming a strategy so much easier at W4A: Wealth4AllTeam sign up link

InnoCashAds – Before I forget, it’s with great annoyance that I have to report that this one looks to have officially bitten the dust. Our weekend update promised by the Admin never materialized so I can only assume he has moved on to greener pastures. Now I can understand a processor being blocked or running low on funds, but at least have the decency to inform the membership on what’s going on before you decide to head out into the sunset. You can be sure I’ll be watching closely for anything this guy puts out in the future.

InnoCashAds – On Hold

Hold off on making any deposits into InnoCashAds for the time being.  I don’t have any pendings yet, but I’ve been reading of people having them now for over 48 hrs. Mine has been only a little over 24 hrs.

I don’t have anything other than speculation at this point, however, I read on Gord’s Home Biz Updates that a blocked AlertPay account is the culprit and that we should be getting an update regarding this sometime this weekend. I do know the Admin is out of town until tomorrow, so I wouldn’t expect to hear anything until then.

Again, hold of from making any fresh spends into InnoCashAds for the time being, although it shouldn’t be possible to do if a blocked account is indeed the reason behind this.