Wealth4All Team – Paying

Wealth4AllTeam – Passive income program Wealth4All Team continues paying like a clock, and W4A is also in the process of upping the site’s security. When you log in now you should go to the “Account Profile” page and you will find a box for your tax ID info. Also there will be a new security question you will need to set up an answer for. If you do not yet find the security question on the page, try again in 24 hours.

From here on out, you must have all the info filled out in this section with accurate information in order for Wealth4all to continue to pay you. The withdrawal button will not even be available unless all info in this area is completed.

Taken from the email:


We are pleased to announce in response to member requests and to provide more protection for our members websites that our website domain is now fully secured. We have now secured our website domain with SSL technology and request that you go to your account profile and immediately update your TAX id information and the SECURITY question and answer for it that has been added to your account profile..

If you can not add SECURITY question info at present time check back within next 24 hours and please do so as soon as possible,

We have updated the account profile to include your tax id information.
ALL information in your profile must be kept up to date and contain ACCURATE information.

The WITHDRAWAL button will only appear if your profile is COMPLETE and ACCURATE AND your AVAILABLE E-Wallet balance is at least $20 AND you have selected a payment processor AND you have defined your login info for the processor via a support ticket AND W4A has added that info to your site.

In the future in order to complete the update process you will be required to answer the SECURITY question you selected and submit the proper answer to it.

Danny Cianciulli, CEO

That’s all for now, see for yourself the new improvements keeping Wealth4All Team paying for the long haul: Sign up link

MyTrafficValue – Pre- Launch News

MyTrafficValue – Things are definitely moving along for the latest addition to our Passive Income Portfolio, and that is the launch of  MyTrafficValue.com. I can really appreciate how well this admin team keeps everyone posted on the latest goings-on within the company. Admin Jo usually posts in the forum daily exactly how everything is moving along via the heading “Daily News”. It’s a cool way of getting insight on exactly how much work it required to get a program of this magnitude up and running.

Payment Processors – As of now, MyTrafficValue has available Western Union, bank wire and Liberty Reserve. SolidTrustPay has been working on the verification process now for almost two weeks, so that shouldn’t be too much longer and AlertPay is in the works, but she didn’t say for how long. Jo does assure us that both will be ready for the launch of MyTrafficValue’s “Main Investment” portion of the program. I didn’t catch a time frame for adding the rest of the payment processors – HD Money, PayPal and Perfect Money.

The coder is putting the finishing touches on the “Shareholder” module, so that portion of the program should be ready to go at any time. Members can then start buying and selling shares in anticipation of the “Main Investment” launch, which should be right around a week after the buying and selling of shares.

Starting from revenues generated April 23 on, Jo says a “Daily Result” will be issued. This will allow MyTrafficValue a solid 20 day buffer between when returns are generated and when they will be paid out. This money will be used if someone hits a big jackpot in one of the games, or if they run into unforeseen costs or something. I really like all the thought MyTrafficValue are putting into this. You can definitely tell this ain’t their first rodeo.

See why I’m getting really excited for the launch of MyTrafficValue here: http://mytrafficvalue.com/ref/moggle

T2MoneyKlub Restart

T2MoneyKlub – Well, as expected, just got the official update where Dave announced a full T2MoneyKlub restart. This one is set up a bit differently than most other “restarts” as Dave promises that everyone will be at a minimum of 115% profit. If you were in profit, your account will not go negative for the restart.

I most likely will do a “wait and see” how this restart pans out before deciding on my next move with T2MoneyKlub.

Compound150 will not be affected by this restart.

Here are some of the main points, with the entire update to follow:

  • Dream Position sales are temporarily suspended
  • All accounts will be zeroed
  • Anyone not in profit will have their money returned to their payment processors
  • All members will receive a 15% profit on top of their deposits
  • Any member in profit will remain in profit – No negative balances
  • The new program will pay either 1% Daily for 150 days or 1.5% Daily for 100 days
  • Referral commissions will be reduced
  • Referral commissions will only be on fresh deposits and not compounded DPs

Here is the full update taken from the MoneyNetworkForum:

Hi T2MK Members.

Well, as a lot of you will already know, we are going into restart.

What does this mean? Well, when a program starts to struggle to sustain itself, we do what is known as a restart, this can take many forms, from a mild set of measures to a full restart which resets everything back to day one.

Our terms and conditions states that we pledge no member will lose money and this restart has been designed to honor that pledge, in fact, we will take it further. We will not only be returning all member money, but also we will add a 15% bonus on all processor deposits just to make sure that every single member is in profit.

So here are the details of the restart.

All pending withdrawals have been returned to accounts.
All DP sales will be suspended till further notice.
All accounts will be returned to processor deposited amounts.
All DPs will be zeroed.
All members still not in profit will have their deposits refunded (more below).
All members will be paid a 15% Bonus on their deposits.
All withdrawals will be tallied and the amounts removed from member accounts.
There will be NO negative balances. Any member in profit will stay in profit… well done.
Members will be paid out from current system cash, website sales and other revenue such as the freeing up of frozen AP funds as and when they become available. Processors will be topped up as needed. It may take some time to move cash around.
Once we have paid out the majority of members (if not all members) we will reopen the club and members may buy DPs.
The tasks system will now be moved to a new website, and will be on a voluntary basis. (more below).

C150 will NOT be affected by this restart at this time.

To give you a better idea of a full restart, please visit this page


Obviously we can’t issue a concrete timescale as member payments will be influenced by the amount of money we bring in from current website sales and other incomes. But payments will start over the next 24 hours, and will be scaled on the basis of those members most in the red will be first in the queue. We will also spread out the payments over several staggered increments. So members will not receive their payments in one lump. This will be fairer on everyone and will mean less waiting for those nearer the end of the queue.

Mark is currently setting up coding and a reports system which will allow members to view a full personal report of their own restart status. Please do not ask for extra addons to be implemented as Mark is going to be very busy.

It is natural for members to make scores of suggestions, however, it is impossible to move forward by implementing ‘this, that and the other’ any more than we can get away with. It’s best to keep these things as simple as possible. I like to run with no fat

The sponsor/referral structure will be preserved. So once we reopen, not only will those who have referrals get a jump start back into prosperity, we will re-open memberships to allow 1,000 extra members into the club. So others have the ability to sponsor and build a referral base. Strosdegoz has kindly offered to create some great referring tools so look out in the T2 section of this forum for updates.

After the restart, we will be changing the profile of the program. It will have its daily earnings reduced to either 1% for 150 days or 1.5% for 100 days and will be dependent on how the income streams are performing at the time of the restart. So at least we will have income coming in from the start as well as a pre-built starting cash float.

referral commissions may be slightly reduced (To be confirmed). Also no ref comms will be paid on compounded DP sales, only new money deposits. this is subject to improved changes. But There will be other opportunities for active sponsors to make referrals from affiliated sites, explained in the next paragraph.

We will be starting a new website just for tasking. This is to provide a rich vein of income for the club. Each task done will earn one credit. Each credit will be given a cash value at the end of the month of trading webstock. We will be selling sites with 500 comments in place. I think everyone knows the benefits already.

50% of the income will go to the member credit fund to pay out the credits. 10% will go to referral commissions and 40% will go to the T2 system fund. We expect when we launch the site, we will have around 1000 active members, but because of the referral commissions, we expect it to explode. For example if you have 30 referrals who each do 100 comments a month, then you are going to get commissions on 3000 credits. There will be a small monthly upgrade fee to qualify as an active sponsor. Probably $5 a month. If the average site sale is $200 then each credit is worth $0.20 and that is huge compared with almost all ‘get paid to’ sites. neobux pays around $0.005 per ad view, making doing a website comment a massive 40 times more rewarding.

I will be asking members to take up various positions in the system. I will need someone to do the following.

Register domains.
Uploading websites to the server.
Listing completed websites to flippa.
looking after transfer to new owners.

If anyone is interested, we will be willing to pay a part time salary which could become lucrative as the website grows in popularity. the whole thing will be run as a production line and I quite believe that once we are ramped up to full speed, we can have a website fully commented and ready for sale in well under an hour (possibly 2 or 3 an hour). This will bring in a huge amount of revenue.

If you think you have the necessary experience, please contact me on t2mk@live.com

I will also be talking over the next 2 days to members who applied to be admins for the T2 monitor website, and the micro-jobs site. We will have these sites up and running within a week. Thanks to all those who applied, anyone not yet applied but is interested, please PM me here. (Full members only).

I know that a lot of members are going to be upset at the time they feel they have wasted compounding their DPs only to see them disappear, but when you look at the alternative that happens and will continue to happen in every other program eventually. Its a good deal, with the 15% bonus for the 6 months, we are paying more than your bank will. Mine pays around 4% a year.

I will never stop till we get to where we need to be, if it means I have to do 6 of these restarts, if that is what it takes then that is what I will do. At least it is pretty much risk free as this industry goes. Eventually you will all be part of the ONLY program that is here with you for life.

The more of these we go through, the stronger we get and the closer to that reality.

Do not listen to the naysayers. Do not think we are reneging on our promise to supply the service we originally advertised, we are getting there. This is going to be the first program to totally buck the trend in this industry, and that takes evolution, patience and time. But we will get there. we will be here long long after other big programs have hit the wall and just can’t get the members anymore to pay its way… That is a ponzi. Restarts can not keep something going once the members have stopped joining and sending in money. At least T2MK restarts will give us strength. We have income and a sense of innovation, but above all, members with a great vision and the desire to succeed.

I humbly take my hat off to you all.

Onwards and Upwards…

I can’t really say I am surprised by this, although quite disappointed as I was mostly compounding since the “reset”. I do feel this is the fairest outcome for all the members, those in profit and those not yet in profit…  I am very hopeful T2MoneyKlub will now be able to get the outside income streams in place quicker so we can all enjoy great passive profits without any more T2MoneyKIub restarts.


My Traffic Value Review

MyTrafficValue – I’ve been trying to do a review for My Traffic Value now for some time now but was still having trouble wrapping my noggin around how exactly it will work, but after pestering my upline mercilessly I finally had the bell go off in my head.

Note: This is a very dated review and this site has a much newer one at the link below.

Click Here to Get the Latest My Traffic Value Review for 2014 

The “Main Investment” portion of My Traffic Value offers to pay back 110% within 96 hours, and this is how it will work: 66% of every spend will instantly go towards paying people in the cycler line. In other words, 66% of all cycler money goes to the  head of the line.

Here is the really cool part: Once there is a single spend that does not cycle (earn 110% resulting from the 66% of all spends added to the line after it) within 96 hours, that particular cycle round is over. Once the cycler round is over, all money still in the line gets converted over to the “Variable Paid Daily” portion where it earns a total of 125%!

The cycler portion has not launched yet, but MTV has opened the cashier where we can deposit our funds. Presently, only LibertyReserve and I think bank wires are offered with many others still to be added like AlertPay, PerfectMoney, PayPal!, Western Union etc. You will definitely want to make sure your account is funded beforehand as when the cycler launches it will be a mad dash from everyone to get your spend in line.

As you can see, there is a bit of a learning curve as to exactly how it will work, and this might scare people off at first until they understand. Here is a flowchart showing exactly where your dollars go in My Traffic Value here: Flowchart

I am really looking forward to seeing how many spends cycle through, and how long before the next round starts, etc…. This is only the “Main Investment” of the program. We are also offered shareholder status: Buy/Sell shares to earn weekly cash dividends based on MTV’s Main Investment turnover. There are also many other games and things where you are given an opportunity to earn additional money.

So there’s a little extra food for thought in a review of My Traffic Value. MTV Sign Up Link


Incoming search terms:

  • my traffic value testimonials

Passive Income Program Updates – 4/21/12

Greetings, today I have updates for the following programs in our passive income portfolio: T2MoneyKlub, Wealth4All Team and MyTrafficValue.

T2MoneyKlub – Still waiting for an update from Dave here. I know he says he will only update when there is something important to report, but still, even a update regarding his update would be nice. People are starting to grumble.

I did read on the forum that we still are required to do our tasks for the month of May, but there still aren’t any available in out back offices. I’m really not inclined to do any using the optional method.. They are a pain in the ass as it is without adding extra work.

Wealth4AllTeam – All is well here, Wealth4All continues to deliver without the slightest hiccup… Unless you were one of those trying to join up with their new e-wallet company, Paylution. It seems that the original email that went out was only intended for US and Canadian members and resulted in a log jam of support tickets from members from the rest of the globe trying to sign up. W4a and Paylution has decided to do a “do over” and re-send our activation emails. Keep an eye out for the new activation emails if you are interested in using the debit card option from Paylution.

Check out W4a here: Sign up link

MyTrafficValue – Tomorrow, Sunday April 22, we can fund our accounts in anticipation of the cycler launch paying 110% in 96 hours or 125% in the daily variable plan. Keep an eye out for an email with more info on the actual launch, I am really looking forward to this one.

See all that MTV has to offer here: I Want My MTV

All other programs in our passive income portfolio are up to snuff so no updates… No news is good news.

xChanger No Longer Exchanging AlertPay Effective April 30

I just read on the xChanger.org site that AlertPay will no longer be able to support the e-currency exchange business, effective April 30.

Taken from xChanger.org:

Alertpay Notice
Despite AlertPay’s recent efforts to ensure their ability to continue to support the e-currency industry , they regret to inform us that they will no longer be able to support the e-currency exchange business.

xChanger.org will finish it’s cooperation with AlertPay on April 30,2012. We will no longer be able to exchange funds to or from AlertPay payment system from 30th April on. Shall you require an exchange in or out of AlertPay, you’ve only got a few days at your disposal to do so.

Well, I can’t really say I found this surprising, especially with the new takeover and other restrictions placed on AlertPay users.  I guess we need to act quickly here if we want to make any last minute exchanges.

It’s definitely a bummer though, xChanger was one of the few exchangers online that I trusted to move around AlertPay funds.

Update – April 20: And just as fast as that little tidbit appeared on xchanger’s site, it has now been taken down. What gives xChanger? I guess we are all just left to wonder what exactly the deal is regarding xChanger.org’s policies towards AlertPay.

My Traffic Value – 2.5% Daily Passive Income: MyTrafficValue


Join Now!


MyTrafficValue.com – New 2.5% daily Passive income program launches on Sunday 22nd April 2012.

100% of the profits are paid out to the members/shareholders.

Totally Passive – No referring necessary

I’ve been watching this one closely for the past couple of months now, and think this has the potential to be one of the huge stories of 2012. The admins have taken the time to make sure everything has been set up correctly beforehand. It’s obvious they have taken their experience running past programs and put it to good use here. Just take a look at all the payment processors they are offering for example…

Here is how it will work in a nutshell:

Main portion of the program: Buy shares (min. $1), and after maturing in 96 hours, they will return $1.10 = 2.5% Daily (60% will mature). If after 96 hours and they are part of the 40% that does not mature, shares will be placed in the “Daily Variable” plan where they will earn a variable percentage daily until they earn a total of 125%. That’s it!

Secondary part of the program: Become shareholders – Buy/Sell shares to earn weekly cash dividends based on MTV’s Main Investment turnover.

Payment Processors: SolidTrustPay, Alertpay, Liberty Reserve, Perfect Money, HD Money, Paypal, Western Union, Bank Wire

Admins: Jo and Carlos out of Malaga, Spain.  They are very active in both their Skype room as well as the on-site forum. Currently run a doubler site that has been going for two years.

The following is taken from the website:


The entire concept of My Traffic Value is to use the prospect of making money, along with the great products games and services, that our user investments fund, to create this huge Traffic Value (at no cost to the user).

Our monetization portfolio, then turns this potential value into actual cash by developing and situating profitable products, games and services in the cash-rich, high traffic environment that we have created. 100% of the revenues from which are returned to users via returns on their investments, and other lucrative opportunities. Find out more here.

Investments Available
There are 2 main entries of investment into My Traffic Value

  1. Traffic Value Investment
  2. Becoming A Shareholder

Traffic Value Investment
Invest $1+ to either earn 110% within the first 96hours, or thereafter begin receiving daily variable payments until you receive a total of 125%.

Buy/Sell shares on our marketplace, to receive unlimited weekly dividends based on the turnover in our main Traffic Value Investment

Referral System

  • 2 level referral commission system  L1—–L2
  • Traffic Value Investments ——–2% —-1%
  • Banner Auction Winning Bids——9% —-1%
  • Ad Purchases——————9% —-1%
  • Action Ads——————–5% —-5%
  • Monitor Listing—————-$75—-$25


Other Features
Full business model transparency
Wide number of payment processors (SolidTrustPay, Alertpay, Liberty Reserve, Perfect Money, HD Money, Paypal, Western Union, Bank Wire)
Earn money from playing fun games
Complete tasks to earn more money
Comprehensive advertisement system

Take a long look at this brand new Passive Income Program offering up to 2.5% daily: My Traffic Value


T2MoneyKlub – Passive Income Program Update

T2MoneyKlub – The update hit my inbox this morning for this program in our passive income portfolio. It is a long one so I will take the lazy way out and copy it here:

Latest Update… Crunch Time!!

Hi T2MK and C150 Members.

This will be a joint update to cover both programs. Lots to write so relax and prepare for an epic.

Just firstly wanted to say thank you to everyone who has wished me and my new wife best wishes on our wedding and future. It has been very touching. The whole thing has been hectic and so much crammed into a week, it will probably be a bit of a rest getting back into full time work.

Right…. Where to begin?

First off.

There have been 3 very recent issues regarding AlertPay. First is that the funds are going down a little too fast for my liking and I need to make some radical adjustments regarding keeping them healthier and a bit more balanced with their obligations. There are 2 main reasons for this.

People fund more through STP now, and yet in the beginning everyone used AP until we have the problem with them back in December when most turned their back on it as a processor of choice, so all the oldest DPs which have now expired have pulled the most out from there. Secondly, AP hold around 15% of all income for 180 days, at the moment it totals just under $60,000 and won’t start unlocking till June (6 weeks).

Also, the latest panicking in the forums because of my marriage, and certain people advertising it as a red flag and that all your money was going to be stolen, has pushed a huge amount of folks into full withdrawal…. Obviously these individuals responsible for this are not even members of the program and have an agenda to attempt to destroy any chance of T2MK’s survival. Please ignore these individuals, if it was true, then you would not be reading this update today.

Lastly, the AP account was hacked a few days ago and $350 was stolen. Luckily I happened to do a check on the accounts and noticed it… I contacted AP about it, and as a precaution they have blocked the account temporarily until I provide further details, here is the email I got back.

Edited to add: Members may still make payments through AP, we just can’t withdraw.

Hello Mr. Bell,

Thank you for contacting AlertPay. My name is Tayyab and I am happy to assist you.

For security purposes, we have limited your account access as it may have been accessed without your authorization.

Please reply directly to this email with the answers to the following questions so we can investigate the matter further:

• Please provide us a list of any countries that your account may have been accessed from within the last 3 months.

• Have you received any emails that appear to be from “AlertPay” asking you to follow a link or provide your password and Transaction PIN? If so, please forward the email you have received to “spoof@alertpay.com”.

• Is the password you use to login to your AlertPay account the same password you use for other web sites?

• Are you able to access the email address you use to login to your AlertPay account?

Furthermore, please include the following information with your reply so we can verify your identity:

• Name:

• Address:

• Phone number:

• First four digits of your bank account, if applicable:

• Last eight digits of your credit card, if applicable:

• Date of birth:

• Internet Service Provider(s)

We need this information to verify the AlertPay account holder. We will re-activate your account once we receive your reply to this email.

Account Security Analyst
Account Security Team

There are to be some very radical changes to T2MK needed to overcome this hump in the road. I want to send it in the same sort of direction as C150, I may even merge the 2 programs into 1 super program, it all depends on the amount of work and disruption. But for the moment I will need to do the following over the coming days. This may cause T2MK to go off-air for a day, but we will try our best to keep it open.

Here will be the changes.

1…We will be raising the ceiling of DP ownership to 5000 DPs.

2…We will be moving to the 1% daily format temporarily as a test and all current DPs will have their remaining days doubled.

3…We will be lowering the matrix cycling payouts to $25 each seeing as it is purely a bonus.

4…We will delay the cycling until the funds improve in AP, I will put all the sites up on sale this week and that will total over 200 websites, all funds will go to AP,

5…We will put a delay on AP withdrawals of 5 days till we catch up and then limit it to 50% of balance for the day. C150 withdrawals WILL NOT be affected.

6…Tasks will no longer be mandatory (From May 1st) and not doing them will not affect your earnings….HOOOOORAYYYYYY!! (see more below about this).

7…Finally, some of the leaders I have spoken to have requested that we resume memberships in T2MK. So I have put up a poll here on the forum and will let the members decide what they think is for the best. I may be a supporter of a temporary re-opening…

Please cast your vote and discuss this here CAST YOUR VOTE HERE

Please be aware that these measures are for the good of the program and to keep us all good and safe while we get the income more fluid. DO NOT listen to the scare-mongers who will have you beleive that these measures are because we are losing control because the idea that we are doing them in the first place is that we are ‘in control’..

I am going through all the applications to be admins this week, and thank you to everyone who is interested in running some of our websites. We will be starting with minutegigs.com and also the old t2 domain which will become a program monitor website.


As mentioned earlier. We are moving away from mandatory tasking, we believe we have pin-pointed and fixed a lot of the issues that we needed to identify in the system and we can now streamline it for its next purpose.

Tasks will be put onto a voluntary profit share basis. Any member wishing to do tasks will be paid extra for doing them. This will be done on a ‘credit per task’ basis.

If a member does a task, they will obtain a credit which will be redeemed monthly as a profit unit. We will calculate all income from website sales at the end of each month and divide that amount of money by the number of credits issued, this will give each credit a cash value, then all members will have their credits converted to real cash in their accounts. we are expecting around $0.15 per task minimum value which will dwarf anything offered by any ‘Get Paid To’ website.

This will be done on its own website with robust dedicated servers. This will start off with T2MK and C150 member invitation only until the website is sufficiently staffed to roll it out to the general public. this will be a website assembly line, and all websites that drop off the end of the conveyor belt, will be immediately listed. We will be offering staff positions to members first so stay tuned to upcoming updates.


As mentioned in an earlier update. We will soon be starting our first T2MK feeder program that will be run by our staff, and the admin fees will go into matrix cycling. We hope to get a pre-launch underway in approx 5 days and the first program will be a real beauty. If you have the ability to get a teambuild together for this one, then you are going to rocket your earnings, it will be like a matrix on banned substances. Even if you don’t want to do teambuilds and things then you will still cycle up very fast as it has probably the most rampant over-spill ability in the industry.


Mark has completed the script for assessing the opt-out payouts. I am looking at these today, and will issue the refunds for the LR and STP funded members, and the AP funded members will be paid out as soon as AP completes their security scan.

OK. I think I will wrap this up here as it is going to be a bit too much information overload. I will start to resume more regular updates as I now have more time on my hands. Please do not bombard us with support questions about the changes. The more support questions we get, the less work we can get through.

Thank You for your understanding and support

Edited to add:

The 20+ AP withdrawals that have flooded in over the past 15 minutes from this update will be returned to account. this update is not a red flag!

The alternative is to close the program if any update is going to spread panic and hysteria.

Thank You.


Well, there you have it. Certainly not the best news in the world, but it all boils down to one thing; Sustainability. I definitely can live with 1% daily for the time being. My bank sure doesn’t offer that. I still have a good deal of faith that T2MoneyKlub can remain one of the giants in the Passive Income Program arena.

T2MoneyKlub – Compound150 – Payments Back on Track

Payments are now fully back on track at both T2moneyKlub as well as Compound150. Dave apparently fixed whatever problem both passive income programs were experiencing with AlertPay sending out duplicate payments to certain members. He never did go into detail as to what the problem was exactly, however from reading the forums it is apparent that all pendings have been paid as well as new withdrawal requests.

T2MoneyKlub – The first of the Dream Positions matured last night after earning $15 for every $10 spent, and that means the matrices should be upon us in the very near future. I still don’t know how this will work exactly, other than for every four expired Dps, we get one dream matrix in return, worth $60 when they cycle. Dave has promised an update shortly explaining how everything will work regarding the matrices.

Monthly Tasks – The websites listed in out back offices are currently empty, however there is a way to continue commenting on them. Here are instructions, taken from MoneyNetworkForum:

If anyone DOESN’T wish to wait, they can start putting comments on the following websites, but make sure you record which websites and how many comments you added to each. You CAN’T validate now, but later when you can see them on the campaigns list, you can validate them then. The comments will not get lost.


Registrations are currently closed for T2MoneyKlub, however, Compound150 is still accepting new members. Feel free to take a closer look here: Compound150 sign up link

Glad to see that payments are back on track at T2MoneyKlub – Bring on the Matrices!

Wealth4All Team – New Payment Processor

Wealth4AllTeam – Just got notice that the new payment processor W4a will be using is called Paylution. I have never dealt with these guys before, but I did find out some info regarding fees and such from the site.

For the time being deposits into Wealth4all Team will be unchanged – The usual AlertPay, SolidTrustPay or through Danny’s bank account. In the future, possibly in a month or two, we should be able to use Paylution as an option.

In a nutshell, here is a preliminary on how everything else will work, according to one of the admins in the Skype room: Every time a withdrawal is requested, Wealth4All will transfer the funds to our Paylution accounts. Once there, we are free to then withdraw the money to whichever transfer method we choose.

Looks like the debit card we will be issued if we choose one is MasterCard. The card itself costs $9.95 Fees for this debit card are as follows: $3 to withdraw, $2 monthly maintenance and 3% to convert currency. You can see their entire MasterCard user agreement here: Terms and Conditions

The most recent email I got from Wealth4All said there will still be an option to transfer money to payment processors. I hope this to be the case so I can continue to withdraw to AlertPay since I already have their debit card, but I think people will really appreciate this debit card option through Paylution.

Take a closer look at Wealth4All Team and their new payment Processor here: Wealth4allTeam.com