SafeRisk And Passive Income Program Updates and News – 5/31/12

Greetings, I have some updates and news regarding  programs in our passive income portfolio:  SafeRisk, Wealth4AllTeam, MyTrafficValue and T2MoneyKlub.

SafeRisk – Nothing but prompt payments from this HYIP, and everything in the back office seems to be working as it should now as well. As I said in my last update regarding this passive income program, SafeRisk has been running for a month now and I have moved into a strict profit taking mode until such a time as I have broken even before doing any more compounding.

If you have not joined or upgraded in SafeRisk as of yet I would suggest you considered passing this program for a newer opportunity. While payments have been going out is a speedy manner (and I do mean FAST, sometimes within minutes!), I’m just not sure the chances are of profiting (or at least breaking even in 40 days) on a spend made today. In another 30 days, many spends made on the first day will be expiring and those spends will be returned to the investor.

For everyone with active spends in SafeRisk, enjoy the profits!

MyTrafficValue Details Page – MTVs first cycler round has gone into extra innings due to a problem the system had resetting itself for the start of the second round after the first round was supposed to end. The admin decided this would be the best of the possible outcomes resulting from the non-reset, so fine with me as a few of my spends have cycled, earning extra profits that would most likely taken longer had they been transferred into the Daily Variable plan.

The “Queue Shuffle” feature has been both a blessing and a curse for me in round one. My biggest spend in the cycler line made it up to spot #4 this morning before somebody went and enabled it with a $51 spend! Once the line got shuffled I got pushed back to somewhere in the 2000’s, lol. In any event, I’ve been on the opposite end of the stick for some of the shuffles as well so I really cannot complain.

I found a quicky cycler strategy guide the admin put up on the forum so I made a page for it here on my blog. It can be found here: MTV Cyler Strategy

Take a look at all MyTrafficValue has to offer here: MTV Sign up link

Wealth4AllTeam Details Page – Great news for people wanting to withdraw to STP! Now we can via our Ipayout ewallet and for a very reasonable 2% fee. At first the admin team said there would be an option to withdraw to Payza and NOT to STP, but it looks as though now the exact opposite will be possible; We can now deposit and withdraw via SolidTrustPay but cannot via Payza.

Now that I have gotten used to iPayout global ewallet I am starting to like using it more and more with W4a. It didn’t take as long to get my money to my bank either. I emailed my bank info and cancelled check on a Monday, got bank verified and requested an ACH to my checking account the next day and had my money in my grubby fingers that Friday. I also like that my money is not at the mercy of the payment processors, especially with all these US regulatory requirements placed on them lately.

About the only question I have for W4a is why do they continue to under-utilize the traffic they get? They are almost down to 5k WORLD-WIDE in their Alexa ranking. That right there is worth a fortune! Sell some ads or something W4A, Jeesh!

See why W4a still my #1 program here:

T2MoneyKlub/Compound150 – Hopefully Dave is hard at work generating outside income sources to pay the faithful as well as the members that opted out and weren’t included in the first round of refunds.

Or, he might be hanging out on the beach playing with his wife’s bikini strings…

I guess it’s impossible to know one way or another since HE HASN’T BEEN HEARD FROM IN ALMOST TWO WEEKS NOW!

Now I can fully understand not wanting to update until he has something important to report, but c’mon.. This is bullshit. The least he could do is pop in once in a while just to let people know he is still alive. Would that be too much to ask?

I know they’re still around because payments for C150 are still going out, so maybe I should cut him even more slack. I just don’t think it is asking too much to at least show his face at his own forum every now and then, even if it’s just to say “Still working on a few things” or something… Anything.

That’s all for now, so until next time; Enjoy profiting passively.

SafeRisk And Passive Income Program Updates and News – 5/31/12

Solid Trust Pay – New Regulations

SolidTrustPay – I’ve been hearing news of many US STP users wondering how the government’s new state licensing mandate will affect their accounts as well as their overall ability to conduct business online. According to STP owner Stella, each state will require individual licenses in order to continue doing business with that processor at a total cost of 3 million. As of now the only states affected are Virginia, North Dakota and Arkansas, but reading the following I got from an online passive income program Skype room, it is only a matter of time before you are affected if you are a United States resident.

Purportedly from Stella Hiemstra at STP:

Oh, I’m sure it will be pretty much mass pandemonium

Our plan is to create a forum just for affected STPay users and not
clutter up our present blog. We will be posting a release tomorrow
(today was spent with various MSB lawyers and FinCEN regulators, etc).

Basically, it has to be done and unfortunately, there is no way to do it
gracefully. As soon as you apply for a license, you cannot do any
transactions with anyone from the state you have applied to. So far,
that means North Dakota, Virginia and Arkansas. You would think that
a common sense way, especially for a non US company, would be some
kind of ‘you can do this while waiting’ but nope…it is an all or
nothing event here.

The real kicker is the 3 million dollar price tag that we have to come
up with. We are investing in our members.

What we really need is for people to not call us. There is no way we can
handle an influx of over 500,000 americans or more asking us what’s going
on. The answer is simple..the US government requires all companies to get
licenses, so…we are getting our licenses. The how is easy, the when we
have no idea (but have been told as fast a month and as long as a year).

I’ll keep you in the loop and you can hand the loop around for us

By the way…no accounts are frozen. People are completely free to login,
update passwords, verify their accounts, add cards & banks, etc. They just
cannot deposit into their accounts. All balances will be sent back to members,
so people are welcome to either request that now, spent it online, send to a
friend, whatever. And merchants that are credit card enabled have business as
usual…members can use their cards directly at their websites. Those merchants
won’t be able to pay back into STPay accounts is all.

Life is never simple and the world is quietly going insane

as always


There ya go, just another case of Big Brother looking out for us little people…


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My Traffic Value – Site Down

My Traffic Value Another bug discovered as the first cycler round came to a close, forcing the site down for the time being. The system failed to reset itself for the next cycler round and the admin was forced to take the it down until they can find out the problem. The admin didn’t think it was anything too serious, but the head programmer might have chosen a bad time to leave for the week.

Edit as of 7pm EST: The site is back up!

Taken from the MyTrafficValue forum:

Ok, the website is back online.

There was (still is) a problem with the main investment, that broke the system when the 1st round tried to reset last night. We have loaded a temporary fix, extending the first round until this weekend, when Alex will return to fix everything.

Anyone with pre-investments, your “My Investment” display will show a minus hours value for the ETA. Ignore that. And know that your investment will be added to round 2, as intended, the instant that begins; sometime this weekend.

I’m just going to run some more checks, then i’ll post more news.

Ok. Everything seems to be working as it was yesterday – give or take a few display issues.

You can either invest into Round 1, and that will pay people like normal. Or you can Pre-Invest into Round 2 (that will begin this weekend). Deposits + Cashouts work like normal. I’ll resume processing those tomorrow.

Bare with us a litle this week. It’s going to be a bit messy – but we’ll get through it. This weekend we’ll get everything tidied up and working properly. Then next week we’ll be full speed ahead with our product development.

Other than these website bugs, we’ve made the first big strides towards finding a local, full time lead programmer today. This is a big step – we’ve been plagued with programmer problems for 2years, but now we have the cash to put this to rest once and for all.

I hope within the next week to find our first ‘good good’ programmer! Then from that starting point / central pillar, we’ll build a big programming team so that we can pump out monetization products very quickly! As that is vital to our business model.

Anyway… what a day!
Let’s hope for some smooth sailing tomorrow.


Below this is this is the original post I did today…


Latest update taken from MTV’s Facebook page:

The first round reset has broken in the worst possible way. We have to wait for Alex to fix this before we can continue.

All data, investments, earnings, ref commissions, etc… everything! Up until midnight (gmt+1) on Monday 28th May 2012, is all saved. That’s where we’ll be resuming from the instant we resolve this.

This may take a while to fix, at least until tomorrow night. I will post another update as soon as I have it.

Please don’t panic in the mean time. This is only a bug, but incurred at the worst possible time; when the programmer is out of town!

Jo 🙂

A bit down in the comments from the admin:

I have an idea for a temporary solution to get the site back online tonight (by extending the first cycler round through until the weekend).

I will let you know later if it works or not. Failing that, it will be this weekend.

And then in response to someone complaining “You launched too soon, I knew it would fail!”:

Correct! We had no choice but to launch, after two years of delays, and 14 seperate programmers let us down / proved inadequate.

But the system has redundancies; it’s designed to be able to fail / be hacked, without major incident. We have only lost 7minutes of data from all this. The only fail is that our programmer is away all week.

As if he was here, firstly we would of had time to patch up the missing sections of the main investment long before the cycler reset. And secondly, there is a 20minute part-solution to this bug, as I’ve said above. But we can’t implement it without the main programmer – who’s not here!

And this week we’re replacing our office staff, but we need a few more days for that, and then a couple more days to get them up to speed. So it’s a lousy set of circumstances.

But it’s ok. Now that we’ve launched we’ve accessed the first bit of capital. Now we can build a good programming team with that, get the system polished off, add the first products. And then we’ll take this to the heavens.

One step at a time!

That’s all I could find for now regarding the MyTrafficValue temporary shut down… Until next time, cheers!

My Traffic Value – Site Down



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My Traffic Value – Cycler Round 1 Review

Click Here to Get the Latest My Traffic Value Review for 2014 

Cycler Round 1 looks to be headed towards the finish line for the maiden voyage and I came away quite impressed. For the first round I thought I’d just “let it ride” and just reinvest every time I cycled, which I did. So as it stands now, even if none of my spends cycle any more this round, I’ll have approximately $1.46 for every $1 invested headed toward the “Daily Variable” Plan where it will then transfer to and earn a variable percentage paid daily until maturing at 125%. Nice! Can’t wait to see what average % in the “Daily” will be.

I’ve read of other people having an ROI so far way above mine, but once the line gets shuffled a few times you are completely at the mercy of the randomizer gods.. Though other people made more than me, I for one was quite happy with my ROI. I wasn’t expecting that much to say the least!  I’ll explain further down the review how the “Queue Shuffle” works.

It was definitely a wild ride when the cycler first launched, especially when the auto reinvest was working. This cool feature allowed you to automatically reinvest your spend each time you cycled. Unfortunately it was bogging down something or other with the massive amounts of extra computations it was trying to handle. No biggie without it, I did the re-ups manually. I also got an email each time I cycled.

So far as of this writing, there has been an investment turnover of $359k in this first round, and there is at least 25 hours remaining. The way this cycler is set up, is 60% of the money in the line cycles each time. That means so far roughly $215k has cycled earning 110%, leaving $144k headed for the “125% Paid Daily” Plan .

If you are looking to get started here for the first time you first need to fund your account. Then, I wouldn’t make a spend in the current round, I would wait for the next round to begin – You can can pre-invest in the next round. Once round 1 ends, round two starts instantly and I would think the first money into the line will have a good advantage, even with the “Queue Shuffle” feature that shuffles the entire line order whenever someone makes a spend of $51… No telling how often this gets used per round, whenever somebody feels like scrambling the line. I know it got used quite often in the first round thus far.

To pre-invest into the next round, you go to “Investment” in the BO, then select the “invest now” button under Traffic Value Investment and then click on “Advanced”.  Once there, on the right side of the page you will see “Pre-Invest for the Next Round”. Enter whatever investment amount you like there and you’ll be good to go automatically once the next round begins. Chances are you will be among the first to cycle, and then you can decide whether to re-invest all or a portion of your profits, or you can just withdraw.

It is also on the “Advanced” page you’ll see where you can “Shuffle The Queue” with a spend of $51 in that box

Still no Payza, but MTV are fully verified with that payment processor – Just waiting for the coder to hook up the button or something. SolidTrustPay is still in the pre-verification phase.

Check out MyTrafficValue here:

My Traffic Value – Cycler Round 1 Review


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SafeRisk: Passive Profit Mode Details Page – News on the latest addition to our passive income portfolio: SafeRisk continues paying us our profits on time, but I am switching from partial compounding to concentrating on getting to the break even point. For those of you that joined the first day I posted this program you already have 40-50% of your spend back. I am a bit behind that, but I’m not too far.

Up until now I have been compounding a portion towards re-investment, but since the program has been running almost four weeks I think it’s time to get into profit before continuing any further compounding by re-investing.

Switching gears now not only will lesson risk, but gives plenty of time to maximize the profit run once  we find ourselves at the break-even point. Call me a chicken, but I always try to err on the side of caution in any passive income opportunity.

If you are thinking of joining or upgrading at this point, I would definitely  recommend doing so as soon as possible or passing for a newer offering. Again, everything is running almost silky smooth at SafeRisk, but nobody ever knows how long any online passive income program will run. Getting into profit-mode as soon as possible is always safest!

SafeRisk: Passive Profit Mode

My Traffic Value – Too Much Money at Once

MyTrafficValue No scam, just too much money at once last night was the reason for the collapse. At least we were able to get a feel for how this cycler paying 110% in 96 hours will work. MTV are working on the code and plan on another go at it tonight, the same time as last night’s: 21:30 UTC, 5:30 pm EST. You should be able to use the world clock link in the post beneath this one in order to synchronize your clocks.

In the round last night I got my spend in right at launch, and it cycled in 12 seconds flat! I had my investment set at “auto-invest” in the back office (You can turn this function on and off on the fly – super cool feature!) and once cycling, the script automatically put my money back in the line for another round. This time my spend got up to #24 in the queue before somebody must have made a $51 spend which shuffled the order of the line because the next thing I knew, I was at like 400 plus in the queue, but was moving up quickly. Right about then is when the program collapsed and they shut her down for the night.

Still only Liberty Reserve is available as far as processors go, so If you are waiting for Payza it shouldn’t be too much longer. Everything is verified with Payza, they just need to get finished being coded in. Once Payza is up and running I’m going to be funding and then putting a spend in the “advance Investment” module. That way as soon as the current cycler round is over and the next one automatically starts, my spend will immediately go into that next cycler round.

Here’s the latest from the forum regarding last night’s collapase:


Ok, well we tried launching! And it was a victim of it’s own success; we turned over $60,000+ in 2-3minutes! Amazing.

But the sheer volume of transactions, and multiple transactions all occurring at the exact same time. Caused some requests to “over-run” the ones before them. So it ended up that two investments were paying the same units at the top of the queue. Which caused units to go “negative” – which should be impossible… And boom!!

Anyway, we have identified the issue now. However, we need some time to fix it (plus its really late here!). So we’ve reverted to a backup! And put the site back up, but we’ve blocked access to the main investment.

We will redesign the system to handle the INCREDIBLE volume of simultaneous transactions tomorrow. And we’ll try and launch again!

But, at least you’ve had a preview of what it all looks like, and now you know how to invest

So… get ready
Launch – Take 2… Tomorrow 21:30 UTC!

You can bet I’ll be there for it, see for yourself all the cool features of this site here:

My Traffic Value – Too Much Money at Once


My Traffic Value – Main Investment Launching Today!

MyTrafficValue Page Here – Finally, we launch tonight at 21:30 UTC time, which is also 5:30 pm EST for anyone on this side of the globe. This cycler offers a return of 110% within 96 hours, if not, 125% in the paid-daily variable plan.

Use this clock to synchronize your clocks/watches:

You will want to be pre-funded and ready to go beforehand and then right at 21:30 click on “Main Investment” to make your spend. I’m really not all that sure how much it matters when you get your spend in as MTV has the $51 queue shuffle in place where anyone making a $51 spend into the line will cause the line to shuffle up it’s order, possibly pushing you to the top (or bottom for that matter). The admin has stated on the forum that this round will last a minimum of four days, but I can see it lasting much longer than that.

Payza has given MTV the green light with their website review, but unfortunately, that payment processor will not be integrated in time for tonight’s launch. Hopefully they will have it up and running by this weekend, which is what the admin stated in a recent update.

Check out MTV here: I want my MTV!

MyTrafficValue – Waiting for Payza, Launch

MyTrafficValue Page HereMTV is just waiting for their pending review for their website in order to get Payza fully integrated into the site, and launch may not go until tomorrow or the next day. Launch times have been finalized no matter what day is the official launch.

Latest email received:

Hello moggle

We will be launching the main investment at one of the following three
times. Unfortunately I won’t know which, until the very last hour!

1) Monday 21st May: 21:30 UTC
2) Tuesday 21st May: 21:30 UTC
3) Wedensday 21st May: 21:30 UTC

UTC being defined as the time shown here:
Or in Spain: 23:30

We are going to try and launch tonight, however that is dependent upon the
programming being completed, and the system being bug free in time. I
estimate a 50% chance that we will hit that or not.

If we don’t launch tonight, then I think there’ll be a 75% chance that we
launch tomorrow night. And in the highly unlikely we miss tomorrow also,
then definitely Wednesday.


When we do launch, to invest is very easy;

Step 1: Fund your account balance.
Click on your balance at the top of the page, and press “Add Funds” next to
the method you’d like to fund your balance with.

Step 2: Click on “Investments” in the left navigation.

Step 3: Click on “Invest Now” in the Traffic Value Investment box, to view
our main investment.

Step 4: Enter the amount you’d like to invest in the form at the top of the
page. And click “Invest Now”. A pop-up will then appear confirming your
purchase, and asking you which of your balances you’d like to use. Press
submit to process your investment!

Step 5: Payments will then happen automatically. With funds being returned
to your account balance. Where they can be re-invested, or cashed out at
your convenience.

Optional: You can check / un-check the “Auto Re-Invest” option on the main
investment page at any time. If this is checked at the time your investment
reaches the top of the queue and earns 110% ‘insantly’. Then the principal
will be automatically re-invested. And just the profit added to your account
balance. If it’s not checked, then your principal + profit will all be paid
to your account balance.


Minimum Investment: $1.00
Invest in multiples of $1.00. No Maximum.

Each dollar invested will either receive $1.10 back within the first
96hours. OR, it will proceed to our “Daily Plan”, where it will share 100%
of our monetization portfolio revenues, every single day, until such time
that each dollar returns a total of $1.25 to your account balance.

So for every dollar you invest, it will return either $1.10 or $1.25. The
time that will take is variable!


We are currently accepting 3 deposit methods:

Liberty Reserve
Western Union
Bank Wire

We will be adding several more methods as fast as we can complete their
verification processes, and have the programming time to implement them into
the system:

Payza – Fully verified. Pending website review.
Solid Trust Pay – Pending verification.
HD-Money – Pending programming time!
Perfect Money – Pending programming time!
Credit Cards (Direct via our merchant bank) – we’re looking into various
options this week!

Additionally in the next week or so, we will be expanding our banking
system. Where we will have 80 bank accounts all over the world. Meaning
nobody should have to send an international bank wire, hopefully speeding
the processing times up.

Jo 🙂

My Traffic Value
1 1/2 Miles Northern Highway,
Belize City,

Tel: (+34) 952 210 434

MyTrafficValue – Waiting for Payza, Launch

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My Traffic Value Cycler Launch

MyTrafficValue:  Launch of MTV’s cycler is finally upon us, tomorrow, May 21!

  1. – Offering 110% on your money within 96 hours – or- 125% in the Daily Variable Plan
  2. – Once a single spend in the cycler line fails to cycle in 96 hours, the round is over and a new round immediately begins.
  3. – All spends remaining in the old cycle line will then transfer into the “Daily Variable Plan” where they will earn daily until returning a total of 125%.
  4. – How long does it take to earn 125%? The time varies. You will keep getting paid variable amounts, 7 days a week, until you receive a total of $1.25 back per $1 invested. Traffic Value Investors share 100% of the daily revenues from our Monetization Portfolio. And additionally, share 10% of all new investments.
  5. – Another cool twist: Anytime anyone makes a spend of $51 there is a feature called “QUEUE SHUFFLE” will kick in which will scramble the entire investment line, hopefully pushing your position in the line closer to the top.
  6. – We will also be able to “Pre Invest” into future cycler rounds. Once a new round has been running for 48 hours we will be able to pre-invest into the next round.

The time of the launch isn’t yet set in stone, but the admin will be shooting for Monday night (10-11pm GMT+1). Hopefully there will be a countdown timer on the site. In any event, while this many more spends will cycle than most ordinary straight line cyclers, you’ll want to get your spend in is close to launch as you can to cycle the quickest…. Definitely pre-fund your accounts beforehand, though I don’t know how much an early spend even matters due to MTV’s added wrinkle of the “queue shuffle”.

Unfortunately, it looks like only Liberty Reserve will be available for its maiden voyage. I don’t have that much in LR and was hoping Payza or STP would be up in time. Still though, even with my relatively small spend I plan to learn more about the cycling times and how many spends cycle in 48 hours. Once MTV gets the other processors fully integrated we should have a better idea how the whole thing works and can strategize for bigger spends in future rounds.

That should just about cover it for now, if you have any questions feel free to contact me anytime.

If you want to be added to gummibearu’s MTV room, let me know and I will add you

Sign up link is here:

Launch of MTV’s cycler is finally upon us, tomorrow, May 21!

Wealth4All Team – 10 Day Hold

Wealth4AllTeam – There is a programming glitch with the 10 day hold, so if you are showing huge numbers in that section don’t panic. They are aware of the situation and are working on it. The only real issue is that we cannot make withdraws for 10 days, the system will still allow you to buy TAPs. Up until now the 10 day hold has not been in place, looks like it will be now.

Membership has surpassed the 20,000 mark!

Wealth4all sign up link here:

MyTrafficValue – Just about ready for launch of the Main Investment (110% within 96 hours or 125% in the Daily Variable Plan), keeping my fingers crossed that Payza gets implemented in time.

Here is the latest from admin in their forum:

Main Investment Launch Date: 21st May 2012

The main investment is progressing well. Last night Alex was working on how we store and save the data related to the main investment. And we’ve come up with a system to group multiple deposits from the same user+method that appear concurrently in the queue. As with our “auto re-invest” option selected, it can lead to lots and lots of entries. That are un-necessary.

I will try and get the homepage updated tonight to link to the video. As that’s been available for a few days on our testing server, but we haven’t gotten around to launching it yet.

The office programmers are working on a bunch of things, that should all be about ready, but none of that really concerns me right now. As we cannot use any of it until the main investment is launched. And we adapt that code to the finalised system, that the main investment will dictate.

I also have another programmer, that built some nice flash games for us back in our BB1 days. He has prepared the database structure for a Blackjack game. The instant we launch – i’ll be more actively working with him to develop some high quality games (likely not in flash!)

And at the end of this month we’ll be setting up / activating our main programming company. Then provided we get some good investment turnover, we can begin hiring properly and really set our product development on a very speedy track! That will be vital, to develop a strong and big big big monetization portfolio ASAP.

MTV join link: I Want My MTV

Have a great rest of your weekend, and don’t freak out if you are in Wealth4All and you have some crazy amount in your 10 day hold.