Unstoppable Whirlwind – Site Down

UnstoppableWhirlwind – The admin team has taken the site down for some repairs so for all intents and purposes Unstoppable Whirlwind has…. stopped. They are still experiencing an issue with member’s daily subs are being deducted 2 and 3 times so while you can still log in, no cycling is currently going on and you can not view the Grid pages. They state in the latest email to have everything up and running by 4pm EST, and if you were one of members with multiple sub deductions you will be reimbursed by this coming Monday…. And no, the admins have not gone scam and run off with your money.

I read on MMG that there are a team of three programmers there giving the script a thorough review so hopefully once this glitch gets taken care of these glitches will be a thing of the past and the winds can continue whirling here.

From the latest admin update:

We had a tremendous launch but some glitches have caused some problems due to the huge amount of members joining in such a short span of time. We have almost 5000 members in just 3 days with almost 3000 of them upgrading, an upgrade ratio of 60%.

We have identified the issue and most importantly its reason too. So nothing to worry about. We are on top of it, however, it may take us a little while to ensure that those members whose accounts were affected, have their accounts back in order. As soon as the same is done, expect some great announcements from us. Yes, we have pleasant surprises for the members.

Meanwhile, we have to disable all functions of the website that result in change in database viz., Registration, Funds Transfers, Purchase of New Subs, Purchase of One Time Positions, View Grids etc.

However, NO subs will be hitting your cash eWallets till then so nothing to worry about that also. Everything will be set back in order as soon as we correct the glitch. Although, access to the members members area is nor restricted.

All the members that were charged Double or even Triple subs, will be refunded by 8am EST Monday 2nd July! Further, no account will turn whirlwind if there no sufficient balance and you will be allowed ample time to fund your wallet.

Team Unstoppable WhirlWind

Check out Unstoppable Whirlwind here: http://www.unstoppablewhirlwind.com/?moggle

Passive Income Updates – 6/29/2012

Just a few passive income opportunity updates for today regarding programs found in our passive income portfolio: My Traffic Value, SafeRisk and Unstoppable Whirlwind.

UnstoppableWhirlwind – First off – Cycle stats: As of 9:30am EST,  spot number 19125 just cycled so we do some quick math:

Use these numbers below as a rough guide ONLY.

                 19125  = latest spot to cycle in level 1

19125/4 = 4781   =  latest spot to cycle in lvl 2

4781/4  =   1195  =  latest spot to cycle in lvl 3

1195/4    =   298  =  latest spot to cycle in level 4

298/4      =   74    =  latest spot to cycle in level 5

There is still no way to know how much extra money you should plan on per $1 sub you purchase. I would say for right now, plan on keeping $15+ per $1 sub. You need to keep in mind that It will take a few days to cycle the first level and then a few more for level 2 and so on. By the time you reach level 3 or 4 you should be earning enough to pay your daily subs out of profits.

A few have reported being double charged for for their daily subs. If this is the case with your account, send in a support ticket and it will be taken care of.

Check out Unstoppable Whirlwind here: http://www.unstoppablewhirlwind.com/?moggle

Wealth4all Team – Moving towards 7!! months online! To be honest, I didn’t give W4a much of a chance after the first cycler needed to be restarted, but I really must tip my cap to them as this current incarnation has gone above and beyond for its members, and are constantly looking for ways to improve the program. Communication with W4a is already top-notch, but they actually listen to members suggestions and implement those ideas that deem a benefit to the overall membership.

I always look forward to when W4a announces the monthly profit share results. Not for the extra money (which is very generous of them to share btw), but because I like to use it as a rough guide to gauge the overall health of the program.

I’ve been wondering what effect of switching  from using payment processors to only using Ipayout’s Global Ewallet. Earlier in the month we got an email stating that while upgrades were down the first few days of the switch over to iPayout, but after the initial shock they were right back on track again. Judging by what we see out of this month’s profit-share, we can see for ourselves.

Check out W4a here: http://wealth4allteam.com/signup.php?spon=706

Check out my Referral Cash-Back offers here: W4a ref cash back

SafeRisk – Just about at the magic day when our initial deposits get returned for those that joined on the first day. I know I will be putting mine right back since at that point I’ll already have made back 50% pure profit, and I’ll gamble a bit that the program can last another 40 days before that spend breaks even. In effect – anyone doing this will be playing SafeRisk like a 2.5% daily program for LIFE.

Do not invest here if you are considering making a FIRST TIME spend. Now that initial deposits are being returned to investors you just never know how fast things might go haywire. For members with current spend in SR – Enjoy this program’s profit run!

MyTrafficValue– Today  marks the first day of increased cycler earnings now that we have gotten the four week rolling reserve behind us. Now those of us with spends waiting to earn 125% in the “Daily Variable” should see earnings increased somewhat, at least better than the .01% daily.  I understand Jo’s reasoning for wanting to “Fast Track” (pay the oldest spends off in full) but I know of people pretty put-off by the paltry daily earnings so I am really looking forward to seeing the effect of the earnings from the cycler rounds until the programmer gets more products in place. Getting 1% daily in addition to the Fast Tracks would provide a nice boost here while we wait for the new coding team get up to speed with the rest of the games and ad systems.

See more of My Traffic Value here: http://mytrafficvalue.com/ref/moggle

MTV Cycler Strategy Page

Passive Income Updates – 6/29/2012


Unstoppable Whirlwind – How It Works

UnstoppableWhirlwind – I have the latest cycle stats, and I am still getting feedback from people not quite understanding how it works, so I’ll just try to share a little bit about how we go about cycling the matrices at Unstoppable Whirlwind.

Currently the admin team are working on a glitch in the system so there is No Cycling happening at the present time. I suppose it’s better to get these bugs ironed out now before there are 10’s of thousands of members.

First off – Cycle stats: As of 10:00 am EST,  spot number 100048179 entered the level 1 grid at the very end of the line.

So from that number we can figure out where we are in the cycling, so….

48179 = very end of the line

48179/4 = 12044 = latest spot to cycle in level 1

12044/4 = 3011  =  latest spot to cycle in lvl 2

3011/4  =   752   =  latest spot to cycle in lvl 3

752/4    =   188   =  latest spot to cycle in level 4

And so on for the last two levels. I’m nowhere near anything higher than level 3 yet so I didn’t bother going any higher.

You can use the number 4 for doing the figuring because for every 4 spots that enter the line, 1 spot cycles out.

You can also use the number 4 to help you figure out how many new spots are needed before you cycle. Say you had matrix number 15000. Multiply it by 4 and you see that there needs to be 60000 total spots waiting to cycle. So taking 60000 needed, and subtract today’s actual number of 48179, you can see in a jiffy that there needs to be just under 12k spots entered before you cycle.

2×2 Forced Matrix

UW is a “2×2 forced matrix” system, consisting of 6 different levels. In order to “cycle” a matrix you need to fill it like shown in the picture below.

It is considered “forced” because there is just one gigantic line of spots, starting on the left and moving to the right. You DO NOT need any referrals to cycle. It is a huge team build.

It is a 2×2 because in order to cycle, you need to have 2 spots fill beneath you, and then those spots need to have 2 fill in beneath those two.

Imagine a bunch of the pictures below set up side by side, and that is how they fill, starting from the left to the right. When the end of the line is reached, it will start filling the second row where 1 and 2 are, left to right. When that row is full the third row starts filling where 3-4-5-6 are. Once those four spots fill the person at the top “cycles” that matrix and moves to the end of the line at the next higher level. Then spots one and two are at the top of that matrix waiting for 3-4-5-6 to get their two spots filled each.


This is what a completed or “cycled out” l level 1 Dust Devil matrix looks like:

You can see me at the top, liam400 completed the next row and the other 4 people completed the bottom row. When johnh filled the bottom right spot, I cycled level 1 and moved to the end of the line in “Whirlwind 2 (Gustnado). You can’t see it here, but matrix 9358 was the next one to the right of this matrix. Once johnh filled the last spot in 9357, the line moves from left to right into the bottom row of 9358 and continues on…. I hope this makes sense.

In this next example we can see that this is Grid 1 20733. We have our first row filled by jenicaepp in both the first row spots and we are waiting for the four spots to fill in the bottom row. Take 20733 and multiply it by 4 tell us that we need to wait until matrix number 82000 gets entered before it cycles, roughly two more days.

There you have it – I hope this helps someone out, and I will add more as I get asked more questions.

check out Unstoppable Whirlwind here: http://www.unstoppablewhirlwind.com/?moggle

Unstoppable Whirlwind – How It Works

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Unstoppable Whirlwind – Current Cycle Times

UnstoppableWhirlwind – Almost one full day in the books for the latest addition to our passive income portfolio, and l must say, this program so far has certainly exceeded my expectations. Looks like this one is really taking off much quicker than I expected anyway.

From the latest Admin update:

We are very glad to announce that it has been a very successful day for all of us. It really motivates us to see the kind of response we are getting. We now 2600 plus members strong (in less than 24 hours), out which about 1600 members have upgraded to PRO.

From my personal perspective, and all of what follows will be based on just the purchase of the first day – WITHOUT any daily subs being added in, which they will be in approximately 30 minutes from now (At 10:30 or so EST). I’m getting very excited for the first cycling frenzy… A Whirlwind if you will… Sorry. I’ll stop now. In any event, once the first subs are added we should get a nice shove as there will be around 10k new subs added.

Cycle Times and other Tidbits

Hopefully the Admin  here will put a counter up on the site so we can see where we are cycle-wise. I guess until then, we’ll have to do it the old fashioned way.

Level 1’s – As of 10:15 EST we are right around matrix 5350 cycling without any subs.

Level 2’s – As of 9:00 EST we are in the low 1200’s, without any subs.

That’s all I know since that’s where my matrices are at the moment. Keep in mind that each level matrix has different numbers. If you cycle matrix 5600 in level 1, it will not be 5600 in level 2. It will be whatever the last number is of the next higher matrix.

Total matrices bought so far:

I just bought  Grid #1 (100020739) at 9:50 EST. Not too shabby – No daily subs and already almost 21k spots bought.

Important tidbit I almost didn’t catch: Once you do cycle, check your “repurchase balance” because 25% of your cycle money goes there and you can buy $1 freebie spots that cycle but have no daily subscription. But you need to buy them manually.  Thankfully, someone wiser than me was nice enough to point that out on MMG to me.

Also, I’m getting asked how much extra to keep in our ewallets for daily subs. Tough call since we’re so new and haven’t yet even seen firsthand the effects of a daily sub injection. My sponsor said between $5 and $10, but I think just to be safe I’m going to keep $10-15. I figure that should be more than plenty the first week or two.

Check out the Unstoppable Whirlwind here: http://www.unstoppablewhirlwind.com/?moggle

Unstoppable Whirlwind – Current Cycle Times


Unstoppable Whirlwind Launch – Passive Income

Unstoppable Whirlwind


Unstoppable WhirlWind has Launched, and we can now buy $1 daily sub positions!

This program is very similar to “The Golden Path” ( daily subs), only the angels are called “Whirlwind positions”. You purchase $1 daily subscriptions in a series of company forced, 2×2 cycler matrices. As more spots from either new purchases or from daily subs enter the matrices beneath you , your spots cycle out to higher lever matrices. Again, these are company forced matrices so no need to worry about needing referrals in order to cycle!

Soon, As more and more spots get entered behind yours, your daily sub payments start getting paid for from cycling. Then, you will start to earn more and more in the form of  bonuses from cycling each level matrix.

Make sure to keep enough in your balance to keep up with your daily subscription payments! Or else your account will turn into WhirlWinds!

Both Payza as well as STP are available now, not sure about credit cards with Payza.

A few simple guidelines I got from my sponsor:

Fund Your E-wallet. Then Purchase Daily Ads!

Edit July 5 – I would plan having $25-30 available for each $1 daily sub commitment, just to be safe.

For Example: Ten $1 Daily Subs = $250 Reserves Guesstimate.

* as long as you keep $10 in there a day, you are fine!

Watch your Re-Purchase Balance: These are 1 Time Buys… Spend ASAP as You Cycle!

Sign-up link: http://www.unstoppablewhirlwind.com/?moggle

Here is more promo material from the site:

The Problem:Most sites fall into the state of inertia. But what is inertia? It is the principle that an object will resist motion. In other words, the matrix stalls. But why? Too much is paid out and not enough is coming in the right channels! It is a FACT that an object in motion stays in motion. But how do you keep it in motion? It is a balanced combination of Daily Ad Subs, and more importantly, lots and lots of FILLER POSITIONS keeping the grid constantly moving to offset the growth.

✔ Over $500 of Unstoppable Earning Potential from Every $1 Ad You Purchase!
✔ Your $1 Daily Ad Subscriptions Access Powerful Daily Advertising!
✔ You Earn Each Time Your 2×2 Grid is Filled in 6 Different Whirlwind Phases!
✔ Sponsoring does not fill your 2×2, therefore, it is not a requirement to earn!
✔ 75% Cash Out : 25% Repurchase Standard to Put YOU in Control of More Cycling!
✔ Over $50 in Sponsoring Bonuses are Rewarded throughout the 6 Whirlwind Phases!
✔ You Can Fund your eWallet with Payza (formerly Alertpay) or SolidTrustPay!

✘Join Here! $15 min…. Make Sure You Plan Your Daily Reserves

New Passive Income Program Will Not Launch This Weekend

Here is the latest regarding the new passive income program launch I’ve been hinting at that was set to possibly go this weekend – It will not. Here is the latest from my upline:

You can all relax.. there is no way the program will launch this weekend. STP is having too many problems. I will send out an update Monday morning as to when the early bird launch MAY take place. It all boils down to STP getting through their issues. On a side note, the STP staff is still operating and asking the admin a few more questions… AND IT’s THE WEEKEND.

MyTrafficValue – I’m going to recommend holding off here from making any spends in the cycler line for the time being, just until the site gets monetized a bit better and MTV gets their full-time coders in place.

Unless you get your spend in the split second the Pre-Invest line opens, you might not cycle. I am still taking advantage of this line, but with only one spend and I used to easily be able to cycle two spends. In this latest round, I think I got my second spend in three seconds after the pre invest line opened and it wasn’t among the spends to cycle instantly if that tells you anything.

And since there really hasn’t been much action in the “monetizing of the site” yet the Daily Variable payments are pitifully small. I understand Jo wants to “Fast track” (pay off instantly and completely 125%) most of the spends in the daily variable, but I hope people don’t lose interest seeing the paltry “daily” payments while they wait to be Fast tracked their full 125%.

If you are still interested in the current cycler rounds, I also adjusted the countdown timer on the MTV Cycler Strategy Page to better reflect when the new cycler rounds start times, since they no longer jive with the times on the Invest Log Page. You can also find the start times by going to the Invest Page, click on “Advanced” and beneath that it says something like “If Billy isn’t paid 110% within 94:54:57 the next round will begin.” When that time gets to 48:00:00 the pre-invest line for the next round opens.

It seems the admin is having trouble finding coders able to devote their full time to MTV. Admin Jo said they have hired another programmer but this new guy still needs time to make the switch full-time. And until MTV gets some of their games they’ve been promising for weeks now and sell some advertising (The site gets great traffic, I wonder why they haven’t taken advantage of this income!)

Online Income Opportunity Updates: 6/20/12

Just a few online income opportunity updates for today regarding programs found in our passive income portfolio: My Traffic Value, SafeRisk and T2MoneyKlub and Compound150

MyTrafficValue– I’m still taking advantage of the 110% cycler at MTV every four days, but you definitely need to pre-invest fast… Invest the second the pre-invest line open. You need to get your spend in or else you might not cycle instantly and if your spend ends up in the Daily Variable, it will most likely take at least a month before earning you back 125% on your money. A month to earn back 125% is still fine and dandy, however we can make quite a bit more than that (more like 2x that!!) if we stick with only the 110% cycler and cycle instantly. You definitely want to watch the timer and get your spend down the second the line opens.

I have step by step pre-invest cycler instructions I wrote, complete with a countdown timer here:  MTV: How to Cycle Instantly  I simply cycle once right at the start of the round and then wait for the next round’s pre-invest line to open.

See more of My Traffic Value here: http://mytrafficvalue.com/ref/moggle

Wealth4all Team – The W4a site might be down for a bit – Currently moving to a new server. I got this from the Skype rm:

 We apologize for the inconvenience! We are in the process of moving wealth4allteam.com to a new server. Because of this  you will experience wealth4allteam.com being up and down for the next day or two until the move is complete.

Also getting closer to the launch of W4a’s new sister site called Genesis soon. They still won’t tell us what it is, just the usual rah-rah about it setting the entire industry on its ear. Still though, I’m eager to see what W4a has in store for us yet. By far my number one program on the net right now.

Check out W4a here: http://wealth4allteam.com/signup.php?spon=706

Check out my Referral Cash-Back offers here: W4a ref cash back

SafeRisk – In another 10 days or so the first deposits that went into SR ought to be maturing, and the spend will be returned for a total pure profit of 150%. I know for certain I will be re-depositing the returned spend right back into the kitty and then collecting on it for as long as SafeRisk may live. Hopefully many other investors will have the same mind set and put a collective effort of riding out a nice long profit streak.

T2MoneyKlub and C150 – Lo and behold, Dave popped into the MNF yesterday promising he is just about finished work on three new programs – spin-off sites I guess, that will once again propel T2 to the top of the online passive income program industry. He also paid the pending C150 payouts. I guess this once again revives the faintest glimmer of hope I have that T2 can come back from the dead, but the heartbeat is barely ticking.

I’m also wondering if T2 is now into the piggy backing business as I see he is promoting another popular HYIP on the forum. I got all excited when I saw the ad banner there, but when I clicked it took me to a ref-link of a Peakr8. I suppose Dave is about at wits end trying to come up with some money for ever mounting withdrawals so maybe he took a royal shot in the dark. All in all that HYIP is performing much better than selling T2 webstock on Flippa ever did.

Online Income Opportunity Updates

Passive Income Opportunity Updates – 6/17/2012

Greetings, and Happy Fathers Day and some Passive income opportunity updates for today, june 17.

MyTrafficValue– Pre-invest for the next cycler round opens today at 23:15:01(UTC/GMT). For the most part, the cycler is the only portion of MTV that is really happening at the moment, but I have been enjoying the passive profits of this cycler.  I just wait for the timer to hit zero and pre-invest in the next cycler round. Then in a couple days I earn 110% on my cash instantly. Really an awesome way to earn some nice passive profits every four days, but there still isn’t a ton of money going through the cycler yet so you need to pre-invest fast! – As soon as the pre-invest line opens.

I have step by step pre-invest cycler instructions I wrote.  MTV: How to Cycle Instantly  I already sent this to everyone on my list as well as to all my refs.

See more of My Traffic Value here: http://mytrafficvalue.com/ref/moggle

Wealth4all Team – Reached the 30,000 member mark this past week, impressive to say the least. In one of my last W4a updates I mentioned being a bit leery of their program-wide switch from using payment processors such as Payza and Solid Trust Pay to only using the Global Ewallet from Ipayout. According to the latest update I received yesterday, I worried needlessly about the hasty departure:

4.- For those of you that were worried about us eliminating Payza and STP from our system and thought it was going to slow us down and make us loose momentum, well, you don’t need to worry.  Even though we did see a small percentage slow down immediately after the decision, we have already in a week’s time caught up and back on track.

I’ve had executives in other MLM companies that have actually applauded our decision and are trying to consult with us as to how they can accomplish the same themselves.  Everyone is aware of the issues with third party processors and everyone is losing money and having money held hostage by those institutions. Guess what, people don’t like it !  They just don’t know how to implement a solution and in many instances are afraid of what it will do to their business.

By taking a bold step and being the first to do it, we are blazing the trail and allowing others to see that it can be done and that there are other viable, less expensive solutions out there that work even better than those third party do.  Once everyone is educated and trained in I-payout, no one will even remember Payza and STP.  And by doing that, we will have complete freedom and control of our funds, your funds and our company.

Also, iPayout and W4a have come out with some new options for some of the countries that could only deposit by wire in the past. These countries are India, Pakistan, Shri-lanka and Brazil.

Check out W4a here: http://wealth4allteam.com/signup.php?spon=706

Check out my Cash-Back offers here: W4a ref cash back

SafeRisk – Got my first spend at SR into passive profit mode, and have a few spend I made out of earnings are almost there. Once I am well into the black here I will definitely put some of the profits back in as this has been an excellent passive income program. No BS, just payments done on time.

T2MoneyKlub and C150 – I finally decided to put these two dogs down for good. I tried to give Dave every possible benefit of the doubt to get these two back up and running, but now that I see even C150 payments pending for more than 5 days and Dave can’t even show his face in his own forum of supporters, I guess enough is enough.

I’ll admit it: I lost every penny that I put into this program. I was literally just about to push the button for my very first withdrawal when the second wave came crashing down.

I thought for sure that when T2 rose from the ashes back in Feb, Dave would be able to pull it off again. Usually when problems of that magnitude occur, there is no way the program is ever coming back. Yet somehow, it did.  I was confident that I would be ok compounding for the first 75 days. Bad move. I bought into it – and lost.

I still don’t think Dave meant to scam or even rip anyone off, but this was his first program. I guess it all just got away from him.  I’ll give him props as a great talker, but so far woefully inept as a program admin.

I need to start practicing what I preach, as I broke one of my cardinal rules: NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, NEVER COMPOUND UNTIL YOU HAVE YOUR SEED MONEY OUT!!

Please someone slap me if I ever buy into the hype again.

Passive Income Opportunity Updates – 6/17/2012


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