RicanAdFunds Review


RicanAdsFunds.com: Found a promising looking “Paid to Advertise” program offering 2% daily for 125 days (250% total return) called Rican Ads Funds. This will be my first program from this admin, but he is known and respected online, at least to the best of my knowledge. He is also the admin for the popular social networking site ISM Magic as well as another PTA site; ISM AdsIncome.

I believe it is currently in pre-launch, but in any event, it opened its doors about 12 hours ago… Perfect time to start making some hay. I would want to join this passive income program within 2 weeks or so to have the best shot at a good profit run, so consider upgrading on or before Oct 10th or so.

Pay Plan:

  • 2% paid daily for 125 days (250% Total Return)
  • 100% Passive Profit Share
  • $15 Ad Packs
  • Each Ad Pack also gets you:
    • 5000 Header Banner (486 x 60) Impressions
    • 5000 Feature Banner (125 x 125) Impressions
    • 5000 Feature Text Ad Impressions


  • STP
  • EgoPay
  • PerfectMoney
  • LR

Note Regarding Purchases: Shares are manually placed, so it might take a bit of time before you see them show up in your back office. Mine were placed within the hour but I have read of other people’s taking a few hours to get placed. The site says to only send a ticket if more than 24 hours elapses from the time you bought them and you still don’t see them in your BO.


  • $15 Minimum withdrawals
  • Referral Coms 3 Levels Deep (7%, 5% and 3% respectively)
  • Pays Daily
  • Compounding available (don’t get too crazy with the compounding until you are in profit, k?)


The safest strategy in any of these types of programs is to jump in as early as possible, upgrade and then withdraw until you at least break even before considering any profit-run strategy. This will take you 50 days to break even. I’m not sure yet what I will do yet after I break even. Possibly I will switch to the old tried and true 30%-70% strategy where I will withdraw $3 for every $7 I use to buy more ad packs. This way you continue to build your account as you make your withdrawals as long as the program may run. If RicanAdFunds lasts beyond 125 days (and I have no reason to think it won’t… Just being cautious), you will always have new adpacks earning for you due to the 70% you have been buying out of profits all along.

Gambler Strategy:

I’ll admit I sometimes like to compound 100% of my earnings the first 14 days in these types of programs. Keep in mind – Going about things this way adds risk. Especially if disaster should strike before getting to day 40 or so, but I still think it is worth it. The “Gambler” only adds one day to the break even point for a total of 51 days, and by compounding the first 14 days, I will now be earning on 131% of my initial spend. Earning on almost a full third more makes the reward worth the risk to me.

Check out RicanAdFunds here: http://www.ricanadfunds.com/?moggle

“Paid to Advertise” program offering 2% daily for 125 days (250% total return) called Rican Ads Funds.



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GoFunPlaces – GoFunRewards Homepage Up

GoFunPlaces/GoFunRewards: Well, we have a homepage for the website to go to now so I guess that can be considered progress while we wait for the Go Fun Places / Go Fun Rewards launch. If you haven’t already you can check it out here: http://www.gofunrewards.com/?s=moggle

There is also a new audio update found right there on the homepage to listen to. It’s a bit more hype than actual news, but there are a few snippets of things to come so I recommend listening in if you haven’t already.

The cut off date for founder’s bonuses still shows as being this Fri, Sept 28, but I am hopeful this will get pushed back a bit since I know people (myself included!) at the very least want to be able to log in, look around at the back offices etc before forking over their hard earned cash to some mysterious entity found on the net. I asked my upline if the date might get pushed back until at the very least the site is up. He said he would email Randal to see if this might be possible.

If you would like to get a jump on the upgrading rush, let me know and I can shoot you over a copy of the “Fast Start” form. It has the amounts of the different levels as well as processor fees etc.

Check it out GoFunPlaces here: http://www.gofunrewards.com/?s=moggle

Legal Disclaimer for GFP

AdzRewards: This advertising rev-share offering 2% daily has been running for around two weeks now. I really like the payment person here… Always paid quickly and sometimes even on certain days of the weekend, though the terms say payouts are only Mon – Fri.

I did notice my banner views get eaten up in a hurry so I started only running one banner ad at a time to spread out my credits somewhat. This seems to have helped. Plus, they give you 5000 credits per $2 adpack now. I’m not sure how many you got in the past, but you definitely get more now which also keeps the banners/text ads getting seen more.

All in all, great program so far, but like I said, the program has been running two weeks now. If you are considering making a new spend or have been compounding up until now, I would recommend concentrating your efforts on getting to the break even point before putting your profit run strategy in place.


GoFunPlaces Launch – Still Waiting

We’re still waiting for news of an actual launch date for GoFunPlaces, but in the meantime, a few updates for passive income and a couple non-passive income programs found in our portfolio: GoFunPlaces , Wealth4all and Right5.

Go Fun Places / Get PreLaunch – Launch keeps getting pushed back but I suppose it’s better to make sure everything is prepared and ready for the bull rush when the doors finally do open. In all fairness, I guess I can’t really say it’s been pushed back when there has yet to be one officially announced, just wishful thinking I suppose from the higher-ups maybe? I don’t mind waiting though.. I’d rather have them be ready and not a big mess when they do finally go. I’m not saying everything will go without a hitch in GoFunPlaces either, but hopefully at least all the basics will be up and running when they do finally launch.

I’ve been talking to my upline regarding how exactly giving away Lifestyle Dollars will work. We will be required to give our “Lifestyle Dollars” away in order to earn in the “DAILY BUSINESS BUILDERS BONUS POOL”. Every 100 days we will be required to give away a certain amount two a minimum of 2 people, an amount depending on our personal “Rewards Credits”.

The people you give them to DO NOT need to use them, we just need to give them to them or send them via email. If they DO use them, we will get a percentage of what they spend on top of what we generate for ourselves in our daily Lifestyle rewards.

These Lifestyle Dollars work the same as cash. Here is another snippet he used to explain things a bit more from our conversation:

The cool thing about the LS dollars is that it is 1-1 value of a real dollar.  If a product cost $200 in the virtual mall and you give someone 100 LD dollars then you just earned 100 reward credits that enable you to earn daily.  The person you gave them to now has $100 toards a $200 item which saves them 50%.  In addition, they will pay for the remaining $100 in the form of LS dollars and you will earn an additional 10-12% on their purchase amount.

Not only that, you can use the LS Dollars yourself too, but you get 50% reward credits vs 100% if you give them away to new members.

Check it out GoFunPlaces here: http://www.gofunrewards.com/?s=moggle

Wealth4All – Latest news here is that W4a is having a second coming! Looks like they have decided to move the servers offshore and continue on. The details aren’t fully out yet, but I was glad to hear they will be back, albeit in a more underground fashion now.

Right5 – Got the latest Rightfive Admin update today. I see it’s been running for a month now, so I’m pretty sure everyone joining with my link should be way into profit now. If you are not yet, get there and enjoy the profits! If you DO NOT have a current spend in R5 now I would NOT make one. I’m writing this more for people currently in the program. Joining fresh now would be risky.

The other nice thing mentioned in the update was that we can withdraw on Saturdays now too! In the past we could only withdraw Monday through Friday. I always thought it was odd since we still earned on weekends, and that all this did was slam the poor person with a ton of payments to send out come Mondays.

I’m still not sure how to best go about the profit run at R5 because we can only have 5 current spends in at any one time. I’m thinking for now I will make a new spend each week using 70% of the previous week’s earnings, 100% of which are profits at this point.

Still waiting for news of an actual launch date for GoFunPlaces, but in the meantime, a few updates for passive income and a couple non-passive income programs found in our portfolio: GoFunPlaces , Wealth4all and Right5.

GoFunPlaces GetPrelaunch Launch Update

A few updates for passive income and a couple non-passive income programs found in our portfolio: GoFunPlaces GetPrelaunch, Wealth4all, AdzRewards and Buku Ads.

Go Fun Places / Get PreLaunch – Launch will happen hopefully Tues or Wed of this week. The founder bonuses have been announced and they look quite good. I’ll send you a Pdf file explaining both the founder bonuses as well as one explaining the entire pay plan with your welcome emails, but the founder bonuses will be as follows:

Any Premier Package (starting at $150 and on up, ONE TIME) purchased before Sept. 23 will be worth an additional 50% “Daily Reward Credits”.

In addition to the Founders Special, you will still earn bonuses up to 6 levels in your team for Premier Pack purchases.  You earn up to 12% cash bonus AND Daily Reward Credits on your personal referrals.  You also earn Daily Reward Credits up to 6 levels deep depending on your qualification.


$500 Premier Pack
BONUS: 250
Total: 750 Daily Reward Credits
$5000 Premier Pack
BONUS: 2,500
Total: 7,500 Daily Reward Credits
$12,500 Premier Pack
BONUS: 6,250
Total: 18,750 Daily Reward Credits

The changes to the Founders Special applies to everyone and is a great way to surge your Daily Reward Credits right from the start.  If you join at the $1,500+ package you will also benefits from an extra 10% – 20% credits on the sales from from the people you personally sponsored.  If you choose a package less than $1,500 then you will earn 5% on your personal sales volume.

Check it out for free here: http://www.gofunrewards.com/?s=moggle

Wealth4All – Closed shop abruptly last week with the admin citing compliance issues that need to be sorted before they can launch Genesis. I’m not supposed to talk about W4a here, but since there is no more W4a I guess it doesn’t matter if I want to now.

My site got a visit from one of the W4a admins about a month ago and they told me to quit talking about W4a and to take down all the pages on here I had regarding the program here. I was annoyed at first, but understood since my site has the word “passive” plastered all over it and they didn’t want anyone to get the wrong idea about the program. They didn’t want anyone to take away from here that W4a were offering “passive investments” or something. So I did what they asked.

But anyway, I just wanted to say now that I’ve been reading in the Skype rooms and elsewhere that refs WILL NOT follow us into the new program. Not sure why they’re doing it this way, but if any of my W4a refs need help, no matter who they join the new program under, let me know and I will do my best to help you with whatever I can. Hopefully the new version will offer everybody ways to earn without recruiting.

AdzRewards.com – Got off to a good start by the looks of things. Launched with around 1400 members and now 4 days later there are almost 1800. I have no idea how many have actually upgraded, but still nice to see the steady growth.

I didn’t expect to see the Withdrawal button lit over the weekend since the FAQs say paying Mon thru Fri, but alas, it was lit on Sunday so I was able to request a withdrawal.  I’ve also found that support is fast with replies to tickets, as well as open to member suggestions. So far so good, but fingers crossed for a nice, long run here!

JOIN HERE: http://www.adzrewards.com/?ref=moggle

Buku Ads – If you want to buy advertising in this one, I would definitely only consider buying “Singles” and not daily subs. Sad to say, but I will be taking down the pages for Buku since I don’t think this one has much of a chance to make it in its current form. Maybe they’ll come up with a feeder or something to help out.

A few updates for passive income and a couple non-passive income programs found in our portfolio: GoFunPlaces GetPrelaunch, Wealth4all, AdzRewards and Buku Ads.



I just got wind of a promising rev-share program launching today, Sept 13 called AdzRewards. This passive income program offers 2% daily, and looks like it might be a nice earner for us to generate funds for the bigger program launches this fall.

AdzRewards.com review

– Pays 2% Daily
– Shares are $2 each
– Shares expire at $4 (200%)
– $10 minimum to purchase
– $5 minimum withdrawal
– repurchase set at 20% (to prevent all out hit and running)
– Passive – No Recruiting to Earn
– Banner and Text ad section to advertise your other programs.
– Admin: Kathy Paisley (or so it says on the site)


-SolidTrustPay, EgoPay and Liberty Reserve


If you are new to these types of programs, the safest strategy is to upgrade as soon as possible and then withdraw until you at least break even. Do Not Compound until then. After that, I usually withdraw a percentage, and re-invest the rest. There is already 20% auto compounded for this program, but everyone is forced to play by the same rules, and this repurchase rule in place ought to make this a longer running program.

JOIN HERE: http://www.adzrewards.com/?ref=moggle

2% daily rev-share program launching today, Sept 13 called AdzRewards

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GoFunPlaces – GetPreLaunch: Launch Sept 12

Go Fun Places / Get PreLaunch – Has tentatively set launch for sometime between Sept. 12 and the 15th for Founder launch. Still no word on how much these founder positions will cost, but at least we now know what processors they will be accepting.

I was mildly surprised, but glad to see Payza is being offered, along with STP and bank wires. Looks like the ewallet will be something called PayToo. I’ve personally never heard of them, but after a quick look at their site it looks like they are gearing themselves toward the smart phone market (who isn’t these days?), and offer a Mastercard Pre-paid debit card. Fees look decent enough: Paytoo Fees

Portion of latest update from upline:

This coming week is our week to join.  I recommend you take the steps you need by registering an account with one of the payment processors covered below.  We are waiting for the doors to open and registering our founder positions as soon as the light turns green!

1. Founders launch will be before September 15th but targeted for the 12th.  Founders will receive additional %’s in the bonus pools.  Those who join after October 13-14 will not qualify.  
2. GoFunPlaces made an offer to purchase a 25 year old travel agency.  I am waiting to hear the outcome but either way it is not a requirement but a nice bonus for us all!
3. Payment processors that will be available to fund your account.
      – Payza
      – Solidtrustpay
      – Bank Wire
      – PayToo – eWallet


Check it out for free here: http://www.getprelaunch.com/Moggle

Go Fun Places / Get PreLaunch – Has tentatively set launch for sometime between Sept. 12 and the 15th for Founder launch.

GetPreLaunch – GoFunPlaces


I have a new program to add to our “futures” portfolio today, currently in pre-launch until mid-Sept called Get PreLaunch – Go Fun Places. This is considered to be the Founder PreLaunch of Go Fun Places.

Go Fun Places – You can sign up now to “lock in” your position. There is no website yet, nor can you upgrade. I’ve been reading over the PDF with the pay plan and as you might imagine, it is quite involved.  I will attach a copy of it with your welcome email. Here is a simplified version.

How it will work in a nutshell:

  • We upgrade to one of the levels offered and then drive traffic to their various “Leisure and Lifestyle” sites. By doing this we become eligible to share in the “Daily Lifestyle Rewards Pool”, which is a percentage of the company profits, paid out daily. There is no recruiting required for to share in this pool.
  • If you are a recruiter, you earn on the purchases your refs make a percentage I believe 9 levels deep. You also earn a certain amount for whichever level you are in (Silver, Gold etc).

There is obviously much more to it than that, but this is a start. Again, I will send a copy of the pay plan with your welcome email. This will give us plenty of time to come up with questions for the upcoming webinars.

Here is a bit more taken from the site:

The travel niche is the third fastest growing industry online($4+ trillion annually), global daily profit revenue sharing pool
that pays you daily. Go fun Places is powered by a $70+ million global direct sales company that has office around the world.

Go Fun Places will give away free “Lifestyle Dollars” instead of free bids. They can be used towards bidding, credit towards discounted travel/vacation products. Products such as vacation packages, cruise, airfare, coach bags for the ladies, golf clubs, etc…

Many people have made their wealth in travel opportunities but none of them come close to what Go Fun Places has to offer. It’s currently in Founder’s Launch which gives us an opportunity to position ourselves before the public launch in September.

There will also be special Incentives for Affiliates “Hurt” by the closing of Zeek and other questionable Penny Auction Programs
that claimed to be legal, but are now changing their plans.


Legal Patent Pending Online Auction.
– Amazing Revenue Profit Share Pool Pays Daily.
– No Sponsoring or Recruiting Required.
– Simple System…Mass Appeal.
– Global 100+ Countries.
– Community Support…Feed The Children, etc…
– $750 m/o Dark Blue BMW Bonus.
– All Expense Paid Vacation Paid Bonus.
– Simple and Affordable for the Masses.
– and more…

Check it out for free here: http://www.getprelaunch.com/Moggle

New program to add to our “futures” portfolio today, currently in pre-launch until mid-Sept called GetPreLaunch – GoFunPlaces.

Passive Income Updates Sep 4

Greetings, Just a few updates today for programs currently found in our passive income portfolio: Right5, PipsFund and Buku Ads.

PipsFund.com – Our only HYIP that offers payouts on weekends has been doing just that – Paying. Nobody on the forums reporting any problems either. Both fingers and toes crossed this one is able to take over the void left when SilverStructure bit the dust. Speaking of forums, I’ve seen quite a bit of interest in the Pips Fund threads in all the bigger forums as well, no doubt due to the hefty advertising budget of this admin.

I get a chuckle each time I log in and read the “Shout Box”. The “Admin” is usually right there patiently answering the usual noob questions. I’m not even sure why I find it amusing, maybe just the novelty of having the shout box right there in the BO or something.  It also occurred to me that I never tried the Live Support thingy located there as well. I’ve been in a few of these lately where there is never anyone there and your questions end up in support tickets if they are ever answered at all. I took it upon myself to type in a benign question and lo and behold… Someone named “Tom” answered back in seconds flat. So at least for now, there are numerous ways to quickly get hold of someone from Admin quickly.

Keep it up PipsFund, looking good for this new kid on the block. Anyone considering joining while the getting is good should do just that: Get in sooner rather than later, withdraw until breaking even and then play with profits.

Sign up link: http://pipsfund.com/?ref=moggle

Right5 – Good vibrations here as well in our other HYIP. I keep getting more paid solo’s in my inbox and seeing other banner-type advertising for this program so they continue to advertise. Not someone’s ref links either – Advertising this admin has paid for, so I can only assume business is good and they are looking for a long run. They have miles to go before they reach Royalty7 levels of popularity, but my account will be waiting, primed and ready to go should R5 come anywhere close.

Anyone with active spends might want to be coming up with a good profit strategy now, since you need to plan out your re-investments (You can only have 5 active spends at any one time).

Anyone NOT currently in, I would consider passing on investing here. Right5 has been running for a while now and for the best shot at a good profit run, by now I would think you need to be well on your way to break-even point in order to do so.

Buku Ads – I’m not sure what the thinking is of some people here. It’s like they just don’t “get it” and immediately jump ship without ever really giving a chance to what Vicki and James are trying to put together here: A Viable Long-Term Program. I don’t know if hit and runners kind of “gambled” for good numbers at randomization and gave up their accounts when they didn’t, or if people simply didn’t realize what the “building” aspect of a long term program would take. In either/both scenarios it is currently making things more difficult for those that do understand and are doing what is necessary in order to do build one.

Vicki did hint of something coming down the pike which would “enhance” BuKu. In the past with Cap’s other programs, that has meant a new feeder program, but until she and James announce something we are just going to be left to wonder. She also mentioned the football pool starting up again as the NFL season is now upon us. Looking forward to a shot at winning some nice BuKu Spots in the pool.

A few updates today for programs currently found in our passive income portfolio: Right5, PipsFund and Buku Ads.