PrimusHub – Recorded Q&A Call Links

Happy Halloween to everyone!

PrimusHub: Some of you have been asking me for the links to the recorded Q&A calls so I figured I would start putting them up here so everyone can enjoy the southern charms of Leanne.

There is still problems getting welcome emails as well as the iPayout emails we are supposed to be getting when we join Primus Social.

Here are the links, I will update this post with the newly recorded links as I receive them each night, so check back often.

Update Nov 7: I am no longer putting the links for the recorded calls here. They can now be found here: PrimusHub Program Details

Recorded Calls:

Call recording from Monday, Oct 29:

Call recording from Tues, Oct 30:

Call recording from Wed, Oct 31 

Call recording from Thurs, Nov 1:

Call recording from Friday, Nov 2:

Call recording from Sat, Nov 3   


Call recording from Mon, Nov 5: 

PrimusHub Help or Questions:

Sneak Peek at PrimusHub site:

PrimusHub Sign-Up Link

GoFun Rewards – Lifestyle Dollars

GoFunPlaces Program Details Giving away our GoFun Rewards Lifestyle Dollars and Club cards was one of the main topics in last night’s conference call, as well as more info on the 3rd party systems which will be offered as a way to do the work for us if we are unable or just don’t want the bother of doing it ourselves

Lifestyle Dollar News

Randal explained the link for our lifestyle dollars should be in our BO’s either Wed or Thurs of this week. Once there, we can start giving them away by using the pre-approved ads found in our BO’s. The ads will have our affiliate links in them, so whenever someone accepts the Lifestyle Dollars by entering their name and email address we get credited for successfully giving however many we chose beforehand, up to 200 for now.

Giving them away should be easy too. They are given away according to IP address, one unique per customer, but there are other exceptions as well. Say you are at a party drinking with your buddies and you decide to whip out your laptop to show people the auction site, and three people want some Lifestyle Dollars. Your friends can log into either their FaceBook, Skype or Twitter accounts and accept the Lifestyle Dollars that way. The system records that as a unique “person” for you automatically, so you can see how will make things much easier than trying to find an unused IP address.

3rd Party Vendor News

For those of us that would rather not bother with placing the daily ads and giving away the Lifestyle Dollars and Club Cards there will be 3rd party services that will do these for us. Randal explained they are working on implementing an API system for integration with GoFun Rewards, however these are still at least 10 days away from completion.

The cool thing with the API system is that none of the 3rd party services will need to actually log into our accounts directly. In fact, Randal warned that under no circumstances should anyone other than you ever need to log into your accounts in order for you to use any of the 3rd party systems. The API interface will make that unnecessary.

I don’t think placing one ad daily and then giving away free money is going to be all that big a deal for me, but I understand people not wanting to do the work themselves. In fact, that has been the #1 question I have been getting from my refs – “When will the 3rd party vendors be ready?” lol. The general consensus has it that $10 is more than a fair price to pay for this service.

You won’t be penalized if you decide to wait for the vendors to get up and running, but you will have an opportunity to earn quicker if you do things yourself for the first couple of weeks. The sooner you give away Lifestyle Dollars, the sooner you get daily credits earning for you.

GoFunPlaces – Guide: GoFun Rewards – How it Works

Video Presentation found here: GFP Video Presentation

Join Here: GFP Sign up Page

Legal Disclaimer for GFP

PrimusHub Program Link – Founder Share Update

A few updates regarding pre-launch links for PrimusHub, the central meeting spot for Wealth4AllMarketing  as well as founder share sales there, the latest on GoFunPlaces’ launch and the upcoming celebration day at PipsFund – Break even point.

Update Oct 24 – PrimusHub link is now LIVE. If your sponsor is NOT participating: JOIN HERE


Affiliate links for  W4a’s site PrimusHubTeam should be ready very soon. The latest update I got yesterday said they were scheduled to go out then, but errors found over the weekend forced them to hold back another day while the developers fix the glitches and test everything again. Keep an eye out, it should be within days. As soon as I get my link I will be sending it out to my refs as well as putting one up here. I have no idea what Primus Hub has in store for us yet but is priced reasonably enough ($12.95/mo) where I wouldn’t mind testing it for a month or two if the case may be.

Founder share sales are now within 60,000 of the 300k goal, and the cut-off date for the 10% bonus shares has been extended until Friday, Oct 26th. I’m a bit surprised PrimusHub sold that many already, but I have read of quite a few people opting for founder shares instead of waiting until their funds locked up in the old W4a get released. Myself, I don’t plan on getting too carried away buying founder shares. I still think it might be risky buying up all these things without fully knowing the details of what PrimusHubTeam has in store for us, but regardless, people are snapping them up.

Also, if you are able to get funds into your iPayout account now, you need to withdraw them to SolidTrustPay and not your bank. The latest tells us W4a will have a wait on their hands getting funds in STP transferred over to their new iPayout accounts.


GoFunPlaces/GoFunRewards Has just about gotten the finishing touches out of the way so GFP can finally run the first commission payouts and then get this show on the road! They are still reports of member upgrades not being credited. If you still don’t show any transactions showing under “My Account”, you need to log in and do the following:

  • You MUST send a email to
  • You must include your USERNAME or ID Number, Name, Proof of payment, and phone number. Any discrepancy reported after this time will be adjusted next week. Spread the word to your team!!!!!!

Please note some members did not send the proper amount, therefore if you did not send the proper amount for payment, your subscription may be set to a lower rate.

GoFunPlaces PDF Presentation and Pay Plan: GFP Pay Plan

Video Presentation found here: GFP Video Presentation

Join Here: Sign up Page

Legal Disclaimer for GFP


PipsFund: We’re closing in on day 50 and break even point, so everyone that joined with me should be close too. Other than a couple server glitches which have been annoying, the admin has been running his show top-notch. Payments have been fast, and he is always available to answer questions or provide support, so I will definitely be supportive in his efforts for a long run here.

This means nothing more than re-investing a good portion of my profits. Since we have 120 days for our spends to mature, I will withdraw until being quite a ways into profit and at around day 75 or so I will switch over to 50/50 for the remaining lifespan of the program. While I hope PipsFund can last beyond the 120 day maturity date when our initial spends are due to be returned, I still want to be realistic here. I think this strategy offers up a decent balance of admin support and member profitability.

Updates regarding pre-launch links for PrimusHub, the central meeting spot for Wealth4AllMarketing  as well as founder share sales there, the latest on GoFunPlaces’ launch and the upcoming celebration day at PipsFund – Break even point.


Incoming search terms:

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Primus Hub: Latest Update From Wealth4all

Here’s the latest update regarding Wealth4all’s new progam – PrimusHub. I was unable to listen to most of the call last night, but I found on a forum someone who had listened to the entire thing and jotted down some of the more pertinent info. Again, I didn’t listen to the entire call yet, so I cannot verify the accuracy of the following forum post, but it sounds very close to what was intimated in the previous call.

Update Oct 24 – PrimusHub link is now LIVE. If your W4a sponsor is NOT participating: JOIN HERE


Link to the recorded version of the hour long conference call:

Important update regarding Founder Shares: If members want to purchase founder shares, make sure you enter the $ amount you intend to purchase. For example: if you want 1 share, make sure you enter $25 in the box. 2 shares; $50 etc. I’m reading of members leaving the amount blank and the script automatically using their entire balance toward shares and then being told the transactions are non-reversible. Not sure what to think about this, hopefully this is just a glitch in the script. Otherwise, sounds a wee bit shady…

Here’s some notes from this call:

You can’t buy shares with your AUs money – the money that hasn’t been put in the cash balance yet, because the share-purchasing ability might be taken away BEFORE we start getting paid the AUs value. So we are not really supposed to be able to exchange one with the other at this moment.

The selling of shares will stop at the end of October OR before the launch of primushub somewhere in November. The 10% bonus for purchasing shares is being extended to Tuesday, October 23. After that you can still buy shares until they close the opportunity completely, BUT you won’t get the 10% bonus on the purchased shares anymore.

Around 22 000 members have signed the new association agreement and around 175 000 shares have been purchased by them. They are going to limit the amount of shares they will issue to around 300 000 of them (they MIGHT change this number although members won’t be able to buy shares forever).

They will allow folks to sell the shares they purchased to other people or to them directly. So, if time goes by and you are not satisfied with them, you’ll be able to sell them. You can determine your own price for the shares when you are selling them.

You don’t have to participate in anything in primushub to get paid from the shares, but you have to be a member of the association.

They will have to open a new bank account for the new organization, because it’s not possible to use their old w4all bank account for the new site.

A lot of their money is in STP – and they have to wait for it to be transferred to their bank account. Because of this STP processing time issue, which delays everything, the money that they currently have in their bank account might get withdrawn from the members faster than it gets cash in from STP.

If that happens, then people will have to wait to get paid from the I-payout – BUT – you will still be able to withdraw from Ipayout to your STP account since they have more cash there. So, you CAN get your money, but if you don’t want to use STP, then you will have to wait until they get more into their bank account.

Members will have a new Ipayout account for the new site. We will be able to choose a new username and password when signing up to the primushub site. Or you can just keep the old data. The username and password you choose then are also going to be used for your new Ipayout system.

Prelaunch of Primushub site is scheduled for the end of this week, Saturday, October 20, but this isn’t certain 100%. Prelaunch phase will take around 2 weeks. There will be primushub sign-up links sent to us to our e-mails. Wait for more news about this sign-up process in the following updates.

Latest update regarding Wealth4all’s new progam – PrimusHub

 – Joined a promising looking HYIP yesterday called CarbonDeals, offering various different plans ranging from daily to weekly, and offering total returns of 108 to 242%. I joined the “Gas Recovery plan” which is 5.2% paid daily for 28 days, for a total profit of 146%.

100% Passive, no recruiting necessary to earn.

Launched Oct 13: I would join this one before Oct 25 or so to have the best shot at a good profit run.

Payment Processors:

Liberty Reserve, SolidTrustPay, EgoPay, PerfectMoney


Payouts 7 days a week, no minimum withdrawal

Referral Commission: 5% on all new spends

ProBiz script, SSL encryption by RapidSSL and DDoS protection from BlackLotus


-Clean Fuel
8.0% Weekly Return Investment Range:
$20 – $500
Maturity in 1 Week
(1 weekly payment)
Initial Investment Returned
Total Return: 108%
34% Monthly ROI

-Efficient Energy
10% Weekly Return Investment Range:
$20 – $5,000
Maturity in 2 Weeks
(2 weekly payments)
Initial Investment Returned
Total Return: 120%
43% Monthly ROI

-Gas Recovery
5.2% Daily Return Investment Range:
$20 – $5,000
Maturity in 4 Weeks
(28 daily payments)
Initial Investment Included
Total Return: 146%
49% Monthly ROI

4.2% Daily Return Investment Range:
$20 – $5,000
Maturity in 6 Weeks
(42 daily payments)
Initial Investment Included
Total Return: 176%
54% Monthly ROI

-Hydro Power
3.8% Daily Return Investment Range:
$20 – $5,000
Maturity in 8 Weeks
(56 daily payments)
Initial Investment Included
Total Return: 212%
60% Monthly ROI

-Wind Power
3.6% Daily Return Investment Range:
$20 – $5,000
Maturity in 10 Weeks
(70 daily payments)
Initial Investment Included
Total Return: 252%
66% Monthly ROI


I am playing this like any other passive income opportunity I might be involved with. Join early as possible and then withdraw until I get my seed back. Once I break even (For my plan, that will take right around 20 days) and into profit some, I will re-invest a portion of profits and ride it out so long as she may live.

Once I am in Profit:

For my particular plan, the total return is 146%, so in order to sustain my profit run, I’ll need to reinvest at a ratio of just over 2-1. That  means in order to always have money earning for me in CarbonDeals I will need to re-invest just over $2 for every $1 that gets withdrawn to my payment processor.

Check out CarbonDeals here (and join before Oct 25 or so):

A promising looking HYIP yesterday called CarbonDeals, offering various different plans ranging from daily to weekly, and offering total returns of 108 to 242%.

Incoming search terms:

  • hyip strategy

GoFunResorts – GoFunBids: GFP’s Lifestyle sites

News on GoFunPlaces new Lifestyle sites: GoFunBids and GofunResorts as well as RightFive’s abrupt stoppage of payments.

GoFunPlaces/GoFunRewards Program Details Page

GFP held their Pre Launch extravaganza this past weekend where they gave a sneak peek of two of the new Lifestyle sites where we will be spending our LifeStyle Dollars and using our Club Cards.

You can get a look at the resort and travel site at the link above. Members will be able to use either the club cards or Lifestyle dollars at Gofunresorts.

Click “Check us out preview” and not the log-in section. You can look at the deals, etc…

Here’s a preview of the auction site. You can’t register or anything but you can still take a look around.

Also, many people are asking when they will have their accounts updated with their upgrades and issuance of the Lifestyle Dollars. Mine still haven’t been placed and I sent the form and payment over a week ago, but I am not sweating it.

Any launch I have ever been part of where the processors weren’t yet verified and we had to use fast forms to upgrade have had waiting involved. From the looks of things, GoFunPlaces had many more people upgrade using fast forms than any program I’ve personally been involved with so there’s probably a bunch of us in the same boat.

On an even better note, looks like we will be earning for 115 days instead of 100 the first time through on our Reward Points. Must be they were feeling extra benevolent due to all the soft launch glitches and thumb twiddling while we wait. Here’s what my upline had to say regarding this as well as new recorded calls:

If you were unable to join the corporate call.. Existing payments as well as payments that arrived today are being processed this week and are expected to be up to 48 hours. The company revenue share is suppose to begin later this week. There will be training on placing the ad and a 15 day grace period added to your point expiration date. This means your initial points will not expire on day 100, it will extend until around 115 days which can give you a big credit boost.

And for those of us having trouble making one of the two conference calls GFP has daily:

GFP will now start posting daily calls in the back office as well and a newsletter. Payments will be processed until Thursday with the commission run possibly taking place on Friday or Saturday. This is also when you will receive your lifestyle dollars/club cards.

GoFunPlaces PDF Presentation and Pay Plan: GFP Pay Plan

Video Presentation found here: GFP Video Presentation

Join Here: Sign up Page

Legal Disclaimer for GFP


On a sadder note, Right5 has stopped paying, with most monitors placing the hyip on either “Waiting” or “Problem” status. I’m not sure what happened, but last I heard the admin was unable to do Saturday payments due to connection problems causing double payments. I was fine with that since the original terms were for paying on business days only and I had also gotten a double payment from R5 last weekend.

Then on Monday we started hearing the usual BS stories of “tech problems, cannot process payments, bla bla…”. Here is the latest taken from one of their fb pages:

Dear clients

We are facing technical difficulties, not allowing us to process pending withdrawals on time.

We are in continued contact with our tech team who are analyzing error messages and are busy debugging our system to find out what went wrong.

Most probably we need to do a clean install of our server software, script and finally a database re-import of our latest back up.

We expect to be back on track in the next couple of days.

Thank you for your kind understanding!

So all we can do now is see if anything becomes of this and they start paying again, but don’t hold your breath. All in all, they did manage to last right around 60 days so anyone that joined using my link should have made nice profits in this HYIP. I personally did ok, but I was trying to set up for a longer run and had most of my profits re-invested. No crying from me though, it was still a good late summer earner.

News on GoFunPlaces new Lifestyle sites: GoFunBids and GofunResorts as well as RightFive’s abrupt stoppage of payments.


Wealth4AllTeam – New Program and Cashout Info

Wealt4AllTeam announced yesterday that they were closing to make way for for a new program; PrimusHub, as well as the cashout procedure will be for the old W4at. As explained by Victor Ronzulli and CEO Danny Cianciulli, Wealth4all was just not going to remain sustainable in its current form and the decision was made to close the doors and cash everyone out.

For now, I am going to try and stick with the “whats” here on this blog and if you would like to get more of the “whys”, you can listen to the recorded update posted below which goes into them more than what I have room for here.

Link to the 2:20 update: Wealth4all Recorded Update

New Program: PrimusHub

In W4a’s place will be a new Private Membership Association, centered around a “hub” site.The hub site  will offer different money making opportunities revolving around a social networking site. The different money making opportunities mentioned were a marketing system, a penny auction site and a monthly sub-based 2×20 matrix site.

Note: You do NOT need to participate in the new program, but in order to be refunded if you were not in profit or get your cash out for the AUs you currently own, but you need to join the PMA. The cost is $1 lifetime membership fee, there is at least $1 available for you to pay the fee in your W4a balance.

I’m not sure what yet, if any, the new site will offer any ways to earn passively other than buying Founder Shares either with fresh money or with W4a refund money (explained more below).  I have no idea what my participation level will be in the new program yet, as we still have no idea what the qualifications will be or what the new compensation plan is etc. That being said, while I’m not thrilled about programs where recruiting is mandatory, I do understand W4a’s position from a legal standpoint

There are no links available yet for the new site. They should be sending us more info in the coming days. Do not sign up for anything yet.

Founder Shares:

We can buy founder shares for the new company if we wish for $25 dollars each. You can use money in your available balance if you have any or you can use fresh money deposited into your Ipayout accounts. Earnings on founder shares will be passive. You buy them and then will receive a percentage of company profits monthly for the life of the program. At first, earnings will be based on 15% of the company profits. Once they finish cashing out everyone’s AU’s, that percentage will jump to 25%. All founder shares bought before Oct 20th will qualify you for a bonus of 10% extra founder shares. There will only be a finite amount of Founder shares available, but they didn’t say how many.

Refund and Cashout info:

If you were in profit:

You are NOT eligible for a refund, however you will still get paid 90 cents for each AU you have. These will also be paid out monthly in amounts depending upon how much new money the company takes in. It will most likely take a few months before you are paid completely for your active AUs. You need to pay your dollar and  join the PMA in order to get paid (Click on “Make Payment” in your W4a back office).

If you were NOT in profit:

You are eligible for a refund, minus any withdrawals, for your seed money.  In order to get access to it,  Pay your $1 and join the PMA and then withdraw from your W4a available balance.

– If your deposits were up to $50: Withdraw the entire amount now.

– If your deposits were from $51-$200: Withdraw $20 now.

– If your deposits were from $200 and up: Withdraw 10% now.

The amounts above only reflect the amounts you can withdraw right away. They need a bit more time for the rest. The next scheduled payment date is on the 15th of Nov. Victor said depending on how many people opt out or instead purchase founder shares, the date may be sooner than that.

Cashouts for active AUs:

Wealth4all will be paying back 90 cents for each active AU we have. You can see how much yours are worth in your back office, see “Adv. Unit Value:”. The first payments for AUs will be on Nov 15, and paid a percentage of company earning monthly until they are paid in full. Again, you MUST pay your $1 and sign the PMA agreement in order to get paid for either your refunds or your cashouts for active AUs. Once those are paid in full, that will be the end of their obligation to us unless we decide to join the PrimusHub.

Wealt4AllTeam announced yesterday that they were closing to make way for for a new program; PrimusHub, as well as what the cashout procedure will be for the old W4a.

MyTrafficValue Restart

MyTrafficValue Program Details Page– Looks like Jo’s ‘crazy idea’ has officially come into fruition as MTV has undergone a full restart starting yesterday. Any remaining money in the old cycler or 194% plan got converted to shares completely wiping all old debt and starting with a clean investment slate.

For the time being, we can invest into the fresh 194% Power plan or cycler rounds which start out getting capped at $1500, waiting a few days to re-open, and gradually get bigger as more investments are made. This way Jo can control the size of the rounds so they don’t get bogged down with huge rounds they need to repay in an acceptable amount of time.

Yesterday’s round filled already so the next round will open this Friday at around 9pm EST. When the round opens, you are allowed to make spends in increments of $15 every 5 minutes to give more people to get a chance to get a spend in I suppose. The next round after that will have spend increments set at $25 etc.

Take advantage of this (194% Power Plan) while you can! I am thinking that for these early rounds, sweet 194% return investments should mature in days instead of months as with the old, bogged down system. Jo compressed the old 35 day reserve into a 28 day reserve. Each reserve day has roughly $320 to pay out over the next 27 days!

Get ready for the next round to open This Friday here:

More from Jo on the MTV forum:

I am going to post todays result this evening (GMT). I would like Alex to be around just in case anything weird happens. As we just savaged the previous database, as well as installed several new features to our investment plans. So there’s a high probability something could break!

But I just wanted to post a few things in the mean time:

—1) We have implemented a 5minute investment rule. So you are only permitted to make 1 investment per 5 minute period.

—2) We have implemented a “maximum investment” setting on the investment plans. That I can change at any moment (and I will do so frequently, over the next 25 rounds)

It is currently set at $15. I will increase it to $25 for the next round. And incrementally up and up thereafter! (I will explain why shortly)

You can make multiple maximum investments, but you need to wait at least 5minutes in between each.

—3) I now have a function to automatically close the investment forms (for both the cycler + power plan) once a total amount has been invested into a given round. Allowing me to keep the total amount invested into our initial rounds very very small. So I can prevent one huge round from clogging up the entire system and destroying our time saving devices!

Essentially enabling complete control of the “growth snowball”. So to put it to maximum effect, saving us the most time (to build stuff!), whilst giving us the fastest repayment times.

Take a look at the display:
Round 1 is already full. And the investment form is now counting down until it reopens.

—4) Subsequently we have made two changes to the cycler; there is no more “Pre-Investing” and the Shuffle Function has been disabled also.

But I strongly suggest you investing into the Power Plan rather than the cycler. They both take the same time, and the Power Plan pays a lot more!

—6) We have compacted the prior 35day rolling reserve into a 28day one. If you view the results pages now, it tells you when the results shown will be paid:

And regarding that, after summing up the revenues from the old result cards, we now have $320/day to allocate for each of our first 27 of results (until November 5th, when we pay yesterdays result card revenues)


Looks like Jo’s ‘crazy idea’ has officially come into fruition as MTV has undergone a full restart starting yesterday. Any remaining money in the old cycler or 194% plan got converted to shares completely wiping all old debt and starting with a clean investment slate.