xGolding Review

Greetings, today I have a review for a new HYIP to add to our passive income portfolio called xGolding, offering 2% Daily for 150 business days + spend returned at maturity. I joined this one a couple of days ago and it looks to have gotten off to a great start.




xGolding.com Launch: Dec 25, 2012. The latest offering from an experienced admin team, xGolding accepts the Big 4 payment processors, reasonable referral commissions, Gotenks script. The dedicated server and ddos protection by Staminus, ssl by Thawte.

One of the quirks with Gotenks’ scripts are investments need to be completed in two separate maneuvers. First you need to deposit funds using one of the processors, and then you need to make another separate transaction to actually invest the funds just deposited. Why you need to do two separate transactions to make a spend in a HYIP offering one plan is beyond me, possibly the template was mostly used in the past for hyips with multiple plans or something. Anyway, don’t forget to actually invest your money, and not just have it sitting in your balance earning nothing. I did that very thing in the last HYIP I was in using a Gotenks script… Duh.


  • Pays 2% Daily for 150 business days + spend returned upon expiry (450% Total, 300% pure profit).
  • There is compounding available, but I don’t know that once you set it, if it can be changed later. I set mine to 0. I plan to do any account adjustments manually


  • EgoPay
  • STP
  • PerfectMoney
  • Liberty Reserve

Min Deposit: $10

Min Withdrawal: $1 (Withdrawals will be paid on bus. days, although you can request them on the weekends. They will not be paid until Monday.

2 Level Ref Coms:

Level 1 – 3%

Level 2 – 2%


While this program has a pretty modest pay-plan, and it looks as though the admin has also kept referral commissions to a minimum,  there is still a good amount of risk involved with any  HYIP. That being said, there’s still a few things we can do to minimize our risk.

The pay plan has our spend being returned upon expiry, but I wouldn’t bank on that.  No biggie though, there still should be some nice passive profits to be earned should she run anywhere close to 150 days. If our bottle catches lightning and we get any of our spends returned, I would consider it a bonus.

The safest way to go is to withdraw until you at least break even before deciding on a reinvestment strategy, should we decide on one at all.  Since we earn 5 days a week, we can expect to see a 10% return on our money weekly. That puts our break-even point at 10 weeks. Once I break even, I will usually start to withdraw a percentage and re-invest the rest, perhaps around 33%/66% or so. For this program, since the ROI is a bit longer I may go 50/50.

I like to always join any passive income opportunity as soon as possible with however much I am willing to risk right from the start. Some people like to “test” a program at first with a smaller spend and then increase accordingly once the program has met their criteria, but I don’t for the most part. I usually decide from the start and go “all-in” right then. I figure that since all of these programs have a finite lifespan, I may as well get as many full payouts as possible right from the beginning.

Gambler Strategy:

If you wish to take on a bit more risk early in the program, but be potentially rewarded much greater, you might consider the Gambler Strategy. I plan to compound earnings from the first 15 business days (3 weeks) before starting to withdraw. This will take you 3 extra days to reach breakeven point (53 business days), but you will then be earning on 135% of your initial spend rather than 100%. Again, this strategy will add extra risk should disaster strike early on in the programs lifespan, but earning on over a full third more of my initial investment makes the reward worth any added risk.

I wouldn’t use this strategy in short-term HYIPs, as most short-term admins frown upon those that do… I would guess almost as much as hit and runners. And that’s not to mention the extra risk with the Gambler . But I think it’s perfectly acceptable in long-term HYIPs. I also try to be a team player by always re-investing a portion of my profits and play the HYIP to the end.


RicanAdFunds Program Details: The latest admin update from Facebook reminding everyone to check your processors to make sure they are correct as well as the reminder that payments are set to resume on Jan 2.

31st December Update

– Following the recent hacking of our server please check your profile and processor ID information. Any incorrect details should be reported to us.
– Richard is back today and is busy approving purchases. We apologize for the delay caused by the server downtime on top of the expected Christmas holiday delay.
– Withdrawals will be available on 2nd January.
– We would like to thank members for their overwhelming support during this difficult time.

That’s about all for today, I would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year!

A review for a new HYIP to add to our passive income portfolio called xGolding, offering 2% Daily for 150 business days + spend returned at maturity.

RicanAdFunds – Site Back Online

Greetings, Just one update today regarding the site being back up now for RicanAdFunds, one of my favorite passive income programs in the portfolio. They’ve been promptly paying now (with the exception of the past couple days) for over 90 days! I must tip my cap to the admin team there, as it’s easy to see a good admin team in action whenever problems should arise… and they do always seem to arise, don’t they? They were able to nip the hacker problem in the bud with fast action as soon as the problem arose.

RicanAdFunds Program Details: Great news – RAF is now up and running again, and we are back to earning! Looks like hackers may have gotten into the script but nothing in the database was affected.

As a precaution, log in and check your processors in your back office.
Make sure nobody changed them to a different one. If you find one or more
has been changed, follow the instructions on the “withdrawal” page.

Also, log out, and then click “password reminder” on the log in page just
to make sure nobody changed your email. If you then get the password
in your inbox, everything with your account is fine

Latest Admin Update:

1. ismAI and RAF databases restored.
2. All members accounts are reactivated
3. Earnings will be processed up to date today
4. All outstanding withdrawals will be cancelled today
5. Members will have until 12:00:00 1st Jan 2013 to report any fraudulent Processor IDs and invalid emails on the account (check by using recover password).
6. Withdrawals will be activated at 00:00:01 2nd Jan 2013 (Please note that their would not have been withdrawals under normal circumstances tomorrow (Sunday) or on Tuesday (UK Public holiday).
7. Richard will commence approving purchase when he is back home later today or tomorrow.
8. All support tickets prior to 11am today are cancelled.

One update today regarding the site being back up now for RicanAdFunds, one of my favorite passive income programs in the portfolio.

Wealth4All – New Pay plan

Greetings, today has a couple new pay plan updates from Weath4all Team and their relaunch. Also, how to go about getting paid for our old AU’s from the old program.

Wealth4All: I got a chance to listen to last night’s corporate call this morning and got a glimpse into the new pay plan, as well as hearing about other options available now to W4a members regarding getting paid on their AU’s remaining from the old program.

To get paid on your AUs:

Still as it was a few days ago – You must be either upgraded to Gold in PrimusHub, or be a member of the new Wealth4all Marketing Association (They mentioned $14.95/year just for the membership, but I’m not certain if that is just for new members or if everyone will now need to pony up an extra $15/yr). You must figure out which way(s) you want to go before Jan 31. After that you forfeit your old Wealth4all account.

I plan to stay in Primus for the foreseeable future, but if the $12.95/mo isn’t worth it for you or too expensive, I’d consider moving over to W4a exclusively if you still wanted to be paid for your old AU’s… At least you will be making decent passive income right away. From the sounds of things on the call, many people would rather just “set it and forget it” instead of going out and team building like they would need to for Primus.

Pay Plan for the new Wealth4all HYIP:

The call had for the most part only an outline of the new payplan. Not a lot of nitty-gritty, but we were able to get a decent idea of how things will operate moving forward.

– 1.6% Daily for 88 days. Total Roi 150%.

– Spend from $10- $10k

– There will be a 50/50 auto-repurchase rule in place – Which means each day you will earn a total of 1.6% on your money. Half of that you can withdraw, the other half automatically re-purchases more… adpacks? Taps?  I’m not sure what they’re calling them this time around yet.  So if you bought $100 worth, each day you would start off earning a total of $1.60… $.80 goes toward repurchase and the other .80 you can withdraw. I didn’t hear mention of what the withdrawal minimums will be.

So as you can see, in the early stages you won’t be earning a huge withdraw-able amount, but as 50% of your earnings go back in, each day you will start to earn a bit more because of this. I didn’t check his numbers, but I can only assume it will take 88 days to reach 150% total return on your initial spend. They didn’t go further into detail whether each additional .8% we repurchase daily continues to earn to the full 150%, or if we need to make fresh spends at that point. Further clarification regarding that needed.

– Mike Clark (I thought he was gone?) mentioned some sort of referral commission structure, possibly tiered, but didn’t have anything concrete yet. Possibly around 5% for level one and 3% level 2 ref coms were the numbers mentioned.

That’s about all I can remember from the call, here the link to if you want to hear for yourself: http://tinyurl.com/W4AOpportunityCall122612

All in all, it sounds sensible enough to have a decent run. I plan to upgrade for certain. Hopefully there’s enough interest early that AU share payouts can be a respectable amount. The lowered ROI should help give some stretch to the program, and no reason to think it couldn’t go longer than the old pay plan. Hell, if it runs only half as long as the old W4a… nice profits to be had.

I was a little annoyed at first when I heard W4a was coming back, especially since such a big deal was made about Primus, and all those shares were sold. That aside, I think Primus has a better chance with a W4a now in the picture. From a strictly money making perspective, W4a ought to be a good earner no matter what we think of what lead up to here.

With 80k members, there should be at the very least a decent turnout from the start. That, and the “more sustainable” pay plan make this a promising-looking earner from the start.

Take a look around here: Wealth4allTeam

A couple new pay plan updates from Weath4all Team and their relaunch. Also, how to go about getting paid for our old AU’s from the old program.

GoFun Places Updates – Monthly Subs Due

Greetings, and Happy Holidays! Just a few GoFun Places updates regarding the monthly subs coming due as well as other updates. I sent the majority of this email to our Gofun Rewards teammates, but for those of you that long since banished me to your spam folder, consider this my lame attempt to thwart it. Please read though, especially the part regarding setting your eCash in time this month.

GoFunPlaces Program Details – A few details from the  webinar this past Saturday, and that was the last one they will have for at least this week.

Monthly Subs

We’re almost to the end of the month when our subscriptions come due!
Remember to set your eCash to 60% for the next few days if you plan to
pay it out of eCash. You can also use STP or Payza using the forms, but
make sure to add a bit extra for the fees. Paytoo is available as well,
instructions are available in our BO’s.

Ad Posting Services

If you are using any of these, make sure to check your BO’s once in a while
to make sure they are indeed being placed for you. A few people have reported
problems getting credited for their ad, so if not, make sure you inform the 3rd
party service you are using. You can check your status by reading the red font
on the home page.

GFP have also acquired the services of another 3rd party vendor to help finding customers at around half the cost charged by the current vendors. Contact me and I can send you more info regarding this or ad placement services.

Lifestyle Dollars

Pass it on to your customers that the first batch are about to expire, and they should
use them soon. They are meant to last 30 days, but corporate was trying to get the
credit card portal working before this first batch expired. As it is, these first ones have
been in circulation 2 months now.

I believe it was said on the call there are over 15 MILLION LDs out there now, creating a
huge liability for the company. I look forward to
a NICE boost in earnings once they start to expire as unused LD’s are profits that will be
shared with us.

They are still working with the credit card company to get things up and running, so I don’t
mind one bit they are retiring the oldest LDs in circulation since I think we will all appreciate
the rev share boost…

That being said, they needed a way for our customers to be able to buy more at the mall so…

The Lifestyle Mall

They have added a bunch of items that can be paid for using 100% Lifestyle dollars. No cash
needed out of pocket. This will be a much easier way for our customers to be able to buy things
at the mall. The first three pages are now all 100% items that can be bought using LDs only.

We can still only give LD’s one time to customers, but in the near future we will be able to give
more to existing ones. Mike said it should be finished by the end of this year.

Credit cards are still a couple weeks out by the way things sounded.

Join Here: GFP Sign up Page

GoFunPlaces – Guide: GoFun Rewards – How it Works

Video Presentation found here: GFP Video Presentation

A tutorial on how to find additional customers can be found HERE

A tutorial on how to place your daily ad can be found HERE

Legal Disclaimer for GFP

Have a great week, hopefully tomorrow I can have updates regarding some other programs in the portfolio, including the relaunch of Wealth4all! This was just a few GoFun Places updates regarding the monthly subs coming due as well as other updates.

Wealth4All: Re-Launch?

Well, will you lookie here…. Looks like Wealth4allTeam is making a full-on comeback attempt.

The big “surprise” owner Danny Cianciulli hinted at before the Saturday webinar was that W4a will be relaunching in January. This time the payplan will be modified so as to make the program more sustainable, at least more than the old pay plan was. Not sure where this new incarnation of W4a came from as the admin team were pretty adamant that W4a was a thing of the past.

I guess I’ll play it by ear since so much was made of joining PrimusHub in the first place, but feel it’s only fair to give them the benefit of the doubt for now.  I remember being leery of a few of the changes in the last W4a, and it still turned out to be a pretty darn good program. Maybe they found some source of outside income or something to help sustain this time around longer beyond the revised pay plan.

Danny went on to say that the new Wealth4all and Primus will be completely separate programs. I’m still unclear as to whether W4a will act as one of the “spokes” in PrimusHub or not, but there will be a separate private membership association we need to join for access into the new W4a (Been joining a lot of these lately it seems!). He also said that in order to get paid on our old AU’s, we will need to join and upgrade in at least one of the programs.

Note: I don’t think they mentioned this on the call, but just so everyone understands – If you join the new W4a, you will need to come to the party with fresh funds. In order to get paid on your old AU’s, you will be still paid monthly on them… so long as you buy Taps in W4a or upgrade to Gold in PrimusHub by Jan 31.

While the payplan still not set in stone yet, Victor Ronzulli explained that earnings will be capped at 150% on all Tap purchases for bigger spenders and around 200% for smaller spends. I have no idea how much constitutes a “small” spend vs a “large” one and how this will convert when buying Taps. From the sounds of things, we still earn on AU’s when we buy Taps, only now they’ll expire much sooner than they had in the past. There will also be different amounts of them per Tap than in the old system, but I don’t know exactly how many yet.I guess we wait to get clarification on the whole thing when they re-open purchasing.

Here’s the link to the recorded call when Danny did indeed surprise us all with the announcement: Wealth4all rides again!


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Passive Income Programs 2013

Greetings, A few quick updates on some old and new passive income programs going into 2013, currently in our portfolio: PrimusHub, MyTrafficValue and RevTrix.

PrimusHub Program Details – Last chance to upgrade to Gold in Primus Hub (12.95/mo + PMA membership) if you still have AU money you want to get. You have until Dec 15 to pony up with the funds if you would like a payout for at least this first month. I’m not sure how much AU money will be available to divide up amongst all the old W4a members, for at least these first few months until Primus gets itself a bit more established. They really could use a couple spokes around their hub – Auction, mall etc.

Here are the recorded links for the two most recent conference calls:

Tuesday Dec 12 Call Here

Wednesday Dec 13 Call Here

Danny popped into Skype this morning with this quick little announcement:

“GM everyone do not miss out this Saturday 2PM EST call please notifie your DLine & ULine, we will have the surprise revealed.”

I wonder what that could be? Maybe they are resurrecting W4a? One can only hope but I doubt it. Hopefully a couple of the spokes are ready to be put into place.

PrimusHub Help or Questions:


PrimusHub Sign-Up Link


MyTrafficValue Program Details Page – Round 4 is officially in the books now as I was paid my last few Fast Tracks remaining in that round. Took right around 50 days to get paid back 194% on spends made in round 4. This works out to almost 4%/day, lol. These early rounds have been extremely profitable as I’ve been able to increase my stake for future rounds and also cash out quite a bit. As much as I would love to see it continue with the ROI at that rate, it’s got to slow a bit as more and more investment gets added to the mix. Still though, anything at or above 1% daily is pretty darn good in its own right… I’ll take that each and every day every time!

Jo says in the forum that ultimately he would to keep the return time right around 1%/day or better. I don’t see any reason why this cannot be sustained so long as they continue to pump out new products – Games, ad systems, monitor etc. I hope Jo is able to find some worthy programmers in the not too distant future to keep pumping products out. His current one tends to be on a perpetual siesta it seems.

I think I’m most excited about the new monitor they should have completed, hopefully by New Years. This monitor ought to open up a whole new advertising dimension once the HYIP Admins catch wind of it’s potential. MTV members will get to interact with the programs advertised on the monitor by voting on the prospects of making a profitable spend there. Voters will be staking their “reputation” by their vote and the winner(s) will then receive prizes monthly on the highest correct vote tallies.

Here is a sneak peak of Jo’s monitor sketches:

Program listings: http://mytrafficvalue.com/drafts/monitor/newstyle6.png

Monitor Voting: http://mytrafficvalue.com/drafts/monitor/votinggame.png

Monitor Stats: http://mytrafficvalue.com/drafts/stats.png

Judging by these pages, it’s obvious Jo has put a lot of thought into this monitor, and I think it will be a perfect place for admins to get exposure for their program. MTV’s target audience is a perfect place to show the ads, while at the same time keeping the members engaged in what looks like will be fun. Looking forward to it!

Check out MTV here: http://mytrafficvalue.com/ref/moggle


RevTrix.com – Our newest Passive income program offering 2% daily + free matrices launched this past Monday. The most recent update I got explained their new referral contest which is giving away Teak trees to the top producers of all things. To be honest, it all sounds a bit far-fetched, but whatever. It really doesn’t change my strategy  for this program whether or not the Teak plantations exist. Mine is the same as always: Get in with a spend asap, withdraw until at least break-even point and then ride it out. There is a 45% repurchase rule in effect, and while I haven’t figured breakeven time to the second, I estimate it should take right around 60 days.

The admin has chosen to remain pseudo-anonymous so far, and nothing to back up the rumor mill other than suspicions. For now, I will leave the speculation to the speculators and they will remain Star Woods and Todd Murray. At least “Star” has a cool name… Todd sounds pretty lame 🙂

If you plan to join, I would do so now, and then get to breakeven before considering any compounding. Also, if you can, consider buying your ad-packs in groups of three so as they expire they will convert to matrix entries all at once.

Quick updates on old and new passive income programs going into 2013, currently in our portfolio: PrimusHub, MyTrafficValue and RevTrix.

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RevTrix – RevTrix.com

Greetings, today I have a review for RevTrix – a  100% passive program to help tide us over into the New Year.


Update: Feb 13 – Hold off on RevTrix. I have a pending for over a week and no answer to tickets. I am disabling all links for now.

RevTrix.com Launch: Monday, Dec 10 at 6pm EST

You can join now, however you need to wait until launch to fund your accounts and then purchase your adpacks.

100% Passive, no sponsoring necessary to earn

Details: The pay plan is pretty straight forward.

– $10 adpacks pay 2% daily for 80 days (160% total return)

  • Each $10 adpack also gets you 1200 banner and 1200 text ads.

Free Matrices:

For every 3 adpacks that expire after 80 days, you get 1 entry into a 4 level, company forced matrix.

  • Level 1: 2×2 pays $5
  • Level 2: 2×2 pays $10
  • Level 3: 2×3 pays $20
  • Level 4: 2×3 pays $30


  • EgoPay
  • STP
  • PerfectMoney
  • Liberty Reserve
  • OK Pay

Min Dep: $10
Min Withdrawal: $10 (it says $15 on the site, admin assured me it would be lowered to $10)

There is a 45% repurchase rule in place!

How this works is as follows: Your daily earnings go into 2 separate balances; Cash balance and Repurchase balance. 45% of your earnings go in your Repurchase balance. All this balance can be used for is purchasing more ad-packs, and you will earn from these ad-packs. Keep an eye on this balance as you might as well buy another ad-pack with it since it can’t be used for anything else.

55% of your earnings then go to your Cash balance and you can withdraw. This 45% Repurchase Rule helps prevent hit and runners, which helps ensure longevity of the program. Everyone plays by the same rules so it’s fair. It helps prolong the program, even if the math works out the same for everyone in the long run.

3 Level Ref Coms:

Level 1 – 8%

Level 2 – 5%

Level 3 – 2%

Admin team:

Todd Murray
Star Woods
This will be the first program from this admin team for me, that I know of anyway 😉 So there is a bit more risk than with a known admin. The admin promised me they had an experienced person working in the background, but would obviously like to remain anonymous – Take that as you may. That being said, they know how to do a pre-launch, there are over 400 signups not even two days into prelaunch.


This is one where you will want to join as close to launch as possible. It doesn’t really matter in regards to the 2% Daily, however the sooner you join will give you the fastest expiring ad-packs.

First Expiring Ad-packs = First Matrices entered!

The Matrices are company forced, so as everyone’s ad-packs expire, they are entered into the matrix in order. You want to try to have yours in before everyone elses so you cycle the fastest.

Also, If you can, purchase your ad-packs in groups of 3 since for every 3 expiring ad-packs you get one free matrix entry. It’s not crucial, however you might be earning faster if your ad-packs expire in groups of three. You won’t have say 2 expired ad-packs waiting for a 3rd to expire in ordered to get a matrix entry.

Other than these ideas, It pretty much boils down to strategy basics: Withdraw until you at least receive your seed money back before compounding.

Join here>>>>

A review for RevTrix – a 100% passive program to help tide us over into the New Year.

GoFun Rewards – eAdgear and PayToo eWallet

Greetings, today I have updates regarding GoFun Rewards’ server changeover to eAdgear’s, payouts to the PayToo eWallet, as well as the latest from RicanAdFunds and MyTrafficValue.

GoFunPlaces Program DetailsThe glitches of not seeing our earnings posted the last few days appear to be a thing of the past. My earnings for the 3rd and 4th showed up last night around 9pm EST, and earnings for the 5th appeared this morning at 9am Est.

Glitches: Yep, still got some of those:

GoFun Rewards were switching servers over to eAdgear’s in Hong Kong and there was no sign of profit share earnings for a couple days prior to last night’s. Glad to see these back up and running again now. One remaining glitch still shows up when we post our daily ad. When you enter your ad details, the usual due date for tomorrow shows as blank. I talked with my upline in Skype and he assured me we will still get credit for placing them whether they post properly in our back offices or not for at least today.

PayToo Global eWallet payouts:

I requested my first withdrawal from GoFun Rewards to my PayToo account this time around and not to the processors. All in all it took 4 business days to reach my PayToo, and when it arrived last night I decided to load the pre-paid debit card to see how long it would take. I was quite surprised to find my card was credited INSTANTLY! And all it cost was $1. As soon as I clicked “submit”, the money appeared along with a text to my phone informing me that my Prepaid card was loaded, Nice!

GoFun Bids:

The auction site is starting to heat up now. At first, things there seemed kinda hokey as most of the items being won were more bids or condo cards. Not so any more! Check out the toys people are winning now for free, here’s the page with the ended auctions: http://gofunbids.com/allauctions.php?aid=3

One person I gave Lifestyle Dollars to won a nice high-def TV… for FREE! A nicer TV than mine for crying out loud. If you haven’t already, consider taking  some Lifestyle Dollars I give away on the right hand menu. They are FREE. Click the banner, fill out the form and they are yours. They go fast though, so if it says mine are all gone for the day, try back tomorrow. Once you take the LD’s, log into GoFun Bids, convert them to bid points, and you are off and running. Remember, all the auctions are “100% Paid”. That means that there is no money involved. Be the last bidder, you win… Right down to free worldwide shipping.

Join Here: GFP Sign up Page

GoFunPlaces – Guide: GoFun Rewards – How it Works

Video Presentation found here: GFP Video Presentation

A tutorial on how to find additional customers can be found HERE

A tutorial on how to place your daily ad can be found HERE

Legal Disclaimer for GFP


RicanAdFunds Program Details – Just checked the history of my earliest adpacks, and was pleasantly surprised to see that they have been earning for 73 days now. At 2%/day, that works out to 146% return so far. Most excellent. They look to be still getting excellent growth.. the Alexa is now around 18k.

I did get an email this morning from the admin explaining that his hotel in Manilla was getting crappy internet and that payouts for today would be held up until he could find a better internet connection. I’ll gladly wait. Hopefully this one can continue on its path and take a good sized dent out of the Profit Clicking crowd. Those poor people must be ready to lynch ol’ Freddy & co. Fingers crossed that RicanAdFunds is able to do just that, and if they continue to keep it up, there’s no telling how long she may ride.


MyTrafficValue Program Details Page – Earnings here have been averaging between .5 and 1.5% in the daily variable + Fast Tracks. Lately, I’ve been earning more from Fast Tracks than the “Daily” now that they’ve reached my spends from round 4. Jo mentioned this morning that round four should be completely paid off in a week or two, and then it’s on to paying round 5 already.. Quite impressive. Consider trying to get money into all rounds subsequent to the current one available when you join. This way, you will always have

The head programmer continues to be MIA as usual, and while that is annoying, Justin is just about finished with the new video poker game for yet another income stream. Jo is also freelancing out the job of making a new homepage. I guess he didn’t like its looks. Myself, I didn’t mind the way it looks now, but whatever…

The main programmer is supposed to appear from his slumber soon and finally finish the new Hyip Monitor. From the sketches Jo has shown us in the BO, I think this will be a really cool attraction as well as a very effective way of generating funds. The members will all have some “say” in the advertiser wares since they/we will be able to vote on the current programs advertised there. Not sure exactly how that will all work yet, but looking forward to it just the same. Wake up Alex!! We miss you!

Check out MTV here: http://mytrafficvalue.com/ref/moggle

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GoFun Rewards – How to Find Customers

Greetings, What follows is a tutorial on how to find GoFunRewards customers to give your Lifestyle Dollars and Condo Cards using AdHitz.

GoFunPlaces Program Details – When I logged into my GFR account yesterday I noticed that the 100 day countdown on our Reward Credits has officially started so you want to make sure you are placing your daily ads to qualify to share in the Daily Business Builder Pool.

GoFun Rewards is offering 3rd party vendors to place our daily ads for us, but all they guarantee is that they will place your daily ad for you and NOT that you will actually get any customers that accept the LD/CC’s.  If you have a lot of LD’s and Condo Cards to give away in a hurry, you might want to look for other ways of achieving this. Some of the 3rd party ad posting services offer paid customers, but at $4 per, this is way too expensive in my opinion. You should be able to get plenty of customers by using banners on Adhitz for Probably 1/10th of that price.

AdHitz is a great advertising option I use quite a bit for banner campaigns in other programs. AdHitz will also work just fine to build your GoFun Rewards business by finding you customers to give your LD’s and CC’s to. I like using Adhitz for a couple of reasons – They are pay per click (PPC), and they are cheap. You can also pause your campaigns if you give away all your inventory and want to wait until you generate more before starting your campaigns back up.  Each click on one of your banners will cost between 3 and 14 cents per click, depending on the country the “clicker” is located. Most clicks you get will be of the 3 cent variety, and your advertising dollar will go quite a ways as you will soon see.

Since AdHitz are PPC, even if you have the world’s worst converting banners, it doesn’t matter as you are only paying for the service when someone clicks on them and not Pay Per View. When you see my example of cheesy banners you can use below, you will see what I am talking about 😉 So without further ado, here is how to get set up with a banner campaign on AdHitz.

Giving away your GoFun Rewards Lifestyle Dollars and Condo Cards using AdHitz:

First off, you are going to need some banners. Feel free to use the banners I have here if you like. To use these, click on them and they will open in a new page. Then, right click on them and save them somewhere on your computer like your desktop. If these are too embarrassing to consider using, and I wouldn’t blame you in the least, here is a free site to make some yourself: http://www.bannerfans.com/banner_maker.php.

I usually stick with the usual rectangular ones (468×60) or the square ones (125×125). Sometimes the 125’s get eaten up pretty quickly by the clickers, so consider starting out using the 468’s.


OK, now that we’ve got our cheesy banners, it’s time to get set up with a campaign on AdHitz.


  • Sign up for a free account at http://www.adhitz.com
  • Log in, choose the “Advertisers” tab and click on “Buy Network Ads”
  • Next, pick a name for your campaign, choose “Image Ads” and the size of whatever banner you are using in the drop down. Then choose “Show My Ads Everywhere” under Geographic Targeting. Then click “Next Page: Set Budget”.
  • On this page you will choose how much you want to spend for your entire campaign. For example: $10. On the next line choose your Daily Budget. If you want to give them away your LD’s and CC’s fast as possible, choose $10 here too. Keep in mind, that is the max AdHitz will allow your banners to be clicked on per day. The most I have ever spent per day is around $1 no matter what dollar amount I set the daily budget to. If you use my cheesy banners they will probably get clicked on much less than that. When you are finished, click on “Next Step: Create Ad.
  • Now it asks for a destination URL. This is where you paste your GoFun Rewards giveaway link for either your Lifestyle dollars or Condo Cards. Your LD giveaway link is the same one you use when you place your daily ad. It looks like this: http://www.gofunplaces.com/dollar_giveaway.php?s=moggle, only it will have your username at the end and not moggle. Choose a website name on the next line like “GFP”, set today’s date on the next line, and upload your banner you saved to your desktop on the next line. Check to make sure the banner appears correctly, and once it does, click “Next Step”
  • Now you are on the checkout page. You can pay for your Adhitz campaign using either Payza or PayPal. Fill out with the proper info and hit “Submit” and you are finished. Once they approve your campaign your banner will start being shown on their entire network of sites. It starts out with a few and gets added to more and more as time goes on.

So that’s basically it. By using this method you should be able to get all the customers you could ever need, for probably around 40 cents each. Look at it like this. Say the first 10 people click on your banners. That will cost you probably around 40 cents, maybe less and maybe a little more. Of those 10, say 1 of those people actually fill out the form to accept your LDs. So right there you can see that for this example, you only need one out of 10 clickers to fill out the form and that will cost around 40 cents for that customer. You might get even better rate of sign up. This works out to 10% of what the ad posting services charge you for customers.

Here is another idea to try if you want to give away your inventory even faster. Start out with the same $10 budget, but create 4 different banner campaigns for $2.50 each. That way you will get 4x the banner advertising power at once, although they will get burned up much quicker. Remember, you can pause your ad campaigns using Adhitz. If you find that you have given away all your inventory, you can simply pause it and then start back up again when you have more you need to give away.

There you have it! An easy way of finding customers to give your GoFun Rewards Lifestyle Dollars and Condo cards.


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A tutorial on how to find GoFunRewards customers to give your Lifestyle Dollars and Condo Cards using AdHitz.