JubiRev Review

Greetings, here’s a sneak peek review of JubiRev – JubiMax: a new product-based daily revenue sharing program that requires no sponsoring in order to earn. JubiRev.com is taking the same business model from earlier revenue share programs, improved upon them to make a rock solid, product-based program with in-demand products.

UPDATE May 2013: Get the Latest JubiRev Review HERE


JubiRev Review




JubiRev – A brand new daily revenue share program looks to be taking a similar business plan as GoFun Places to the masses with the health and beauty industry. I personally love these daily revenue sharing business models as you don’t need to be a big recruiter to make a long-lasting residual income.

They’re building the company around products that are already proven top sellers in this arena, products that people already buy. The products are as follows: health, cardio, energy, vitality and sleep aids. We don’t need to know everything  there is to know about these products. For example; I won’t need to be a beautician in order to make this work (Phew!), but people are interested in, and ultimately buy these products.

What We’ll be Doing

We will be giving away these products as samples. When people use these samples they will come back for more of the products. We will then be able to give them “Jubi-bucks”  to use toward money off their next purchase… A sort of coupon.

In return for giving away our samples and Jubi-Bucks, we will receive Reward Credits. The more we give away, the more reward credits we get back. Then in order to share in the daily profit pool we need to place one ad daily on one of JubiRev approved sites. The company then pays us daily up to 50% of the company profits for that day. The more Reward Credits you have, the more you earn each day. Jubi will offer 3rd party vendors and other resources to help us get customers so we can keep the program completely passive if we choose.

JubiRev™ / JubiMax™ Compensation Highlights


  • 10 POTENT ways to EARN!
  • The ultimate Revenue Sharing Model allowing points to earn up to 105 days
  • First Revenue Sharing Model to pay Daily Rewards in REAL-TIME
  • REAL-TIME Daily Generational Bonuses
  • REAL-TIME Monthly Subscription Payout’s
  • Generational Check Matching Bonuses allowing you to match the subscription incomes of tens, hundreds and even thousands
  • JubiSuite Team Placement System that Rewards the Right Behavior and fosters fast and powerful Team Growth
  • JubiStyle Car Club… with your choice of a BMW, Mercedes, or Porsche
  • Payouts to your JubiProsperity Card
  • And Much More….

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Sign up for FREE here:  https://www.jubirev.com/moggle

Review of JubiRev – JubiMax: a new product-based daily revenue sharing program that requires no sponsoring in order to earn.

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RicanAdFunds – Passive Profit Share

Greetings, today’s update is regarding the Passive Profit Share program; RicanAdFuds – Congratulations on completing the first 125 day cycle. Fingers crossed for many more there, as well as the latest on the newly launched PipMega.

RicanAdFunds Program Details – Checked out my “Position History” in the RicanAdFund back offices to see that the first adpacks I bought on launch day have now expired. Each one of the $15 adpacks have paid me 2% daily for the last 125 days for a grand total of $37.50 each.

I thought it was fitting of RicanAdFunds to now have on their homepage “Passive Profit Share – 2% Daily For 125 Days”. This program has been quietly paying away now for over four months now almost completely drama free. They continue to add more and more useful features such as instant approval for STP and LR deposits, as well as a news blog, both admins are active on their Facebook page. There were a couple glitches right around Christmas time that were handled quickly and they also kept us informed! The Alexa keeps improving and the site says they have now taken in over 4.6 million in deposits.

Regarding withdrawals to EgoPay: My latest one was returned to my balance. It turns out there is a problem with this particular processor at the moment, so all pending withdrawals were reversed so we could withdraw using another processor. Thanks Richard and Russel, I’m cool with withdrawing to STP in the meantime. It’s especially nice to be kept in the loop.

Taken from the new RicanAdFunds news blog, located here: Updates are posted here as they happen, so getting a fast update should you find anything amiss with your account will be found there.

Ego Pay update
written by Russell ISMmagic, January 28, 2013

Due to an issue with some members’ Ego Pay accounts and Ego Pay’s sudden change to their terms with regard to us we cancelled all pending Ego Pay withdrawal requests so that you may withdraw to another processor in the mean time. We apologize for this situation and are currently trying to resolve it with Ego Pay.

Keep up the great work with RicanAdFunds passive profit share, looking forward to seeing what the next 125 days will have in store for us.
Pipmega.com – I want to thank everyone that joined Pipmega using my link! Judging by the size of deposits from some of the Pipmega players, the confidence level seems to be skyrocketing for the latest offering from the admin team of FastCashMega. I might very well up my stake in this passive income program offering from 1.5 to 2% daily for between 160 and 175 business days since investor confidence is unusually high for a passive income hyip. Bring it on Trevor, looking forward to a long run at Pip Mega.
Check out PipMega here>>>: https://pipmega.com/?ref=moggle

Passive Profit Share program; RicanAdFuds – Congratulations on completing the first 125 day cycle. Fingers crossed for many more there, as well as the latest on the newly launched PipMega.

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PipMega Review

Greetings, quick review today for Pip Mega – pipmega.com: 100% passive income HYIP from the FastCashMega team offering various plans. This just launched within 12 hours of writing this, and from the looks of things, there is already a massive amount of support for this passive income Hyip.

 Pipmega.com – A brand new HYIP called Pip Mega just launched within the past 12 hours or so, and looked too good to pass up. It’s by the admin team from the hugely successful cycler/daily payer FastCashMega. FCM launched last January and is still going strong today. It was,and still is, one of the biggest surprises of last year.

PipMega: Lots to like in this Passive Income HYIP: Sustainable plans, accepts deposits from the Big 4 processors,  custom script, protected by dedicated Cloudflare servers, good advertising budget and not to be overlooked: A massive, pre-built customer base. There will be a good volume of money going into this program!

Admin: Very reputable admin who is currently running a program for year                          

Type: HYIP

Plans: Four to choose from, the two most popular are as follows:

– $10- $499:       1.5%   daily for 160 Business Days (240% Total Return)

– $500- $1999    1.65% daily for 165 Business Days (272% Total Return)

– $2000-$4999   1.8%   daily for 170 Business Days (306% Total Return)

– $5000+             2.0%  daily for 175 Business days ( 350% Total Return)

For example: If you made a $100 spend in the 1.5% Daily (MegaForex Starter) plan, in 160 Business days you will have received a total of $240.

Ref Comm: 3 – 5% / 2%
Payment Proc: STP, EP, LR, PM
Script: Custom
Server: InMotion protected by Cloudflare


The safest way to go is to withdraw until you at least break even before deciding on a reinvestment strategy, should we decide on one at all.  Since we earn 5 days a week, we can expect to see a 7.5% return on our money weekly. That puts our break-even point at just over 13 weeks. Once I break even, I will usually start to withdraw a percentage and re-invest the rest, perhaps around 33%/66% or so. For this program, since the ROI is a bit longer I may go 50/50.

I like to always join any passive income opportunity as soon as possible with however much I am willing to risk right from the start. Some people like to “test” a program at first with a smaller spend and then increase accordingly once the program has met their criteria, but I don’t for the most part. I usually decide from the start and go “all-in” right then. I figure that since all of these programs have a finite lifespan, I may as well get as many full payouts as possible right from the beginning.

Check out PipMega here>>>: https://pipmega.com/?ref=moggle

Review today for Pip Mega – pipmega.com: 100% passive income HYIP from the FastCashMega team offering various plans.

GoFun Places – Corportate Update

Greetings, I was able to catch the weekly corporate update from GoFun Places last night and thought I would give a brief rundown here.

GoFunPlaces Program Details – It was a fast call with head honchos Mike Driggers and Paul Nash, along with a couple other higher up affiliates. Randal wasn’t on this call but it was the first time I had ever heard so much as a whimper out of Paul. I guess he’s usually the man behind the curtain at GFP so it was nice to hear him talk for the first time.

Paul has been working behind the scenes with all the different bits and bobs of the company down at system-level, so that is why we never really hear from him. I guess he’s down in the depths of the GoFun Rewards underbelly trying to reign in all these different parts into a more cohesive unit – No easy task when you consider how much there must be to an undertaking this massive. I cannot imagine the job that must be trying to line everything they have their up. He did say that thanks to the backing of parent company eAdgear, everything is up to the task on a very ‘robust” (his term) server. Most of this infrastructure work is just about finished and then they will concentrate on more of the cosmetic side of things at GFP next. They plan to completely re-do the affiliate site, the marketing part of the site as well as the mall.

Mike Driggers spoke mostly about the mall, selling out of a bunch of the skin care line and the tablets. I guess they sold around 1600 of the tablets and the manufacturer offered GFP black labeling rights for being such a good customer. Not sure what that means other than new tablets will now show up at your door with a GFP sticker on them. I’m sure it will be a very cool sticker! Mike also mentioned many more products on the horizon. Until you are up and running, many potential vendors are sitting on the fence. Once your new “mall” or whatever store-type business has an actual history behind it, other manufacturers come knocking looking to sell their wares. Mike says this is exactly the case here and that once you create sales volume you get much more headroom when haggling with the vendors, which ultimately means more profits for all of us to share in each day.

Other news:

Credit card vendors should still be on the horizon for the end of the month for use in the mall or auction. The travel company is already set up with a credit card vendor so feel free to book a trip now and pay using fantastic plastic! Another travel note while I’m thinking of it: You can give your travel customer Lifestyle dollars now in addition to a condo card. They just need to accept the LDs by creating an account other than the one they used when they got the condo card. They then need to either call the office or send in a ticket explaining their plans, they will know what you are talking about.

All in all, good things on the horizon for GoFun Places.  There have been a few bumps along the way, but I also see a lot of progress being made, especially with support, payments and the little nuances that pop up here and there to make the BO easier. After all, there are quite a few other programs out there with the “big plans” too, but so far I’ve seen very little to back it up. To the contrary it seems for most of them…. Gfp has been the exception so far, and there’s still a ton yet to come.

Joy of joys: Monthly Subs

We’re almost to the end of the month when our subscriptions come due!
Remember to set your eCash to 60% for the next few days if you plan to
pay it out of eCash. You can also use STP or Payza using the forms, but
make sure to add 3% extra for the fees. Paytoo is available as well,
instructions are available in our BO’s.

Lifestyle Dollars

One new feature in our BO is noticed is the ability to give away Lds in amounts under the old minimum of $25 worth. Now you can give away down to 2 at a time if you want. This will make it much easier for members with smaller accounts to be able to give theirs away without waiting to build up to 25. They will be able to generate reward credits a lot faster now that they can give their LD’s quicker.

Join Here: GFP Sign up Page

GoFunPlaces – Guide: GoFun Rewards – How it Works

Video Presentation found here: GFP Video Presentation

A tutorial on how to find additional customers can be found HERE

A tutorial on how to place your daily ad can be found HERE

Legal Disclaimer for GFP

corporate update from GoFun Places.

MyTrafficValue – Another Game Launch: Compound Boxes

Greetings, a quick update today regarding MyTrafficValue’s latest game launch called Compound Boxes.

MyTrafficValue Program Details Page – Let me start by saying or… typing – It’s so cool to see MTV showing up more often  in the news here lately. Now with the addition of these 2 or is it 3 now?? free-lance coders, the site’s been buzzing with activity lately. Newest coder, Brian, says he is very close, so I expect Compound Boxes to be available sometime today.

It’s great to have the new programmers pumping out the games now at a pretty rapid clip. The progress here on that front in just the last couple months is more than MTV was able to do all last year it seems. Glad to see the stars finally lining up here, they truly do have a cool program. I can’t wait to try out Compound Boxes.

I took the following from the MTV forum:

Hello MTV,

The Compound Boxes game and integration into accounts, news feeds, results, etc. is complete. Just need to get it thoroughly tested so it can be released.

Let me just say… this is a pretty neat site, very clever concept and after seeing all how the code works, this site’s honesty and transparency are very real. As are the products, which you are helping to build.

So, thanks for the work. It’s great to work on a site that I can actually see making money. I hope you enjoy playing Compound Boxes as much as I enjoyed building it.

Sneak preview (for the lucky ones that read this far)…….
I’ve gotten the go ahead to make some cool upgrades to the coin flip game.

All the best,

I have no idea what the upgrades with the coin flip game are, I guess we can find out here: http://mytrafficvalue.com/ref/moggle

Quick update today regarding MyTrafficValue’s latest game launch called Compound Boxes.

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MyTrafficValue – New Game Launch

Greetings, A few updates today regarding programs found in our passive income portfolio, including a new game launch at MyTrafficValue.

MyTrafficValue Program Details Page – Congrats to MTV as Video Poker is up and running now, cigars all around. The programmer finished that project and now is working on another game. I think Jo said his next project will be a multi-level game called Compound Boxes. One of the other new programmers re-did the homepage of the site too, so that looks much more nicely done as well as shows much more of what’s been happening with your account. You can still click all the tabs to get a more in-depth look at what is happening, but the homepage now has a nice summary of things you can check out on the fly.

It’s great to have the addition of these latest programmers, because we can now actually see and use the fruits of their labors. Daily revenues have been on the rise and MTV needs to spend the investment money to generate the products, which in turn pays back a return on our investments. It almost feels as if the program is teetering on the brink of greatness. I’m thinking once the programmers finish the monitor this program will get mighty interesting. Push this beotch over the edge.  I’m pretty excited.

Check out MTV here: http://mytrafficvalue.com/ref/moggle


xGolding.com STOPPED PAYING DO NOT MAKE A SPEND -The “Quiet Man” here lately in the portfolio has been quietly going along simply doing his thing. I, myself, like quiet.

The compounder in the BO is now fixed so you can play around with that if you like, although I usually do everything manually in my account. Earlier you couldn’t change how long a spend would stay in “compound mode” or change the percentages.. Now change up whatever and whenever you like.

I noticed that earnings have been credited lately Mon – Fri instead of Tue through Sat lately. I’m not sure why, nor did I read any updates pertaining to any, but as long as we get paid five days per week is fine with me.


RicanAdFunds Program Details: We’re just about 2 weeks away from the first ad packs bought expiration date of 2% paid daily for 125 days. We are going on toward 4 months online now, and with the exception of some hacker shenanigans over the holidays, and a server upgrade, smooth sailing.

I get asked about this program as much as I do, if not more, than anything I’m involved with. I can’t tell anyone how to spend your money, or if it’s “still safe” to invest. I can say that it has been chugging along and paying without fail for 110 days now. It might come unglued tomorrow or it may last into 2014. But if your looking for a program that does what it says it will do without the sob stories or other BS, Rican has been that and more. Hell, if Profitable Sunrise can do it with spends returned on expiry, why can’t Rican without being under the balloon payment at maturity? I am playing Rican as though she is a player going into this new year. I plan to build my account. Get yourselves into profit and do the same.


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Wealth4all AU Payouts

Greetings, today I have another update regarding Wealth4all AU payouts as heard on the latest conference call this past Saturday.

Wealth4all2.0: I sat through the latest call this past Saturday trying to get clarification on a few things as well as to see if there were any new, exciting updates. Yes… that call was over 2 hours long. There was one particular development new to me, or at least one that I had yet to hear about. There was also an interesting tidbit regarding our 2012 1099’s. I noticed last week in our W4a iPayout accounts that our 1099’s were located there. As of today (Sun) there is an update that they will be now available through our W4a BO’s. More on this to follow below.

But first, for anyone with a couple hours free time, feel free to sit through a two hour conference call yourself.  That can be found here:



Getting Paid on your AUs

If you wish to be paid on your old AU’s, you need to:


  • Be a Gold member in Primus Hub ($12.95/mo) and also sign the W4a PMA agreement (found in your W4a BO) and pay $10 association fee. Prior to this, you only needed to be a Gold Primus member.


  • Sign the W4a PMA agreement, pay the $10 association fee and make, at minimum, a $10 spend.

-Or you can do both.

This was also stated in the Skype room from one of the admins:

You must be a a Gold member at PrimusHub and have paid the $10 membership at W4all (no investment) OR $10 membership and Invest $10 to $10K in w4all alone to receive AUs this must be done by Jan 31 or AUs will be lost

I would keep your expectations realistic as to how much AU payouts will be at least in the beginning of Wealth4all2.0. I’m sure it will take a few months for any considerable profits to be made by the company. But for the members that would rather just “set it and forget it” instead of building a team in Primus while waiting for the other spokes in the hub (auction, mall etc..), this might be a better option at a reasonable price. For a grand total of $20 ($10 for agreement and $10 spend) you will be good for the entire year.

Here is W4a’s latest take on 1099’s for 2012, taken from Skype:

1099 – Due to the fact that Wealth4AllTeam is registered internationally, the company is not required to issue 1099(s). However, there will be a post to the w4a back office that will give each member his/her 2012 w4a earnings.  It will be the responsibilty of each memeber to address his/her tax situation based on the country that they are a citizen.

The rest of the news:

2.  AU(s) – yet to be dertmined by management. TIME, PAYOUT ETC.
3.  Techlady is back – Pat Patterson, one of our Ambassadors, will begin training next week on the “HOW-TO(s)” of Wealth4All….. Monday  – 9PM EST – 10PM EST and Friday  – 9PM EST – 10PM EST.  The training will include a Q and A session at the end of the call.  Please call 559-726-1200 – 169260# and be in front of your comupter.  You won’t wat to miss the training. If you are new or need a refresher…. join to gain knowlege to grow your W4A business
4.  Opportunity Meeting/Site Navigation will continue next week – Wed – 9PM EST and Saturday – 4PM EST.  Join Stan and Mike for W4A Opportunity Updates, Site Navigation, and Q and A.

Take a look around here: Wealth4allTeam

Updates regarding Wealth4all AU payouts as heard on the latest conference call this past Saturday.


Greetings, Just a quick update regarding Wealth4all2.0 (shouldn’t it be 3.0 😉 ) particulars and step by step instructions on how to earn with the new payplan.

Wealth4all: I can’t vouch with 100% certainty that what follows is all correct, but I took this from the Skype room and have since seen it posted on the forums. It ought to be close enough at least that we can get a better idea of how things will work.

Step by step what you have to do to start earning:

1. Fund Wealth4All Ipayout (W4A IPO).
Options for funding: login to W4A IPO, press ‘Deposit’ and here you will have options how to fund it. The minimum is 20 usd (10 for membership fee and 10 for minimum deposit).
2. Login to W4A
On the left, in the ‘Finances’ section, press ‘Deposit money’. From here you can transfer money from W4A IPO to W4A.
3. Sign an agreement.
In ‘Account status’ window around the middle there is ‘Private membership agreement’. Scroll down through all the agreement, insert your name as a signature, choose ‘accept the terms of membership’, and click ‘Submit’. Go back to ‘Account status’ window.
4. All members have to pay the membership fee of 10 usd per year (until Jan. 31). After Jan. 31 yearly membership fee is 14.95 usd.
On the left, in the ‘Finances’ section, press ‘Add funds’. Put in 10 usd, press ‘Preview’ and confirm. Go back to ‘Account status window’
5. Load money to program to start earning.
On the left, in the ‘Finances’ section, press ‘Add funds’. From here you can load money to program to start earning 2.1% daily. The minimum deposit is 10 usd and maximum is 10,000.


AUs will be deleted if you not sign the membership agreement and pay a membership fee until January 31. AUs will be paid on 10% of net income of W4A.


Daily 2.1% will be split 50/50 into ‘Reinvest bucket’ and ‘Cash bucket’.
Minimum withdrawal is 20 usd and Maximum is 500 usd per week.
Money you get as commissions is not usable, meaning you will have to withdraw it.
Referral commissions is 5% for 1st level and 2.5% for 2nd level.

Explanations for terms in ‘Account status’ window

Total deposits‘ – Total amount you have deposited from W4A IPO.
Total invested‘ – Total amount of deposits which you have added through ‘Add funds’. You only earn from the amount of money in ‘Total invested’.
Cumulitive investment‘ – Here will be added ‘Total invested’+50% of what you earn on daily basis.
Maximum payout‘ – ‘Total deposits’+the term that will give you 50% return. For example you put in 1000, you get 500 profit. The number will be 1500.
Accumulated payout‘ – It will be 500 (from example where you invested 1000) if you never taken anything out.
Daily earnings‘ – ‘Total invested’x2.1%.
Cash bucket‘ – 0.5 x ‘Daily earnings’ x days.
Re-invest bucket‘ – 0.5 x ‘Daily earnings’ x days. Yo must go to ‘Add funds’ daily to use ‘Re-invest bucket’ money.
Available balance‘ – Amount available to withdraw.

When you reach 50% earnings, your money will be automatically put into W4A IPO. From here you deside to cash out or to put money back into program.
The max amount you can put into program is 10,000 usd. So if you put 10,000 usd you get out 15,000 usd. Now, you still can put 10,000 back into program, but not more than 10,000 usd, meaning that you cant put in 10,000, get back 15,000, put back 15,000, get back 22,500 and so on…
If you want to use ‘Cash bucket balance’ you first have to withdraw it.

So there you have it, thanks to whoever put this together!

Take a look around here: Wealth4allTeam

Wealth4all2.0 particulars and step by step instructions on how to earn with the new payplan.

Wealth4All – AU Payments

Greetings, today there are a couple quick updates regarding two passive income programs found in the portfolio: Wealth4all- AU payments and RicanAdFunds – 100 days online.

Wealth4all: They’ve taken the site down for the time being to make way for the latest incantation of W4a. In order to be eligible for AU payments you must now:

Join Wealth4All Marketing ($10 first year current W4a members, $14.95 thereafter) and make a $10 minimum spend in the new W4a HYIP.

  • You must do this on or before Jan 31. After that date all old W4a accounts are deleted from the system.
  • Members fee is $10 for old W4a members, $14.95 for everyone else

The latest call has them re-opening the doors either later today or tomorrow (Sat).

I listened trying to get a better grip on the math of the new pay-plan, but no luck. I tried to work it out a few different ways with the old calculator but decided for now to go with their explanation, straight from Mike Clark’s Skype chat:

MikeWClark,Admin: you should be able to begin earning again with the new W4A HYIP this weekend……..1.6% daily paid on all deposits  50/50split between reinvest and cash to w/d …initial w/d limit $500 weekly.

So there you have it, except to add that all spends mature at 150% after 88 days. If you spend $10 for example, in 88 days you earn back $15. Again, I couldn’t get the math to work. I guess so long as I know I will earn $15 back after 88 days, it will have to do until we can see for ourselves once the back office opens up in the next day or so.

Referral Coms: This time he mentioned 5% first and 2.5% second level referrals, but stressed it wasn’t set in stone yet… Just that they would be offering them.

Here’s a link to the most recent recorded call: http://tinyurl.com/W4AopportunityMEETING010213

Take a look around here: Wealth4allTeam


RicanAdFunds Program Details: Got through a shaky holiday season in fine fashion, just in time for some even bigger New Year’s accomplishments; Yesterday marked the 100 day anniversary for this passive 2% daily earner, with over 2 million dollars in deposits being reached a couple days ago. I can’t say if that number is accurate or not, but by their current Alexa rankings (Just over 10k!) and the obvious support from all their fan pages on facebook, their other passive income program (ISM) and the rest of the Rican Ad Network goodies, they continue to put many fannies in the seats there.

Drinks all around for anyone joining with me the first day as our initial spends have officially doubled.  Since I have been in profit for a while now, I plan to go 50% re-invest from here on out. This will allow me to help out a bit by putting a good amount back in, while having a chance at a good score down road.

The latest from Russell regarding processor security checks. While it’s annoying that new members need to wait 7 days to get their processor OK’d waiting a few extra days, they are doing it to protect us. Actually, this helps us protect ourselves so long as we check or processors once per week. Current members shouldn’t have a problem waiting the 7 days after adding a new one, they can still withdraw using their presently “approved” processor:

From Facebook:

The 7 Day Rule on pending processor IDs is part of our anti fraud measures and is for your long term protection, there are No Exceptions.

Please do not send me support tickets asking me to approve your processor IDs before the 7 days are up, it just gets in the way of me sorting out the overdue backlog.

Thank you for your co-operation.

Needless to say, RicanAdFunds have come roaring back strongly since the hacker shenanigans of last week. The site seems faster to me now, and I don’t get booted off nearly as much any more. Added bonus! That being said, you will still want to check your processors at least once a week to make sure no one has slipped in undetected and changed your stuff around. You do this by going to “Manage My Processors” on the side bar. If anything has been changed, send in a ticket, pronto.

That’s all for now, have a great weekend!

Updates regarding two passive income programs found in the portfolio: Wealth4all- AU payments and RicanAdFunds – 100 days online.