Mega Money Hybrid Review

Greetings, In this Mega Money Hybrid review we will take a look at this passive income program: how it works, the product, the pay plan, strategy etc.

mega money hybrid review The latest passive hybrid from the admin team behind well established programs – FastCashMega and PipMega offering a 2 part income generating system. Currently open for registrations and pre-funding. Launch is scheduled for March 7 at 12pm EST.

How it Works:

We purchase Megamoneyhybrid shares at $10.

  • 50% ($5) of each share pays you 2% daily for 75 days, returning 150% Total ($7.50)
  • 50% ($5) of each share goes into a ‘flexible’ cycler, returning 200% ($10).  Note – To keep the cycler moving, Mega Money Hybrid will have the following components in place:
    •  10% of Your new spends will go toward cycling your position closest to the front of the line.
    •  There is a 25% repurchase rule in place for withdrawals, and 10% of this money gets added to your top spot in line helping you cycle faster
    •  10% of purchases made by your referrals get added to your closest position to the front of the line helping you cycle faster.

Product: Each $10 Mega Money Hybrid unit buys you:

  • 500 banner ad credits
  • 500 text ad credits


  • Solid Trust Pay
  • Liberty Reserve
  • EgoPay
  • Perfect Money

– Minimum for withdrawals: $5

– Maximum capped at $2k/day

– You must withdraw using the same processor you deposit with.

– Purchases are capped at 20 Mega Money Hybrid units in one transaction ($200 – I really like this rule!)

Referral Commissions:

  • Level 1: 6%
  • Level 2: 4%


In my Mega Money Hybrid review I’d like to give a few thoughts toward a strategy.

First off, this ought to be a blast for us adrenaline junkies! There is going to be some fast money made in the first seconds of launch… So make the most of it – Precious seconds count!

Game Day Strategy:

For Launch, there really isn’t one for the 2% daily portion of the program, it works exactly the same as any other 2% daily program. There are some long-term strategies we can employ, I will go over a few of these in the coming days.

In the cycler portion, there are a few things we can do to cycle fast as possible. This is a 200% returning, first in – first out, straight line cycler. For every $5 spot to cycle out, there needs to be $10 worth of money added to the end of the line. There is going to be a mad dash to get  money closest to the head of the line and you want to be part of that mad dash! Again, seconds count so no itchy clicker finger for this, OK?

1 – Be ready to go right at launch! Have your account pre-funded to save time. Watch the countdown timer on the site, and the second it hits 0, buy your positions. Make your spend right then, no testing or waiting around. The site will probably be bogged down and slow from thousands of other people trying to make a spend that same moment. If it’s laggy, keep trying until you do!

2 – If you plan on buying more than 20 ($200) worth of units, open multiple tabs in your browser so once you hit “Enter” on your first spend, you can just move over to the next tab to make your purchase instead of waiting for the first page to get to the “Success” page. I don’t know if the script will allow you to fill in the amount of positions you want on each tab prior to launch, but if we are able to, why not?

Final Thoughts:

Something for everyone at Mega Money Hybrid; an adrenaline rush for straight-line cycler lovers, as well as a ‘more sensible’ 2% daily portion for the de-caf crowd.

Great admin team that knows how to run a good show, plenty of funding options with small withdrawal minimums and reasonable fees. Big money potential for the heavy hitters and a 25% repurchase rule in place along with the other features above to keep the lines moving – I give this one a great shot for a huge success. Can’t wait for launch.

Join MegaMoneyHybrid Here: Sign Up Link


Mega Money Hybrid review we will take a look at this passive income program: how it works, the product, the pay plan, strategy etc.

Jubi Rev / Jubi Max Program Updates

Greetings, The latest program updates for Jubi Rev / Jubi Max, and also daily happenings with RicanAdFunds and Bank on Traffic.

JubiRev Program Details: BIt’s Monday, so that means it’s time for another Corporate Update call with Jubi Rev / Jubi Max President; J Joshua Beistle. Be sure you pre-register for the call early as there are only 1000 available seats. I got shut out of last Monday’s call.

I’m hopeful we get news tonight on the actual products themselves, as well as a better time frame for a published comp-plan and then funding and pre launch. jubi rev jubi max

A portion of the latest email with pertinent webinar info:

Jubi REV / Jubi Max President, J. Joshua Beistle here…

First, I want to congratulate you for securing your
Global Pre-Launch position. I’m sure you’ve seen The BUZZ about our
Revenue Sharing Compliant Compensation Plan and our Global Massive Launch online!
Where Every Day Can Be Pay Day!

This is a personal invitation to join me on our corporate Pre-launch update webinar tonight;
Monday, February 25th, at 9PM EST.

Register now at:

Over 1,000 registered attendees as of now, and it only holds 1,000;
absolutely get there early, we are approximately 24 hours away!
We are working on more bridge lines :))
Take Action Right Now…don’t Hesitate!

Also, we can now get a sneak peak at our Jubi Accounts in our BO’s. Don’t sign up until we get the ok to, but it can be found by clicking: My Account >> My Financials >> JubiAccount.

Here is a great, 5 minute video which explains what a daily revenue share model can do for you. Scroll down half-way and you’ll see it. Catch it Here

Check out the JubiRev for FREE here:


RicanAdFunds Program Details: Still on course to be up and running some time tomorrow, UK time. Richard has popped in and out of the Facebook page to let everyone know, and Russell has posted on the update blog as well:

Site Update
written by Russell ISMmagic, February 25, 2013
As stated in previous post the site will be back up sometime tomorrow (UK time), please do not ask for a specific time estimate.

We are testing the updates and encrypted versions of the code now.

From Richard on Facebook:

As promised – we are in the last stages of testing so the site will be back up tomorrow. Please don’t ask what time as it will be as soon as testing is completed – again thank you to you all for you support, understanding and patience – 🙂

I feel sorry for them. Judging by the comments there from all the Nervous Nellies, I can just imagine how bad their Skype and email accounts are getting absolutely hammered. Crimony, let them work people.. They keep you updated with everything that is going on, let them finish for crying out loud.


Bank on Traffic: I was hoping to bring you a nice BankonTraffic review today, but unfortunately, I think I am going to pass on this program altogether now. After a few emails back and forth with the admin there I think this program will have a hard time going anywhere, and most other people that have interacted with him share the same opinion.

The admin comes off as quite rude, and unwilling/able to take any constructive criticism to help make the program better, and instead gives back a “take it or leave it” attitude. Maybe he’s stressed or just having a bad week, but he’s coming off as inexperienced and immature.

I am going to disable all the links from earlier posts. If you still would like to join, good luck and please find a different sponsor.

That’s all for today, everyone have a great week!

The latest program updates for Jubi Rev / Jubi Max, and also daily happenings with RicanAdFunds and Bank on Traffic.

JubiRev Introduces President – J Joshua Beistle

Greetings, JubiRev JubiMax President – J joshua Beistle was introduced yesterday and I have info on his bio, his current company etc. A little bit more about the man behind the curtain at JubiRev JubiMax.

JubiRev Program Details: I caught the noon EST webinar yesterday where T LeMont introduced J Joshua Beistle. I didn’t win any of the $1000 they were giving away, but it was great to hear more about the President and his vision for Jubi.

Here is a C&P of the email I sent to my downline. Since most of the info I send out probably ends up in people’s spam box, you can catch the latest here, and it will spare me some time due to my crappy typing skills.

President:J Joshua Beistle

I never heard of him until yesterday, but his resume is quite impressive. He started off marketing and then started his own marketing/follow up call firm. JJ went on to say they will be somehow integrating the call center with Jubi. That would be great if it’s something that works without costing an arm and a leg.

More on J Joshua Beistle:


Company website:

I really like that most of the Corporate heads have strong backgrounds in marketing,
something that is critical to a companies success, but sometimes sorely
lacking. These fellas certainly know how to put the fannies in the seats.

I plan on learning from these guys too – Jubi ought to be quite educational as well as profitable!

Founder Shares:

This came as a bit of a surprise, but J Joshua mentioned there would be a very limited amount of founder shares available. No other details given, so I guess stay tuned… Excellent news!

Funding Opening:

As of yesterday, would be opening in 48-72 hours, so 24-48 as of this blog post.

I’m not sure if we’ll be able to buy inventory yet when it opens, but I don’t imagine it would be too much longer once we’re able to fund.

JubiSuite: If you want to recruit

They want us to study the JubiSuite in our back offices, and come up
with some sort of game plan or “contest” to offer incentive to those that
recruit. It makes sense, and I’m trying to understand how it works better
before coming up with something for our team.

In any event, I will most likely have at most 3 legs, maybe even two,
and build straight down if that works out best for everyone. I was thinking
of possibly having the top team promoters win a leg, then have the next
level based on total volume, and switch back and forth or something.

Just thinking out loud.. Whatever it ends being, I will try and make it fair
for everyone.

If you have any ideas, let me know.

T Lemont’s new site:

Zeek members facing claw-backs take note – Protect your assets
this time around.

I caught a long recorded call where TL Silver goes over his
plans for a new site. In it, he will offer resources for setting up
off-shore, in precious metals, advice for legal tax shelters etc.

I’m certainly no “doomsday prepper”, but a lot of what he talks
about makes good money sense since the US dollar is on such
shaky ground. Maybe set us up trusts consisting of silver and gold
in the Caymans 😉 The last thing we would want is to make a ton
in Jubi only have the dollar tank and we all end up broke.

I forgot the name of his site, but it will be open to all members of his
extended downline which we all are. When it’s ready, I’ll send out
an update.

Hear more here when you get a few (quite a few actually), minutes:

Parts 1 and 2… Yes, TL can talk!

That’s all for now.  Those of you recruiting, keep up the good
work! You WILL be rewarded later for your efforts now.

Get connected with the corporate webinar schedule here:

Here is a great, 5 minute video which explains what a daily revenue share model can do for you. Scroll down half-way and you’ll see it. Catch it Here

Check out the JubiRev for FREE here:


RicanAdFunds Program Details: Looks like the site will be down for a few days. Richard says there are some potential security flaws they don’t like and are in the midst of encrypting all the code. Russell posted it would be finished by the 26th at the latest.

That’s gotta be a pretty stressful job staying one step ahead of hackers and other d-bags looking to mess with programs. I would be a constant wreck,  lol. Hopefully it’s fixed once and for all early next week, I’m starting to get the Rican-shakes over here.

Thumbs up for keeping everyone posted on what’s going on there.

Richard on Facebook:

It has never been our style not to let you know what is going on. I repeat that I never said that there would never be any issues, I just said that we would always do everything for the best of our members. As we updated code we became very aware of a security issue that we don’t want so after discussion with Russell and our technical team we have decided to encrypt all the code, have a dedicated server per site and also another server just for the support software – this is being done now and as soon as the encryption is completed and fully tested the site will be back up. This will be Tuesday at the very latest. All earnings will be paid and RAF as it is growing very fast will only be better and stronger – thank you to you all – we appreciate you for your support and patience and for making RAF what it is today.
Russell on the Rican blog:

Site Security & Code Encryption

written by Russell ISMmagic, February 22, 2013

We appreciate that member’s are keen for the site to be up again, but are aware of a previous security issue that has recurred. For the benefit of all we are assessing various encryption options and the site will remain down until all the code is encrypted. This may take until Tuesday 26th February.

That’s all for today, hope everyone has a good weekend.

JubiRev JubiMax President – J joshua Beistle was introduced yesterday and I have info on his bio, his current company etc. A little bit more about the man behind the curtain at JubiRev JubiMax

Bank on Traffic

Greetings, the long awaited passive program Bank on Traffic has finally opened its doors for registrations! Similar to Banner Brokers, BankonTraffic is built around the buying and then ‘qualifying’  web traffic and advertising.

Bank on Traffic





Update Feb 22: I am going to recommend holding off making a spend in Bank On Traffic for the time being. The KYC documents they require are going to create a burden for the program, one that might prove difficult to overcome.

Why? because before you make a withdrawal, you are required to upload personal identification documents.  I’m not comfortable with this, and I don’t think anyone should upload private info to an anonymous web entity. Feel free to sign up for a free account, but I would NOT make a spend until this rule gets changed. I will keep everyone posted.

New members will not be keen on this, and that will prevent money from entering the program. A brand new program such as BOT does not need to create additional hurdles for itself.

BankonTraffic: Just opened for registrations, no funding in place yet. Sign up with a free account and then take a look around the back office to get a feel for the site, it’s definitely a very cool, custom script.

How Bank on Traffic works in a nutshell:

You buy traffic packs that you can use to advertise your other programs with and work toward your “expiry target”, which means to basically double in value.

Example :

Say you buy the $50 pack, and that traffic pack’s expiry target is $100. Once you reach the expiry target of $100, the panels “split” into 2 $50 packs. Then you can either compound at either 50% or 100%, meaning you either take those two new $50 traffic packs and wait for them both to double (total of $200) -OR- You withdraw $50 to your bank and use the other $50 panel to put towards another traffic pack that once again heads off towards its expiry target of $100 when it splits in two again and the process starts all over.

So you can see BankonTraffic has some options for you depending on what compounding approach you choose.

More taken from the site:

By joining “Bank on Traffic”, you can participate in our business as both a member and an advertiser. As a member, you can use our business model and sales engine to earn a profit! As an advertiser, you can buy our Unique Visitor traffic to promote your own website or products and earn additional profits from your own advertising spends. Initial membership is free and we will send 1,000 unique visitors to the website of your choice just for checking out what we have to offer.

Business Pack Sets :

$50 = 5,000 UV
$200 = 20,000 UV
$650 = 65,000 UV
$2,000 = 200,000 UV
$6,050 = 605,000 UV

3 Monthly Subscription Levels:
Standard = $15,
Gold = $50,
Platinum = $100


Check out Bank on Traffic here: BankonTraffic/signup


The long awaited passive program Bank on Traffic has finally opened its doors for registrations! Similar to Banner Brokers, BankonTraffic is built around the buying and then ‘qualifying’  web traffic and advertising

Incoming search terms:

  • bank on traffic

RicanAdFunds – Strategy: 90 Day Break Even Plan

Greetings, updates today regarding RicanAdFunds – how to plan a compounding strategy to break even in 90 days. Also, the latest from xGolding and PipMega.

RicanAdFunds Program Details: Continues with its impressive growth. Over 30,000 members now with an Alexa just over 5k. According to the site, deposits into the program are just under 8 million, with just over 6 million being paid out. Not too shabby in the least at 145 days in! ricanadfunds 90 day plan

I’ve been asked more than once about a RicanAdFunds strategy plan to break even at 90 days. I’ll gladly share here, but know beforehand I didn’t come up with this strategy. I first used it back in the old JustBeenPaid hey day. It allows you to break even at 90 days, while continuing to grow your account from that day on, for the life of the program if you want.

I know many members are currently using this strategy, but I think I would probably concentrate more on getting to break even point the fastest at this point, although I cannot deny its potential. Without further ado, here it is:

RicanAdFunds 90 Day Plan:

You start out with any amount spend and compound 100% for the first 21 days.

We’ll start out with $1000.

Each day for the first 21 days, you will buy as many positions as you can. Any remaining money you can put towards tomorrow’s purchase. After 21 days, you will have right around $1500 in active ad packs.

The first day you make $20, so you buy one $15 adpack, leaving the extra $5 in your balance. The next day you earn $20.30 so again you buy another $15 adpack. On day 3 you will have enough for 2 – $15 adpacks (earnings + remaining balance from the days prior).

On day 22 your earnings will be $30 ($1500x.02). In this case, that will be enough to buy 2 new $15 adpacks. For the next 68 days you will purchase 2 new $15 adpacks ($30), and withdraw the rest (each time you have $15 in you available balance).

Right around day 90, not only will you have withdrawn your initial $1000 safely out to your processor, but you will also have an extra 136 adpacks earning for you. This is in addition to your original $1000 plus the $500 from compounding the first 21 days, + another $2040 resulting from the 2 adpacks you have been buying for the last 69 days. So for the next 35 days (when your original $1000 spend matures at day 125), you will be earning 2% daily on $3540 ($71/day).

Again, you need to look at this strategies risk vs reward to see if you want to roll the dice with it, but you can see full well from this example the earning power this strategy has.

I love Rican!

Awesome program, just make sure you pay yourself back first (unless you just cannot deny the urge to go for the ricanadfunds 90 day plan!)

—————————- STOPPED PAYING DO NOT MAKE A SPEND –Still cruising along here in this passive earner offering 2% daily on business days for 150 days. I don’t hear much from this admin, but fine with me. The timely payments speak plenty loud enough for me, and I have been receiving them without a hitch.

Anyone joining with me on opening day (I think it was right around Christmas) have gotten back 74% of their initial spends now, almost 3/4 of the way to break-even! Keep up the good work xGolding!

Join here>>>>

————————————- – This is another HYIP that has been cruising along without missing a beat. Everyone in on day one is right around a quarter way to break even point. I’ve been reading on the forums that Admin Trevor (of FastCashMega fame) is starting up another program in addition to his other ones. I don’t know yet what it will offer, but I know it will be some sort of passive hybrid with some fun element to it. Looking forward to it!
Check out PipMega here>>>:

Updates today regarding RicanAdFunds – how to plan a compounding strategy to break even in 90 days. Also, the latest from xGolding and PipMega.


JubiRev / JubiMax Package Pricing For JubiBucks

Greetings, I wasn’t able to catch the entire thing, but last night’s JubiRev / JubiMax webinar went over the pricing of the different packages. The costs of the JubiBucks vary, but still offering something affordable for every budget.

JubiRev Program Details: Still waiting for the lawyers to finalize the JubiRev compensation plan, TL says there were only a couple little “verbiage” things contained that the compliance team wanted them to address. In the meantime, I was able to hear enough of the webinar to catch the prices for the different packages.

JubiRev / JubiMax Package Pricing For JubiBucks: Offering 5 different size packages of JubiBucks.

I also want to note that the most you can buy at one time is the $2500 package. Once you give away 70% of your current JubiBucks package, you can then buy another package if you like. The lawyers were not comfortable with members plunking down say $10k for that much worth of JubiBucks, figuring there would be less for the regulators to scrutinize. Using the “70% rule” complies with the current MLM standards product required to be sold or used before you can purchase another package. You can still fund your ewallet with as much money as you want, you just need to give away 70% of your JB-2500 before you can buy more.

Individual Packages:

  •  $100   JubiBucks Package
  •  $250   JubiBucks Package
  •  $500   JubiBucks Package
  • $1000  JubiBucks Package
  • $2500  JubiBucks Package

Subscription Packages: I guess you could look at these as a sort of “auto-ship”. For each sub you receive the same amount in personal use JubiBucks. These are to be used for ourselves, not as “giveaways”. This will go toward our MPV (Monthly Personal Volume).

Another interesting twist to the different subscription levels is that, depending on which one you purchase, you earn up to 25 days longer than the lowest priced sub. This adds a whole new ball game as an extra 25 days worth of daily revenue sharing will certainly add up, increasing your bottom line tremendously. I plan on buying the highest level subscription and I would recommenced going for the highest one you can afford too.

JubiRev / JubiMax Subscription Package Prices:

  • 15$ –   JubiPoints earn for 80 days + 15 personal use credits
  • 50$ –   JubiPoints earn for 85 days + 50 personal use credits
  • 100$ – JubiPoints earn for 95 days + 100 personal use credits
  • 200$ – JubiPoints earn for 105 days + 200 personal use credits

Get connected with the corporate webinar schedule here:

Here is a great, 5 minute video which explains what a daily revenue share model can do for you. Scroll down half-way and you’ll see it. Catch it Here

Check out the JubiRev for FREE here:

JubiRev / JubiMax – JubiSuite

Greetings, today I have updates regarding the JubiSuite; the newfangled JubiRev / JubiMax ‘holding tank’, as well as Wealth4all AU, RicanAdFund and My Traffic Value news.

JubiRev Program Details: From what I’ve been able to gather regarding the JubiRev – JubiSuite, it’s a Unilevel that will work like this: Any of our personal referrals will be placed in our ‘holding tank’ for 60 days until we manually place them. We will have the ability to form as many ‘legs’ as we choose. If I decided on 5 legs for example, I would manually place 5 people on level 1, once that gets filled I would place the next 5 under the first 5, and so on. This will not affect my generational pay that goes 3 levels deep, but will give each person .5% of every level in their downline, simply by virtue of being  placed by me.

I still don’t know what strategy I am going to personally employ for the JubiRev – Jubisuite. Since most of my personals aren’t going to be interested in recruiting at first, I will most likely have only 2 or 3 legs since it would not only “give back” to more people but it might also be more of an incentive for people to recruit once people see the power of the JubiSuite.

I’m currently working with my sponsor to hopefully put together a private webinar with the head of JubiMax support and T Le Mont. I know TL has some good ideas on how to best go about the JubiRev – JubiSuite. I will be emailing out the updates once I go over things  a bit more and come up with a plan. Stay Tuned, it’s getting exciting. Sign up using the link at the bottom of this post so I can ad your email address to our team for updates if you haven’t yet. Say what you want about TL, but he is a pretty sharp marketing cookie.

Get connected with the corporate webinar schedule here:

Here is a great, 5 minute video which explains what a daily revenue share model can do for you. Scroll down half-way and you’ll see it. Catch it Here

Check out the JubiRev – JubiSuite for FREE here:


Wealth4all2.0 Program Details: Still many questions about how and when Wealth4all members will get payouts from their AUs remaining from the old program.  “When” is still up in the air, however I noticed there are some new updates in the FAQ section which might give some clarity as to “how”:

12) Q: AUs payback policy effective 2/7/13
A: The AUs will be paid back from the profits generated within W4A program. The company has contracted with two investment firms to speed up the process of paying the AUs to the membership. Remember, the AUs are a gift from the company The AUs were created to show an earnings progression in the OLD W4A program which ended 9/11/12. Whenever there is a NET INCOME from W4A, any AUs distribution payment will be required to be placed in the new W4A system to create daily earnings for the member.

I take that to mean that for any AU payments we receive, we are required to invest them into the new W4a Hyip in order to cash them out. In other words; Say my first AU payment is $20. I would need to invest that $20 into the hyip and wait the 90 days for it to mature at $30 before I can actually withdraw it. I hope I am correct in my assumption in how this is going to work, but I think there might be some annoyed members if this is indeed the case. All in all, I guess It’s still better than nothing. There’s 5 or 6 new items posted in the FAQs, so check them out.


RicanAdFunds Program Details: Still one of the big (paying!!!) hits of last fall and up until now, but I’ve been having trouble logging into Rican the past few days, and apparently, I’m not the only one. They are currently still working on ‘Phase 2’ of the program and have also upped their security to the highest one offered by CloudFlare and you might need to fill a captcha in order to log on if it appears. Here is what Admin Russel had to say about it on the RicanAdFunds official blog:

DDOS Protection on RAF
written by Russell ISMmagic, February 10, 2013

Following the server downtime yesterday the following action has been taken.

1. The DDOS protection / security setting at “CloudFlare” has been raised to the highest possible level and will remain there.

2. “CloudFlare” will challenge you if
a) It thinks your PC (internet access device) is infected with a virus or malware.
b) Your PC (internet access device) appears to behave like a “Botnet Zombie”
c) the IP address you are using has “Web Spammer” reputation or is in IP range where “Web Spammers” are prevalent.

You will be asked to complete “Captcha Code Form”, failure to do so will result in your IP address being blocked and you will need to contact support for it to be unblocked.

Here is a bit more from Richard taken from the Facebook page:

It would appear that we are the victims of our own growth. Automatic Purchase Approval along with other updates in Phase 1 have shown that the code needs to be more efficient which was the plan for Phase 2 – this is now being worked on this week so as to have a faster more efficient script – the site will be as it is for a few more days and then we will get back to Automatic Approval by the end of the week – until then – we will manually approve purchases and all packs will get the full 125 days from the day they are approved so no earnings will be lost. Thank you again for your support and patience we really do want to make RAF batter and faster and able to accept the growth 🙂

So it sounds as though Rican continues to grow, and it’s great to have an admin team that is excellent when it comes to keeping the members posted on all the latest. I can think of a few other admins that might want to enroll in a class or two from the Rican School of Communication.

Awesome program, just make sure you pay yourself back first! ————–

MyTrafficValue Program Details Page – At last, work on the monitor begins! When this monitor gets up and running MTV is going to be getting a lot of attention, and it’s about time! I think it will be a hit with both the HYIP gang as well as the MTV “game” crowd as there will be an interactive part where we vote on the various programs monitored if we want, and will be excellent exposure for the HYIP Admins themselves.

The latest game addition to the portfolio is Let it Ride, with the old school game of skill, Tetris, being worked on now. Jo is teaming up two programmers to start work on the monitor, which will take some time to complete. There is a ton more of info regarding the new monitor on the MTV forum found here, you’ll need to log in to see it, but I highly recommend doing so. Very cool feature in the works.

See for yourself here what MTV has to offer here:

Updates regarding the JubiSuite; the newfangled JubiRev / JubiMax ‘holding tank’, as well as Wealth4all AU, RicanAdFund and My Traffic Value news.

Passive Income Program Updates

Greetings, today I have some quick updates on some programs found in our passive income portfolio: JubiRev JubiMax, RicanAdFunds and GoFun Rewards.

JubiRev – First off, I’d like to thank everyone that signed up for pre-registration with me! There is certainly quite a buzz out there for this one. The latest email I got says over 20,000 people have signed up for a free account so far. They won’t start accepting money for at least another couple of weeks until they get into soft launch, so you have nothing to lose by signing up for a free account now. Then you will start to get updates as to when the corporate training and business calls are getting scheduled.

Check out the corporate schedule here:

Here is a recorded overview call found here with presenter T Le Mont Silver:

Sign up for FREE here:


RicanAdFunds Program Details – Homepage stats say over $5.6 million in deposits and $4.2 million paid out so far for this passive income program. I don’t usually buy into posted stats from these type sites, but I do know that this one has definitely caught on with the public! The Alexa is currently just over 6k and that ain’t no joke.

Still no word on when EgoPay will be available again for deposits or withdrawals, but STP works just fine in the meantime. You can withdraw from processors other than what you deposited with so if you deposited with EP, set up a different processor in your BO. It takes 7 days for them to manually verify it, but once you clear that hurdle you are free to withdraw using the new one until EgoPay is up and running again.


GoFunPlaces Program Details – Be sure to be on the Corporate call tonight at 9pm EST when GFP will announce their new president. I’ve heard through the grapevine this person is a heavy hitter within the industry and GFP are looking to make quite the splash with the announcement.

A cool, new feature in our back offices is the in-house ability to give ecash to other members within our organization or to new members that might be wanting to get a faster start with the program, without waiting for their checks to clear or using the fast form. This comes as great news. Let me know if you need ecash for whatever reason. I can help and it will be credited instantly.

Join Here: GFP Sign up Page

GoFunPlaces – Guide: GoFun Rewards – How it Works

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Last, but not least for today, I would like to thank Joseph at for interviewing me. It was the first time I have ever been asked to do an interview with another blogger I admire so I was very humbled. Thanks again Josef.

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Quick updates on some programs found in our passive income portfolio: JubiRev JubiMax, RicanAdFunds and GoFun Rewards.

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