JubiRev Updates – JubiRebates are Live

Greetings. Today I have the latest JubiRev updates taken from last night’s call. JubiRebates are now Live, as well as what you need to do in order to take advantage of the waning First Wave Bonus and paying our monthly subs.

JubiRev Program Details: I didn’t get a chance to listen to the call live last night, but had a chance to hear it (They now post the last four Monday and Saturday calls on the homepage of our BO in the “Important Link” section –  handy indeed!).

So, without further ado…   jubirebates

Monthly Subs:

For most of us, these will be due on May 1. If you came on board after April 1 it will be due exactly 30 days after your join date. I’m sure there will be some sort of grace period since this will be the first monthly installment of our dues, but I wouldn’t wait too long to pay them.

Dues are paid out of ecash, so we need to either load funds from our processors or credit cards, or pay out of our daily earnings.

First Wave Bonus ends TONIGHT:

Last chance to take advantage of the bonus JubiPoints so make sure you let your downline know. You have until 12 midnight CST.

To figure out what time that is for you, here is a world clock converter:


This has been a great little jump starter for those that missed out on the founder bonus so you will definitely want to take advantage if you haven’t already.

JubiSuite Unilevel:

They will be running this in the next couple of days! To be honest, I don’t quite understand
yet how it will all work, however, T Lemonte will be holding a special training webinar going over
everything including the “Holding Suite”.

I will keep you posted just as soon as I hear when he will be doing that. I’m not sure when that will be as his wife was admitted to the hospital last week and TL was understandably tending to his family.

JubiRebates are LIVE:

This is a truly cool, new feature. How it works is we download a toolbar (our customers can do the same), and when we shop online at any one of 5000 different retailers we get a percentage of whatever product we bought in the form of JubiBucks that we can then give away. Our customers will get the same thing only in the form of cash back rebates.

JubiMax will also get a commission of every item bought which will then be paid back to the promoters in the form of higher earnings in the Daily Leadership Bonus Pool. I have a feeling that this is going to be a HUGE hit. I know how much stuff my family buys each month online. This ought to be a win-win for all involved.

Once we have the toolbar downloaded it’s time to shop. Head on over to Google, Bing or Yahoo search engines and type in the search bar whatever it is we are interested in. For this example, JJ used Nike sneaks. Any time one of the participating retailers had something a new text snippet appears showing exactly what rebate we could expect:

jubirebates toolbar

I know the resolution of my image isn’t the greatest, but there in the red you can see what I am talking about.;
So anyway, that is a fast primer on how JubiRebates will work. For more information regarding anything
I talked about in this email you can see it all on the videos now posted in our BOs.

Check out the JubiRev for FREE here:  https://www.jubirev.com/moggle

JubiRev updates taken from last night’s call. JubiRebates are now Live, as well as what you need to do in order to take advantage of the waning First Wave Bonus and paying our monthly subs.

JubiRev – Last Chance for First Wave Bonus

Greetings, Today is the last day for the JubiRev – First Wave Bonus Promotion as well as the latest from MegaMoneyHybrid and RicanAdFunds.

JubiRev Program Details: Today is the last day to get the extra 10% bonus Jubipoints if you buy extra JubiBucks. You will need to buy them before midnight today EST, and will be credited the extra 10% once you give them away.

I also got a sneak peak at the new JubiRebates site which looks very cool. I assume we will be able to give our JubiPoints to people for extra money off at the retail chain stores. Looks like there are 27 stores participating so far – Like Home Depot, JC Penney’s, Best Buy etc. I’m not sure if we are supposed to be sharing links publicly yet, but if you want a sneak preview, let me know privately and I will shoot you over a link.

TL Silver also created a video on how to give away our JubiBucks, that can be watched HERE:

Check out the JubiRev for FREE here:  https://www.jubirev.com/moggle


RicanAdFunds: Looks like the reason behind payments not going out has been due to Admin Richard being in the hospital all weekend according to Russell. He might want to consider some extra supplements or vitamin C or something as he seems to be sick quite a bit. Whatever, hope they get them going out today.

I checked my back office there and see that my payment request has gone from “Pending” to “In Progress” so hopefully things are looking up with RicanAdFunds.

MegaMoneyHybrid – The latest update from the admin here has the admin team going through a couple more options on how to best go about repairing the damage done by hackers adding fake Hybrid Units.

Here’s a portion of the latest email regarding the fix(es):

I was hoping to bring you better news but we’re still working on this. The problem in MMH is way bigger than we thought. We have tried varies options and they all lead to loss for members. It means the members who received earnings from the false units get to keep that money and other members pay for it. This because we can’t make precise corrections since we don’t know exactly what made what cycle out. I think you can imagine with 800 false units added to the system the total (false) amount is very high because members bought new units with the money they received when they cycled out because of the false units and members who cycled out because of that bought new units etc.

We have 2 more options to go through. If those don’t lead to the solution to do this without loss for members then loss for members it will be. The loss can be all members who bought units after the false units have been added lose their purchases or the total loss will be calculated and spread over all members (in one way or another). Both options will get a lot of resistance, we know that so we’re trying to find a way to avoid this but it’s not that easy. For us taking all the loss is just not possible. Especially since 2 sites have been down for weeks now. 

So there you have it, hopefully these latter two programs are fixed up soon and great things continue to come from JubiRev.

Today is the last day for the JubiRev – First Wave Bonus Promotion as well as the latest from MegaMoneyHybrid and RicanAdFunds.

RicanAdFunds – Back in Business

Greetings, quick updates today regarding RicanAdFunds coming back online, as well as the new identification requirement there.

RicanAdsFunds.com: Glad to see things moving along here, it’s been a while since we’ve seen Big Blue and I’m sure we’ve all missed her. Just a few clarifications on the new withdrawal requirements at RicanAdFunds.

I am going to wait until I at least see payments going out before uploading my documents.  I figure I’ve waited this long, I can wait a few more days. Every member needs to decide for themselves whether the risk of uploading their private info is worth withdrawing more than $15 per day or not. I’m leaning toward doing it just because I still have quite a bit of money in there… I just want to make sure payments are going out in a timely fashion before clicking the “Upload” button.

No ID Needed for Withdrawals UNDER $15.00:ricanadfunds

For now, no ID will be necessary for withdrawals less than $15. Simply request your funds the same way you always have and they will be paid to you, depending on the day you request them, either Tuesday or Friday.

15 per day = $45 for each three days – Friday, Saturday and Monday withdrawals paid on Tuesday, Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday withdrawals paid on Friday. Each withdrawal can be $45 which = $15 per day

ID Needed in order to Withdraw OVER $15

Instructions to Upload Documents

Create an account at ISM Magic. Login, select the tab “My Account”, click “EWallet”, then select “Upload Security Documents”. To ensure that your documents gets approved, you need to ensure that your profile details in ISM Magic matches the info noted in your documents. So, from ISM Magic, you need to go to “Social Wall + Login”, hover your mouse over “My Profile” and select “Edit Profile”.

Members need to do the following once their documents are approved on ismMagic.

1. From ismMagic activate the e-wallet for RAF(select MyAccount + E-Wallet form the menu and follow the instructions)
2. Create your Magic (security) Code in RAF (new menu option in RAF). You will need the “ID/Document Number” from your approved submitted “Proof of ID”.

Please be careful when creating your Magic Code.
a) You can do this only once.
b) You cannot change it once created.
c) It is encrypted so we cannot tell you what it is.

You want to make sure your files aren’t huge. I’ve read of members not getting them to go through because the file sizes were too big. If you get error messages after you try to upload your documents, try compressing them down to under 100kbs and it should work fine.

One last thing as per RicanAdFunds Admin Russel on their Facebook page:

If you have more than $1000 of active ad units in RicanAdFunds and your ID documents are still pending please comment here including number of units you have. I will try to prioritize your approval.

So that’s all for today for our quick update today regarding RicanAdFunds coming back online, as well as the new identification requirement there.



Income Opportunity Program Updates

Greetings, today I have income opportunity program updates for the following programs currently in our portfolio: JubiRev – The Daily Leader Bonus has started!! as well as the latest from Lifetime Paid Hourly and MegaMoneyHybrid news.

JubiRev Program Details: Great to see that Phase 3 of the this income opportunity and the Daily Leader Bonus has gotten off on the fast-track. That is the new name for the “Daily Revenue Share” portion of the program. The past 3 days have been averaging right around .0135 rewards per credit (more vernacular demanded by the JubiLawyers). This works out to roughly 13.5 JubiBucks Daily for every 1000 JubiCredits we have so far in the DLB.

You want to start getting in the habit of placing your daily ad as this is one of the requirements needed in order to earn daily. The 3rd party vendors are not in place yet so we need to do this at the moment. This is a very simple task taking no more than 1 minute per day.

I have a step by step tutorial on how to place your daily ad found HERE

Check out the JubiRev for FREE here:  https://www.jubirev.com/moggle


Lifetime Paid Hourly / Lifetimepaidhourly.com – This income opportunity program continues to chug along without a hitch, except of course that with growth comes more work for Admin Terry Cuthbert. In order to cut down on his workload somewhat he has implemented new minimums for withdrawals and deposits to $20. I personally don’t have a problem with this new rule if it helps him out, although I wish he could have left the ability to make internal deposits from earnings at $5. I can see external deposits giving him more to do since he was adding them manually, but internal deposits shouldn’t matter, should they? Oh well, fine with me.. I just figure it will take people with smaller earnings longer to earn the $20 required in order to make a spend.

Here is the latest stats I got from Skype:

Lifetime Updates                                                                                                         Days Running : 31 Days
Total Members: 3531
Total Purchase: $568,636.00
External Purchase: $440,192.00
Internal Purchase: $128,444.00
Members Earnings: $66,028.80 Ref Com
Total Paid Out: $146,626.19
Total Withdrawals: 6,415 Pending 0      


MegaMoneyHybrid – Still waiting for an update from Admin Peter as to how much time the programmer will need to figure out how hackers have been able to make fake spends into the system, and then what they plan to do in order to fix the entire system.

Here is some of what he had to say on MMG forum:

Well I just talked to our programmer and he said the recoding is almost done. That’s 2 days later than he planned so that tells me it’s quite a job. At the moment he’s testing the system with the new code and will probably need to do some more coding. He said when this is done we start with going through the system to see the actual damage and start with the corrections. I’m not sure if he’s going to try to do this automatically. Will have to wait till he updates me on that. He have been working very hard on this even with his wife in the hospital for 2 days. He was there and continued working on his laptop. I truly appreciate that. He knows how important this is so that’s why he’s working a lot on this but he has a life too of course and in my opinion family comes first always (even though he did both now).

And then:

At the moment I’m waiting to send out another update to all members. There’s a lot going on so I want to make sure I provide the correct information. I think it’s best to wait what our programmer says after we have checked the actual damage. Then we can determine how long it will take to get the site up and running again.

So hopefully we get some good news soon regarding MegaMoneyHybrid, one of my favorite programs so far this year!

That’s all for today with some income opportunity program updates.


Incoming search terms:

  • megamoneyhybrid

JubiRev – How to Give Your JubiBucks Away

Greetings, today I have step by step instructions on how to give your JubiRev JubiBucks away as well as a few other updates as we get closer to the Rev Share start-up.

JubiRev Program Details: Great call the other day with lots of important updates – Namely – How to give our JubiBucks away as well as the following highlights.

In case you missed it, here is the link for the call: http://sharepros.com/jubi6/

Audio Link HERE

Here are some of the more important tidbits from the call:

  • How to set up your JubiBuck Giveaway
  • How to give your JubiBucks away
  • How to purchase more JubiBucks with ecash
  • How the commission setting works
  • REV Share Begins April 8!
  • For anyone that missed out on the founder bonus, JubiRev is offering a 10% bonus on all purchases between 3/28 and 4/22. Click on “First Wave Bonus” for the details on the JubiRev homepage after you log in.
  • How to set up your autoship for your MaxBucks
  • Pro Marketing System ought to be up and running within 2 weeks tops.
  • How to give more JubiBucks to existing customers

So as you can see, there was quite a bit gone over on the call so make sure you listen to it so you are up to date on everything.

We want to try and have all of our JubiBucks given away by the time the Rev share starts on April 8 so we can start earning on the maximum amount to JubiPoints right away (When we give away JB’s, we then get JP’s in return. It is on these JubiPoints we earn in the daily Revenue share. p.

Just so everyone understands – We do not earn until we have given our JubiBucks away and receive JubiPoints in return.

If you DO NOT have all your personal inventory given away by the 8th it’s not the end of the world, but I would try to just so you are earning asap.

How to give your JubiBucks Away:

  • >> Login
  • >> My Account
  • >> My Financials
  • >> Ecash
  • >> JubiBuck Manager

Once you are in the JubiBuck Manager you will see where you can set your amount of JubiBucks you want to give to each person under “JubiBuck Giveaway Certificates”. You want to set your number as high as possible (400 max) so you can give away the most to each person fastest. This is only so we can earn on the max amount given away right away. After you have given away your initial JubiBucks, you can then adjust your giveaway setting to a lower amount if you like. Again, this is only to give away your initial JubiPoints to earn the most once the daily rev starts.

Then, you give your link (found directly below where you set your giveaway) to your customers to fill out, they will look as follows, only with your username at the end. When someone clicks on one of the links however many Jubibucks you have assigned by following the steps above are shown dynamically when they click. Mine are set to $400 worth of JubiBucks:




Once your customers click on one of the links and fill out the form, that’s it. Your job is done! Do this as many times as necessary in order to give away all your JubiBucks.

Note: When you first give away your JubiBucks, you will NOT see any JubiPoints generated right away. The programmers are still working on this – they want to make sure everything is working right. It shouldn’t take more than 24-36 hours for you to get credit however.

Also, the 3rd party vendors should be up and running shortly where we can purchase customers and have our daily ads placed for us.

That’s all for now, and as you can see it is quite simple to give your JubiBucks away. In the coming days I will working on some ways to easily give your JubiBucks away without paying for the 3rd party vendors as well as how to place our daily ad so keep an eye out for that.

Check out the JubiRev for FREE here:  https://www.jubirev.com/moggle

Step by step instructions on how to give your JubiRev JubiBucks away as well as a few other updates as we get closer to the Rev Share start-up.