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I wanted to send a heads-up about a brand new program, and review HourlyChicPay. HCP launched yesterday and looks VERY promising. So promising, that over 9000 people have joined Hourly Chic Pay already!.


hourlychicpay review



Note June 10: Do NOT make a spend here. The program is currently struggling to make payments.

HourlyChicPay Review  comes to us hot on the heels of the latest rage in programs – Hourly payers. The admin runs another successful site for a couple months now called ChicPayment. I bought advertising in that one when it first launched and it has been performing flawlessly.



My strategy for this HourlyChicPay review is to go straight in with my biggest spend, withdraw until breaking even, and then withdraw a small percentage of profits while re-investing the rest for as long as she may run.

This program has reasonable rates of return, as well referral commissions that shouldn’t be a huge drain on available capital. Minimum purchases are .99 and minimum withdrawals are $10 which looks great for affordability levels of all members.

Program info:

Hourlychicpay Review – Brand New! A passive income online advertising platform where you get paid hourly to advertise your business .

It is very simple to get started. You just need to purchase ad units for your website(s), and then we will pay you between 0.08791% – 0.16666% Every Hour.

IMPORTANT : When you signup, you get $12 Free. You can use it to purchase your positions now.

Site Details:

Each Ad pack cost just $0.99 and you will also receive 1,000 text ad credits and 1,000 banner ad credits for each ad pack you own.
Unit Cost: $0.99 Included 2000 Ad credits
Min Cashout: $10.00
Welcome Bonus: $12 + 20000 Ad Credits
Add Fund Fee:3.99%
Cashout Fee:4.99%
SolidTrustPay,Egopay,LibertyReserve & PerfectMoney

Plan XS : 0.08791% Hourly For 1680Hours ROI: 147.70%
Plan S : 0.09291% Hourly For 1680Hours ROI: 156.10%
Plan M : 0.10208% Hourly For 1680Hours ROI: 171.50%
Plan L : 0.11583% Hourly For 1680Hours ROI: 194.60%
Plan XL : 0.14375% Hourly For 1560Hours ROI: 224.25%
Plan XXL : 0.16666% Hourly For 1560Hours ROI: 260.00%

Minimum spend for each plan:

XS: $1
S: $50
M: $303
L: $505
XL: $1010
XXL: $3030

RC: Referral Commission level 1 / 2 / 3:

XS: 6% / 3% / 1%
S:   6% / 3% / 2%
M:   6% / 4% / 2%
L:    7% / 4% / 2%
XL:  7% / 5% / 2%
XXL: 7% / 5% / 3%

Buy your positions now using the $12 FREE

Check out HourlyChicPay HERE

HourlyChicPay review. HCP launched yesterday and looks VERY promising. So promising, that over 9000 people have joined already!.

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6 thoughts on “HourlyChicPay Review”

    1. Hi Colin, and thanks for joining.

      HourlyChicPay is 100% passive if you want. You don’t need a website or even use the advertising you purchased in order to earn. You can, however, use the “Add Banner/text” functions to advertise your other programs if you want. I recommend using them, they do work.

      If you want to advertise HourlyChicPay elsewhere to get referrals, you can click on “banners” and it will give you the different sizes banners you can use to advertise.

    1. Hi enggar, eventually all programs end one way or another. That’s why it is important to get your seed money back asap and then play with profits.

  1. Something I want to know,
    how the HourlyChicpay owner can pay member’s profit? Where is the owner’s benefit come from?

    1. They usually say they are investing in some sort of outside activity, but 99.99% of the time it is new member deposits paying off old ones. That’s why you always want to get into profit as quickly as possible.

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