MyTrafficValue – Easy Explaination

Greetings, MTV isn’t the easiest to understand right off the bat, especially for new members. Luckily, admin Jo took the time to write up a MyTrafficValue easy explanation in bare-boned fashion, so I thought I would put it up here since it does make things quite a bit easier to understand after reading.

Let’s jump right into it… Continue reading MyTrafficValue – Easy Explaination

UTSProfitAds Review – Over $1 Million Paid out in 3 Days

Greetings Everyone,

Today I have a first alert for a rev share/ptc site currently in prelaunch called UTSProfitAds review.

Note: This program has slowed to a crawl. I would NOT upgrade fresh funds into the program. I will keep everyone posted in the latest updates on this blog if it should speed back up. Until then, I will take down the links.


utsprofitads review




UTSProfitads review pre-launched just a couple days ago and is exploding. It comes to us from the trusted admin team at UltimateTeamSuccess – A program that puts together large groups of people together and joins different programs as a whole. This is the first rev share program by the UTS team I am aware of, however is exploding at the moment!

I am currently averaging a 10% return! It will not stay there, however that is what it is paying at the moment. Unreal!

Product: Adpacks

Payplan: straight up 150%

Adpacks cost $20 and return $30 for a 150% Total return.

Each Ad Pack gets you:
1,000 Google type text ad credits shown on the top of our website.
1,000 banner ad credits shown on the bottom of our website.
500 Link Ad credits that provide unique, guaranteed views.
A 150% share of the UTSProfitAds sales profits per ad

Processors:  Payza and STP

Referral Commission: 15% on all adpack purchases

Strategy: As much fun as it is seeing your balance skyrocket at first, always remember the golden rules of passive income programs: Decide on a spend you are willing to risk, go in at that amount right away, withdraw until you are into profit and then re-invest a certain amount of your PROFITS. UTS Profit Ads

Since UTSProfitAds review returns a total of 150%, for every 1 unit you withdraw, you need to re-deposit 2 units in order to remain “level”. In other words – withdrawing $250 for every $500 you re-deposit would keep you even. Withdraw more than that and your account will begin to diminish. Withdraw less than that while depositing the same ($500) and you would start to see your account increase.

Join Here:

There you have it, a quckie UTSProfitads review. Jump in quickly, this program is currently earning like crazy!



Incoming search terms:

  • www iprofitpassively com

JubiRev – New Comp Plan Update Tonight and Other Industry News

Greetings, Today I have a couple fast updates including JubiRev – New comp plan update tonight as well as news regarding programs found in our passive income portfolio. The demise of Liberty Reserve plays a substantial role in today’s news as another program bites the dust because of it, as well as the lengths MTV will be going to in order to help members transfer deposits made using LR to another e-currancy. Continue reading JubiRev – New Comp Plan Update Tonight and Other Industry News

Passive Income Program Updates

Greetings, Just a few updates today with some of the Passive Income Program found in out portfolio. I still haven’t joined anything new lately as I wanted to wait and see what a world without Liberty Reserve had in store for us. Surprisingly, I have seen quite a few new programs starting up already, but as I said in an earlier post, I was going to lay low for a bit to see how things went sans LR.

We’ll start off with one of the current stars of the Passive income program shows: Continue reading Passive Income Program Updates