My Traffic Value – New Plans and Other News

Greetings, My Traffic Value ‘s new investment plans should be going live tonight so long as there are no other glitches run into once they move things over from the testing server and open up!

MyTrafficValue Program Review Page Heres the latest taken from the forum regarding the latest changes in the program:

The new My Traffic Value plans:               My Traffic Value

No change. Just 2,800,000 in total now. Each share still pays the same $0.00000005 per $1 invested.

No change. Still pays 110% or 125%. The only difference is now 54.54% of deposits will earn 110% (rather than 60% previously)

194% Power Plan:
This plan will be closed to new investments. Existing investments will continue to be paid and fast tracked like normal.

186% Power Plan:
This replaces the old Power Plan, paying you daily payments + fast tracks until you earn your money back +86% profit.

Key new feature of this plan is the referrals:
Level 1 earn 9%
Level 2 earn 1%

250% Fast Track Only Plan:
This is a new plan we’re introducing. You don’t receive any daily payments (so you don’t dilute the daily results at all). And instead, all your waiting for is a fast track (that works the same as the Power Plan fast tracks – same ordering system, by round)… So when it’s your turn to be fast tracked, you’ll get all 250% in one go (or a few days of fast tracks!)

Minimum Investment = $100
Referral Level 1 = 5%
Referral Level 2 = 1%

Anyway, the above is just a quick preview of what’s to come. The new plans explain themselves really nicely, and have a little investment calculator built into the explanation – to give you specific values for what to expect. And we’ve made an effort to predict fast track times based on current revenues. So we’ll see how that goes!

So there you have it, looking forward to the new My Traffic Value investment plans!

Passive Income Program Updates

Greetings, There hasn’t been much to report in our passive income programs lately as we are in the middle of summer. It seems as though the only programs coming out lately are doomed rev share after rev share. There is literally a new one of these programs popping up per day that last anywhere from hours to a couple of days, no thanks.

Other than that, people are just less apt to be in front of their computers, myself included. Still, I had hoped to have some better news regarding promised comebacks for a couple of our older earners, but continue to be blown away by the latest happenings from the oldest in our passive income program portfolio: MyTrafficValue.

Let’s get right into things here: Continue reading Passive Income Program Updates

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