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Greetings all, Paidverts has gotten off to a great start from all reviews I have read, with very few glitches other than a few people have had trouble viewing ads after running into trouble on the “Interaction” page. This is where you need to fill out the three lines of text describing the site on the page before the ads. If this is you, try a different browser. That’s what others have found success with.

I’ve also been asked if you need to click the ads in order to earn back the full 155% on your money, and the answer is yes. If you decide to recycle some of your ads you will forfeit however much those ads were worth, you don’t get new ones so make sure you are aware of this before recycling any yourself.

Now, as promised, are easy instructions to help get you started!

Step 1 – click on an “Activation Ad” … this will give you 100 Bonus Ad Points.

Step 2: Later in the day; click on the “Paid Ads” page: and you’ll start receiving paid ads. With each paid ad you receive your Bonus Ad Points will reduce… And you’ll keep receiving paid ads until you run out of BAP.

Step 3: Click on another activation ad again, to get more BAP. And receive more paid ads!
Step 4: Buy an ad campaign: – every dollar you spend will give you 50 visits to your website, and also add 3100 BAP to your account! Which will deliver $1.55 worth of paid ads to your account ASAP.


Hopefully this helps out until the coming days when I will do a much more in-depth PaidVerts review

5 thoughts on “PaidVerts – Easy How To Get Started”

    1. Cool Jeff, thanks. Also, I would like to hear what you think of PV after it’s been running at full speed for a while. I’m not all that familiar with PTC sites yet, and from the looks of your site, you are. Take care!

      1. I would be glad to give you my input on PV after its been running for a while. I hope they activate Paypal. I am not a big fan of STP. Which is the main reason I am not very active in MTV.
        As far as PTC sites…they are the most guaranteed way I have found to earn money. The ones on my site are indeed the best.

  1. hi this is kaushik….. I joined PV on 6th OCT 2014…… I presently have 1000 BAP and $.53…. Can you guide me how i can work…… I apologize that i am not your DR…. please help me as a friend……….

    MY NAME : Kaushik Srinivasan K
    My Email :

    1. Hi kaushik, I apologize I just saw your post. What do you need help with? keep clicking the Bap ads or buy 1$ worth of ads until you have 1600+ Bap. Once you have 1600 you will start getting cash ads each day (except on Saturdays). As you get higher and higher bap levels, you will start getting larger money ads each day.

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