Passive Money Making Sites Updates

Greetings, today I have the latest from a couple passive money making sites in our portfolio – MyTrafficValue and Private Profit Plus. These two programs have been literally earning us cash in our sleep, passively, and as we move into summer that is precisely what I love – earning while we snooze!

Private Profit Plus has recently crossed the 100% return plateau for VIP shares in just under 50 days. In fact, VIP shares bought on day one have returned a total thus far of just under 116% after 55 cycles.  We’re still waiting to hear when full-on launch will be but cannot complain about how this program continues to roll in the meantime. Earnings far for VIP shares have averaged at just over 10% per week. Earnings are credited Monday through Friday and have averaged just over 2% daily. Keep it up, admin. Great job so far in this passive money making site.

MyTrafficValue has hit a home run with its sister site – PaidVerts and I am looking forward to seeing this homer transform into a grand slam in the coming days. Shares are over .30 now and continues to climb now that PaidVerts has had a heavy hand in purchasing them.  A good chunk of PaidVerts ad-pack sales are used to buy up MTV shares and then those shares are MyTrafficValueimmediately re-listed at 2.5X the price they paid.., win win for all! The latest talk on the forums is to do a 10x split on the shares, meaning that for each share you own, you would now own 10. These 10 shares would then be worth 1/10th as much as your original share was, at least in the beginning. This will allow even more people to jump on board with buying them at 1/10 the current price.

Here’s a bit about Jo’s thought on MTV shares taken from the forum:

Make 50% ROI in one month via Shares:

1) Fund your account
2) Buy shares:
3) List those shares for sale at 1.5-1.6x (or more) the price you bought them for. And wait for them to sell! (You’ll get weekly cash dividends as a mini bonus in the mean time!)

Why it’ll work:

1) PaidVerts re-invests 50% of every ad pack purchased into MTV, primarily by buying shares.

2) This constant demand causes the price to climb! As there’s only a limited supply of shares; but a snowballing demand.

3) People see this price rising, and they too buy shares; causing it to rise even more quickly!

4) The rising share price; then matures PV’s investments (as it sells its shares at the higher price). This then creates loads of money to issue super high value ads at PaidVerts. Making everyone happy there; and allowing that business to keep exploding in size!

This then results in more ad packs being sold… More shares being purchased. And everything goes around and around; and the share price goes up and up!

And in the process of doing this; PaidVerts is becoming a huge and super attractive business. Causing it to grow and grow; thereby justifying the new higher share price. And forming the foundation to send the price even higher!

And as PV gets bigger and bigger; there are more revenues for the MTV portfolio, more share transfer revenues, cashier revenues. More users are exposed to our games & investment plans; this makes our entire economy go through the roof & provides the funding for unlimited expansion of our portfolio products & businesses. Adding even more value to the business; sending the share price higher again!

Simple! Transparent! Give it a go.
You’ll make a fortune; and you’ll help MTV + PV to grow in the process.


That’s all for now, and be on the lookout for an upcoming post where I will share one of the ways I have been making a nice income with MTV’s sister site- PaidVerts. The latest from a couple passive money making sites in our portfolio – MyTrafficValue and Private Profit Plus.

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MyTrafficValue – Legit Growth

Greetings, today I have a bit on the latest from MyTrafficValue and their legit growth of late. Its sister site PaidVerts appears to have done the trick as this doesn’t look to be a fluke (for example, due to someone losing a bunch of money playing games in the MTV casino). This is a nice upward trend we can follow along with at home via the “Daily Results” page on the site.

How to make money at MTV:My Traffic Value

Shares: At the time of this writing, share prices have doubled in the past couple of weeks. PaidVerts have been buying up a bunch of MTV shares with earnings from that site, and then immediately putting them up for sale once they reach 2.5 X what they were purchased for. I can’t say for sure how long this rate of growth can be kept up, but even half that amount would be hugely profitable for MTV investors in a short period of time. And this doesn’t take into consideration the weekly dividend payments, only the latest trends for buying and selling.

186/250% Plans:   Get back either $1.86 for every dollar invested up to $2.50 (minimum $100). How is works is you invest money into one of the plans and then simply wait.  100% of every day’s revenues (earned from products in the portfolio) goes towards paying the oldest investor. As daily revenues go up, more time-saving will take place since there will be more money to pay out each day.

Each investment goes into the queue, and once it is your turn to be “fast tracked”, you will be paid the full 186% or 250%. If you can swing the 250% plan I would definitely go for that since you earn the 250% in the same amount of time as it would take a 186% investment to mature. It will most likely take a good couple of months before you are fasted tracked for the first time, so a good strategy might be to start off with a fresh investment each day or possibly each week. Once you get the first payment, you will have your newer spends coming in right behind the older and you will always have money coming in as your spends mature.

There you have it, a couple ideas on how to make money at MTV.

Check out MTV here:

A bit on the latest from MyTrafficValue and their legit growth of late