Greetings, Mike here.  You might know me as moggle which is a bastardization of Michael. I like this name because it is what my father used to call me when he was around, and it still reminds me of him.

Forum users know me as alsoranmike, which I will admit is a silly name, but one I earned one day at the horse track from one of my betting buddies. Why I used it when I joined MoneyMakerGroup forum I will never really know, but what’s done is done. Sort of like waking up with a bad tattoo after a night on the town.

I discovered my first passive program in probably late 2005 in the form of a surf program popular at the time. For those programs, you put in X amount of dollars, did your daily “work” by clicking on a few ads and then got a daily rebate usually around 12% percent of your spend. You did this for 12 days or so and after that you were left with 144% of your initial spend.

Not knowing any better, I would just take all my profits and “let them ride” for another couple of months until I had amassed probably 3 or 4 times my original spend, withdrew probably half, and thought “Hot Damn! This is incredible! Where has this been my entire life?!?” I did this for another 3 months or so until out of the blue, they closed shop. One day I just could no longer log into my account. It turns out that payments had been slowing down for the last month but I had no clue since I had just been compounding the entire time and I didn’t even know about the forums yet.

I then found and joined another similar program and did this whole process over again, with almost the same results. I was so excited I had found something that wasn’t MLM. I hated paying for vitamins each month I would never use, nor find anybody else that wanted to buy vitamins, crappy e-books or whatever else you needed for most MLM programs. With auto-surfs, I was the king. I was in this program for many months when all of a sudden I couldn’t get at my money in my payment processor. I tried and tried to talk with someone from the processor but all I got was a form letter in an email saying I needed to take up my dispute with the autosurf I put my money into. This went back and forth for a while, but I never did end up seeing any of my money.

Not to be outdone, I started joining HYIP’s as well as the autosurfs using E-Gold, another payment processor. E-gold got to be a drag because it was difficult to get funds in or out when I needed. I remember getting ripped-off pretty good one time trying to exchange some money to put into my account.  Shortly after this I discovered AlertPay and SolidTrustPay which I continue to use to this day. It was also around this time I discovered money forums which have become an indispensable part of my arsenal for investing in these types of programs.

Now where was I?.. Oh yes, Hyips… HYIPS (high yield investment program) are basically the same thing as Autosurfs only you don’t need to surf in order to earn a daily rebate. That’s the only difference I see anyway. You earn anywhere from .5-15% daily. I’ve seen some crazy ones where you can earn %1400 daily but I have never tried them. I had great successes but also got burned plenty too.

Since then, I have been in just about any type of program one might find on the net. I’ve tried all different methods and strategies but found that the profitability of any program pretty much boils down to the steps outlined on the “strategies” page of this blog. I stick with programs that have “tried and true” structures for the most part, yet I still invest in all different types. I don’t pretend to have all the answers, nor do I profess myself a “guru” by any means. I am just a regular guy backed by a good deal of wisdom gained from the trials and tribulations of life here on the net.

Happy earning,


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