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JubiRev JubiMax Compensation / Pay Plan Released

Greetings, the PDF version of the JubiRev / JubiMax compensation / pay plan has been released, as well as the latest from MyTrafficValue and the launch of MegaMoneyHybrid.

JubiRev Program Details: It’s official, we now have access to a printed, PDF version of the JubiMax pay plan in our back offices. There are also three different PowerPoint versions as well, but I was happy to get my grubbies on a copy of the PDF.

I uploaded a copy you can check out here:

JubiRev / Jubimax Compensation Pay Planjubirev compensation pay plan

I will be taking as much time as necessary to read this over until i fully understand everything in it, and I suggest you do the same.

The PowerPoint versions, as well as this PDF can also be found on the home page of your BO. Click the “Corp Overview” tab and there they are.

Loading Funds/Purchasing Product:


You do not need to have the actual card in hand in order to use your JubiAccount
if you want to fund with GreenDot or Visa Ready Link. The only thing
you actually need to have received the card in the mail for is MoneyGram/
Western Union deposits.

Also, you DO NOT need the JubiAccount yet if you plan on funding using
Bank wire, ACH (electronic check), STP (Visa) or Payza. You can hold off
on setting up your JubiAccount and wait until you are ready to withdraw funds.
It might save you a little on monthly fees.

Purchases: They are just waiting for the vendors to have products ready to ship.
Hopefully by next week sometime purchases will be open.

Here is a great, 5 minute video which explains what a daily revenue share model can do for you. Scroll down half-way and you’ll see it. Catch it Here

Check out the JubiRev for FREE here:


MyTrafficValue Program Details Page – The main portion of the monitor is just about finished, Jo seems to think that by early next week it could be up and running. I’m excited, I think that will go a long way in getting MTV opened to the masses, at least in the HYIP world.

I can’t understand why HYIP players will flock to some risky and volatile program knowing full well they have no way to sustain those impossible returns. Don’t get me wrong.. I loves me a good HYIP too, but at least spread your risk out. MTV is in  my opinion the perfect place for worthwhile, yet sustainable returns. Definitely one that requires you to see the “Big Picture” and the light comes on.

Taken from the MTV forum:

I took a look at the initial monitor last night; a lot of little bits to do / tidy up. But it basically works… We’ll tidy that up this week whilst Brian gets on with building the Voting Game.

We’d like to launch the monitor this weekend, and it’ll probably be built by then. But I have a feeling this will drag into next week before we’re able to launch everything. Especially if we want to open the site up to guests… But we’ll see how things go! Maybe Brian can surprise us.

Hopefully once this giant part of MTV gets rolling, the coders can get to work on the PTC portion of the program. Once that gets integrated, I see huge things on the horizon for MTV.

See for yourself here what MTV has to offer here:

—————————————————- Tjust over 24 hours until launch, the admin sent out a newsletter yesterday with what to expect at launch, as well as different strategies to take for MMH. It’s a little long, but definitely worth a read. Take note if you have referrals

:Hi Mike,

Thursday March 7 at 12:00 PM EST Mega Money Hybrid will launch. You will be able to buy Hybrid Units then. Looking at how many have joined already many will earn a lot instantly after the launch. It’s very important to be ready so please read this information.

– Fund your account before the launch so at launch time you can buy your Hybrid Units right away.

– You can buy max 20 Hybrid Units at one time so everyone can earn because you can easily get your units in between. You can buy as many times 20 units as you want as long as the total number of active units you have doesn’t exceed 10,000 (that’s $100,000).

There are different ways to earn with MMH. I think at launch time it’s important to get as many max 20 units in as possible. I say this because the more you have at the start the more you will earn. Many members will buy units when we launch so the flexible cycler will get a lot of spots. When you have your spots in they get pushed up by the spots bought after yours so the earlier you have your spots in the faster they will cycle out of course and if all your spots are the maximum $100 it means you’ll earn a lot. Let’s look at an example:

Say you have $600 available at launch time. You buy 3 times the max 20 units ($200) which means 3 times $100 (50% of $200) is added to the rebate part that pays 2% for 75 days and 3 times $100 (the other 50% of $200) goes into the cycler. This means you have 3 spots of $100 in the cycler. At launch the first spot you have can cycle out real fast and earn you $200. What you can do then is buy the max of 20 units again right after you cycled out. Not only will that add 10% to the highest position you have in the line it will earn you more in daily rebate too and since there’s a 25% repurchase obligation in MMH you’ll know that spot will get pushed up too. If the other 2 spots cycle out fast after launch you can do the same thing to maximize your earnings. After that you can decide to use only the 25% repurchase balance to keep earning or apply like 50% reinvest and 50% withdraw or whatever you want.

Next to buying more hybrid units you can increase earnings by recruiting referrals. It’s very easy to do that with our PIF system. What you do is tell people that if they join with your referral link you will buy a Hybrid Unit for them. This will cost you $10 but you can use your repurchase balance too to pay for this. When people become your referral you not only earn the referral commission of 6% of their purchases and 4% on the purchases of their referrals but you will also get the 10% direct fills in your highest spot in the flexible cycler. This can be very lucrative because whenever your referral buys hybrid units you will get the referral commissions and direct fills again. You even get referral commissions and direct fills when your referrals use their repurchase balance to buy Hybrid Units. This means your $10 investment to buy a Hybrid Unit for your referral can have a very high (ongoing) return. I think once people are in the system and see how easy they earn they will add more whenever they have funds available because why would you not add more if you’re making good money?
You’ll make your referrals happy and earn at the same time with the PIF system. It’s very powerful.

There are many strategies but I think the above information may give you an idea to create your own strategy.

In the final tests we did, we discovered the system will add the 10% direct fill for own spot in the first spot you buy too. This means you instantly get 10% direct fill in the first spot you buy so you can cycle out even faster. This can make a lot of difference (especially at launch time).

Since free members don’t earn referral commissions in MMH a few members were concerned they would not be able to buy units before their referrals did and miss out on the first round of referral commissions. We don’t want unhealthy stress at the launch so we found a solution.

All members who have funded their account with at least $10 (the cost of 1 Hybrid Unit) before we launch (or before their referral buy their units) will receive the referral commissions. This means if you have funded your account with at least $10 before the launch it doesn’t matter if your referrals buy their units before you did or not. You will still get the referral commissions then.
One day after the launch we will enable the standard rule again that says you have to buy at least one Hybrid Unit before you can earn referral commissions so then it will be mandatory again to buy your Hybrid Units before your referrals do. I think that’s fair.

Ok, get ready because you can earn a lot of money fast (real fast how it looks). Talk soon.



To see EST time please go here:

There’s also a countdown timer at the site so you can see exactly when the launch will be.

Join MegaMoneyHybrid Here: Sign Up Link

PDF version of the JubiRev / JubiMax compensation / pay plan has been released, as well as the latest from MyTrafficValue and the launch of MegaMoneyHybrid.

Passive Income Strategy

MyTrafficValue – I think for the time being my passive income strategy for this program is going to be to stick with the 110% cycler, and try to avoid having spends go into the Daily Variable plan until it earns 125%. The admin has already decided that he wants to keep a “4 week rolling revenue reserve” meaning that the Daily plan’s payouts will be on the very low end since about the only thing creating revenue four weeks ago would have been transaction fees of Liberty Reserve deposits. So I figure not much point in having much money sitting in the “Daily Variable” if it’s not going to be earning much.

So for the next few weeks until revenues from the cycler rounds start being used to pay the “Daily”, I’ll just plan on keeping my money in the 110% cycler, and hopefully cycling and earning on it every four days.

I don’t think the rounds will go any more than 96 hours is due to the “Queue Shuffle”. Anyone with a $51 spend shuffles the entire line. While this feature makes the rounds much more interesting to say the least, I also think it will just about ensure the rounds take right around 96 hours. Since once there is a single spend in the current cycler round that does NOT cycle within a 96 hour time frame, that round ends. There are bound to be plenty 96 hour spends that get “shuffled” to the end of the line getting no chance to cycle, thus ending that round and the next round starting instantly…. and that’s where I want my money to be, right in front.

This is going to be my passive income strategy for the cycler:

1- Prefund my account (Payza should be ready in 1-3 days according to admin, LR and wires available now.. STP still in the works)

2 – Do not invest in the current cycler round. Wait and Pre-invest in the next round the second the line opens. The Pre-invest line opens exactly 48 hours after the current round starts. You want to be as close to the front of the pre-invest line as you can since you have the best chance of cycling the quickest.

You should get your spend in for the next round as close to that 48 hour mark as possible! The second the pre-invest line opens, I’ll be getting my spend in right then.

The “Queue Shuffle” cannot be triggered in the pre-invest line, but once all that money gets fed into the new round first, any $51 spends after that will shuffle the line. 60% of all the money in the line cycles, but you still want your money as close to the front of the line as possible. Once the line starts getting shuffled, you can end up anywhere, I want to be hopefully cycled out before any scrambles.

3 – Rinse and repeat. I figure that until there is more revenues to pay the “Daily Variable” I should be able to make some juicy passive profits every four days, over and over again. I’ll probably start buying a bunch more shares with profits as well, something I’ve been overlooking for the most part at MTV.

Hopefully the bugs are all out for this next round and I’ll be able to test out my strategy and only Pre-invest into the future rounds.

Check out  MTV here:

Passive Income Strategy


Straight-line cycler strategy – too risky to be profitable?

“Are straight-line cyclers too risky to be profitable?” “Are there strategies for cyclers like DollarMonster/CashFlowBot, FashCashMega, TrueFlowBot, InnoMoneyBlast etc?” I have been getting asked questions like these quite a bit lately, so short answer; Yes, and no.  It seems that once one cycler does well, a whole slew of copycats come out of the woodwork trying to cash in on the same “winning” formula used by whomever the particular trendsetter was.

While there are many people that enjoy these straight-line cyclers since you can earn huge passive profits lightning-quick, there is still only a finite number of people willing to pony up in such a risky arena. It seems the more copycat cyclers there are, the more diluted the playing field becomes because everyone’s money is spread out among all the different cycler programs.

Another issue that crops up: It seems like many of these copycat cyclers are such a hurry to launch that the admins haven’t tested their scripts enough and there are still bugs and glitches, usually with the payment API or something similar, and launch gets delayed. I’ve noticed that the public is pretty fickle when it comes to the slightest hiccup, and once there are any problems experienced, people either don’t invest, or they move on to the next straight-line cycler.

Many of these cyclers also implement an “auto-reinvest” feature where a certain percentage of your profits gets put back in the form of a fresh spend, usually at the end of the line. This might seem like a great idea to keep the line moving at first, but I don’t really buy into this myth. While it might be true that more people will cycle at first, the money that is re-invested still has the same liability as any other money entered into the lines.

Since money cyclers are probably among the riskiest of ventures to be found online, so what, if anything, can someone do in order to have the best chance of profiting in a straight-line cycler? There are probably as many different strategies as there are different types of cyclers, but here is a few things for beginners to consider:

  • Wait for one that has either a pre-launch where they test the system to make sure everything is working properly, or at the very least has around 1000 people joined and ready to go. (Granted, the member count can be faked, but you can usually tell by how much interest there is on the forums and by promotional emails you are getting etc, whether this stat is legit.)
  • Have your payment processor info already entered into your back office so all you need to do once the lines open is enter your investment and go. Familiarize yourself with the back office so know what you need to do to buy your spots when the timer hits zero.
  • Be ready to go right at launch!! Be logged into your account beforehand and double check you processor info is correct and ready to go. Usually there will be a countdown timer on the site, and right when that sucker hits zero, click on “Buy Spots” or whatever you need to do in order to buy your spots and do it right then!
  • Use RoboForm or some other password manager so once you make your spend in the cycler, you save precious seconds when you are re-directed to your payment processor to finalize the transaction. No having a shaky clicker-finger, lol.
  • The following is what I do to lessen risk, and it removes any of the greed-factor that sometimes creeps into these cyclers – You are free to use it or not. I usually make one, and only one spend out of pocket. Once I cycle, and depending on how fast the lines are moving, I will then use only profits to reinvest into the line if I decide to reinvest at all. Sometimes there are other decisions that need to be factored in as well, such as any auto-repurchase rules in place you need to consider. Once I have eliminated all risk I then am free to come up with “tweaks” to maximize whatever strategy I am currently using, since worst case scenario, I have at least broken even and am most likely in profit by now.
  • If you did not get in right at launch, avoid listening to people on the forums saying things like “Jump on in, it’s never too late”… Chances are, it is already too late. Just wait for the next cycler to come along. Another thing I sometimes see is people (usually with money stuck in the lines) saying things like “C’mon, help the lines move faster, spend more of your earnings!” or something similar. Keep in mind that unless you were the very first person in the line, your money has already helped the line move. Use yours, and only your particular situation to decide whether or not you are willing to put more money in.

I’ve recently joined probably 10 or so cyclers like DollarMonster/CashFlowBot, FashCashMega, TrueFlowBot etc and profited in all but two. In DollarMonster/CashFlowBot alone,  I probably made more ROI-wise than in anything else I joined in all of 2011, and I started with $100. Once in a while these cyclers are like catching lightning in a bottle, and DollarMonster certainly qualified in that regard. So as you can see, while most straight-line cyclers are risky, but they can indeed be very profitable with a little common sense.