Instructions for Joining the MMG PennyPays Teambuild

​Easy as 1-2-3…..-4!

​1- In order to join the MMG PennyPays team build, you need to request a “Next in Line” link in the PennyPaysTeambuild Thread at the MoneyMakerGroup forum. You need to be a registered member of the forum to do this, but it is FREE to join and only takes a minute. To join MMG, go HERE

​2- Once you have joined MMG you need to request a link in the Pennypays teambuild thread at MMG. This is also where you will be able to see the updated next in line list, comment, ask questions etc. For that, go HERE

3-While in the thread, hit "Reply" to request your link. When the message box pops up, type "Next in line link, please". You will then be sent a link to join the program just as soon as one is available. This link will be sent as a private message at mmg. When you receive your link, sign up to PennyPays and upgrade right away, or as soon as possible so you do not hold up the team build. ($9.95 - credit card, Payza or STP ). ​

4- After you have upgraded, grab your referral link​ from your PennyPays back office and send it to the team build leader by replying to the personal message that contained your link. You are now finished. Follow along in the team build thread and as soon as it is your turn, you will get 2 referrals. Then your 2 referrals will get their 2 referrals and your matrix will be filled for you.


You are joining PennyPays as part of the mmg team build. Feel free to check out PennyPays HERE, but DO NOT join from this link. Wait and join from the link sent to your inbox at mmg.

Advertise the teambuild using this link:  TEAMBUILD AD