New Program

Launched Jan 10


+ Earn 3% per day 90% per month , 150% for 50 days
+ Guaranteed Earnings For No Effort On Your Part
+ Daily Payments Per Investment Position
+ Increased Earnings from Daily Compounding
+ Daily Withdrawals
+ Earn Without Sponsoring
+ Two-Tier Referral Bonuses: 10% and 5% if you can.
+ Build up your downlines in aDailyCash and
earn up to $10,000 per Position for a lifetime through multiple income streams.
+ 5 boards to earn from with payouts of $10, $50, $250, $1200, $10000 over and over again!
+ UNLIMITED Matching Bonus of $5, $25, $125, $600, $5000 over and over again!
+ Available To People In All Countries
+ Alertpay , Liberty Reserve accepted
+ Full Manage your Downline
+ Mail to all referral
+ Cool design Landing page, and Promotion tools
+ Earn Free ad credit evey position purchased.
+ Text ads, 125×125 banner ads, 468×60 banner ads



I am personally joining for the 3% daily and I would not compound since lately these programs seem to last two months or less.  There shouldn’t, however, be any problem making a decent profit since you break even at day 34.

You may choose to upgrade an additional $20 in order to get the free matrices, but I didn’t. I’m not sure how often they would cycle as the matrices are composed of your expired spots plus your referrals only.

While this program may last for many months, I like to err on the side of caution. I feel Joining after Jan 20 or so might add considerable risk to your spend.

Tripler2 Update

Posted on the MNF by the head moderator:

Dave has just left on his way to Thailand. When he gets back in Thailand, he said he will be able to work a lot better and a lot faster… And plans to make this the BIGGEST program of 2012.

I have heard some of the restructuring plans and they are designed really good, and should put us back to the top within weeks. He’s created a great formula that should give us a better start, and puts us even further ahead than the one we had before now.

I look forward to further updates, and all discussions planned for next week.

He very much wants to keep this a member involved program, and sees a very bright future for T2. Over the first 3 days next week, we will have some group discussions and listen to suggestions…

T2 will have a great formula, and a new beginning. It will be set up with a full team, spreading the work out, with a few more income streams and the members helping out to establish them.

It’s looking like a shake-up is brewing at Tripler2. I just hope it doesn’t hurt AP users too badly since that was the processor used most by people to upgrade. Dave, in another post, said over $200k in limbo.

My money is on a total restart.

Mike (Moggle)

Wealth4All Team reminder

Don’t forget:

Guys, remember we have the wealth4all team web conference tonight, Tuesday January 3rd at 8:00pm EST. We will unveil the new system, pay plan and more.

This is truly a wonderful opportunity that will eclipse anything else you are
doing right now. Seating is limited to 250 and it does fill up pretty quick,
so, make sure you are there at least 5 to 10 minutes prior to the start.

Go here:
Click Here to Enter Member’s USE PW= memember

Happy New Year! – Dave has gotten LibertyReserve finalized for withdrawals now, so we are only waiting for AlertPay to finish switching over ownership from Chris to Dave.  Oye, I’m starting to wish I had used STP to upgrade in this one.

Excerpt from Dave’s update:

As of immediate effect, I have suspended ALL future deposits using Alertpay. This will be opened up again once I am handed control of the future alertpay deposits. Once Alertpay has been added again, there will need to be a period of non-withdrawal (possibly 15 days) while we build up funds again. Once we have sorted out the account transfer of the past funds, these will be added and FULL AP withdrawals will resume. – Eagerly anticipating the unveiling of the new plans this coming Tues. Anyone wishing to join as a founder should upgrade before then with $25. These guys accept PayPal which is a bit of a surprise since I have never seen a cycler use them; but there it is on their site “PayPal verified”. I am really excited about this one; hopefully one of the “must join” programs for 2012. – Yesterday I cycled a level 6 mini! Well done spot number 53.  In doing so I earned 4 main cap units and $215 cash. I think what I am most excited about though is now I have 4 new points to use for solo ads. Every time I have sent out a solo I have gotten sign-ups. It really works.  I have been in this program since launch and that was my lowest number. So as you can see, this is a long-term program. Hat’s off to the admins there for running a good program.

Take care,


Barging my way back into the blogosphere

Well, after a two year hiatus, I am back to blogging. A New Year’s resolution if you will. Going with WordPress this time and bought hosting since my old one on Blogger got deleted due to inactivity I suppose.

Rest assured that any programs you find here I have a vested interest in. It is real money I am investing with after all. (Actually, it’s usually AlertPay or STP, but it all spends the same. :)) So anyway, I hope you enjoy it, and here’s to a prosperous new year and beyond!

Mike (moggle)

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