Passive Portfolio

Here you will find pertinent information regarding passive income programs currently in our portfolio. None of these programs require any promoting or recruiting; Just upgrade, let the program do its thing, withdraw. Simple as that. If you do wish to promote, everything listed here offer decent referral commissions. Again, none of these programs require referring in order to earn.

If you are new to earning with passive income programs may I suggest you start off by reading a few pointers and strategies found here: Strategies

I am almost always around, so if you run into any problems, need help or just have questions, contact me. There are a few different ways to get a hold of me listed on the sidebar. If possible, please do so BEFORE you spend any money. I am here to help you.

Below are banners for programs I feel represent the cream of the crop of passive income programs found online. Click on each for more information.

Traffic Monsoon

Advertising RevShare

Buy $50 adpacks that return $55 over time, presently $1/ day per adpack

PPC that also pays you commissions. Free members can earn approx $.20+ per day via clicking and viewing “Cash Link” ads.

Must surf 10 ads daily in order to earn (10 mins, tops)

Instant Payments via PayPal, Payza Solidtrustpay

Decent advertising, but exceptional if you are advertising other PPC sites or the like.

Admin is Charles Scoville, also admin of AdHitProfits – running and paying for over 2 years now April/2013

Share Up To 110 % - 10% Affiliate Program


Power Ad Cash

Advertising RevShare

Purchase $1 adpacks that return $1.25.  Currently averaging .05%  daily.

Free members can earn by clicking and viewing ads

STP, PayPal,  Payza  PM

Great Admin, super fast payouts. Must surf 10 sites daily (5 mins, tops) in order to earn. I just pay for the “no surf” plan, $15/mo since I don’t always have time to surf.



My Traffic Value Review

170 to 200% NIL Plan, Various other plans.

Crowdfunding platform = Over 100K active users providing funding for various sites, games etc .  Invest in the various plans to receive back between 170% up to 200%.

Buy shares in the company and receive weekly dividends

Many funding/withdrawing options

I joined this program early 2012 and has been running and paying since

PaidVerts Review

Paid to Click Program

Free Members Earn by clicking and viewing ads

For every $1 you spend, you get back $1.55 Worth of Clickable Ads

Each day you receive ads to click and view. When you are finished viewing you then are awarded however much that particular ad was worth.

This is a great program to earn funds to invest in the like of MyTrafficValue (PV’s parent company)  I would recommend paying for the ad filter and playing around with its settings so you don’t receive too many low value ads. Otherwise there are a lot of ads to click.


Earn Without Recruiting: A strategy guide for Passive Profits Online