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Update Dec 9  2014 – MTV is alive and well after almost THREE years and continues to improve. The launch of its first sister site – PaidVerts is absolutely crushing it and bringing in THOUSANDS of dollars to the results each day. MTV was due for a home run and got it with PV.

New additions to the portfolio constantly being added keeping MTV a solid investment choice moving into next year. There is nothing else online like MTV

Current best way to earn at MTV:

1) 186% Power Plan: Earn $1.86 for each $1 you invest in a lump sum. Pays in order so the oldest investors get paid first. Once your spend has been waiting longest you are next to be paid. At the time of this writing, based on the past 28 days, it will take around 3 months to earn the full 186% return, But since a lot of money has come into the plans waiting to be paid. All in all I would plan on between 3 and 5 months to see the full return.

2) 250% Fast Track Plan: Earn a fat $2.50 back for each $1 invested. This premium plan requires a non-refundable $100 upgrade fee which gives you 14 day access to the plan – minimum $100 per spend. I highly recommend this plan if you wish to invest $400+. Anything less and I would stick with the 186% plan. Spends in this plan take the same amount of time as the 186 plan.

3) Profit Shares: Buy and sell as well as receive weekly dividends.  I keep buying these as I think they continue to be a great long-term investment.

So there you have it, some good earning options for all spend amounts and temperaments.


————————————————— – Crowdfunding at its finest! Members pool funds to pay for the creation of the products in MTV’S portfolio. 100% of the profits from these products are paid out to the members/shareholders.

Totally Passive – No referring necessary

Here’s a bit more, taken from the site:

My Traffic Value is a transparent money making machine!

You invest , joining the bottom of our fast track queue, and we use your investments to add products, games, services, businesses and websites to our portfolio.

100% of daily revenues from our portfolio, are directed towards repaying the investors at the top of the fast track queue.

Check out our daily result cards, to see a breakdown of every cent earned, and paid out to investors. Once investors receive their full returns, they’re removed from the queue. And the next person lines up to get paid!

In order to repay every single investor, our portfolio products must return 3.6x their development costs.

So if a product costs $1000 to build, it must generate $3600 worth of revenues, over it’s lifetime, in order to repay every single investor that helped fund it. Anymore than that, and it’s a bonus to the system, helping repay everyone else more quickly!

(How we make money from this, and how you can too!)

There are 3,800,000 shares that constitute 100% of the profitability of this business.

Shareholders earn 19% commission from every dollar invested. Paid weekly via a cash dividend paid on Mondays.

Self financing, snowballing growth!

Users invest, paying shareholders a commission, to develop our portfolio. The portfolio then repays & removes the investors. (Leaving their products behind). They then re-invest, paying shareholders another commission. Whilst further developing the portfolio.

Thereby the portfolio keeps growing, increasing its capacity to repay more investments per period of time. Increasing shareholder weekly, cash dividends. Without any additional capital required of shareholders.

Buy Low, Sell High

. Shares can be bought and sold on our marketplace. In addition to their weekly dividends, you can take advantage of the fluctuating resale prices, limited supply and snowballing portfolio to make some fast money!


Payment Processors: SolidTrustPay, Payza, Bitcoin, Perfect Money, HD Money, Paypal, Western Union, Bank Wire

Admins: Jo out of Malaga, Spain. Very active in both their Skype room as well as the on-site forum. Admin of a doubler site that has been running for two years.

The following is a less than two minute video that explains it pretty well – I thought it would be hard to figure out at first, but it really wasn’t. It’s actually pretty easy




Other Features

  • Full business model transparency
  • Wide number of payment processors (SolidTrustPay, Payza, Bitcoin, Perfect Money, HD Money, Paypal, Western Union, Bank Wire)
  • Earn money from playing fun games
  • Complete tasks to earn more money
  • Comprehensive advertisement system

Take a long look at this Passive Income Program: My Traffic Value


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