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“Are there strategies for money cyclers like DollarMonster/CashFlowBot, FashCashMega, TrueFlowBot, InnoMoneyBlast etc?” I have been getting asked questions like these quite a bit lately, so short answer; Yes, and no.  It seems that once one cycler does well, a whole slew of copycats come out of the woodwork trying to cash in on the same “winning” formula used by whomever the particular trendsetter was.

While there are many people that enjoy these straight-line cyclers since you can earn huge passive profits lightning-quick, there is still only a finite number of people willing to pony up in such a risky arena. It seems the more copycat cyclers there are, the more diluted the playing field becomes because everyone’s money is spread out among all the different cycler programs.

Another issue that crops up: It seems like many of these copycat cyclers are such a hurry to launch that the admins haven’t tested their scripts enough and there are still bugs and glitches, usually with the payment API or something similar, and launch gets delayed. I’ve noticed that the public is pretty fickle when it comes to the slightest hiccup, and once there are any problems experienced, people either don’t invest, or they move on to the next straight-line cycler.

Many of these cyclers also implement an “auto-reinvest” feature where a certain percentage of your profits gets put back in the form of a fresh spend, usually at the end of the line. This might seem like a great idea to keep the line moving at first, but I don’t really buy into this myth. While it might be true that more people will cycle at first, the money that is re-invested still has the same liability as any other money entered into the lines.

Since money cyclers are probably among the riskiest of ventures to be found online, so what, if anything, can someone do in order to have the best chance of profiting in a straight-line cycler? There are probably as many different strategies as there are different types of cyclers, but here is a few things for beginners to consider:

  • Wait for one that has either a pre-launch where they test the system to make sure everything is working properly, or at the very least has around 1000 people joined and ready to go. (Granted, the member count can be faked, but you can usually tell by how much interest there is on the forums and by promotional emails you are getting etc, whether this stat is legit.)
  • Have your payment processor info already entered into your back office so all you need to do once the lines open is enter your investment and go. Familiarize yourself with the back office so know what you need to do to buy your spots when the timer hits zero.
  • Be ready to go right at launch!! Be logged into your account beforehand and double check you processor info is correct and ready to go. Usually there will be a countdown timer on the site, and right when that sucker hits zero, click on “Buy Spots” or whatever you need to do in order to buy your spots and do it right then!
  • Use RoboForm or some other password manager so once you make your spend in the cycler, you save precious seconds when you are re-directed to your payment processor to finalize the transaction. No having a shaky clicker-finger, lol.
  • The following is what I do to lessen risk, and it removes any of the greed-factor that sometimes creeps into these cyclers – You are free to use it or not. I usually make one, and only one spend out of pocket. Once I cycle, and depending on how fast the lines are moving, I will then use only profits to reinvest into the line if I decide to reinvest at all. Sometimes there are other decisions that need to be factored in as well, such as any auto-repurchase rules in place you need to consider. Once I have eliminated all risk I then am free to come up with “tweaks” to maximize whatever strategy I am currently using, since worst case scenario, I have at least broken even and am most likely in profit by now.
  • If you did not get in right at launch, avoid listening to people on the forums saying things like “Jump on in, it’s never too late”… Chances are, it is already too late. Just wait for the next cycler to come along. Another thing I sometimes see is people (usually with money stuck in the lines) saying things like “C’mon, help the lines move faster, spend more of your earnings!” or something similar. Keep in mind that unless you were the very first person in the line, your money has already helped the line move. Use yours’, and only your particular situation to decide whether or not you are willing to put more money in.

I’ve recently joined probably 10 or so cyclers like DollarMonster/CashFlowBot, FashCashMega, TrueFlowBot etc and profited in all but two. In DollarMonster/CashFlowBot alone,  I probably made more ROI-wise than in anything else I joined in all of 2011, and I started with a small sum. Once in a while these cyclers are like catching lightning in a bottle, and DollarMonster in its heyday certainly qualified in that regard. So as you can see, while most straight-line cyclers are risky, but they can indeed be very profitable with a little common sense.

If you haven’t already read these, I also have strategies for other types of Passive Income Programs that can be found here: General Strategies

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5 thoughts on “Money Cycler Strategies”

  1. Mike,
    I joined Buku ads under you today(Aug 21,2012). I had problems with STP not processing my card in time for launch yesterday. I finally set up with Payza and the had no further delay in funding my acct. In your comments you mention that if a person doesn’t get in a cycler right at launch, it is best to wait for the next one. Should I have waited?

    1. Not at all. The strategies on this page are more for straight line cyclers that were popular earlier this year, ala DollarMonster and the like. Buku is a subscription based matrix cycler. Each day more subs go in from everybody so you can’t get stuck at the end of the line for long like you can in the DollarMonsters.

      While it’s always best to jump into anything early, it’s no biggie that you weren’t able to get funded until today. It will just take you a few days longer to start cycling, but after that, you’ll cycle in the same time-frame as everyone else. Next time let me know beforehand if you are having trouble getting funded. I’ll help you out!

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