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Income Opportunity Program Updates

Greetings, today I have income opportunity program updates for the following programs currently in our portfolio: JubiRev – The Daily Leader Bonus has started!! as well as the latest from Lifetime Paid Hourly and MegaMoneyHybrid news.

JubiRev Program Details: Great to see that Phase 3 of the this income opportunity and the Daily Leader Bonus has gotten off on the fast-track. That is the new name for the “Daily Revenue Share” portion of the program. The past 3 days have been averaging right around .0135 rewards per credit (more vernacular demanded by the JubiLawyers). This works out to roughly 13.5 JubiBucks Daily for every 1000 JubiCredits we have so far in the DLB.

You want to start getting in the habit of placing your daily ad as this is one of the requirements needed in order to earn daily. The 3rd party vendors are not in place yet so we need to do this at the moment. This is a very simple task taking no more than 1 minute per day.

I have a step by step tutorial on how to place your daily ad found HERE

Check out the JubiRev for FREE here:  https://www.jubirev.com/moggle


Lifetime Paid Hourly / Lifetimepaidhourly.com – This income opportunity program continues to chug along without a hitch, except of course that with growth comes more work for Admin Terry Cuthbert. In order to cut down on his workload somewhat he has implemented new minimums for withdrawals and deposits to $20. I personally don’t have a problem with this new rule if it helps him out, although I wish he could have left the ability to make internal deposits from earnings at $5. I can see external deposits giving him more to do since he was adding them manually, but internal deposits shouldn’t matter, should they? Oh well, fine with me.. I just figure it will take people with smaller earnings longer to earn the $20 required in order to make a spend.

Here is the latest stats I got from Skype:

Lifetime Updates                                                                                                         Days Running : 31 Days
Total Members: 3531
Total Purchase: $568,636.00
External Purchase: $440,192.00
Internal Purchase: $128,444.00
Members Earnings: $66,028.80 Ref Com
Total Paid Out: $146,626.19
Total Withdrawals: 6,415 Pending 0      


MegaMoneyHybrid – Still waiting for an update from Admin Peter as to how much time the programmer will need to figure out how hackers have been able to make fake spends into the system, and then what they plan to do in order to fix the entire system.

Here is some of what he had to say on MMG forum:

Well I just talked to our programmer and he said the recoding is almost done. That’s 2 days later than he planned so that tells me it’s quite a job. At the moment he’s testing the system with the new code and will probably need to do some more coding. He said when this is done we start with going through the system to see the actual damage and start with the corrections. I’m not sure if he’s going to try to do this automatically. Will have to wait till he updates me on that. He have been working very hard on this even with his wife in the hospital for 2 days. He was there and continued working on his laptop. I truly appreciate that. He knows how important this is so that’s why he’s working a lot on this but he has a life too of course and in my opinion family comes first always (even though he did both now).

And then:

At the moment I’m waiting to send out another update to all members. There’s a lot going on so I want to make sure I provide the correct information. I think it’s best to wait what our programmer says after we have checked the actual damage. Then we can determine how long it will take to get the site up and running again.

So hopefully we get some good news soon regarding MegaMoneyHybrid, one of my favorite programs so far this year!

That’s all for today with some income opportunity program updates.


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Daily Revenue Share Updates

Greetings, quick updates regarding the two daily revenue share programs in our portfolio; Founder launch of JubiRev as well as the newly implemented earning requirements at GoFun Places.

JubiRev Program Details: The latest update regarding the Founder launch in this daily revenue share has extended the founder bonus deadline to March 22.

Founder Deadline – Moved back one week until the 22nd. This gives people a little more time to fund if they were waiting for a bank wire or a ACH or something… Just don’t wait until the last minute, you want to get loaded soon. Hopefully on Monday’s webinar we will get news on when we can start to purchase product. Shortly after that JubiRev will turn off deposits and do a commission run. A few days later yet, the daily revenue share should start.

PIF feature – This (Pay it Forward) feature should be enabled shortly in our BO’s. We will be able to send funds to anyone, not just people in our immediate downline. Nice little feature to help out if someone needs some ecash in a hurry.

Manufacturing – Just about to be able to ship. We should start to see in our BOs the different product info – Ingredients etc.

JubiSuite – We can play around with that function now, moving people around to get a look at different scenarios. Last I knew they were going to reset it sometime today, but possibly now that they’ve moved the founder deadline back a week they might with the JubiSuite as well. Either way, feel free to check it out to get a feel for how it will work.

Here is a great, 5 minute video which explains what a daily revenue share model can do for you. Scroll down half-way and you’ll see it. Catch it Here

Check out the JubiRev for FREE here:  https://www.jubirev.com/moggle

—————————————daily revenue share

GoFunPlaces Program Details – GFP has enacted two important parts of the comp plan in order to continue to earn in the daily revenue share. The two customer requirement needs to be taken care of by March 20 so make sure you are covered.

I’ll give the brief rundown below, but if you haven’t already, watch the following recorded webinar. It goes through everything step by step:


2 Paid Customers Every 100 Days:

Every 100 days, we need 2 different customers to purchase a minimum of $20 each in either the mall, auction or travel sites. This first 100 days we can use only Lifestyle Dollars if we wish. I’m pretty sure all of us have had someone buy something with the Lifestyle Dollars we have given them up until now, but no way to tell this in our BOs. The engineers say this will up be up and running shortly, but if you haven’t done this yet, give 2 people some LDs to buy something in the mall or bids at the auction to make sure you qualify in time.

Personal Group Sales Volume -PGSV:

Each month, we need 1% of our Reward Credit total in our PGSV in order to earn on our full credit total. If you have 10,000 credits you are earning on, you need to have a PGSV of $100. Your monthly sub qualifies toward it, so you  would be covered if you had the $100 Diamond sub. A person with 2000 reward credits or less would qualify with just the $20 monthly sub.

Your direct referral subs count towards your PGSV, or if you still need more yet you can spend however many dollars you are short in the mall, auction or in the travel site.

To recap: Take however many reward credits you have on the first of each month, divide by 100 and that is how much PGSV you need in order to qualify on the 30th of that month.

Join Here: GFP Sign up Page

GoFunPlaces – Guide: GoFun Rewards – How it Works

Video Presentation found here: GFP Video Presentation

A tutorial on how to find additional customers can be found HERE

A tutorial on how to place your daily ad can be found HERE

Legal Disclaimer for GFP

Updates regarding the two daily revenue share programs in our portfolio; Founder launch of JubiRev as well as the newly implemented earning requirements at GoFun Places.