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Passive Income Opportunity Updates – 6/17/2012

Greetings, and Happy Fathers Day and some Passive income opportunity updates for today, june 17.

MyTrafficValue– Pre-invest for the next cycler round opens today at 23:15:01(UTC/GMT). For the most part, the cycler is the only portion of MTV that is really happening at the moment, but I have been enjoying the passive profits of this cycler.  I just wait for the timer to hit zero and pre-invest in the next cycler round. Then in a couple days I earn 110% on my cash instantly. Really an awesome way to earn some nice passive profits every four days, but there still isn’t a ton of money going through the cycler yet so you need to pre-invest fast! – As soon as the pre-invest line opens.

I have step by step pre-invest cycler instructions I wrote.  MTV: How to Cycle Instantly  I already sent this to everyone on my list as well as to all my refs.

See more of My Traffic Value here: http://mytrafficvalue.com/ref/moggle

Wealth4all Team – Reached the 30,000 member mark this past week, impressive to say the least. In one of my last W4a updates I mentioned being a bit leery of their program-wide switch from using payment processors such as Payza and Solid Trust Pay to only using the Global Ewallet from Ipayout. According to the latest update I received yesterday, I worried needlessly about the hasty departure:

4.- For those of you that were worried about us eliminating Payza and STP from our system and thought it was going to slow us down and make us loose momentum, well, you don’t need to worry.  Even though we did see a small percentage slow down immediately after the decision, we have already in a week’s time caught up and back on track.

I’ve had executives in other MLM companies that have actually applauded our decision and are trying to consult with us as to how they can accomplish the same themselves.  Everyone is aware of the issues with third party processors and everyone is losing money and having money held hostage by those institutions. Guess what, people don’t like it !  They just don’t know how to implement a solution and in many instances are afraid of what it will do to their business.

By taking a bold step and being the first to do it, we are blazing the trail and allowing others to see that it can be done and that there are other viable, less expensive solutions out there that work even better than those third party do.  Once everyone is educated and trained in I-payout, no one will even remember Payza and STP.  And by doing that, we will have complete freedom and control of our funds, your funds and our company.

Also, iPayout and W4a have come out with some new options for some of the countries that could only deposit by wire in the past. These countries are India, Pakistan, Shri-lanka and Brazil.

Check out W4a here: http://wealth4allteam.com/signup.php?spon=706

Check out my Cash-Back offers here: W4a ref cash back

SafeRisk – Got my first spend at SR into passive profit mode, and have a few spend I made out of earnings are almost there. Once I am well into the black here I will definitely put some of the profits back in as this has been an excellent passive income program. No BS, just payments done on time.

T2MoneyKlub and C150 – I finally decided to put these two dogs down for good. I tried to give Dave every possible benefit of the doubt to get these two back up and running, but now that I see even C150 payments pending for more than 5 days and Dave can’t even show his face in his own forum of supporters, I guess enough is enough.

I’ll admit it: I lost every penny that I put into this program. I was literally just about to push the button for my very first withdrawal when the second wave came crashing down.

I thought for sure that when T2 rose from the ashes back in Feb, Dave would be able to pull it off again. Usually when problems of that magnitude occur, there is no way the program is ever coming back. Yet somehow, it did.  I was confident that I would be ok compounding for the first 75 days. Bad move. I bought into it – and lost.

I still don’t think Dave meant to scam or even rip anyone off, but this was his first program. I guess it all just got away from him.  I’ll give him props as a great talker, but so far woefully inept as a program admin.

I need to start practicing what I preach, as I broke one of my cardinal rules: NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, NEVER COMPOUND UNTIL YOU HAVE YOUR SEED MONEY OUT!!

Please someone slap me if I ever buy into the hype again.

Passive Income Opportunity Updates – 6/17/2012


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Wealth4AllTeam – Last Chance for Payza, STP

Wealth4All Team – Last chance for those still wishing to deposit using Payza and Solid Trust Pay as W4a has decided to discontinue those options and stick with Ipayout’s Global Ewallet starting June 30th. Withdrawals to Solid Trust Pay will still allowed, but only until the money in that processor dries up.

The following was taken from the latest W4a update:

SOLID TRUST PAY, PAYZA WILL BE DISCONTINUED.  As of JUNE 30th, 2012, we will discontinue DEPOSITS from Solid Trust Pay, Payza and any other third party broker.  The reason for this decision is very simple.  There is a lot of scrutiny from the US government on these institutions and they must comply with a mountain of paperwork and regulations in order to do business in the United States.  When they do this on a state by state basis, they must close all transactions for that state or receive huge fines and even imprisonment.

As of right now, we have over $500,000.00 in those two processors and we as a company can not afford to have that money locked up or held hostage by those companies.  Remember, this is your money along with ours and we must protect it.

We will still allow withdrawals from Solid Trust Pay (STP) so that we can lower our liability with them and eventually bring the account to Zero.  But once we have taken our money out, we will not allow deposits and or withdrawals from them any longer. The same goes for any of the third party processors, they must all go thru the same process.

I personally like Ipayout’s Global Ewallet as the money has always been there and the fees are much cheaper, but I hope this move doesn’t deter many new recruits from joining due to the added hassle of setting up their ewallet accounts, and then integrating them with their bank accounts. I know W4a truly has our best interests at heart with this move.  In any event, I’m sure the “powers to be” have given this move quite a bit of thought before implementing these changes.

Last chance for my cash back offers if you want to use Payza or STP: W4a Cash-Back Offer

Wealth4AllTeam – Last Chance for Payza, STP