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Passive Program – Updates 7/4/12

Today I have a few quick passive program updates for Wealth4all, Unstoppable Whirlwind and SafeRisk

Unstoppable Whirlwind – Still growing at a good clip, matrix #247561 is the latest one I can find created as of 2pm EST. For anyone on the fence about joining here, I would probably want $25 available balance for every $1 subscription purchased.

Latest matrix 247561 so from that we can approximate the following:

(The following numbers are on the low end of the cycle-scale. Chances are, numbers further back have cycled already!)

Last Cycled Level 1 #56285

Last Cycled Level 2 #13703

Last Cycled Level 3 #3336

Last Cycled Level 4 #812

Last Cycled Level 5 #198

Last Cycled Level 6 #50

Check out Unstoppable Whirlwind here: http://www.unstoppablewhirlwind.com/?moggle

Find out how Unstoppable Whirlwind works here: How it works

Wealt4AllTeam – Judging by this months profit share I guess I needn’t have worried the effect of switching over to ipayout exclusively from Solid Trust Pay and Payza… W4a broke last month’s record which was almost double April’s record breaking effort. Now that STP is being allowed via our iPayout global ewallet, I can only imaging that trend will continue on its upward trend.

Some members still cannot log in after Wealth4all added the additional security layer, so if you cannot, you need to do all the usual cleaning of your cookies and cache, restart modems etc.

Check out W4a here once the site gets back up: http://wealth4allteam.com/signup.php?spon=706

See my Referral Cash-Back offers here: W4a ref cash back

SafeRisk– Got back another matured investment, so I withdrew a portion of that one and put the rest back in for another round. This has been a very drama-free HYIP. No silly admin pep talks, just prompt payments. They also changed the script to a nice white color for some reason. Matters not to me, as long as they keep with their record of prompt payments, it’s all good.

Again, I wouldn’t invest any first time spends in SafeRisk at this point since it has been running two months, I just wanted to point out how a good HYIP should operate. I’ll definitely join something from Hugo here at SR in the future.

Passive Program – Updates 7/4/12

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Wealth4AllTeam – Last Chance for Payza, STP

Wealth4All Team – Last chance for those still wishing to deposit using Payza and Solid Trust Pay as W4a has decided to discontinue those options and stick with Ipayout’s Global Ewallet starting June 30th. Withdrawals to Solid Trust Pay will still allowed, but only until the money in that processor dries up.

The following was taken from the latest W4a update:

SOLID TRUST PAY, PAYZA WILL BE DISCONTINUED.  As of JUNE 30th, 2012, we will discontinue DEPOSITS from Solid Trust Pay, Payza and any other third party broker.  The reason for this decision is very simple.  There is a lot of scrutiny from the US government on these institutions and they must comply with a mountain of paperwork and regulations in order to do business in the United States.  When they do this on a state by state basis, they must close all transactions for that state or receive huge fines and even imprisonment.

As of right now, we have over $500,000.00 in those two processors and we as a company can not afford to have that money locked up or held hostage by those companies.  Remember, this is your money along with ours and we must protect it.

We will still allow withdrawals from Solid Trust Pay (STP) so that we can lower our liability with them and eventually bring the account to Zero.  But once we have taken our money out, we will not allow deposits and or withdrawals from them any longer. The same goes for any of the third party processors, they must all go thru the same process.

I personally like Ipayout’s Global Ewallet as the money has always been there and the fees are much cheaper, but I hope this move doesn’t deter many new recruits from joining due to the added hassle of setting up their ewallet accounts, and then integrating them with their bank accounts. I know W4a truly has our best interests at heart with this move.  In any event, I’m sure the “powers to be” have given this move quite a bit of thought before implementing these changes.

Last chance for my cash back offers if you want to use Payza or STP: W4a Cash-Back Offer

Wealth4AllTeam – Last Chance for Payza, STP