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Liberty Reserve Down – Gone for Good?

Greetings, and a Happy Memorial Day weekend to those of you in the States and Happy Weekend to the rest of you!

As you have probably heard, payment processor Liberty Reserve has most likely closed down and possibly gone for good after the owner was arrested in Spain on suspicion of money laundering by a joint task force  consisting of  US and Costa Rican authorities. Here is an article from one of the biggie Costa Rican newspapers HERE

Liberty Reserve,gone,downI hope none of you had too much money tied up with LR, or that any of the programs you are currently in are affected by this situation. Thankfully, I’ve never liked or used LR that much, so I only have a few hundred at risk. However, I know it is/was quite popular and no one knows for certain the effect this will have on current or near-future programs.

That brings me to the main point of this post: Continue reading Liberty Reserve Down – Gone for Good?