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JubiRev – Last Chance for First Wave Bonus

Greetings, Today is the last day for the JubiRev – First Wave Bonus Promotion as well as the latest from MegaMoneyHybrid and RicanAdFunds.

JubiRev Program Details: Today is the last day to get the extra 10% bonus Jubipoints if you buy extra JubiBucks. You will need to buy them before midnight today EST, and will be credited the extra 10% once you give them away.

I also got a sneak peak at the new JubiRebates site which looks very cool. I assume we will be able to give our JubiPoints to people for extra money off at the retail chain stores. Looks like there are 27 stores participating so far – Like Home Depot, JC Penney’s, Best Buy etc. I’m not sure if we are supposed to be sharing links publicly yet, but if you want a sneak preview, let me know privately and I will shoot you over a link.

TL Silver also created a video on how to give away our JubiBucks, that can be watched HERE:

Check out the JubiRev for FREE here:  https://www.jubirev.com/moggle


RicanAdFunds: Looks like the reason behind payments not going out has been due to Admin Richard being in the hospital all weekend according to Russell. He might want to consider some extra supplements or vitamin C or something as he seems to be sick quite a bit. Whatever, hope they get them going out today.

I checked my back office there and see that my payment request has gone from “Pending” to “In Progress” so hopefully things are looking up with RicanAdFunds.

MegaMoneyHybrid – The latest update from the admin here has the admin team going through a couple more options on how to best go about repairing the damage done by hackers adding fake Hybrid Units.

Here’s a portion of the latest email regarding the fix(es):

I was hoping to bring you better news but we’re still working on this. The problem in MMH is way bigger than we thought. We have tried varies options and they all lead to loss for members. It means the members who received earnings from the false units get to keep that money and other members pay for it. This because we can’t make precise corrections since we don’t know exactly what made what cycle out. I think you can imagine with 800 false units added to the system the total (false) amount is very high because members bought new units with the money they received when they cycled out because of the false units and members who cycled out because of that bought new units etc.

We have 2 more options to go through. If those don’t lead to the solution to do this without loss for members then loss for members it will be. The loss can be all members who bought units after the false units have been added lose their purchases or the total loss will be calculated and spread over all members (in one way or another). Both options will get a lot of resistance, we know that so we’re trying to find a way to avoid this but it’s not that easy. For us taking all the loss is just not possible. Especially since 2 sites have been down for weeks now. 

So there you have it, hopefully these latter two programs are fixed up soon and great things continue to come from JubiRev.

Today is the last day for the JubiRev – First Wave Bonus Promotion as well as the latest from MegaMoneyHybrid and RicanAdFunds.

JubiRev JubiMax Compensation / Pay Plan Released

Greetings, the PDF version of the JubiRev / JubiMax compensation / pay plan has been released, as well as the latest from MyTrafficValue and the launch of MegaMoneyHybrid.

JubiRev Program Details: It’s official, we now have access to a printed, PDF version of the JubiMax pay plan in our back offices. There are also three different PowerPoint versions as well, but I was happy to get my grubbies on a copy of the PDF.

I uploaded a copy you can check out here:

JubiRev / Jubimax Compensation Pay Planjubirev compensation pay plan

I will be taking as much time as necessary to read this over until i fully understand everything in it, and I suggest you do the same.

The PowerPoint versions, as well as this PDF can also be found on the home page of your BO. Click the “Corp Overview” tab and there they are.

Loading Funds/Purchasing Product:


You do not need to have the actual card in hand in order to use your JubiAccount
if you want to fund with GreenDot or Visa Ready Link. The only thing
you actually need to have received the card in the mail for is MoneyGram/
Western Union deposits.

Also, you DO NOT need the JubiAccount yet if you plan on funding using
Bank wire, ACH (electronic check), STP (Visa) or Payza. You can hold off
on setting up your JubiAccount and wait until you are ready to withdraw funds.
It might save you a little on monthly fees.

Purchases: They are just waiting for the vendors to have products ready to ship.
Hopefully by next week sometime purchases will be open.

Here is a great, 5 minute video which explains what a daily revenue share model can do for you. Scroll down half-way and you’ll see it. Catch it Here

Check out the JubiRev for FREE here:  https://www.jubirev.com/moggle


MyTrafficValue Program Details Page – The main portion of the monitor is just about finished, Jo seems to think that by early next week it could be up and running. I’m excited, I think that will go a long way in getting MTV opened to the masses, at least in the HYIP world.

I can’t understand why HYIP players will flock to some risky and volatile program knowing full well they have no way to sustain those impossible returns. Don’t get me wrong.. I loves me a good HYIP too, but at least spread your risk out. MTV is in  my opinion the perfect place for worthwhile, yet sustainable returns. Definitely one that requires you to see the “Big Picture” and the light comes on.

Taken from the MTV forum:

I took a look at the initial monitor last night; a lot of little bits to do / tidy up. But it basically works… We’ll tidy that up this week whilst Brian gets on with building the Voting Game.

We’d like to launch the monitor this weekend, and it’ll probably be built by then. But I have a feeling this will drag into next week before we’re able to launch everything. Especially if we want to open the site up to guests… But we’ll see how things go! Maybe Brian can surprise us.

Hopefully once this giant part of MTV gets rolling, the coders can get to work on the PTC portion of the program. Once that gets integrated, I see huge things on the horizon for MTV.

See for yourself here what MTV has to offer here: http://mytrafficvalue.com/ref/moggle


megamoneyhybrid.com: Tjust over 24 hours until launch, the admin sent out a newsletter yesterday with what to expect at launch, as well as different strategies to take for MMH. It’s a little long, but definitely worth a read. Take note if you have referrals

:Hi Mike,

Thursday March 7 at 12:00 PM EST Mega Money Hybrid will launch. You will be able to buy Hybrid Units then. Looking at how many have joined already many will earn a lot instantly after the launch. It’s very important to be ready so please read this information.

– Fund your account before the launch so at launch time you can buy your Hybrid Units right away.

– You can buy max 20 Hybrid Units at one time so everyone can earn because you can easily get your units in between. You can buy as many times 20 units as you want as long as the total number of active units you have doesn’t exceed 10,000 (that’s $100,000).

There are different ways to earn with MMH. I think at launch time it’s important to get as many max 20 units in as possible. I say this because the more you have at the start the more you will earn. Many members will buy units when we launch so the flexible cycler will get a lot of spots. When you have your spots in they get pushed up by the spots bought after yours so the earlier you have your spots in the faster they will cycle out of course and if all your spots are the maximum $100 it means you’ll earn a lot. Let’s look at an example:

Say you have $600 available at launch time. You buy 3 times the max 20 units ($200) which means 3 times $100 (50% of $200) is added to the rebate part that pays 2% for 75 days and 3 times $100 (the other 50% of $200) goes into the cycler. This means you have 3 spots of $100 in the cycler. At launch the first spot you have can cycle out real fast and earn you $200. What you can do then is buy the max of 20 units again right after you cycled out. Not only will that add 10% to the highest position you have in the line it will earn you more in daily rebate too and since there’s a 25% repurchase obligation in MMH you’ll know that spot will get pushed up too. If the other 2 spots cycle out fast after launch you can do the same thing to maximize your earnings. After that you can decide to use only the 25% repurchase balance to keep earning or apply like 50% reinvest and 50% withdraw or whatever you want.

Next to buying more hybrid units you can increase earnings by recruiting referrals. It’s very easy to do that with our PIF system. What you do is tell people that if they join with your referral link you will buy a Hybrid Unit for them. This will cost you $10 but you can use your repurchase balance too to pay for this. When people become your referral you not only earn the referral commission of 6% of their purchases and 4% on the purchases of their referrals but you will also get the 10% direct fills in your highest spot in the flexible cycler. This can be very lucrative because whenever your referral buys hybrid units you will get the referral commissions and direct fills again. You even get referral commissions and direct fills when your referrals use their repurchase balance to buy Hybrid Units. This means your $10 investment to buy a Hybrid Unit for your referral can have a very high (ongoing) return. I think once people are in the system and see how easy they earn they will add more whenever they have funds available because why would you not add more if you’re making good money?
You’ll make your referrals happy and earn at the same time with the PIF system. It’s very powerful.

There are many strategies but I think the above information may give you an idea to create your own strategy.

In the final tests we did, we discovered the system will add the 10% direct fill for own spot in the first spot you buy too. This means you instantly get 10% direct fill in the first spot you buy so you can cycle out even faster. This can make a lot of difference (especially at launch time).

Since free members don’t earn referral commissions in MMH a few members were concerned they would not be able to buy units before their referrals did and miss out on the first round of referral commissions. We don’t want unhealthy stress at the launch so we found a solution.

All members who have funded their account with at least $10 (the cost of 1 Hybrid Unit) before we launch (or before their referral buy their units) will receive the referral commissions. This means if you have funded your account with at least $10 before the launch it doesn’t matter if your referrals buy their units before you did or not. You will still get the referral commissions then.
One day after the launch we will enable the standard rule again that says you have to buy at least one Hybrid Unit before you can earn referral commissions so then it will be mandatory again to buy your Hybrid Units before your referrals do. I think that’s fair.

Ok, get ready because you can earn a lot of money fast (real fast how it looks). Talk soon.



To see EST time please go here: http://thetimenow.com/est/eastern_standard_time

There’s also a countdown timer at the site so you can see exactly when the launch will be.

Join MegaMoneyHybrid Here: Sign Up Link

PDF version of the JubiRev / JubiMax compensation / pay plan has been released, as well as the latest from MyTrafficValue and the launch of MegaMoneyHybrid.

JubiRev / JubiMax Founder Bonus

Greetings, today I have the latest regarding the big JubiRev / JubiMax Founder Bonus Announcement as well as news from our latest Passive Income entry to the portfolio: Megamoneyhybrid.

JubiRev Program Details: Got the scoop on the founder bonus for JubiRev / JubiMax last night on the special Thursday edition of the Corporate webinar. I have a couple other things to go over as well.

JubiRev / JubiMax Founder Bonus – Nice little kick-starter for us!

1) Any JubiBuck packages bought before March 15 receive an additional 15%
in JubiPoints.

Ex: You buy a JB package for $1000. When you give those JBs away, you
get in return 1150 JubiPoints that you earn on in the daily revenue share.

2) Any JB packages bought by your direct referrals, you receive a 10% Bonus
in JubiPoints. This is in addition to the current 10% 1st generational bonus.
This must also be completed before March 15.

Ex: Your direct referral buys a JB package worth $1000. You receive your normal
generational bonuses + 100 extra JPs.


Funding is open, and they are encouraging everyone to fund now. I probably will
wait until there is at least something to buy before I fund, but I have set up my
JubiAccount and am now verified, my debit card is on the way. You do not need
to set up your JubiAccount in order to fund unless you want to fund using GreenDot
or MoneyGram/Western Union. The instructions for all methods of funding can be
found in My account>> Financials>> Load Money or JubiAccount if you need to set
up your JA

Loading Options and Fees:

1.) STP (Visa) – 3% processing fee
2.) Payza – 3% processing fee
3.) Jubi Account – 5% processing fee
4.) ACH – 5% processing fee (US ONLY – can take up to 7 business days)
5.) Bank Wire – $25 for domestic, $40 international (Allow 4-7 business days)

Compensation Plan Videos

Personally, I prefer a printed version of the comp plan, but until they get one
posted everything regarding all aspects of the pay plan can be found under the
Training tab. I urge all of you to watch them. Take one a day or something as they
are about an hour long, but they are important to your understanding of the business.
I honestly learn something new, or get a better understanding of something each
time I watch them.

This morning I watched Training Video #4 in the Comp plan section pertaining to
the 8 level JubiSuite. I’m still trying to figure out the best ideas for some contest
or something for placing our team.. Exciting for sure! Watch the video.

That’s all for now. For those of you recruiting, keep it up! Just having ONE paid
referral will make a BIG difference in your bottom line, and with the extra 10%
founder bonus on your directs…. Yes indeedy!

Here is a great, 5 minute video which explains what a daily revenue share model can do for you. Scroll down half-way and you’ll see it. Catch it Here

Check out the JubiRev for FREE here:  https://www.jubirev.com/moggle


megamoneyhybrid.com: Thanks to everyone that joined using my link! Lots of interest in this one as there were over 1500 sign-ups the first 24 hours. They are currently over 1800 now!

I’m downright excited for the cycler portion of this passive income program. It’s been a while since I’ve been in one of these fast money makers. Getting ready for all the adrenaline that will be pumping. Remember – this is one you will want to pre fund, and then be ready to go when the countdown timer hits ZERO! Ought to last for some time though with the 25% repurchase rule in place. I can’t wait

Join MegaMoneyHybrid Here: Sign Up Link


The latest regarding the big JubiRev / JubiMax Founder Bonus Announcement as well as news from our latest Passive Income entry to the portfolio: Megamoneyhybrid.

Incoming search terms:

  • Quick fast straight line cycler
  • straight line cyclers that work

Mega Money Hybrid Review

Greetings, In this Mega Money Hybrid review we will take a look at this passive income program: how it works, the product, the pay plan, strategy etc.

mega money hybrid review



megamoneyhybrid.com: The latest passive hybrid from the admin team behind well established programs – FastCashMega and PipMega offering a 2 part income generating system. Currently open for registrations and pre-funding. Launch is scheduled for March 7 at 12pm EST.

How it Works:

We purchase Megamoneyhybrid shares at $10.

  • 50% ($5) of each share pays you 2% daily for 75 days, returning 150% Total ($7.50)
  • 50% ($5) of each share goes into a ‘flexible’ cycler, returning 200% ($10).  Note – To keep the cycler moving, Mega Money Hybrid will have the following components in place:
    •  10% of Your new spends will go toward cycling your position closest to the front of the line.
    •  There is a 25% repurchase rule in place for withdrawals, and 10% of this money gets added to your top spot in line helping you cycle faster
    •  10% of purchases made by your referrals get added to your closest position to the front of the line helping you cycle faster.

Product: Each $10 Mega Money Hybrid unit buys you:

  • 500 banner ad credits
  • 500 text ad credits


  • Solid Trust Pay
  • Liberty Reserve
  • EgoPay
  • Perfect Money

– Minimum for withdrawals: $5

– Maximum capped at $2k/day

– You must withdraw using the same processor you deposit with.

– Purchases are capped at 20 Mega Money Hybrid units in one transaction ($200 – I really like this rule!)

Referral Commissions:

  • Level 1: 6%
  • Level 2: 4%


In my Mega Money Hybrid review I’d like to give a few thoughts toward a strategy.

First off, this ought to be a blast for us adrenaline junkies! There is going to be some fast money made in the first seconds of launch… So make the most of it – Precious seconds count!

Game Day Strategy:

For Launch, there really isn’t one for the 2% daily portion of the program, it works exactly the same as any other 2% daily program. There are some long-term strategies we can employ, I will go over a few of these in the coming days.

In the cycler portion, there are a few things we can do to cycle fast as possible. This is a 200% returning, first in – first out, straight line cycler. For every $5 spot to cycle out, there needs to be $10 worth of money added to the end of the line. There is going to be a mad dash to get  money closest to the head of the line and you want to be part of that mad dash! Again, seconds count so no itchy clicker finger for this, OK?

1 – Be ready to go right at launch! Have your account pre-funded to save time. Watch the countdown timer on the site, and the second it hits 0, buy your positions. Make your spend right then, no testing or waiting around. The site will probably be bogged down and slow from thousands of other people trying to make a spend that same moment. If it’s laggy, keep trying until you do!

2 – If you plan on buying more than 20 ($200) worth of units, open multiple tabs in your browser so once you hit “Enter” on your first spend, you can just move over to the next tab to make your purchase instead of waiting for the first page to get to the “Success” page. I don’t know if the script will allow you to fill in the amount of positions you want on each tab prior to launch, but if we are able to, why not?

Final Thoughts:

Something for everyone at Mega Money Hybrid; an adrenaline rush for straight-line cycler lovers, as well as a ‘more sensible’ 2% daily portion for the de-caf crowd.

Great admin team that knows how to run a good show, plenty of funding options with small withdrawal minimums and reasonable fees. Big money potential for the heavy hitters and a 25% repurchase rule in place along with the other features above to keep the lines moving – I give this one a great shot for a huge success. Can’t wait for launch.

Join MegaMoneyHybrid Here: Sign Up Link


Mega Money Hybrid review we will take a look at this passive income program: how it works, the product, the pay plan, strategy etc.