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Passive Money Making Sites Updates

Greetings, today I have the latest from a couple passive money making sites in our portfolio – MyTrafficValue and Private Profit Plus. These two programs have been literally earning us cash in our sleep, passively, and as we move into summer that is precisely what I love – earning while we snooze!

Private Profit Plus has recently crossed the 100% return plateau for VIP shares in just under 50 days. In fact, VIP shares bought on day one have returned a total thus far of just under 116% after 55 cycles.  We’re still waiting to hear when full-on launch will be but cannot complain about how this program continues to roll in the meantime. Earnings far for VIP shares have averaged at just over 10% per week. Earnings are credited Monday through Friday and have averaged just over 2% daily. Keep it up, admin. Great job so far in this passive money making site.

MyTrafficValue has hit a home run with its sister site – PaidVerts and I am looking forward to seeing this homer transform into a grand slam in the coming days. Shares are over .30 now and continues to climb now that PaidVerts has had a heavy hand in purchasing them.  A good chunk of PaidVerts ad-pack sales are used to buy up MTV shares and then those shares are MyTrafficValueimmediately re-listed at 2.5X the price they paid.., win win for all! The latest talk on the forums is to do a 10x split on the shares, meaning that for each share you own, you would now own 10. These 10 shares would then be worth 1/10th as much as your original share was, at least in the beginning. This will allow even more people to jump on board with buying them at 1/10 the current price.

Here’s a bit about Jo’s thought on MTV shares taken from the forum:

Make 50% ROI in one month via Shares:

1) Fund your account
2) Buy shares:
3) List those shares for sale at 1.5-1.6x (or more) the price you bought them for. And wait for them to sell! (You’ll get weekly cash dividends as a mini bonus in the mean time!)

Why it’ll work:

1) PaidVerts re-invests 50% of every ad pack purchased into MTV, primarily by buying shares.

2) This constant demand causes the price to climb! As there’s only a limited supply of shares; but a snowballing demand.

3) People see this price rising, and they too buy shares; causing it to rise even more quickly!

4) The rising share price; then matures PV’s investments (as it sells its shares at the higher price). This then creates loads of money to issue super high value ads at PaidVerts. Making everyone happy there; and allowing that business to keep exploding in size!

This then results in more ad packs being sold… More shares being purchased. And everything goes around and around; and the share price goes up and up!

And in the process of doing this; PaidVerts is becoming a huge and super attractive business. Causing it to grow and grow; thereby justifying the new higher share price. And forming the foundation to send the price even higher!

And as PV gets bigger and bigger; there are more revenues for the MTV portfolio, more share transfer revenues, cashier revenues. More users are exposed to our games & investment plans; this makes our entire economy go through the roof & provides the funding for unlimited expansion of our portfolio products & businesses. Adding even more value to the business; sending the share price higher again!

Simple! Transparent! Give it a go.
You’ll make a fortune; and you’ll help MTV + PV to grow in the process.


That’s all for now, and be on the lookout for an upcoming post where I will share one of the ways I have been making a nice income with MTV’s sister site- PaidVerts. The latest from a couple passive money making sites in our portfolio – MyTrafficValue and Private Profit Plus.

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Passive Program Updates

Greetings, today I have a few passive income program updates to share now mid way through April. I must say it’s been a pretty quiet, drama free ride for the portfolio the past week and I’m not complaining.  Drama free is always a welcome treat. I had hoped to be sharing a review for a new program, but after further due-d and few back and forth’s with the admin I have decided to pass for now. So without further ado, on to our passive earning programs:

Save the drama for yo mama

Private Profit Plus: Continues to do exactly what we signed on for. VIP shares earn on average 2.01% or so and all withdrawals have been paid within hours – sometimes within minutes. Can’t ask for much more than that. We’re still waiting to hear from the admin when all the final kinks are worked out and full-on launch commences. It’s been awhile since I’ve gotten one of his giant emails 😉 No hurry I guess, so long as he keeps on with what we’ve seen so far.

Paidverts This one keeps getting bigger and better too, with little tweaks each day to make the site more user friendly. The latest addition is an upgrade where you pay a one-time $10.  In return, you get ad ad filter that allows you to decide the minimum dollar amount per ad  you will accept. For example: You purchase the filter and set it at say .50, and you won’t get any ads priced below 50 cents. Of course you wont get as many ads each day, but the ones you do get will be worth much more.

This way, you wont be getting a bunch of penny ads if you don’t want to. This is excellent as this very thing was a big turn off for me from the whole “pay to click” scene. Now we can decide how low we are willing to go to earn at PaidVerts.

 MyTrafficValue   It’s starting to look more and more like PaidVerts is having it’s intended affect on MTV’s daily results. What follows is quoted from the MTV forum which goes into the nitty-gritty of the latest dare he say – snowball effect:

And as I posted on Facebook last night, PaidVerts is definitely snowballing;



# 1700+ users earning within the last 48hours. 
# Growing at about 10% per day for the last 2 weeks.
# Daily net profit (ad sale commissions & upgrades) over $150/day at the moment. Triple what it was 2 weeks ago.
# Over 200,000 BAP game plays, in their first week (with only 3 games so far)
# Over 550,000 paid website visits delivered, totalling over $10k+ in value (~$0.018/average)
# $8000+ re-invested at MTV to supplement future ad interaction rates
# 1.9million member page views logged
# Website ranking in the top 7k most trafficed websites in the world. Climbing as fast as the 3month average calculations will allow, considering we’re only 3weeks old.

That’s going to do it for now for our passive program updates. Until next time!

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Passive Income Program Updates

Greetings, I have updates regarding a couple passive income programs, as well as the latest launch news from one of our Daily Revenue shares: JubiRev / JubiMax.

Lifetime Paid Hourly / Lifetimepaidhourly.com First off, I would like to thank everyone who joined Lifetime Paid Hourly using my link, it looks like the program has gotten off to a great start with deposits over $300k at the time of this writing.

Here’s the rest of the stats as stated in the latest update from our newest passive income program:

  • Days Running : 19 Days
  • Total Members: 2599
  • Total Deposits: $332,326.00
  • Members Earnings: $0.083c min p/h
  • Total Paid Out: $110,797.52


JubiRev Program Details: Getting closer to Phase 3 of launch at JubiRev/Max and also caught the latest Saturday webinar too. First though, a couple things regarding the autoship:

Setting up your Autoship

I’m sure this will be gone over today on the webinar as well, but I just
wanted to mention that if you DO NOT want the products just yet or
want to pay for the shipping of something, simply choose the Condo
Cards for now. These are virtual products so no need to have anything
shipped if you would rather not just yet.

Or, try out some of the products. I will most likely get the meal replacement
or the energy drinks this first go-round. Maybe next month I’ll let the wife check
out the other things.

Steps to set up your autoship:

Go to: My Account > My Financials > Enter Pin > Ecash > Manage Autoship and
voila! Order whatever you like.

Notes from the latest Corporate Webinar:

Monday –  First commission run, and then start to give away your products immediately after the call.  Then, sometime between the 8th and 15th the daily rev share will start. Not everything will be live Monday, but enough will that we can get a good start on giving away our products.

You will want to set your percentages in your commission profile in order to allocate the percentage of your earnings converting to ecash. To do that, go to MyFinancials and the click the commission tab. This function (Look for a dropdown box), will be available in our BO’s sometime after tomorrow.

Founder Bonus Credits – As you give away your initial products your founder credits will show up immediately in the form of Jubicredits.

There’s a new promoter link available in the back office to use if you like. The new page looks like this: https://www.jubirev.com/home/moggle

Check out the JubiRev for FREE here:  https://www.jubirev.com/moggle


MyTrafficValue Program Details Page – MTV keep adding more and more products to the mix. The latest addition is Casino Hold-em. Fun, almost addicting game sort of like Texas Hold em only you play against the dealer.

Monitor – Yep, still waiting for that get finished. Jo says it is finished, they just need to test a bit more to get all of the bugs first. I will continue to give MTV slack in this dept as I know it must have been a massive build in the first place.. I just can’t wait to check it out!

Shares are on the upswing as well and it’s nice to see people finally catching onto MTV – still primed for an explosion once the monitor is finished.

See for yourself here what MTV has to offer here: http://mytrafficvalue.com/ref/moggle


RicanAdFunds – The latest update has the site still down until April 15, and we will also need to upload our documents in order to get paid once the site is back up. Ordinarily I would NEVER submit my private info to any online passive income program, but I have quite a bit of money in play there so I will need to consider uploading them – as much as I wouldn’t like to.

I guess what I will most likely do is hold off on uploading anything until such a time comes that I see people truly getting paid. Then, and only then will I consider it.

Take care everyone, and if you celebrate Easter I hope you have a great one. I’ll be loading up the family tomorrow to head out to my sister’s house a couple cities over.

Updates regarding a couple passive income programs, as well as the latest launch news from one of our Daily Revenue shares: JubiRev / JubiMax.


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JubiRev JubiMax Compensation / Pay Plan Released

Greetings, the PDF version of the JubiRev / JubiMax compensation / pay plan has been released, as well as the latest from MyTrafficValue and the launch of MegaMoneyHybrid.

JubiRev Program Details: It’s official, we now have access to a printed, PDF version of the JubiMax pay plan in our back offices. There are also three different PowerPoint versions as well, but I was happy to get my grubbies on a copy of the PDF.

I uploaded a copy you can check out here:

JubiRev / Jubimax Compensation Pay Planjubirev compensation pay plan

I will be taking as much time as necessary to read this over until i fully understand everything in it, and I suggest you do the same.

The PowerPoint versions, as well as this PDF can also be found on the home page of your BO. Click the “Corp Overview” tab and there they are.

Loading Funds/Purchasing Product:


You do not need to have the actual card in hand in order to use your JubiAccount
if you want to fund with GreenDot or Visa Ready Link. The only thing
you actually need to have received the card in the mail for is MoneyGram/
Western Union deposits.

Also, you DO NOT need the JubiAccount yet if you plan on funding using
Bank wire, ACH (electronic check), STP (Visa) or Payza. You can hold off
on setting up your JubiAccount and wait until you are ready to withdraw funds.
It might save you a little on monthly fees.

Purchases: They are just waiting for the vendors to have products ready to ship.
Hopefully by next week sometime purchases will be open.

Here is a great, 5 minute video which explains what a daily revenue share model can do for you. Scroll down half-way and you’ll see it. Catch it Here

Check out the JubiRev for FREE here:  https://www.jubirev.com/moggle


MyTrafficValue Program Details Page – The main portion of the monitor is just about finished, Jo seems to think that by early next week it could be up and running. I’m excited, I think that will go a long way in getting MTV opened to the masses, at least in the HYIP world.

I can’t understand why HYIP players will flock to some risky and volatile program knowing full well they have no way to sustain those impossible returns. Don’t get me wrong.. I loves me a good HYIP too, but at least spread your risk out. MTV is in  my opinion the perfect place for worthwhile, yet sustainable returns. Definitely one that requires you to see the “Big Picture” and the light comes on.

Taken from the MTV forum:

I took a look at the initial monitor last night; a lot of little bits to do / tidy up. But it basically works… We’ll tidy that up this week whilst Brian gets on with building the Voting Game.

We’d like to launch the monitor this weekend, and it’ll probably be built by then. But I have a feeling this will drag into next week before we’re able to launch everything. Especially if we want to open the site up to guests… But we’ll see how things go! Maybe Brian can surprise us.

Hopefully once this giant part of MTV gets rolling, the coders can get to work on the PTC portion of the program. Once that gets integrated, I see huge things on the horizon for MTV.

See for yourself here what MTV has to offer here: http://mytrafficvalue.com/ref/moggle


megamoneyhybrid.com: Tjust over 24 hours until launch, the admin sent out a newsletter yesterday with what to expect at launch, as well as different strategies to take for MMH. It’s a little long, but definitely worth a read. Take note if you have referrals

:Hi Mike,

Thursday March 7 at 12:00 PM EST Mega Money Hybrid will launch. You will be able to buy Hybrid Units then. Looking at how many have joined already many will earn a lot instantly after the launch. It’s very important to be ready so please read this information.

– Fund your account before the launch so at launch time you can buy your Hybrid Units right away.

– You can buy max 20 Hybrid Units at one time so everyone can earn because you can easily get your units in between. You can buy as many times 20 units as you want as long as the total number of active units you have doesn’t exceed 10,000 (that’s $100,000).

There are different ways to earn with MMH. I think at launch time it’s important to get as many max 20 units in as possible. I say this because the more you have at the start the more you will earn. Many members will buy units when we launch so the flexible cycler will get a lot of spots. When you have your spots in they get pushed up by the spots bought after yours so the earlier you have your spots in the faster they will cycle out of course and if all your spots are the maximum $100 it means you’ll earn a lot. Let’s look at an example:

Say you have $600 available at launch time. You buy 3 times the max 20 units ($200) which means 3 times $100 (50% of $200) is added to the rebate part that pays 2% for 75 days and 3 times $100 (the other 50% of $200) goes into the cycler. This means you have 3 spots of $100 in the cycler. At launch the first spot you have can cycle out real fast and earn you $200. What you can do then is buy the max of 20 units again right after you cycled out. Not only will that add 10% to the highest position you have in the line it will earn you more in daily rebate too and since there’s a 25% repurchase obligation in MMH you’ll know that spot will get pushed up too. If the other 2 spots cycle out fast after launch you can do the same thing to maximize your earnings. After that you can decide to use only the 25% repurchase balance to keep earning or apply like 50% reinvest and 50% withdraw or whatever you want.

Next to buying more hybrid units you can increase earnings by recruiting referrals. It’s very easy to do that with our PIF system. What you do is tell people that if they join with your referral link you will buy a Hybrid Unit for them. This will cost you $10 but you can use your repurchase balance too to pay for this. When people become your referral you not only earn the referral commission of 6% of their purchases and 4% on the purchases of their referrals but you will also get the 10% direct fills in your highest spot in the flexible cycler. This can be very lucrative because whenever your referral buys hybrid units you will get the referral commissions and direct fills again. You even get referral commissions and direct fills when your referrals use their repurchase balance to buy Hybrid Units. This means your $10 investment to buy a Hybrid Unit for your referral can have a very high (ongoing) return. I think once people are in the system and see how easy they earn they will add more whenever they have funds available because why would you not add more if you’re making good money?
You’ll make your referrals happy and earn at the same time with the PIF system. It’s very powerful.

There are many strategies but I think the above information may give you an idea to create your own strategy.

In the final tests we did, we discovered the system will add the 10% direct fill for own spot in the first spot you buy too. This means you instantly get 10% direct fill in the first spot you buy so you can cycle out even faster. This can make a lot of difference (especially at launch time).

Since free members don’t earn referral commissions in MMH a few members were concerned they would not be able to buy units before their referrals did and miss out on the first round of referral commissions. We don’t want unhealthy stress at the launch so we found a solution.

All members who have funded their account with at least $10 (the cost of 1 Hybrid Unit) before we launch (or before their referral buy their units) will receive the referral commissions. This means if you have funded your account with at least $10 before the launch it doesn’t matter if your referrals buy their units before you did or not. You will still get the referral commissions then.
One day after the launch we will enable the standard rule again that says you have to buy at least one Hybrid Unit before you can earn referral commissions so then it will be mandatory again to buy your Hybrid Units before your referrals do. I think that’s fair.

Ok, get ready because you can earn a lot of money fast (real fast how it looks). Talk soon.



To see EST time please go here: http://thetimenow.com/est/eastern_standard_time

There’s also a countdown timer at the site so you can see exactly when the launch will be.

Join MegaMoneyHybrid Here: Sign Up Link

PDF version of the JubiRev / JubiMax compensation / pay plan has been released, as well as the latest from MyTrafficValue and the launch of MegaMoneyHybrid.

MyTrafficValue – Another Game Launch: Compound Boxes

Greetings, a quick update today regarding MyTrafficValue’s latest game launch called Compound Boxes.

MyTrafficValue Program Details Page – Let me start by saying or… typing – It’s so cool to see MTV showing up more often  in the news here lately. Now with the addition of these 2 or is it 3 now?? free-lance coders, the site’s been buzzing with activity lately. Newest coder, Brian, says he is very close, so I expect Compound Boxes to be available sometime today.

It’s great to have the new programmers pumping out the games now at a pretty rapid clip. The progress here on that front in just the last couple months is more than MTV was able to do all last year it seems. Glad to see the stars finally lining up here, they truly do have a cool program. I can’t wait to try out Compound Boxes.

I took the following from the MTV forum:

Hello MTV,

The Compound Boxes game and integration into accounts, news feeds, results, etc. is complete. Just need to get it thoroughly tested so it can be released.

Let me just say… this is a pretty neat site, very clever concept and after seeing all how the code works, this site’s honesty and transparency are very real. As are the products, which you are helping to build.

So, thanks for the work. It’s great to work on a site that I can actually see making money. I hope you enjoy playing Compound Boxes as much as I enjoyed building it.

Sneak preview (for the lucky ones that read this far)…….
I’ve gotten the go ahead to make some cool upgrades to the coin flip game.

All the best,

I have no idea what the upgrades with the coin flip game are, I guess we can find out here: http://mytrafficvalue.com/ref/moggle

Quick update today regarding MyTrafficValue’s latest game launch called Compound Boxes.

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MyTrafficValue – New Game Launch

Greetings, A few updates today regarding programs found in our passive income portfolio, including a new game launch at MyTrafficValue.

MyTrafficValue Program Details Page – Congrats to MTV as Video Poker is up and running now, cigars all around. The programmer finished that project and now is working on another game. I think Jo said his next project will be a multi-level game called Compound Boxes. One of the other new programmers re-did the homepage of the site too, so that looks much more nicely done as well as shows much more of what’s been happening with your account. You can still click all the tabs to get a more in-depth look at what is happening, but the homepage now has a nice summary of things you can check out on the fly.

It’s great to have the addition of these latest programmers, because we can now actually see and use the fruits of their labors. Daily revenues have been on the rise and MTV needs to spend the investment money to generate the products, which in turn pays back a return on our investments. It almost feels as if the program is teetering on the brink of greatness. I’m thinking once the programmers finish the monitor this program will get mighty interesting. Push this beotch over the edge.  I’m pretty excited.

Check out MTV here: http://mytrafficvalue.com/ref/moggle


xGolding.com STOPPED PAYING DO NOT MAKE A SPEND -The “Quiet Man” here lately in the portfolio has been quietly going along simply doing his thing. I, myself, like quiet.

The compounder in the BO is now fixed so you can play around with that if you like, although I usually do everything manually in my account. Earlier you couldn’t change how long a spend would stay in “compound mode” or change the percentages.. Now change up whatever and whenever you like.

I noticed that earnings have been credited lately Mon – Fri instead of Tue through Sat lately. I’m not sure why, nor did I read any updates pertaining to any, but as long as we get paid five days per week is fine with me.


RicanAdFunds Program Details: We’re just about 2 weeks away from the first ad packs bought expiration date of 2% paid daily for 125 days. We are going on toward 4 months online now, and with the exception of some hacker shenanigans over the holidays, and a server upgrade, smooth sailing.

I get asked about this program as much as I do, if not more, than anything I’m involved with. I can’t tell anyone how to spend your money, or if it’s “still safe” to invest. I can say that it has been chugging along and paying without fail for 110 days now. It might come unglued tomorrow or it may last into 2014. But if your looking for a program that does what it says it will do without the sob stories or other BS, Rican has been that and more. Hell, if Profitable Sunrise can do it with spends returned on expiry, why can’t Rican without being under the balloon payment at maturity? I am playing Rican as though she is a player going into this new year. I plan to build my account. Get yourselves into profit and do the same.


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Passive Income Programs 2013

Greetings, A few quick updates on some old and new passive income programs going into 2013, currently in our portfolio: PrimusHub, MyTrafficValue and RevTrix.

PrimusHub Program Details – Last chance to upgrade to Gold in Primus Hub (12.95/mo + PMA membership) if you still have AU money you want to get. You have until Dec 15 to pony up with the funds if you would like a payout for at least this first month. I’m not sure how much AU money will be available to divide up amongst all the old W4a members, for at least these first few months until Primus gets itself a bit more established. They really could use a couple spokes around their hub – Auction, mall etc.

Here are the recorded links for the two most recent conference calls:

Tuesday Dec 12 Call Here

Wednesday Dec 13 Call Here

Danny popped into Skype this morning with this quick little announcement:

“GM everyone do not miss out this Saturday 2PM EST call please notifie your DLine & ULine, we will have the surprise revealed.”

I wonder what that could be? Maybe they are resurrecting W4a? One can only hope but I doubt it. Hopefully a couple of the spokes are ready to be put into place.

PrimusHub Help or Questions:


PrimusHub Sign-Up Link


MyTrafficValue Program Details Page – Round 4 is officially in the books now as I was paid my last few Fast Tracks remaining in that round. Took right around 50 days to get paid back 194% on spends made in round 4. This works out to almost 4%/day, lol. These early rounds have been extremely profitable as I’ve been able to increase my stake for future rounds and also cash out quite a bit. As much as I would love to see it continue with the ROI at that rate, it’s got to slow a bit as more and more investment gets added to the mix. Still though, anything at or above 1% daily is pretty darn good in its own right… I’ll take that each and every day every time!

Jo says in the forum that ultimately he would to keep the return time right around 1%/day or better. I don’t see any reason why this cannot be sustained so long as they continue to pump out new products – Games, ad systems, monitor etc. I hope Jo is able to find some worthy programmers in the not too distant future to keep pumping products out. His current one tends to be on a perpetual siesta it seems.

I think I’m most excited about the new monitor they should have completed, hopefully by New Years. This monitor ought to open up a whole new advertising dimension once the HYIP Admins catch wind of it’s potential. MTV members will get to interact with the programs advertised on the monitor by voting on the prospects of making a profitable spend there. Voters will be staking their “reputation” by their vote and the winner(s) will then receive prizes monthly on the highest correct vote tallies.

Here is a sneak peak of Jo’s monitor sketches:

Program listings: http://mytrafficvalue.com/drafts/monitor/newstyle6.png

Monitor Voting: http://mytrafficvalue.com/drafts/monitor/votinggame.png

Monitor Stats: http://mytrafficvalue.com/drafts/stats.png

Judging by these pages, it’s obvious Jo has put a lot of thought into this monitor, and I think it will be a perfect place for admins to get exposure for their program. MTV’s target audience is a perfect place to show the ads, while at the same time keeping the members engaged in what looks like will be fun. Looking forward to it!

Check out MTV here: http://mytrafficvalue.com/ref/moggle


RevTrix.com – Our newest Passive income program offering 2% daily + free matrices launched this past Monday. The most recent update I got explained their new referral contest which is giving away Teak trees to the top producers of all things. To be honest, it all sounds a bit far-fetched, but whatever. It really doesn’t change my strategy  for this program whether or not the Teak plantations exist. Mine is the same as always: Get in with a spend asap, withdraw until at least break-even point and then ride it out. There is a 45% repurchase rule in effect, and while I haven’t figured breakeven time to the second, I estimate it should take right around 60 days.

The admin has chosen to remain pseudo-anonymous so far, and nothing to back up the rumor mill other than suspicions. For now, I will leave the speculation to the speculators and they will remain Star Woods and Todd Murray. At least “Star” has a cool name… Todd sounds pretty lame 🙂

If you plan to join, I would do so now, and then get to breakeven before considering any compounding. Also, if you can, consider buying your ad-packs in groups of three so as they expire they will convert to matrix entries all at once.

Quick updates on old and new passive income programs going into 2013, currently in our portfolio: PrimusHub, MyTrafficValue and RevTrix.

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GoFun Rewards – eAdgear and PayToo eWallet

Greetings, today I have updates regarding GoFun Rewards’ server changeover to eAdgear’s, payouts to the PayToo eWallet, as well as the latest from RicanAdFunds and MyTrafficValue.

GoFunPlaces Program DetailsThe glitches of not seeing our earnings posted the last few days appear to be a thing of the past. My earnings for the 3rd and 4th showed up last night around 9pm EST, and earnings for the 5th appeared this morning at 9am Est.

Glitches: Yep, still got some of those:

GoFun Rewards were switching servers over to eAdgear’s in Hong Kong and there was no sign of profit share earnings for a couple days prior to last night’s. Glad to see these back up and running again now. One remaining glitch still shows up when we post our daily ad. When you enter your ad details, the usual due date for tomorrow shows as blank. I talked with my upline in Skype and he assured me we will still get credit for placing them whether they post properly in our back offices or not for at least today.

PayToo Global eWallet payouts:

I requested my first withdrawal from GoFun Rewards to my PayToo account this time around and not to the processors. All in all it took 4 business days to reach my PayToo, and when it arrived last night I decided to load the pre-paid debit card to see how long it would take. I was quite surprised to find my card was credited INSTANTLY! And all it cost was $1. As soon as I clicked “submit”, the money appeared along with a text to my phone informing me that my Prepaid card was loaded, Nice!

GoFun Bids:

The auction site is starting to heat up now. At first, things there seemed kinda hokey as most of the items being won were more bids or condo cards. Not so any more! Check out the toys people are winning now for free, here’s the page with the ended auctions: http://gofunbids.com/allauctions.php?aid=3

One person I gave Lifestyle Dollars to won a nice high-def TV… for FREE! A nicer TV than mine for crying out loud. If you haven’t already, consider taking  some Lifestyle Dollars I give away on the right hand menu. They are FREE. Click the banner, fill out the form and they are yours. They go fast though, so if it says mine are all gone for the day, try back tomorrow. Once you take the LD’s, log into GoFun Bids, convert them to bid points, and you are off and running. Remember, all the auctions are “100% Paid”. That means that there is no money involved. Be the last bidder, you win… Right down to free worldwide shipping.

Join Here: GFP Sign up Page

GoFunPlaces – Guide: GoFun Rewards – How it Works

Video Presentation found here: GFP Video Presentation

A tutorial on how to find additional customers can be found HERE

A tutorial on how to place your daily ad can be found HERE

Legal Disclaimer for GFP


RicanAdFunds Program Details – Just checked the history of my earliest adpacks, and was pleasantly surprised to see that they have been earning for 73 days now. At 2%/day, that works out to 146% return so far. Most excellent. They look to be still getting excellent growth.. the Alexa is now around 18k.

I did get an email this morning from the admin explaining that his hotel in Manilla was getting crappy internet and that payouts for today would be held up until he could find a better internet connection. I’ll gladly wait. Hopefully this one can continue on its path and take a good sized dent out of the Profit Clicking crowd. Those poor people must be ready to lynch ol’ Freddy & co. Fingers crossed that RicanAdFunds is able to do just that, and if they continue to keep it up, there’s no telling how long she may ride.


MyTrafficValue Program Details Page – Earnings here have been averaging between .5 and 1.5% in the daily variable + Fast Tracks. Lately, I’ve been earning more from Fast Tracks than the “Daily” now that they’ve reached my spends from round 4. Jo mentioned this morning that round four should be completely paid off in a week or two, and then it’s on to paying round 5 already.. Quite impressive. Consider trying to get money into all rounds subsequent to the current one available when you join. This way, you will always have

The head programmer continues to be MIA as usual, and while that is annoying, Justin is just about finished with the new video poker game for yet another income stream. Jo is also freelancing out the job of making a new homepage. I guess he didn’t like its looks. Myself, I didn’t mind the way it looks now, but whatever…

The main programmer is supposed to appear from his slumber soon and finally finish the new Hyip Monitor. From the sketches Jo has shown us in the BO, I think this will be a really cool attraction as well as a very effective way of generating funds. The members will all have some “say” in the advertiser wares since they/we will be able to vote on the current programs advertised there. Not sure exactly how that will all work yet, but looking forward to it just the same. Wake up Alex!! We miss you!

Check out MTV here: http://mytrafficvalue.com/ref/moggle

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Passive Income Program Updates Nov 6, 2012

Today I have updates for a few passive income programs found in our portfolio: GoFun Rewards, Carbon Deals, MyTrafficValue and Pipsfund.

GoFunPlaces Program Details GoFun Rewards issued their first ever daily profit share yesterday, so we are officially earning in that portion of the program. I’m probably not at liberty to discuss the daily reward publicly, but let’s just say it was in the same ballpark as those from another popular site no longer with us.

In order to qualify for the daily rebate, you need to place your ad daily whether you have Lifestyle Dollars left to give away or not. You can still wait for the 3rd party vendors to come on board, but you are able to do it yourself if you like and get the jump on some free earnings. The 100 day earning period will not begin until those vendors are up and running.

It seems many people want to wait for this to happen before starting on their daily ads. Others are having difficulty trying to place their ads, or quite possibly just intimidated by the thought of it or something. Tomorrow I will post a step by step instructional showing how to do it. It really is quite easy to do, and once you do it the first time you can do it in two minutes tops.

I still have a few Lifestyle dollars to give away so…

$50 Free here while they last to check out the Lifestyle sites.

My first batch were gobbled up fast but I got more yesterday, but not a lot so get ’em while they’re hot. I would rather have someone reading this blog use them instead of some anonymous interweb surfer. If you were on the fence about joining as an affiliate, feel free to take the money and play around in the auction site to see what it’s all about first. Again, I paid for these so hopefully one of my readers get to be the beneficiary of them.

Try to find a “100% Paid” auction if you can. There is nothing you need to pay if you are the last bidder, you only need to be holding the final bid. Even the shipping is free worldwide until they get the credit card gateway up and running.

Lifestyle Club Cards

Club Cards are now in our BO’s too! So now we have all the samples implemented that we can give away. I’m not sure how much of the Lifestyle Resorts site is up and running but help yourself to a free one-time use Condo Card on me.

Free One-Time Use Condo Card

GoFunPlaces – Guide: GoFun Rewards – How it Works

Video Presentation found here: GFP Video Presentation

Join Here: GFP Sign up Page

Legal Disclaimer for GFP

CarbonDeals – Right around break even point in this one, and up until today, I would wake up and request my withdrawal and have it in my STP account within an hour. Things were taking a bit longer today, and then I received the following email:

Esteemed Members,
We ran into some technical difficulties today and will be unable to make payments for the following 36 hours.
Please bear with us, as this is just a minor delay and everything will return to normal right after we are done with repairs.
This also gives us the time to perform much needed database maintenance work.

Best Regards,
Peter Neperus

I’m willing to give them the benefit of the doubt since they have been very prompt in paying until now, and I guess it’s only fair to give them the 36 hours. So let’s hope this is truly the case and Peter’s not playing games with us esteemed members.

MyTrafficValue Program Details Page – MTV keeps chugging along at a nice clip now that Jo reset the old rounds and started in on the 194% Power Plan. I think for the foreseeable future here returns ought to average about 1% daily, and Fast-tracks taking between 3 and four months so long as investment turnover keeps on par with what it has been lately.

So even if it takes a spend the full four months to mature returning 194%, that works out to right around 1.6% daily… For a NON-PONZI BUSINESS MODEL!!

I think it’s kinda neat to be able to tell more or less what tomorrow’s return will be today. Since our daily returns were generated 28 days ago, you just need to click on the “Results” tab and go back 28 days to see each and every income making tidbit generated that day.

Granted there are a few clunker result days when someone hit a good slots jackpot or something, but it’s understandable that some days will generate more turnover than others. Then, there are the big result days when someone tries a double down strategy in the Coin Flip Game that backfires or I was playing Black Jack yet again and end up donating to a huge result for that day.

In any event,  MTV really is quite transparent how the whole thing works and if you haven’t yet, take a look. I really think this one is poised to make a big move going into the New Year.

Check out MTV here: http://mytrafficvalue.com/ref/moggle

PipsFund – Bad news with this one; confirmed scam, unfortunately. For those of you joining with me the first day, we made it through break-even point and then an additional 10 or 11 days of profits. Even though we made it to profit mode by a week and a half, this one was still a big disappointment and I do apologize to those that joined later.

I always try to preach the importance of joining any of these programs as early as possible for this very reason, as well as to join numerous programs so you always have a buffer should one go down. If you have five programs in your portfolio, you only need one to perform above its expected lifespan to more than make up for any losses should one go down, or the lost time breaking even in others. I had hopes that PipsFund would do that for us but sadly, that ain’t gonna be the case here.

Updates for a few passive income programs found in our portfolio: GoFun Rewards, Carbon Deals, MyTrafficValue and Pipsfund.


MyTrafficValue Restart

MyTrafficValue Program Details Page– Looks like Jo’s ‘crazy idea’ has officially come into fruition as MTV has undergone a full restart starting yesterday. Any remaining money in the old cycler or 194% plan got converted to shares completely wiping all old debt and starting with a clean investment slate.

For the time being, we can invest into the fresh 194% Power plan or cycler rounds which start out getting capped at $1500, waiting a few days to re-open, and gradually get bigger as more investments are made. This way Jo can control the size of the rounds so they don’t get bogged down with huge rounds they need to repay in an acceptable amount of time.

Yesterday’s round filled already so the next round will open this Friday at around 9pm EST. When the round opens, you are allowed to make spends in increments of $15 every 5 minutes to give more people to get a chance to get a spend in I suppose. The next round after that will have spend increments set at $25 etc.

Take advantage of this (194% Power Plan) while you can! I am thinking that for these early rounds, sweet 194% return investments should mature in days instead of months as with the old, bogged down system. Jo compressed the old 35 day reserve into a 28 day reserve. Each reserve day has roughly $320 to pay out over the next 27 days!

Get ready for the next round to open This Friday here: http://mytrafficvalue.com/ref/moggle

More from Jo on the MTV forum:

I am going to post todays result this evening (GMT). I would like Alex to be around just in case anything weird happens. As we just savaged the previous database, as well as installed several new features to our investment plans. So there’s a high probability something could break!

But I just wanted to post a few things in the mean time:

—1) We have implemented a 5minute investment rule. So you are only permitted to make 1 investment per 5 minute period.

—2) We have implemented a “maximum investment” setting on the investment plans. That I can change at any moment (and I will do so frequently, over the next 25 rounds)

It is currently set at $15. I will increase it to $25 for the next round. And incrementally up and up thereafter! (I will explain why shortly)

You can make multiple maximum investments, but you need to wait at least 5minutes in between each.

—3) I now have a function to automatically close the investment forms (for both the cycler + power plan) once a total amount has been invested into a given round. Allowing me to keep the total amount invested into our initial rounds very very small. So I can prevent one huge round from clogging up the entire system and destroying our time saving devices!

Essentially enabling complete control of the “growth snowball”. So to put it to maximum effect, saving us the most time (to build stuff!), whilst giving us the fastest repayment times.

Take a look at the display:
Round 1 is already full. And the investment form is now counting down until it reopens.

—4) Subsequently we have made two changes to the cycler; there is no more “Pre-Investing” and the Shuffle Function has been disabled also.

But I strongly suggest you investing into the Power Plan rather than the cycler. They both take the same time, and the Power Plan pays a lot more!

—6) We have compacted the prior 35day rolling reserve into a 28day one. If you view the results pages now, it tells you when the results shown will be paid: http://mytrafficvalue.com/results/2012-10-09.html

And regarding that, after summing up the revenues from the old result cards, we now have $320/day to allocate for each of our first 27 of results (until November 5th, when we pay yesterdays result card revenues)

Join>> http://mytrafficvalue.com/ref/moggle

Looks like Jo’s ‘crazy idea’ has officially come into fruition as MTV has undergone a full restart starting yesterday. Any remaining money in the old cycler or 194% plan got converted to shares completely wiping all old debt and starting with a clean investment slate.