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MyTrafficValue – New Game Launch

Greetings, A few updates today regarding programs found in our passive income portfolio, including a new game launch at MyTrafficValue.

MyTrafficValue Program Details Page – Congrats to MTV as Video Poker is up and running now, cigars all around. The programmer finished that project and now is working on another game. I think Jo said his next project will be a multi-level game called Compound Boxes. One of the other new programmers re-did the homepage of the site too, so that looks much more nicely done as well as shows much more of what’s been happening with your account. You can still click all the tabs to get a more in-depth look at what is happening, but the homepage now has a nice summary of things you can check out on the fly.

It’s great to have the addition of these latest programmers, because we can now actually see and use the fruits of their labors. Daily revenues have been on the rise and MTV needs to spend the investment money to generate the products, which in turn pays back a return on our investments. It almost feels as if the program is teetering on the brink of greatness. I’m thinking once the programmers finish the monitor this program will get mighty interesting. Push this beotch over the edge.  I’m pretty excited.

Check out MTV here: http://mytrafficvalue.com/ref/moggle


xGolding.com STOPPED PAYING DO NOT MAKE A SPEND -The “Quiet Man” here lately in the portfolio has been quietly going along simply doing his thing. I, myself, like quiet.

The compounder in the BO is now fixed so you can play around with that if you like, although I usually do everything manually in my account. Earlier you couldn’t change how long a spend would stay in “compound mode” or change the percentages.. Now change up whatever and whenever you like.

I noticed that earnings have been credited lately Mon – Fri instead of Tue through Sat lately. I’m not sure why, nor did I read any updates pertaining to any, but as long as we get paid five days per week is fine with me.


RicanAdFunds Program Details: We’re just about 2 weeks away from the first ad packs bought expiration date of 2% paid daily for 125 days. We are going on toward 4 months online now, and with the exception of some hacker shenanigans over the holidays, and a server upgrade, smooth sailing.

I get asked about this program as much as I do, if not more, than anything I’m involved with. I can’t tell anyone how to spend your money, or if it’s “still safe” to invest. I can say that it has been chugging along and paying without fail for 110 days now. It might come unglued tomorrow or it may last into 2014. But if your looking for a program that does what it says it will do without the sob stories or other BS, Rican has been that and more. Hell, if Profitable Sunrise can do it with spends returned on expiry, why can’t Rican without being under the balloon payment at maturity? I am playing Rican as though she is a player going into this new year. I plan to build my account. Get yourselves into profit and do the same.


Incoming search terms:

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Passive Income Strategy

MyTrafficValue – I think for the time being my passive income strategy for this program is going to be to stick with the 110% cycler, and try to avoid having spends go into the Daily Variable plan until it earns 125%. The admin has already decided that he wants to keep a “4 week rolling revenue reserve” meaning that the Daily plan’s payouts will be on the very low end since about the only thing creating revenue four weeks ago would have been transaction fees of Liberty Reserve deposits. So I figure not much point in having much money sitting in the “Daily Variable” if it’s not going to be earning much.

So for the next few weeks until revenues from the cycler rounds start being used to pay the “Daily”, I’ll just plan on keeping my money in the 110% cycler, and hopefully cycling and earning on it every four days.

I don’t think the rounds will go any more than 96 hours is due to the “Queue Shuffle”. Anyone with a $51 spend shuffles the entire line. While this feature makes the rounds much more interesting to say the least, I also think it will just about ensure the rounds take right around 96 hours. Since once there is a single spend in the current cycler round that does NOT cycle within a 96 hour time frame, that round ends. There are bound to be plenty 96 hour spends that get “shuffled” to the end of the line getting no chance to cycle, thus ending that round and the next round starting instantly…. and that’s where I want my money to be, right in front.

This is going to be my passive income strategy for the cycler:

1- Prefund my account (Payza should be ready in 1-3 days according to admin, LR and wires available now.. STP still in the works)

2 – Do not invest in the current cycler round. Wait and Pre-invest in the next round the second the line opens. The Pre-invest line opens exactly 48 hours after the current round starts. You want to be as close to the front of the pre-invest line as you can since you have the best chance of cycling the quickest.

You should get your spend in for the next round as close to that 48 hour mark as possible! The second the pre-invest line opens, I’ll be getting my spend in right then.

The “Queue Shuffle” cannot be triggered in the pre-invest line, but once all that money gets fed into the new round first, any $51 spends after that will shuffle the line. 60% of all the money in the line cycles, but you still want your money as close to the front of the line as possible. Once the line starts getting shuffled, you can end up anywhere, I want to be hopefully cycled out before any scrambles.

3 – Rinse and repeat. I figure that until there is more revenues to pay the “Daily Variable” I should be able to make some juicy passive profits every four days, over and over again. I’ll probably start buying a bunch more shares with profits as well, something I’ve been overlooking for the most part at MTV.

Hopefully the bugs are all out for this next round and I’ll be able to test out my strategy and only Pre-invest into the future rounds.

Check out  MTV here: http://mytrafficvalue.com/ref/moggle

Passive Income Strategy


My Traffic Value – 2.5% Daily Passive Income: MyTrafficValue


Join Now!


MyTrafficValue.com – New 2.5% daily Passive income program launches on Sunday 22nd April 2012.

100% of the profits are paid out to the members/shareholders.

Totally Passive – No referring necessary

I’ve been watching this one closely for the past couple of months now, and think this has the potential to be one of the huge stories of 2012. The admins have taken the time to make sure everything has been set up correctly beforehand. It’s obvious they have taken their experience running past programs and put it to good use here. Just take a look at all the payment processors they are offering for example…

Here is how it will work in a nutshell:

Main portion of the program: Buy shares (min. $1), and after maturing in 96 hours, they will return $1.10 = 2.5% Daily (60% will mature). If after 96 hours and they are part of the 40% that does not mature, shares will be placed in the “Daily Variable” plan where they will earn a variable percentage daily until they earn a total of 125%. That’s it!

Secondary part of the program: Become shareholders – Buy/Sell shares to earn weekly cash dividends based on MTV’s Main Investment turnover.

Payment Processors: SolidTrustPay, Alertpay, Liberty Reserve, Perfect Money, HD Money, Paypal, Western Union, Bank Wire

Admins: Jo and Carlos out of Malaga, Spain.  They are very active in both their Skype room as well as the on-site forum. Currently run a doubler site that has been going for two years.

The following is taken from the website:


The entire concept of My Traffic Value is to use the prospect of making money, along with the great products games and services, that our user investments fund, to create this huge Traffic Value (at no cost to the user).

Our monetization portfolio, then turns this potential value into actual cash by developing and situating profitable products, games and services in the cash-rich, high traffic environment that we have created. 100% of the revenues from which are returned to users via returns on their investments, and other lucrative opportunities. Find out more here.

Investments Available
There are 2 main entries of investment into My Traffic Value

  1. Traffic Value Investment
  2. Becoming A Shareholder

Traffic Value Investment
Invest $1+ to either earn 110% within the first 96hours, or thereafter begin receiving daily variable payments until you receive a total of 125%.

Buy/Sell shares on our marketplace, to receive unlimited weekly dividends based on the turnover in our main Traffic Value Investment

Referral System

  • 2 level referral commission system  L1—–L2
  • Traffic Value Investments ——–2% —-1%
  • Banner Auction Winning Bids——9% —-1%
  • Ad Purchases——————9% —-1%
  • Action Ads——————–5% —-5%
  • Monitor Listing—————-$75—-$25


Other Features
Full business model transparency
Wide number of payment processors (SolidTrustPay, Alertpay, Liberty Reserve, Perfect Money, HD Money, Paypal, Western Union, Bank Wire)
Earn money from playing fun games
Complete tasks to earn more money
Comprehensive advertisement system

Take a long look at this brand new Passive Income Program offering up to 2.5% daily: My Traffic Value