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MyTrafficValue – Share Split

Greetings, here’s the latest regarding the promised MyTrafficValue share split as well as the latest from another program in our passive income portfolio.

MyTrafficValue- The programmers finished up what they needed to do in order to make the share swap a reality and if early indicators continue to play out we should all be sitting quite nicely- the price is already up around 10%. When the split occurred, shares were selling at .49, and now they split 10 fold and are selling at 5.5 cents. I agree with the admin’s thinking that there will be much more action on the marketplace now that shares are much more affordable. More volume equates to higher income for the program via seller fees.

Here’s what Jo had to say about it today as well as the overall, general vibe at MTV these days::


Check out the share price: http://mytrafficvalue.com/shareholders.html
It’s jumped up another 10% in the last 72hours, since splitting the shares
10 fold.

That brings our total increase to 2750% in just 3-4months.
And I think within the coming few months the share price will jump from
$0.055 up to at least $0.20 again ($2/share on the pre-split values).

My Traffic Value is ripe for investment, our revenues are through the roof.
PaidVerts is growing very quickly, and as soon as we sort out the bulk
payments issue with PayPal. There’ll be no stopping us! We’ve got some great
products queued up in the development queue; as fast as the funding arrives;
the portfolio will continue to expand.

Shares are what you’re going to want to be holding as PaidVerts/MyTraffic
Value explodes! And I think that’s inevitable now; our daily revenues have
jumped from ~$200/day at the beginning of the year; to $1000+ per day all
last week, and this week is all $1500-$2000+ per day. 10fold increase in
portfolio revenues in a matter of months. Amazing stuff. But shares hold
unlimited earning potential; everything else will cycle 1x around and you’ll
make a nice profit as we rocket… But shares are the opportunity to
actually turn a small amount of money, into potentially riches.

Sounds good to me, great job MTV!

Private Profit Plus: On a less than stellar note – Still awaiting word when PPP will go back to full-time earnings after announcing program-wide cutbacks of couple of weeks ago. It seems that income expected from other biz ops have as of yet failed to materialize and that times would need to stay lean for the program to continue. The program would close down new memberships while in this lean mode. The program is still paying, however, earnings are temporarily lowered – though still credited every business day.

While that isn’t the greatest news, it certainly beats the alternative – no more program. Earnings might be lower for now but payments are still made in a quick manner. The admin did the right thing by shutting down new signups as well.

Fingers crossed for some good news soon to get things back on track at PPP!

The latest regarding the promised MyTrafficValue share split as well as the latest from another program in our passive income portfolio.

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