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PaidVerts and MTV are back online

PaidVerts and MTV are back online

Greetings, I just wanted to put up a quick update regarding the earlier ddos attack at both PV and MTV. As of the time of this writing both sites are fully up and running again, hopefully for good this time 🙂

The downtime didn’t really affect MyTrafficValue users all that much beside being annoying, but PaidVerts users might have had ads issued to their accounts that they couldn’t click since the site was down and lost the corresponding Bonus Ad Points (BAP). If this is you, the best course of action is to send in a support ticket telling them how much BAP you are short. Jo said via the MTV forum that he would either even your account with extra ads or BAP for the points you lost. Stay tuned

Also, the BIG PaidVerts ad distribution that we were supposed to get Tuesday will be instead issued just as soon as they are 100% certain the sites are up for good. No sense giving out the huge ads if everyone ends up losing them because they couldn’t log on.

Last but not least: Stay tuned for an in-depth Paidverts review and strategies for earning guide I am currently working on. I hope to have that up within the next day or so. So until then, happy clicking and investing. PaidVerts and MTV are back online.

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Passive Program Updates

Greetings, today I have a few passive income program updates to share now mid way through April. I must say it’s been a pretty quiet, drama free ride for the portfolio the past week and I’m not complaining.  Drama free is always a welcome treat. I had hoped to be sharing a review for a new program, but after further due-d and few back and forth’s with the admin I have decided to pass for now. So without further ado, on to our passive earning programs:

Save the drama for yo mama

Private Profit Plus: Continues to do exactly what we signed on for. VIP shares earn on average 2.01% or so and all withdrawals have been paid within hours – sometimes within minutes. Can’t ask for much more than that. We’re still waiting to hear from the admin when all the final kinks are worked out and full-on launch commences. It’s been awhile since I’ve gotten one of his giant emails 😉 No hurry I guess, so long as he keeps on with what we’ve seen so far.

Paidverts This one keeps getting bigger and better too, with little tweaks each day to make the site more user friendly. The latest addition is an upgrade where you pay a one-time $10.  In return, you get ad ad filter that allows you to decide the minimum dollar amount per ad  you will accept. For example: You purchase the filter and set it at say .50, and you won’t get any ads priced below 50 cents. Of course you wont get as many ads each day, but the ones you do get will be worth much more.

This way, you wont be getting a bunch of penny ads if you don’t want to. This is excellent as this very thing was a big turn off for me from the whole “pay to click” scene. Now we can decide how low we are willing to go to earn at PaidVerts.

 MyTrafficValue   It’s starting to look more and more like PaidVerts is having it’s intended affect on MTV’s daily results. What follows is quoted from the MTV forum which goes into the nitty-gritty of the latest dare he say – snowball effect:

And as I posted on Facebook last night, PaidVerts is definitely snowballing;



# 1700+ users earning within the last 48hours. 
# Growing at about 10% per day for the last 2 weeks.
# Daily net profit (ad sale commissions & upgrades) over $150/day at the moment. Triple what it was 2 weeks ago.
# Over 200,000 BAP game plays, in their first week (with only 3 games so far)
# Over 550,000 paid website visits delivered, totalling over $10k+ in value (~$0.018/average)
# $8000+ re-invested at MTV to supplement future ad interaction rates
# 1.9million member page views logged
# Website ranking in the top 7k most trafficed websites in the world. Climbing as fast as the 3month average calculations will allow, considering we’re only 3weeks old.

That’s going to do it for now for our passive program updates. Until next time!

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