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Passive Income Strategy

MyTrafficValue – I think for the time being my passive income strategy for this program is going to be to stick with the 110% cycler, and try to avoid having spends go into the Daily Variable plan until it earns 125%. The admin has already decided that he wants to keep a “4 week rolling revenue reserve” meaning that the Daily plan’s payouts will be on the very low end since about the only thing creating revenue four weeks ago would have been transaction fees of Liberty Reserve deposits. So I figure not much point in having much money sitting in the “Daily Variable” if it’s not going to be earning much.

So for the next few weeks until revenues from the cycler rounds start being used to pay the “Daily”, I’ll just plan on keeping my money in the 110% cycler, and hopefully cycling and earning on it every four days.

I don’t think the rounds will go any more than 96 hours is due to the “Queue Shuffle”. Anyone with a $51 spend shuffles the entire line. While this feature makes the rounds much more interesting to say the least, I also think it will just about ensure the rounds take right around 96 hours. Since once there is a single spend in the current cycler round that does NOT cycle within a 96 hour time frame, that round ends. There are bound to be plenty 96 hour spends that get “shuffled” to the end of the line getting no chance to cycle, thus ending that round and the next round starting instantly…. and that’s where I want my money to be, right in front.

This is going to be my passive income strategy for the cycler:

1- Prefund my account (Payza should be ready in 1-3 days according to admin, LR and wires available now.. STP still in the works)

2 – Do not invest in the current cycler round. Wait and Pre-invest in the next round the second the line opens. The Pre-invest line opens exactly 48 hours after the current round starts. You want to be as close to the front of the pre-invest line as you can since you have the best chance of cycling the quickest.

You should get your spend in for the next round as close to that 48 hour mark as possible! The second the pre-invest line opens, I’ll be getting my spend in right then.

The “Queue Shuffle” cannot be triggered in the pre-invest line, but once all that money gets fed into the new round first, any $51 spends after that will shuffle the line. 60% of all the money in the line cycles, but you still want your money as close to the front of the line as possible. Once the line starts getting shuffled, you can end up anywhere, I want to be hopefully cycled out before any scrambles.

3 – Rinse and repeat. I figure that until there is more revenues to pay the “Daily Variable” I should be able to make some juicy passive profits every four days, over and over again. I’ll probably start buying a bunch more shares with profits as well, something I’ve been overlooking for the most part at MTV.

Hopefully the bugs are all out for this next round and I’ll be able to test out my strategy and only Pre-invest into the future rounds.

Check out  MTV here: http://mytrafficvalue.com/ref/moggle

Passive Income Strategy