SolidTrustPay - I found a login work-around that will work to access our accounts since most of us STP members are still getting re-directed to a maintenance page.

Once in, you can make deposits and withdrawals or send money, you cannot go to anything related to the “Account Overview” page. If you do, you will get kicked out again. So if you’ve been wanting to sneak a peak in your STP account, at least now you can get in.

Unstoppable Whirlwind – We should be getting an update hopefully today regarding what this passive income program has in store for us next. I read in the Skype rm something I found interesting. The poster is a fellow member, but in the past one I’ve found to be among the more informed:

There are 3 things that are gonna accelerate cycling BEFORE the end of THIS month.
1) Doppler
2) Founders one-time positions
3) ??? <- Huge change

All the details will be released in less than a couple of days
Trust me when i say you’ll all be really happy really soon ;)

Hmm… My eyebrow immediately raised when I read that so whatever is coming, I’m ready. Looking forward to all being really happy really soon.

Latest to Cycle

The following is an estimate, but they’re pretty close. About 23 hours after yesterday’s results.

As of 1pm EST, Wed

Last Created Matrix #921114

Last Cycled Level 1 #223410

Last Cycled Level 2 #55124

Last Cycled Level 3 #13777

Last Cycled Level 4 #3449

Last Cycled Level 5 #858

Last Cycled Level 6 #213

Check out Unstoppable Whirlwind here, Plan on $30-$60 reserve for every $1 daily sub to be safe:

Solid Trust Pay – Log-in Workaround

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