Tools of the Trade

These are all tools that I personally use and find indispensable for my online business. Some tools are free, some cost either a one-time fee or monthly subscription and with some I earn an affiliate commission from when someone signs up using my referral link.

General Tools:

Payment Processors:

For most of the programs on this website you will need to use one of the payment processors to move funds in or out. The only one I use these days is SolidTrustPay..  They are free to join, and then you will be able to deposit funds from your bank account or credit card. Also, I have a banner at the bottom for which allows you to move funds from one payment processor to another should the need arise. There are many other exchange services on the net, but this is the only one I trust.

SolidTrustPay: Verification and deposits from credit card are easy to do with STP. Just follow directions from their website. It took me about three days to get CC verified and to be able to deposit with CC. You don’t need to be verified to deposit at first if you wish, but you will when you withdraw.

Exchanger This is the only exchanger service that I would trust to use on the internet. They have very reasonable fees and usually a very quick turnaround for transactions.


Marketing Tools For Getting Referrals:

Autoresponder: MUST HAVE!

Email Marketing $19/Month!
I’m sure you’ve heard a million times now that “The money is in the list”, and it’s so true. I spent years fighting this but finally came to that same realization. Don’t get me wrong, you can still make good money without getting any referrals, you can earn so much more with a list.
If you plan to take full advantage of these programs beyond just a casual hobby, you are going to want to start and maintain a mailing list. In fact, I would say that concentrating on building a list is something that you want to devote at least a little time to every day, NO EXCEPTIONS.
Take advantage of a 30 day introductory trial of my favorite Aweber autoresponder by clicking the image above or HERE
Free Banner Maker:

create free banners

 There will be times when you need to whip up a quick banner for advertising something and Bannerfans are good for this since they are fast and easy to make. They might not be the flashiest but they do the trick.
Most free banner making sites are either a pain to create or have ads that show up when you view them. Bannerfans are neither – I made the hokey one to the left here in about 5 minutes. Go to the site and play around with them. I’m sure you’ll get the hang of it in no time.

SEO And Backlinks


Everyone with a site knows backlinks are an important part of getting search engine love. SocialAdr gets  you backlinks to your site on autopilot primarily through social bookmarking sites.  Your content gets backlinked via SocialAdr users that in turn gets their sites backlinks. I keep my account set to “dripfeed” and get 3 or 4 each day to keep things looking organic.

social media marketing services


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